Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla comes to Nettu’s home. Gauri is shouting and Nettu is trying to get her injected. Gauri falls unconcious suddenly kamla comes in and asks I heard her shouting why was she screaming ? Nettu says not at all. She is sleeping. You should go she won’t feel good there in chowl. Kamla says no she is my responsibilty I can’t burden you. Nettu says Poki was my responsibilty but you helped me. Kamla says she feels better in the chowl. Nettu says I feel like she is a rich lady. She can’t live in that chowl. She feels good here she has all the facilities here. We have nurse here for mummy ji. Kamla says okay for a few days I will keep her here. Nettu says yeah until you get free with Kalpi’s wedding. Pakhi comes . kamla asks how are you ? she says I am good. Kamla says

tomorrow is Kalpi sakar pura(some wedding ritual) you have to come. Pakhi says thats my home as well. Kamla leaves. Nettu says to poki focus on Raghav. Pakhi says don’t tell me what to do. Nettu says to nurse she should not leave the bed after 15 days.

Scene 2
Kamla comes home Vitthala asks where is tai ? kamla says I left her there at Nettu’s home. She doesn’t like noise and people. she will feel better there. Kalpi s about to get wed so there will be a lot of people here. Vitthal says are you sure about your decision ? She says i think so. Kamla says we will but an AC after wedding for her.
Pakiya comes in and says Sammy has come with his parents. Kamla says they should have informed. kamla asks Vitthal to bring thr refreshments. kamla starts cleaning the house.

Scene 3
Kalpi is with Raghav in the car. She asks where are we going ? Raghav says Sammy is going to your home with his parents your baba wanted to meet some elders.So Sammy went there with them. Kalpi says but you should have talked about it first. Raghav says you know how uncomfortable am I with all this. They will talk in a better way. kalpi asks how will he handle ?
Raghav says you don’t know him he can handle everyone. He knows how important you are for me.

Scene 4
Sammy comes in with his parents. Sammy says sorry i came without informing. Vitthal uncle wanted to meet my parents. Kamla introduces them to Pakiya. she says we have brought Kalpana up with so much love. I think I should tell you that I was a maid before. But now Vitthal works in a factory and kalpi works with Raghav and Sammy. Sammy’s mom says no work is small or big. His dad says the most important this is the character. Sammy and Raghav respect you people a lot. Vitthal comes in. Kamla introduces him to them.
Vitthal sits with them. He says sammy is such a good friend of Ragahv. His dad says Raghav is like our son as well. Kamla says why didn’t Raghav come then ? Sammy says he was busy with something. Now the relationship is made he will keep coming. They are leaving. Kamla says we liked him a lot and now after meeting you we are more than happy. His dad says all the rituals will be done simply. We will come tomorrow. Kamla asks Vitthal to give the shagun money. Kamla gives it to sammy. Sammy is dazed. Vitthal says this is for Shagun don’t say no. Sammy takes it. They leave.
kamla says our Kalpi is getting married. kamla says we have to distribute sweets. pakiya is in tears he says when did Kalpi grow up. Vitthal says have you gone mad ? he hugs him. Vitthal says stop it everyone is seeing you. Pakiya says look am I a good actor or not ? Vitthal salps him with love. He says i am going to give audition for a competition.

Scene 4
Kamla says i can’t believe that ourKalpi is about to get wed. There is a lot to do. We have to buy clothes for Kalpi and Sammy and a gold ring. Kamla starts collecting money from whole house. She gives him a miney box. Vitthal says we have been saving in it for her. She has grown old so we have o break it for her.

Scene 5
Kalpi comes in a shop with Raghav. Kalpi says here ? He says oh please I went to street shopping for you. We have to buy a ring for wedding come on. Kalpi says we can buy it from somewhere else. Raghav says we will buy from here. SAmmy calls him and tells him everything. Ragahv says so am i getting engaged tomorrow. Pakhi comes in the shop. She sees Raghav with kalpi. Raghav is making kalpi wear the ring. Pakhi wonders what are they doing there ? Suddenly rings falls off Raghav’s hand and goes to Pakhi’s feet. Pakhi asks you guys here ? Raghav says we came here to buy Kalpi a ring. Come and help your friend. Tomorrow we are going to buy a dari for engagment with sammy and his parents.. Come and help us. Pakhi says so Raghav is helping sammy. Kalpi is choosing a ring for herslef. He goes on the other side with Pakhi and choose a ring for Kalpi with Pakhi. He wonders how ot figure out the size. He asks Pakhi to show her hand. he makes her wear just to check. Pakhi thinks he is buying for her. Raghav sasy i bought it for the lady I love the most. Ragahv says Kalpi will be so happy with the ring.


