Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 31st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Pakhi asks Raghav to check a file. He asks where is Kalpana. Sammy comes and tell that she wasn’t feeling good. She left. Raghav asks whom did she inform ?
Pakhi says sir this file. He says I am busy I will check it later. Kalpi is in the bus line. She recalls all what Raghav said. SHe says I should say sorry. I am always ready to argue and fight. The bus comes and she goes in.
Ragahv is in his office. He recalls Kalpana saying to him you made another mistake. And he being a little loud to her. He says I lost control over myself. You wanted to be good with someone and I got angry.
Kalpi is in the bus she recalls the day Raghav was in the bus. She says I over reacted and hurt him. Raghav says I was so rude, it must have hurt you.
He presents a

project to the team. He feels like Kalpi is there. He stands up and smiles looking at her. Suddenly Sammy stops him. Kalpi enters the chowl and sees Raghav playing with the kids and smiling at her.

Scene 2
Nettu is angry at Manda saying what have you done to Sahil’s shirt. Manda says there is a lady at Kamla’s house I guess she is her maid. She fought with me and speaks english all the time. The same lady i showed you at the holi. Nettu is dazed. SHe asks is she still there ? Manda syas yeah she is. Nettu tries to call Sahil but he doesn’t receive. She plans on going to his office.

Scene 3
Pakhi says yeah Kamla maa I am coming to you. Raghav asks are you going somewhere. She says yeah at kamla maa’s place. He says I am going there can I drop you ? She syas yeah I forgot my car. If you don’t mind can we buy a shirt on the way.

Scene 4
Kamla asks Kalpi whats wrong with her ? SHe says I have headache. Kamla does her massage. Gauri comes and says give me your hand and open your mouth. She says nothing to worry about you have a mild throat ifection. She tells her a medicine. Kamla asks how you know all this > SHe says yeah my husband used to say this all as well. Where is he ? kamla asks who ? She says my husband? I wanna talk to him. Kamla says we will find her.
Pakhi and Raghav arrive at the chowl. pakhi says thanks sir. He asks which file was that ? pakhi thinks he wanna spend time with her. She smiles.
Nettu goes to sahil’s office. Peon says he is in a meeting she call him its urgent.
manda sees Raghav. She calls Raghav and tells her. NEttu gets worried. Peon says she is busy. NEttu goes in the conference hall. SHe says i am sorry gentlemen. It was urgent. Sahil says what is this nettu / SHe says gauri is back at Kamla’s house ? Raghav is outside Kamla’s house. Just imagine what will happen if he sees her. Nettu says he will get ti know that his mom is alive and why is she in that condition. Lets go and stop him. They both leave.
Kalpi holds Tai’s hand and says I am planning to go on a movie tomorrow. SHe says yeah english movie. Pulp fiction is the last movie I saw. Tai says to Kamla that your daughter is a good girl. Kamla smiles. Kamla goes to balcony and sees Raghav and Pakhi coming upstairs. She says hello to Raghav. Kamla asks Raghav is there something important ? He says I just came. She says actually Kalpi isn’t feeling well so she came earlier? He asks how is she ? Kamla says she is fine.
Sahil and Nettu are on their way. Tai asks Kalpi where you work ? She says in a construction company of a man who is so good. He earned it all with his hardwork.

PRECAP-Manda asks Kamla till when will her friend stay in the chowl ? Kamla says why are you asking ? Manda says where are her husband and children. Kamla says she has a husband its not like what you think.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love kalpna raghav

  2. Ya but paaki seems to be smart….oh plzz rags stay away frm paaki..

  3. Oh god I dont want any love triangle ….plzz writer dont make love triangle…..

    1. why Raghav nive to pakhi ?incase he want to go to kamala’s house there is no need to take help from Pakhi.stupid writers.. as i said earlier they keep their brain back seat of their car while writing story.

  4. I love only kalpi and rag..not paaki…she is just selfish…

  5. why Raghav showing soft corner for pakhi?NO LOVE TRIANGLE PLEASE.Kalpana n Raghav ,Pakhi n phakya and sammy and maya make good pair… All these pairs will teach lesson to kapoors what they did with singanias.

  6. butterflying in my stomach!!!!!!!

  7. dont want kalpana suffer much.this kid deserves better life with all the struggle she is going through, love is in the air at last. dont mess their love with pakhi.

  8. Ya rag is being so soft 4 her…he should be away frm her.’…plzzz writers dont make love triangle…….

  9. But guys the story has not moved one inch forward.. they just reused the scenes of Friday for some part today and Raghav will not see tai for sure in tomorrow’s episode and yes pakki is unbearable… Raghav is showing soft corner so that he can make a bahana to got to Kalpi’s house .. but i can’t stand pakki close to raghav !!! sigh… when will they get raghav and kalpi open up their hearts to each other not just in their dreams !!! more so for Kalpi….

    1. Totally agree with you we need to see raghav and kalpi open up their feelings for each other

    2. the episode writers take another 6 months to say -kalpana loves Raghav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Raghav kalpi raghav kalpi raghav kalpi on the soft board written by kalpi and raghav’s imagination working overtime so enlightening. Kalpana watching raghav at the chawl playing hopscotch with the kiddies was so cute and theway he smilled and winked at kalpi was so warm and loving not forgetting the superb background music score yahoo!!!!! Sailing on cloud nine with ragna pakki stay away you creep .just stay away!!!!!!

    1. ya yaar! nice to see their feelings!!!!! but why pakhi in between them?

