Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1-a
Vitthal asks Kamla don’t you remember its our wedding anniversary. Congratulations. You know what after Kalpana you have become so beautiful Be my bride again. Kamla says how can i be i am mother of two children, i am so tired i have to sleep.
Scene 1-b
Sahil asks Nettu why is not she eating? She says i am so tried of taking care of children but you don’t remember your promise. He says pass me the bowl. Nettu says you promised me a diamond ring. Nettu says i won’t eat until i don’t get my diamond ring. And leaves the dinnng table.

Scene 2
Vitthal wakes up and finds Kamla dressed up so good. Kamla says your favorite sweet and makes him eat. He asks did you remember? Kamla says no won’t have i brought you a gift if i knew. Vitthal

says are you less then any gift? You filled my life with love and sweetness. Vitthal turns the lights off and shuts all the windows. Kamla smiles.

Scene 3
Nettu is not sleeping. Sahil says please sleep whats wrong? She says promise me first you will not laugh? He says no. She whispers in his ears that i am hungry. Sahil starts laughing. She nags you promised me you won’t laugh. I will not eat tomorrow if i don’t get the ring. Now please bring me the food. Sahil laughs and says you are not like Kamla at all. She nags everyone compares me with her. Poki starts crying. Nettu sees the cloth piece Kamla brought her. When she gives her the cloth she stops crying.

Scene 4
Nettu is happy thatv Poki is now 7 months old and she can make her eat solid food. She can say good bye to Kamla as well. Nettu gifts Kamla a saari and says this is for you. Poki is now 7 months old she can now eat solid food. She will grow well this way. Kamla says i think she is immature yet she needs a mother’s milk more. Nettu get angry and says are you her doctor as well? Kamla is quiet. Mahraaj tells her that Mangla bai has come to meet her. Nettu asks Kamla to bring Poki and along and come to her.

Scene 5
Vitthal’s bangles are selling well. He sell a customer 3 dozens.

Scene 6
Mangla is the maid of Prem. She says i am here to meet prem i have brought some sweets for him. When she goes nearer to Prem he throws her hand away and says i don’t remember you and please mummy ask her not to touch me her hands are not clean. She starts crying. Nettu asks prem to get back in and says children forget maids. Wait let me bring you a saari. She leaves when nettu is upstairs and asks Kamla to give the sweets to Prem. Kamla asks Poki not to ever forget her.

Scene 7
A car strikes Vitthal’s stall and all the bangles are crashed.
Vitthal is sitting. Diviyah asks why have you left? Let me go with you. I will sell double. Vitthal says i am not agood man a car stuck the stall. He is about to cry. I worked to stop Kamla from going to Kapoor’s house. Have you seen her how tired she is.

Scene 8
Nettu is with her friends. They ask how hold is Poki now? Almost a year ? Nettu says yeah almost. Her friend asks hasn’t she started eating anything? Nettu says no she doesn’t eat solid yet. Prem used to eat ice cream in his age. i think i should make her eat ice cream. She asks Kamla to bring some ice cream in a bowl.

Scene 9
Vitthal is singing a religious song. Then he holds her baby. Kalpana says Ai, Vitthal and Pakiya are so happy to hear the first word from her. Vitthal wishes Kamla was here to hear the first word of her daughter. The first time she asked for her mom.

Scene 10
Nettu’s friends asks if her baby can walk ? She says yes and asks Kamla to leave her on the floor. When Poki starts walking she falls on the floor and starts crying . Kamla get her up. She in middle of her wept says maa, Kamla hears it. She is os happy. nettu is resented over it. Kamla is over whelmed and repeats over and over agian that Poki has spoken her first worst.

Precap-Sahil asks Nettu where is Poki? Nettu says no. She asks Prem he says no i was in my room. Poki is with Kamla somewhere….

Update Credit to: Atiba

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