Precap-Kamla goes to temple to prau for Kalpi. She places the ring the basket and asks to place it in the feet. Gunjan comes there for paryer and the baskets get exchanged.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ek

    Poor gauri kamla ko ku nahi dikhta neetu ka bar bar gauri ke liye concern kamla sare decission galt kati hai aur apni befkoofi se sab ko dukh deti hai pls raghav tumari mom neetu ke pass hai jao and get her

  2. ek

    Guys lagta hai bat shadi tak nahi jayegi bcs engagement mai to ragh ko aana hi padega aur paaji shop mai kya kar rahi thi i didnot get this

  3. Mon

    Hello raghna. Frnds
    I knew it confussion want clear till next week Tuesday ,
    That’s why they have maha sangam epi
    So everybody plz hold your breath till 9th may,
    Neetu is going to use gauri 4 for
    Paaji ESA muje Lagta hai
    I just want raghna stay 2gether
    Plz cvs don’t make them separate
    Ema is no 1 show just Bcoz raghna
    If u trouble raghna then show will go off air soon

    • ek

      Hai mon i agree that neetu will use gauri to sepr raghna and than that drsma will eat some more weeks

  4. dr-pragz

    There is no dumb head than Kamala in this Universe 🙁 Plz don’t separate RAGNA 🙁

  5. AP

    I have a very bad feeling guys… the ring rolling towards Paaki.. Gauri in Neetu’s house… I feel its Rakhi marriage and I think it is going to adios for me… it really really feels bad…and see the mahasangam picture.. Paaki is on the right side of Raghav(that is where normally the wife stand)!!! I am speechless!!!

  6. ek

    Ap picture confussion create karti hai par kya raghav engagement mai sam ko bhejega pata kya dekhne ko milega hop raghna will be together

  7. anshu

    Guys y to take so much tension
    Chill karo aur bhi cheezein hain tension
    & i m vry upset wid u all
    I tried to start a game to lighten up ur mood
    But noone except chocopie replied

  8. hi guyz……confusion confusion confusion plz guyz change it……thnk only positive…..plz plz plz i knw it is difficult bt plz plz try it……

    • anshu

      & i trust gunjan & shail that they wont let anythong bad happen
      If not ragna marriage then raghav & paakhi marriage atleast wont happen

      • also trust on gunjun she is open minded…..also fight for injustices…..ye she find truth & will support kalpi means ragna…..

    • AP

      Hey dears… one version sent… so wass late from office. i had logged in for 10 min in office earlier… could not help… now typing from home 🙂

  9. Hating the turn of events. And about Gauri! How much more can that poor woman take? As to Kamla, she is a sick excuse for a mother. She teaches her daughter to dream big and when she falls in love with raghav suddenly she is dreaming too big?

  10. Hating the double standards! And really I don’t think there cud me a more stupid woman than Kamla. She stands up for other ppl daughters and women rights yet she can’t judge that neetu is evil? Come on directors, even up the game a little. Make it real.

  11. Vital needs to realise that kalpi loves raghav and stands up for her. And he can divorce Kamla so she can go live with neetu in their mansion with her loving pookie.

  12. ashranna

    so which indian serial the guy actually marry’s the girl he loves immediately…..how many times do these men marry the wrong women because of blackmail, threat and sacrifice….and to build ratings later in the show then they bring the couple together. so how many times the women are married and the men are married….isnt marriage a sacred institution so why all the mockery….is love the most valued thing in life so why to the writers distort everthing…..this is why society is bad….i am not watching today’s show and will not be watching anymore …..VERY DISAPPOIINTED IN ALL THE MISUNDERSTANDING…..GO AHEAD LET THE SPOIL LITTLE RICH GIRL TAKE EVERYTHING AWAY FROM KALPI……….YES….KALPI WILL MARRY NO ONE AND LIVE A SAD LIFE..because bein g a memsaib will never make her happy because she lost kamla to paki and now she lost raghav to paki……so why all the drama could they not have just bring them together and save us all the trouble…..NO MORE….HAD ENOUGH WITH QUBOOL HAI AND NOW EMA….SENSELESS STORY

  13. Mon

    AP maha sangam pic don’t worry about that our kalpi is standing in raghavs right side ,where normally wife stand
    Tum hai yaad hai holi time paaji ne ragh par colo lagaya use pahele kalpi ka hand ragh ke shirt par lag Gaya tha and after ali Baugh party se pahele kalpi mandir me thin usme bapa se kaha ki muje mera sath do that time raghav car se bahar nikla tha
    Think positive we all have to kill 3 night and 3 days or I can say from now to 9th may

  14. Mon

    It’s hard for me but I m trying
    Aur gunjan shail par trust karo na karo par Atlest trust our raghna Yaar

  15. girijashiva

    the main intention to spread awarness to maid servant children also can dream big. but here mother role is dumb and stupid. why pakhi comes to store where raghav n kalpi are there? why shagun given to sammy? stupid writers. why they can not take the NAMES? is it the way happening in real or reel life?till now nobody mentioned the name of the girl or boy. why it is so? whether it happens in real life – i want to ask the creative – head [-where they keep their head? may be creative team have 5 to 10 people.no one have idea atleast once they should mention – names-blo*dy fools really

  16. trusha

    I jst can’t believe that Raghav & Pakhi get married. I think da rich get richer. He doesn’t love Pakhi. Why must he marry her? I jst hate this film now.

  17. ye kalpi ka haath raghav ki shirt pe laga tha……pr usse pehlye b kalpi ne uske poore chehre pe color lagaya tha when raghav was following her in market….i knw that accidently bt paji se pahley kalpi ne raghav k chehrey pr color lagaya tha…..

    • girijashiva

      i commented above. when i am watch kamala and vittal irritation.and want to abuse kamala – searching words from dictionary – to leave gouri at gouri’s place. neetu – shahil- criminal minds-i want to complaint against them& my BP goes high . Pakhi-dont want to see her face at all.i am still searching where is her eyes? sammy you are best peace maker – stood with RAGNA. here only hope is VITTAL.PAKYA AND SAMMY.