  11. And paakis misunderstanding in plausible coz she thinks raghav put colors on her first and he took her for dinner and he is giving lift etc though each of this was not really for her !!!! gosh i am getting tired of this .. i want Kal and Rag together !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. d oly way pakhis misunderstanding can b cleared s wen she “soooooonnnn” finds out tat ragav has feelings oly 4 kalpi n nobody els…. bt of cours wat happens aftr tat is an easy guesswork…..

  12. hope for the best soon!!!!!!!!!! we want to see them together soon. but episode writers drag it for months together to sell their idea.if they are doing it because we want that way – i dont we will skip this show also like

  13. I happy Finally Kalpi woke up and saw how she hurting Raghav

  14. O MY GOD don’t make it another love triangle like other serials i just want something different . I wana see raghav and kalpana together they look soo cute and i love their acting it’s simply superb……. Now it’s raghav’s turn to take revenge from kapoors and he has to find his mother is alive . pls writers don’t prolong the story and make raghav meet his mother without any delay otherwise the story becomes boring … now the track is so intresting pls keep it like that:) 🙂

  15. Ya I agree wid u al kalpi missed her mother’s luv bcz of paki nt dis tim wid rags n kapis luv. Don mak it luv triangle as d story is lyin only b/w rags n kalpi…..luv u both. Plz writers keep away paki 4m dis….

  16. Writer should learn,frm sony tv show mai naa,bhulungi..they r not prolonging the show…but I dont understand ema episode writer ..what they think that if they go on same track they will be able to win the heart of veiwer and slowly win the raxe..then I would must say they r mistaken…as many of us have common idea ..they start the show watchiing wid some better hope but always ruined by this stupid writers..they play wid our emotions…everywhere when u will see….they will try to make new equations of relationship….no serial is finished without love triangle…what should I say I have left many shows bcz of this….i must say guys dont see such lower concept shows…teach them a lesson..

    1. I will left watching this the moment I will see rags wid paaki..its soo irritating…rags also know abt paaki ..that she likes him even then he dont try to avoid her soo bad….how can he be a true lover of kalpi…..plzzz dont make the show more borinhg unless ema will fall down like other shows…

      1. Chill Aman! He did give her a rough shoulder when she came with the file but then he had to see kalpi.. so put up a show with her when he heard she is going to Kalpi’s house !! but true… me too will stop watching the day the writers plan to bring Rag and Pakki together giving some stupid,irritating reason!!!

      2. mytwobitsworth

        Yes…I like to think that Raghav wanted a reason to meet Kalpi.And Raghav is under the impression that Paakhi understands her mistake. But the problem would be if Kalpi misunderstands him…Please noo.Dont let that happen ..and yes, I stop watching the moment I see Paakhi and Paakhi sharing screen with Raghav is truly unbearable.

  17. Let raghav know that his mom is alive,so he can protect her from the kapoor.before they find her.kalpi must also tell rag that she love him for god sake,plz writer plz

  18. kalpna loves and care about raghav not pakhi is selfish like her parents
    But this is triangle we have to wait and watch if raghav getting merry kalpi or selfish

  19. If ragav ends up to marry paaji…EMA goes down the drains! How are the writers going to make us fools tomorrow! Sigh!one thing for sure Raghav wont see his mom in the next episode. I can bet on that

    1. Then that is the end of show !!!!!!!!!!!! Ek Mutti Bakwaaz hogha

  20. this serial going like a tortoise.to accept the love in between 2 persons in serial wasting its time and also our patience.

  21. Ema मैं कु छि हो सकता है
    Means u all know kamla like pakhi and I think so she’ll tell kalpi के pakhi ke liye raghav ko bhul jao

    1. Yes .. just like she made kalpi give the pen Raghav gives Kalpi to Paaki and that will be the last day I see this serial !!!Gosh I can’t stand that thought !!!!! When will Kalpi say I love you to Raghav… this is taking too much time 🙁

      1. its a serial…..so it wil tak as much tym as it lyks n make money out of our poor brains 🙁 bt yes i 2 am hopin tat sooooooooon kalpi wil not oly confess her feelings 2 ragav but wil b able 2 fight 4 her love instead of scumbing 2 her mothers desires……..hmmm!

  22. loved d RAGNA “dream moments”
    hated RAKHI SCENES
    all in al d episod was a littl disapointing……..cos i was hopin tat ragav wud go behind kalpi (sigh) oh wel wud hv 2 satisfy wt d ragna dreams scenes (sigh)

  23. I doubt whether Kalpi will fight for her love if such a situation is cooked up by writers!!! If they go the way they have portrayed so far… she will do as her mom says (like the pen) !!! Honestly, I find that very lame and I truly hope writers won’t give this same scenes like in other idiotic serials in EMA too :(. Hope they will do better than that !!

  24. , I notice 1 thing in all shows always vamp

    1. ya.i dont know whether it happens in real life – as every household one wamp.i dont believe it.why can not writers -write what is happening in real life.here kapoors are rich so behave as they want.so bad is sahil kapoor wanted to kill kamala even she gave so much life to his daughter..

  25. kalpana should accept her love for Raghav and fight for it.

    1. Kalpana ko Raghav ke alawa kisi se fight karna aatha Hai… ab tak tho nahi !!!! Aur who bhi ‘the Kamala ma” se … bilkul bhi nahi !!! what a pathetic notion !!!

  26. luv this episode

  27. hey guys i m new in this forum i can i join u

    1. sure ! You are welcome!!!!!!!!!

  28. Good to read positive points on ragna we are all hoping to see ragna only been following EMA since the first epi gosh how I hate pakk.. I depend on subtitles so when it comes to comments in hindi language I am at a lost . Learning it….

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