Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is startled to sees Kalpi in the party. Nettu’s friend asks is she your daughter? She is so pretty. Doesn’t she look like nattu’s baby her style is exactly like nettu. nettu is looking at kalpi with disgust. Her friend goes to her and asks what you like to do? Kalpi says i love studying and i am always first in class. Nettu thinks its better for her to stay quiet at this moment.
Raghav is on the dark road.
Paki says to kamla that she wants to sleep. Paki asks in the room wasn’t kalpi looking so alluring? Kamla says that you should not have done this. Paki syas you always says this everyone was praising her but you. Kamla says alright now change to get some sleep.
Raghav is standing on the road looking for somme vehicle when a motor

bike stops by him. Vitthal takes off the halmet and asks him to sit. Vitthal says its small but you will go to your destination. He sits without thinking.
There Paki has slept and kamla finds kalpi sleeping too. Kamla says lets go you have to go to school she asks kalpi to change her dress.
Kamla goes to Nettu and says that all the work is done and paki has slept. Nettu says go if you want to but you have to come early tomorrow to settle all the things.

Scene 2
Nettu says that i am so tired i feel like i have been working for two hours in gym. Sahil mocks at her and says that i don’t think you ever visited gym? Nettu says i don’t need to is there anything wrong with my figure? Sahil asks have the children slept ? Nettu says yes. Go i am coming.

Scene 3
Kamla comes home vitthal opens the door very small then closes it. Kamla asks whats wrong? Paki asks her to see the other side. Its Raghav standing there. Raghav says that my flight missed. Thank God Vitthal ji was there. Vitthal says i stayed it was feeling good there. Raghav says that i have talked to mishra uncle he will be sending the new ticket soon. Till then can i live here ? Kamla sasy yes baba your dad gave us this home. Kamla says that what will i says to sahil and nettu when they will ask for you ? Raghav says i have no choice. Kamla says i am not good at lying. Vitthal asks her not to be worried, you can do whatever you want. Kamla says that Sir and madam would have known by now that raghav isn’t home.

scene 4
Sahil sees no one in raghav’s room. He goes in and is looking for him. He can’t find him anywhere in the room. He starts shouting nettu’s name and asks where is raghav ? Nettu looks around and calls his name. She gets no answer. She calls his phone but its switched off. sahil calls security if they saw raghav going? He shouts at them couldn’t you inform me. sahil says he went when party was on going.
Sahil says he can’t go anywhere i have his passport. Nettu looks at mummy ji and remembers she gave it to mummy ji. Mummy ji goes out of the room.

Scene 5
Raghav says to kamla that if you want me to go to sahil uncle’s home i will but he will hide my passport at the place i wont ever be able to find. Kamla sasy lets eat first. He says i think no one needs me here. Kamla says what will i teach my children and what face will i show to the people i work for. god is showing me no way. Vitthal says God showed you the way when you wanted the passport. He will find solution for this now. Kalpi says ask him to stay. Raghav says i have to go. Kamla says where will you at this time you are son of singhaniya and he is our mentor. Eat the meal first. I won’t let you go.

Scene 6
Mummy ji is looking for the passport on the place she placed she can’t find ut. Nettu comes and hlps her but she can’t find. Sahil asks what are you both lookin g for? Nettu turns and says God promise i gave mummy ji passport. Sahil asks whose? Nettu says of Ragyhav. Sahil asks where is it then? Mummy ji says its not here. Sahil calls specter and tells him that raghav is missing from his house.

Scene 7
Raghav says thanks to kamla that he has eaten well for the first time. She says thank God.
Nettu is worried about raghav. mummy ji asks her did you syas anything to him ? Nettu syas am i the only bad person in this world. Sahil says he will going to mishra he has pain in his head. Mummy ji gives him water. sahil says nettu this is all because of you. Nettu gives him medicine and says that your BP is high.
Kamla asks raghav to sleep on the bed he says no i can sleep on floor. kamla says i don’t know whats gonna happen next vitthal. They all sleep.
Sahil gets a call and tells nettu that raghav is here his tickets for America are not used. I won’t let him go. He can’t hide from he for long.

Precap-Everyone in the chowl gets the news about raghav. Manda says to kamla isn’t it like you have kidnaped him for mone6y?.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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