  18. AP

    Folks.. when i said right… right when we look.. normally wife stands on the left of the husband… the logic or symobolism of this is so that he hold his wife and hold the sword on the right hand to protect her !!!

    Anyways i will be quitting the show and throwing away zee from my settop box the day raghav anyone other than Kalpi…!!!

    • ye mon accidently hi sehe pr kalpi k haath se raghav k poore chehre pe color lagya tha i remember unke beach jagda horaha tha aur kalpi vahe color wale k paas gaye rang khareedne k leye aur raghav vahe pr aagya usse baat karne k leye kalpi usse ignore kr rahi thi raghav usse baat krraha tha kalpi’ hand was in color bag jst then raghav pulls her arm….toh pura color raghav k chehrey pe laga he was irritated bt kalpi gvs him long lecture…..

  19. ek

    Hey frns we all have to pray ki ekta kapoor ke daily sops ki tareh ema mai shaadi ka majak na banaya jaye pyar mile to ek hi baar mai bhut si marriage ke bad kya matlab hai raghna ki hi marriage honi chaiye phir abhi ho ya baad mai vahi sahi hoga

  20. TriniD!v@

    We all know it’s just a show……… But please directors this is one of the utmost BEST serials……. On Zee TV……. Please don’t let it end up like Qubool hai………. Cause it’s going to be 2 out of 10 just like Qubool hai currently ….” We the viewers DONT want that…..

  21. Rosheena

    Lovely show until today-can they simply give us a happy wedding for both girls without the frayed frills…

  22. ek

    Why sam didnot react on getting shagun kuki kitna atpta tha sirf us ko shagun mila although he so cute par mind uska bhi kam chalta hai

  23. Avnee

    Sad news is confusm wl end evrybdy wl knw on tuesdy mahasangam and kamala also agre 4 Ragna’s marraige but on weding day raghav wl not mary kalpi and marry to pakhe bz of neetu.new twist is Raghav him self leaves kalpi on mantap just to take revenge and all.

    • girijashiva

      nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. in love marrige where comes =revenege- Raghav left revenge part lobg back when he feel in love with kalpana. he never mentioned about taking revenge on kapoors after fell in love with kalpana.

    • girijashiva

      Avneee – we all already tensed – comforting everyone here – knowing well – it will give some calm mind and relief tension

  24. TriniD!v@

    Come to think about it…… Gunjun and Shayl will also be at that wedding site…….. Think guys ….. Have a feeling that Gunjun will help Kalpi ang Raghav… Hmmmmmmm . We just have to wait….. HAVE PATIENCE TRIN!…… Lol

  25. Avnee

    Raghav wl not mary kalpi not bz he doesn’t love kalpi but other reasons he wl mary pakhe kapoor then also he wl make kalpi to fly.dats 4 shure but he wl not marry kalpi.

    • girijashiva

      what r u saying? what is other reason? what reason?he is rich an famous he can do anything -if he come to know kapoor killed his father infront of his mother& his mother become insane because of them , make everyone believe that she ran away with a man leaving his father and him.who will a maary a girl from that kind of family?

    • ashranna

      if so then kalpi still loses….she lost everything to paki…..kalpi’s dream is to be loved by aai and that did not happened then she gave all to raghav and no will lose that to so what is EK MUTTHI AASMAAN i s all about……if she lost it…..yes he will make her fly and become rich but what was the use she lost him….to paki…..

    • AP

      This will b typical ekta type storyline if it goes this way.. it will become ek mutti bakwas from ek mutti aasmaan !!! I am seriosuly thinking of quitting the serial if Ragna marriage does not happen now… earlier i was fine if it took some more time but now if ragna does not marry … am loosing my interest here…

  26. girijashiva

    i hope kalpana become strong and fight for her rights and love.whole life she live according to kamala wanted -now she is grown up and stand for her rights and her life. if she do that she will win

  27. Mon

    Avnee where did u get to new news about raghav will leave kalpi and marry paaji
    It’s u thinking like that or any news channel

    • arshi

      Oh plz avnee nothing is going to be like this…. We know many twist and turns r waiting… But lastly ragna will marry…..I am 100% sure… And u know guys sslk Gunjan and Shail is there to care for ragna then why u all r upset….And some people using the same chance to make u worry….but plzz much bhi gal at nahi yoga…and lastly at end of next week u will enjoy ragna to see as husband-wife….

  28. Nat

    That is so ridiculous if Raghav leaves kalpi at the mandap just like he left her to go make her results better. Can’t he communicate to her why he takes off? Basically then she will lose hope in love and the moral of the story is that poor girls should never have high hopes. And why Raghav had to marry paaki?? Why make her life miserable BC he will never be intimate with her and she is nice to them so why punish her??
    And neetu needs to quit the show. I hate her voice!!!! That grandma needs to talk!!!!

  29. Kamla is so crazy,which mother her own daughter like crap.plz writer don’t put raghav n paki to wed,raghav n kalpi love each other plz let them be together alway or I wil stop watch the series.I hate paki n her family.I wish rag find his mother before the 10 days done.

  30. narin

    I have been following ema from the start and other indian soap if this is what is happening in india as regarts to love story then i pity u guys.

