Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 30th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal is sitting on stairs he thinks that kamla is so innocent. She is always ready to help others even when they are not good. She even considers sahil and nettu good people. He wishes that Raghav gets his passport and he leaves otherwise kapoor will have all his property. Pakiya shows Vitthal that he has done a great job he fixed this phone. Someone was about to throw it but he took it and fixed. Vitthal calls from that phone on Diviyah’s phone. Vitthal asks her did she help raghav ? She says i didn’t. Vitthal says he will go and live happily. You have save his future. Now please don’t let the tears fall from your wet eyes.

Scene 2
Raghav is in his room looking happily at his passport. He is packing his stuff and looks at his picture with his

dad. He says i don’t need anything else this is enough. He is leaving.
Nettu is shouting at diviyah for being late. Diviyah says she will work for an extra hour. Nettu says that you are three hours late. Diviyah is arguing too, she says i am here since an hour ask anyone. Nettu syas this is my house and i pay you i don’t need to ask anyone. Diviyah says you don’t favor me for free i work here. Nettu says you forgot that you begged for this work. Diviyah says i don’t need it i am going. Nettu asks kamla not to stop her. She says i don’t want to see her here again.
Raghav is going down stairs where in living room mummy ji is reading newspaper and paki is playing with her doll. she gets nervous. He is holding his bag in the hand. He plans to leave quitly. He looks at sahil coming in. Mummy ji says to him that you are home so early. Yuo fear nettu no? He says i handle all the business but not nettu. Mummy ji says lets get ready for the party. Sahil sees raghav he asks what is he doing here? Raghav says that i was just going to kitchen.

Scene 3
Kamla worries is she doing the right thing. She hears Sahil saying on phone that he will slowly slowly become partner of raghav’s business then will take over all the control. I just want his property. She goes in the kitch when sahil asks her for money. Nettu comes in the room she shows sahil the dress. He says buy all you want. Sahil says all is working as we planned. Nettu says that nobody can stop you from being the richest man. Nettu hugs her she is so happy. Kamla over hears this all.she says that i will noe help raghav. Nettu asks kamla is all the work the done? Kamla says yes everything is done and the rest will be by the grace of Lord.

Scene 4
Raghav’s door is knocking. kamla asks raghav hasn’t he left? She says its party evberyone will be busy. I will tell you when tp go. he is so thankful to her. she says just b thankful to God. your dad always wanted you to be a good man thats all i want from you. I will pray for your success. I don’t know when i will mett you but i just wanna see smile on your face. Raghav says yes i am bit miser in case of smile. Kamla says yes too much but god will give you that. She syas just be ready i am going.

Scene 5
Raghav goes downstairs where party is ongoing. Nettu is busy doing her talks with her friends. He sees kamla and sahil moving there. Sahil asks him to come with him. He introduces him to someone who thinks its prem. Sahil says no he is eldest son. He is son of singhaniya. the man says your dad was such a nice man he was my ideal what are your future plans? He looks at kamla and excuses the boy. Nettu calls kamla and asks her to serve juices. Raghav is about to talk when sahil comes and says raghav i want you to meet rest of the people.
A lady comes in she is the one nettu’s friend. She gives nettu a bouqet. She thanks kamla for the party. Nettu says i can do anything for you darling. Raghav is worried about the situation.

scene 6
paki asks kalpi why is she studying when such a good party is on going. she asks her to come along with her. Kalpi says i can’t go in this dress. paki says that you can wear my dress. Kalpi says no i can’t wear mom asks me not to wear anyone else’s clothes. PAki forces her. she opens her closet where so amny good dresses are hung. She takes out a blue dress. She aks her to wear this. Paki says wear this please it will look so good on you. kalpi takes the dress.

Scene 7
Downstairs in the party kalpi can’t talk to raghav. She is about to strile from a board. The man there says that the whole power will cut if you touch this strikes from the board deliberately. sahila nd nettu gets worried. Raghav runs from the party upstairs he takes his bag and is running outside. He stops on the door and looks back kamla waves him he runs.Kamla is smiling.


Precap- paki takes kalpi to the party kamla is startled to see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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