Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi arrives at the hotel and gets her dress.
She thinks Ai this isn’t your dream but a step towards that dream. The manager starts training. He says always remember that guest is always right. Show them that they are important to us and we will always be at their service.

Scene 2
Sahil shows Prem a project and says you have to work on this. Nettu says I am so bored of all this. I planned a party for Paki but she denied. Prem says you she is allergic to parties. Nettu says can’t we have the dinner together. Sahil says yes we can. Nettu says I am booking the table. Paki enters and says I won’t come I am going to Kamla maa only she has the right to celebrate my happiness. Nettu says why don’t you bring Kamla along with you there. Paki says

promise me you won’t be loutish to her. Nettu says why would I be, I just want to celebrate your result nothing else.

Scene 3
Paki arrives at the chowl. Paki says for the first time nettu has planned something good. You will feel relieved. Paki hugs her from the bag, Kamla asks what are you doing ? Paki says you are doing the lunch with me today. I have got job in Raghav’s company. Kamla says that’s such a good news. Kamla says I have to cook I have to stay home for Vitthal’s mom. Aaji comes and says I am fasting today. Paki says its my treat today. Paki says Kalpi has got a job today. Aaji says no one is interested in listening here what kalpi do. They didn’t bother asking where she works what she does. Kamla says stop it AI you have no right to talk about Kalpi. SHe has done one mistake but no one has a daughter like her. Forgive me that I am loud in front of you but I can’t bear if someone accuses my daughters. Paki says hat’s why I am saying come with me.

Scene 4
Manager says to Kalpi that our regular guest has reserved the table. Decorate table number 7. Kalpi works hard and decorates the table. She leaves and the Kapoors’ come in. The manager receives them. He asks Kalpi to serve water on table number 7. As she turns she sees Nettu there . The manager asks are you okay ? She nods and starts moving towards the table. Prem and Sahil see her. She says good afternoon ma’am and serves the water. Kalpi drops water by mistake. Nettu says congratulation you did the job otherwise you people get married with some driver. Manager says I asked you to be careful. Madam is giving you a chance. Kalpi goes in the kitchen and cries there.
Paki and Kamla arrive at the restaurant. They go , Kamla is dazed to see Nettu and co there. Paki explains that she planned this all. Nettu says yes there is difference between us but my daughter is the same for you. Come sit with me. You did good by coming, you don’t get much chances to be at places like these. PAki says she has a daughter like me who can take her anywhere. Nettu says I felt so bad hearing about Kalpi she has disappointed me a lot. Look your daughter is here too. Kamla turns and sees Kalpo serving the tables. She is bewildered. Nettu says this is good that you have started living in reality. Its easy to see the dream of making your daughter madam. Paki says now i know why you made this plan. You are so mean. Kamla stops her. Paki says no she doesn’t deserve any respect. Nettu says stop it Paki or i will slap you. Kalpi when faces Kamla drops the plate on the floor. The manager shouts at her saying what are you doing ? Clean this all now. You are embarrassing us in front of costumers. Kalpi is in tears and collects the pieces of dish.

PRECAP- Kalpi drops a dish on Nettu’s shoe. She says clean it up. manager says you have to clean otherwise I will fire you. Kalpi is about to do this when Kamla stops her and says you won’t work here anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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