  31. really kamla is damn bend on putting pookie n raghav together. shail and gunjan will fight for ragna and what pakhi thinks that without knowin whom raghav loves she’ll get married to him!!!!

  32. jabee

    Ohhh guys I wanna stop watchn dis drama but I can’t don’t want kalpi N Rag 2 get separated by all means.pls writer let’s hv smtin diff from ur usual serials.

  33. TriniD!v@

    Hi Mon …. And others….. Just came to know that someone also has a name Trin!v@…………. And may say things that not my styling…….. BE AWARE…… Ok

  34. arshi

    arshi May 3, 2014 at 6:06 am
    Oh plz avnee nothing is going to be like this…. We know many twist and turns r waiting… But lastly ragna will marry…..I am 100% sure… And u know guys sslk Gunjan and Shail is there to care for ragna then why u all r upset….And some people using the same chance to make u worry….but plzz much bhi gal at nahi yoga…and lastly at end of next week u will enjoy ragna to see as husband-wife….

    • arshi

      Aur u all don’t have faith…..raghav ke liye kalpi extremely important hai to live his life happily ,so he will never loose her at any cost…..so fronds everything is going to happen gud for ragna and enjoy next week mahasangum…..

  35. dd

    Hello all raghavkalpana fans,

    after read all comment i got one shoced news that raghav leave kalpi becasue of revenge if so its really bad it will go again the name of the seria. it will show loveis nothingfor him revenge is evrything h is saying kalpi is his life sammy did lots of things do u think it will gonna be happen sammy will object it and its mean raghav will not say he is loves kalpi notpakkhi. if its happen then reveng not happen its success or kapoors again raghave lost everyhing i think that raghav must know because kalpi is everything for him now. i dont beleive if its going to happen i will quit from this show.

    But now i am afraid more i dont know wy raghav tryied ring to paakhi he is stupid sometime. its ok but he doesnt know paakhi size how can same with kalpi size he leave her alone and go with paakhi yaar now its indication that raghav ne engagent ring paakhi ko pahna de hai kalpi ko nahi for trial he sahi i think ful indication that raghav pakhi get married if its happen hell hou jaayege sabki life .. think ager aisa huwa to agge ke story kiy hogi kiya gauri kabhi raghav ko nhi milege kiya kapoor apne harplan maien sucess honge orkiya jab sab pata chalega to raghav kapoors ka badla paakhi se lega jabki wo to buri hai bhi nahi yaar i know ek saath rahne se payar hou hi jaata hai aisa dikhat hai serials maien pakkhi jiddi hai but neetu jaise bure nahi hai. i dont think paakhi or raghav ko saath rakh kar bhi writer kuch aage ke soch paayega
    but TRP kho dega writerpls see these all comment and think

  36. dd

    in this serial kamla ka character is so nice this is predeting writer like she is soft hearted but reality is writer we all ar not blind ok we know she is trying to be sosoft but she is duffer oneemotional fool and always neetu foolish her and vittal warn but stil she is happey to become fool by neetu. she is not helping gauri even whatever is happening with gauri all tourcher and pain only because of kamla when raghav cameto know he will hate her lot and kamla apne aap ko maaf kar paayege ye sab jaan kar ei in sab dard ke wajah wo hai gauri ke… sammy kiya karega i hope sammy get to know that there is some misunderstanding and he tried to short out this

  37. sneh

    I am really worried,This show is driving all us crazyyyy,The writter start the story one way and then make a confustion They enter in our home & heart,We all fell in love with Ragana The show created this very warm emotional feeling in our heart Slowly day after day Raghav was expressing his love & feelings to kalpana.Kalpana took her time ,she even tried her best to expain raghav all the differences between them,Her love for Raghav is deep,genuine & strong and, it is Mutual feeling
    Now all this senseless misunderstanding
    Kamla is so stupid ,she heard gouri’s screams & then she lives her at Neetu’s place
    Neetu said ONLY one thing write in entire show and That is “KAMLA IS BEVKOOF”
    if raghav does not stand for himself,for his love and marry Kalpana it will be his BIG failour All the time the SONG Tumee ho… & now stupid rich little poor girl from horrible family who has hurt Raghav’s family dreams to get married toRaghav.
    Wedding is not a joke neither a buisness deal.
    Raghav loves Kalpana So no matter what Kalpana & Raghav has to get married,
    Raghav has to say loud & clear in front of everybody boldly ” I LOVE KALPANA” AND WILL MARRY KALPANA Raghav has to meet his mother Gouri who also likes Kalpana also,Finally ball is in RAGHAV’s court……Pl don’t disappoint us
    Pakhi’s selfinfected love,zidd has no place between R&K

  38. dd

    yaa yaar but i sawagain mahasangam pics and its showing that raghav pakhi stand together and pakhi happy and kalpi ne apna face alag kiya huwa hai sadful like she is backout from there. i dont know what goaana be happen. but its true if that mrriage happen its failureof true love and win of paakhi misunderstanding pretendig girl and kapoors. Again raghave lost his everything. kahi aisa n hou ke raghav ke is decision se sammy agains houjaye or bole tu kalpi ke saath aisa nahi kar sakta or wo usse shaadi kar le but i dont think kalpi will do it.

  39. aashima

    what the hell is wrong with kamla. neither she understands whats happening with gauri nor she understands what kalpi wants.

  40. Nico

    Hello all Ragna fans, I know the past few episodes have really given us a lot of tension,tears ,heartache n sleepless nights but I think if we truly believe in happy endings then this will happen for Ragna. Today’s episode showed me that raghav truly loves Kalpi, he lives for her happiness. Even if they don’t get married now…HE WILL NOT MARRY PAKI….it is a daily serial so we know writer is going to drag this love story with lots of twist n turns..if Ragna does get married then all the better for us fans then writer will create another twist in serial for Ragnav to get his revenge. So please no more sleepless nights, or high bps…lets enjoy the Ragna moments until they last. I truly believe their love will conquer in the end. :-))

  41. Mon

    Hi Tatiana
    H r u doing ??where is chocopie , anshu ,ap,Girija
    Be strong raghna frnds ,we have long way to go next Friday

  42. ek

    hai guys if ema shows the marriage of rags and paaji for any reason than ema loose its essence bcs it is about the hardworking and achievements of lower class people but if they seper raghna than they are giving the message that only rich people can get everything even good life partner but there is nothing for the poor people in this world like kalpana jiski maa bhi apni nahi hai

  43. Mimi

    Can’t bear Pakhi with Raghav. Raghav was made for Kalpi and always Kalpi. Why should Kalpi always be Bali ka Bakra? And Pakhi have all the happiness. Please this time Kalpi shouldn’t be the last sufferer

  44. gd morning guyz hi mon..trini.. It is really tough time for all of us……noone knws what actually will happen…..v hv to wait fr 9 may…..this too much……

  45. hey anshu abi tak naraaz ho kya every1 is tensed ya issilye kal tere topic ko kisi ne respond nahi diya hoga every1 really is confused…..that is y they doesn’t want to change this topic….means mahasungam…..so u chill…..& plz comeback…..

  46. AP

    guys ..came in to say hi to you gys.. anshu, choco, mon,girija.. hope u are dpiung good.. not planning to talk about EMA… i have lost words…

  47. Angie

    Hi my Ragna friends,

    Ditto, AP – kind of lost for words and confused – I dont think Ragna marriage will happen but want it to happen also – so in Kamala’s favourite words – mujhe bahut tensun ho rahi hai aur may confoosed hoon

  48. Nat

    Looks like Raghav will leave the mandap or at least everyone will be fine with ragna marriage but Raghav will leave somehow. Maybe he sees his mom?

  49. dd

    hey guys check this


    its shwing on engagment day kamla and all get to know that groom is raghav not sammy and other starcast will convience kamla for raghav and kalpi but there is also mention: The much in love couple Raghav-Kalpi manage to surpass the odds and finally look forward to tie the nuptial knot with everyone’s blessings. The Jadhav household is gearing for their marriage and there’s naach gaana galore…But there is no love story which is completed without its fair share of complications…as you head into the finale of this Mahasangam week, the audiences are in for a surprising turn of events that they would not have imagined in their wildest dreams!

    this give me some relexsation that kamla know everything but that add and last line its mean gahav and paakhi marriage will happen? bcasue of raghav mom and neetus chaal i am sure after to get know that raghav love kalpi she will blackmail raghavand force him to marry with her daughter now only paakhi can show her good heart and kamla ke parvarish that she said she doesnt want to get marry with raghav and all

      • sneh

        I vote for them (PAKHI +Pakya) Kamla will get high maintance spoiled
        daughter in law AS her own……..
        Kalpana & Raghav live together happylly forever with Gouri
        ALL raghna friend will enjoy & celebrate around the world

  50. dd

    or gyus neetu blackmail to kamla and for tai life she stood with pakhi and ask to get marry with him and ask to kalpi save tai kuch bi hou sakta hai i am scared now

    • girijashiva

      RAGHAV is MAN – how he helped and fought with goons send by KAPOORS without knowing he is helping his mother and for kamala. he is more influencing – remember how he tarnsfered a cop- because cop dint reg.complaint. he wont let it go. he ,sammy and the cop togther will spoil kapoors. plan.truth will always win however we have to struggle for it. RAGHAV n sammy will make a plan to get gouri back with the help of kalpana as she knows gouri/one more we forget- kalpana have her picture with gouri in the background. it also helps to know gouri is RAGHAV”S mom/

  51. dd

    The Mahasnagam will start with Kamla Tai (Shilpa Shirodkar) & husband Vitthal (Mohit Dagga) of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan searching for the engagement ring they lost for Kalpi’s fiance. Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke helps them find it. Gunjan who has come to Mumbai in search of Pihu (Akansha Gilani) who has been kept captive by her stalker, Vicky, comes to the chawl with Kamla Tai on her invitation…Amidst all this, kamla and family have been thinking of Sammy as the groom for kalpi which is later revealed and shocks the entire Jadhav family that kalpi’s groom is none other than Raghav Singhania.

    Kamla is caught in a dilemma of choosing the happiness of Kalpana & Pooki but with the timely intervention of Shail (Vaishanavi Mcdonald) & Gunjan, she is convinced that Raghav & Kalpana truly love each other and should get married. The celebrations of Raghav (Ashish Choudhary) & Kalpana’s (Rachna Parulkar) Sakharpuda ceremony are in full swing. In the meanwhile, Gunjan gets some clues about Pihu’s whereabouts but will she make it in time to find her and save Pihu from her captor, Vicky?

  52. dd

    The much in love couple Raghav-Kalpi manage to surpass the odds and finally look forward to tie the nuptial knot with everyone’s blessings. The Jadhav household is gearing for their marriage and there’s naach gaana galore…But there is no love story which is completed without its fair share of complications…as you head into the finale of this Mahasangam week, the audiences are in for a surprising turn of events that they would not have imagined in their wildest dreams!

  53. ek

    hey guys too much thinking about this topic is affecting my work badly i think you all are also suffering this condition so let us all think possitive and pray that our wishes get fullfilled and whatever may the conditions are raghna wiil be together and hope writers will not show us stupid things like blackmail and all also rags should meet his mother any how

  54. neen

    Hii…my name is neen.1st time on
    this site.I just want to say that pls don’t seprate raghav & kalpi..Love, is not a joke.pls writer lets hav somthing different.Otherwise u lost ur TRP.

  55. arshi

    Plzz be positive till next Week….after that we know if our wishes r fullfilled then we will continue unless leave the show……One thing is wrong or right I don’t know…but keeping this secret that whether ragna will be together or not….I think affected many of us..but they shud reveal whatever going to happen at least the crux of drama…they r giving us lots of stress as they know we love ragna tooo much…..but ideally they shudnt check our patience like that bcz its 4 our entertaiment not making us stressed….. But finally we can’t do except thinking positive only and shudnt take tension after watching spoilers…Plzz this is my request to all ragna frnds… Till finale of mahasangam…

  56. Mon

    Tatiana ,chocopie,anshu,ap,dd,girija
    And other Ragna frnds
    Hope u all doing good
    Try your best 2 days to go 4 Monday but we all have to wait till 9th may
    I don’t have any word whAt to say
    We’re all helpless
    No option wait and watch
    Kisi raghna frnd ne ashish ko twitter me mess diya ki raghna ko separate mat karna
    To ashish ne reply Kia ki abhi woh bhi clueless hai use bhi nahi pata konsa juth Ana baki hai

    • hi mon AP girija Anshu….trini dd priyanka aman angie….& all u RagNa frndz…..i knw it iz hard tym for us bt plz cm & comment here….

      • girijashiva

        i am feeling low and week.. my hubby took me outside as he read comments on this forum and understand not only me everyone is same feeling.i am tired and exhausted.thinking of RAGNA.still 48hrs have to go to- watch again.why ZEE TV and creative team doing this to us.

  57. I hv no wrds what to say…..this suspense & curiosity brust my mind…..also can’t for monday……ye this suspense lost our interest…..bt RagNa scenses gvz me some relief & of course so much happiness……

    • ek

      Hai chocopie in past epi raghav is continously saying that kalpi is his life he loves him so much he cannot live without any more so let us keep our faith on him if he doesnot take stand for his love than ragh hum sabke pyar ke kabil nahi an than i will quit from ema neend cheen li hai yaar isne

  58. anshu

    U knw what ab mjhe tension se zyaada hasee aa rhi hai
    I want to salute indian daily soap writers as they are so talented in creating faltu ki misunderstanding…
    Matlab out of the world …
    One girl paakhi who thinks her crush wants to marry her even if he has not confessed his love once.. she thinks kalpi & sammy are dating becoz she has once seeing them talking on the phone nicely & second time when they smile at each other but cannot notice how evry time raghav asks 4 kalpi… cannot notice their feeling while their hug…. cannot notice that kalpi who was not ready to get coloured but was coloured when raghav was with kalpi & she was abt to colour him as well… cannot see how that they wer alone on terrace & how raghav pulled her to dance… then also when he was saying use aaj dance krke bahut maza aaya that was the past tense not present one still tjought the compliments was 4bher & busy in blushing while he was staring his love….
    The most hopeless thing raghav wud talk to her mother 4 their marriage without confessing his so called love to her…. wow superb mind she has got

  59. Mon

    Muuuuuh anshu angel wah
    Agree with u
    Yesterday I had a mix emotion
    I was crying for 1 min and was laughing 1 min

  60. hey ek yeah ragna luv so much with each other…..if ragna marriage wld nt happen….toh ye sache pyar ki haar hogi…..bt i cn’t even imagine this…..want ragna only….

  61. Mon

    Hi chocopie
    How is my baby bro doing,u guys start yet ladhna jagdna
    Let me know
    Plz frnds try to focus some where els
    Otherwise wil be all in metalhos

  62. Mon

    Girija same here yesterday I was all day out side went temple,dinner and spend so much $ shopping
    Can’t divert my mind ,today I m doing same ,I need to get out of home 4 bit
    Otherwise till Monday no more me

  63. yepi……whole day spend with my bro thank God he cm on right tym means frm some dayz v r tensed na bt today i was so much happy……

    • lotz of luv to my sweet babies:):):)::):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):););):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):);):););):):):):):);):):):):):):):):)

  64. Nico

    Ooh if story line goes as told in Indian forum…can’t wait for next week then especially when kalpi shows her love to Raghav….as much as I love weekends can’t. Wait for Monday to come:-)

  65. Mon

    Raghna frnds check pawandeep kaur twitter
    She adds 2 pic one of them is our ragh my gosh he is looking so handsome yellow tradition kurta he is wearing

  66. girijashiva

    however it may be- they may say it is just a story and we have every right which way it has go and you are no other option that you have to watch.IS IT RIGHT ON THE OF PART OF CREATIVE TEAM AND ZEE TV?NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO. they have no right to playwith our emotions even to the extend of our mental & physcial health.NOW THEY MUST HAVE SITTING AT THEIR CONFORT OF THEIR HOME WHERE AS WE HERE GETTING AFFECTED BY EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY. THEY MAY BE LAUGHING – AFTER GOING THIS FORUM .what kind of people here?

  67. girijashiva

    icopy and paste it:
    tweet from Pawandeep Kwatra [email protected] 5h
    The best person in your life is the one who comes first in your mind after reading this sentence!!!

  68. girijashiva

    the best persons in our life is always there infront of us .we never forget them so there is no reminder is neccessary.

  69. Mon

    Girija r u ok dear ??
    Plz take care don’t think much n if is toooo much 4 u give your daughter hug
    I m sure u w’ll feel batter
    Bcoz we r all attached to Ragna but our family is more importan
    Take care

  70. sneh

    I am going to watch ice hockey game to neutralize all the tension created in my mimd.by EMA producers we have to recrupate ourselves,
    Tomorrow a good game of Badmitton will take away my frustation created By stupid writers. My advice to RAGHNA friend play your favourit sports, it could be anything Even sneak & ledder with small kids will do good to you.
    Last few episode of EMA made us upset,angry,mad these negative feelings is making toxic in our body so Positiveness will neutralize this toxic,Have some jokes .play any sport,,,If we take care of ourselves we will STAND for KALPNA & RAGHAV
    NEXT wK is tough I am sure Raghav will speak up strongly & boldly…..Meantime its playtime…..

  71. Mon

    Litt sis chocopie
    I m doing good means worry what will happen next week ema but trying my best to divert my mind

  72. Aman

    Hii ragna frnds… Have a nice weekend….Don’t take stress be happy….enjoy ur family life…. Don’t worry ki EMA me kya hoga?????….Jo bhi hoga vahi decide karega ki show dekhna chahiye or quit??if ragna remains together we will watch unless leave..and vaise bhi intentionally EMA people have given us tension…Jo ki baaki show vaale nahi karte bcz they r aware of ragna fever….and its wrong……

  73. Mon

    Choco don’t worry about anshu , anshu is strong girl like u but worry about ap and Girija,I read ap comment on twitter even I saw her pic ,
    I don’t like to talk nagative par sorry Yaar muje Lagta hai ki paaji ki Sadi hogi ragh se if they want to drag story
    If raghna ki Sadi hoti hai to they don’t have any story means happily woh sath me rahenge aur baad me gauri ka pata chalega and ema end
    Hope raghna ki Saadi ho

    • AP

      Hey Mon, I am here yaar 🙂 and I am fine… I feel sad that one serial I got attached to after around 10+ years .. down the drain..and when PD gives her funda’s on twitter it is irritating and hence responded… Am 34 and I can’t be weak hearted at this stage of my life when I have 2 boys growing up …You see as I tweeted PD, I will quit watching the show when it turns sour period. I express what I thing about the bakwas they show .. that;s all dear… all is fine with me.. I was busy… had pending work 🙂 Hope Anshu has a good day for her exams…

      • AP

        Hey Mon, What is your twitter id. I would also like to see you…probably you are the one who saw me first.. I found Girija in FB:)

  74. Aman

    Any ways frnds be happy…….hii chocopie girija Mon…and to all….plzz frnds avoid tension…..I think anshu is having pmt exam today…..anyways best of luck anshu…

  75. Mon

    Thank god u r fine ap
    Don’t think much ,it’s out of our hand
    I don’t have twitter about I m just making round if pd have any good spoiler and I found u there
    But I’ll open my twitter tomorrow ,it’s 1:45 am here need to sleep

  76. hey AP…..i knw u r too much busy…. Sm tym join us….bye the wy i hv nvr seen u on twitter neither anshu girija & mon….

    • girijashiva

      iam in twitter girijashiva & also in facebook.-name girija Paramashivaiah.Even -EK MUTTHI AAAMAN-RAGHAV AND KALPI

  77. thanx girija AP….u guyz checkout ur twitter…..urmi khan @chocopi85672071…..bt guyz my email id on twitter is nt working properly….tw hv shown me my e-mail on twitter is already using anyother account…bt hv only 1 account on twitter…cn’t understand this….twitter is wrkng bt my follow button is nt workng….

  78. girijashiva

    to make some light mmts as we are tensed here about RAGHNA. i just copy and paste it from my FB:

    Never Mess with Kids :

    A man was seated next to a kid in an airplane. The man turned to him and said, “Let’s talk”.

    Kid: Ok, what do we talk about ?

    Man (making fun of the kid): How about nuclear power?

    Kid: Very interesting topic. But let me ask u a question before that.. Horse, cow & deer, all eat grass. Yet deer excretes pellets, cow flat potty & horse clumps. Why?

    Man: I don’t know.

    Child: Do you really feel qualified enough to discuss Nuclear issues when you dont know a shit..

    • sneh

      Thanks girija Very good joke,We all need “just for laugh therapy”
      One thing came good out of this is that….
      We all around the world old & young met through this RAGHANA FAN CLUB
      and share same emotions ,feeling and stand together for our dear sweet Kalpana & strong handsome Raghav even we dont’t know each other & i am so many of us value True love,Right from wrong which are very Basic human feelings,
      if any of have time listen to english song by Whitney houston,on utub
      ” YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE” enjoy the song
      Goes very well with Kalpana & raghavs comintments
      Have a super wk/end every body writing today remind me same feeling which i had as a child writing & making friends through “PEN FRIEND”
      NOW its Internet

  79. anshu

    Actually 2day was my aipmt paper
    She told that she has cleared pmt last year so just asking abt the cutoffs becoz its better to asj some senior

  80. Mon

    Hi raghna frnds
    Missing raghna so bad can’t wait 4 tomorrow
    I’ll open twitter so we all can keep in touch after even after ema ka end
    Lucky to have u as a frnds
    Where is Tatiana ??

  81. girijashiva

    Akready TRP is less.if ever RAGHNA- not married NO TRP/NO EMA AT all. do you viewers remember-in – Life ok- Do DIL EK JAAN was very good till satya entered into their life.when ANTARA married satya – they stopped retelecast gradually then – 20yr leap- it could not bring back TRP.we are all stopped watching serial. ANother serial in STAR PLUS-iSS PYAR KA KYA NAAM DOON- stopped in midway/ again started – same name with additional title- ek baar phir.if the ZEE TV and DJ Creative team neglect viewers -feed back- it will go to drain. ZEETV stopped retelcast even though we requested them for repeat telecast they dont care about us.they forget – we are paying for it.one thing for sure we all wait till next wk end- if not RAGHNA marrige – will not happen then – THE END FOR ZEE TV & Also others who are involved with this expt ASHISH n RACHANA.

  82. girijashiva

    EMA – for KALPANA.if her fist going to be empty what is the meaning of this serial.her 2 hands will be empty with no mother’s love , no RAGHAV-is there any meaning in her life when she lost both of them to rich girl PAKHI who took her mother’s love – pakhi’s parents spoiled RAGHAV”S life. creative team – if they do any mistake by doing so- there will no hope for thousand of maid servant’s.push cart vendors,tabbawalas children -they will really scared to see the sky.

  83. girijashiva

    hi! Mon! my daughter is 32yrs old/her kids are 5 and 3.they settled in belgium

  84. girijashiva

    This is copy and paste from EK Mutthi Aasman -RAGHAV And KALPI/ message from:Ria Bhowmick:
    Lets try contacting them and bombaring them 4 Repeat–
    Djs Creative Unit,Andheri W
    Bunglow 173, Mhada Svp Nagar Four Banglow, Andheri W, Mumbai – 400053,
    MS Deeya Singh
    djscreativeunit@ gmail.com
    Company Profile
    DJ’s is a well known TV Serials Production House run by Tony Singh.
    Contact Details
    Company Name:DJ’s A Creative Unit
    Website:Not Mentioned
    Executive Name:Shivangini Ramchandani
    Address:Not Mentioned

  85. sennurita

    What’s going on? Caaaaaaaan sooooooommmmeeeeeooonnnneeee tteeeellll mmmmmmeeeeeee…….. wwwwwwwwhhhhhyyyyy is sahil and neetu not getting caught??????? And why would raghav marry paakhi?? If he does im quitting EMA

  86. Angie

    Good morning Ragna Fans,

    So the Mahasangam is beginning today!! Excited??

    Have you all see that on cable they are showing Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke for 1 hour from 7 to 8? No mention of EMA? Whats happening?

  87. gd morning guyz finally mahasungsum is begining 2day…with loooootttttttzzzzzzzz of twists…turns….mu’s….mysteries…..confusions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bla bla bla……

  88. Nat

    So it
    Like Raghav will not leave kalpi in the mandap and they will get married!

  89. waise guyz sslk(sapne suhane ladkpan ke) k din mei do repeat telecast hote hai ab jab iska sungum hamare EMA k saath hai….toh kya EMA ka b repeat telecast hoga??????????

  90. Mon

    Hello raghna frnds good morning
    Anshu angel,litt sis chocopie,Angie,ap, Girija ji, Tatiana
    I m not excited about maha sangam
    Just worry & tension

    • anshu

      I m not active on twitter
      Havnt open my account on fb for the last few months last tym i just opened it to see mynfarewell pics
      & i m not sure to reveal my fbid here becoz it has been hacked 4 times earlier & since this is the public forum i m scared to reveal any of my personal kd here … but i promise after my exams i wil s3nd u f4nd request on fb

  91. Mon

    Choco be honest I don’t have twitter id
    Pawandeep kaur twitter is open 4 anybody so I can c if she have any news or pic and I saw ap there ,
    Today I was when I open my twitter acc I give u my id 101%

  92. anshu

    There hav been many spoilers till now but i was nt sure whether to believe them or nt but 1 thing is sure confusion will be cleared on engagement that its ragna not sammy & kalpi but guys sammy is looking smarter than raghav
    🙂 🙂

  93. Mon

    Hi I m here raghna frnds
    So how was your weekend girls?
    Confussion will remain till engegment
    I think so engegment me pata chal jayega ki ,sammy nahi raghav hai

  94. vaNDANA


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.