Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Raghav takes fistful sindur and comes to Kalpi. Kalpi is dazed. Raghav puts all that sindur in her head. Kalpi is so shocked. He says I have loved you with all my heart and today in front of God i made you my wife. If i ever think about anyone else God may take my life from me. He holds Kalpi and says is this proof enough to show you how much i love you ? Just one year is all i need. A year of pain and separation after that even God can’t set us apart. Speak up kalpi. Will you wait for me ? He hugs Kalpi. I have to go to mom but i am leaving my heart with you. Kamla is over hearing them. He is about to leave when he sees Kamla there. Kalpi follows his gaze and sees Kamla. She is so bewildered. Kamla is looking at them in anger. She comes forward and is about to slap kalpi Raghav tries

to stop her but Kalpi holds Raghav’s hand. Kamla says you said you won’t meet Raghav. Today you showed that this man is more important to you tha me. Kamla goes forward and sits in tears. She says you left me alone God. I am all alone in the world. My daughter is not even mine. Everything has finished. I don’t want to live in this world. Take me away please. I don’t wanna live. Kalpi says AI please its not your fault its mine. Kamal throws her away and says this is my mistake. When kids do something wrong its all the mother’s fault. What you did Kalpi? Why you did this ? You shattered my dreams my hopes. Me and my dreams everything has lost today. We have put an end to everything. She slaps herself. Kalpi tries to stop her. Kamal says don’t touch me and don’t call me Ai. You killed your ai. You broke your promise and cheated me. Kalpi says Ragahv would have killed himself if i didn’t come. Kamla says what about this sindur ? You can put this and kill my dreams ?

Kamal says you are wrong. Raghav says no she is not Raghav neither is our relationship. I was unlucky not to make her mine. I had to marry pakhi in those circumstances. But she is the only one i consider mine. Kamla shouts quiet. You are responsible for all this Ragahv Singhanya. You took all the happiness of my daughter and now you wanna take them away from me. Ragahv says i know i am wrong anf punish me. Don’t atke kalpi away from me. Kamla says if your wife was someone else not pakhi.I would have done the same. She is the respect of someone. I fed Pakhi and gave her my love and upbringing. You don’t value relations you have made fn of them. You marry Pakhu and purt sindur in my kalpi’s head. You will never understand what is love what are relations. Ask yourself, do you trust yourself ? When you can’t trust yourself how can my daughter trusts you. Just go away from here. Ragahv says pardon me Kamla maa. The God you trust in, I considered Kalpi my wife in front of him. She has sindur of my name in her head and you can’t change this fact. Kalpi is my wife.He leaves. Kamla says Kalpi this sindur only belongs to Pakhi. Remove it. Kamla holds her hand and takes her out.

Kamla takes her out. kalpi says no. Kamla says you don’t get it kalpi. This sindur is not a pure relation. Its a sin. Just remove it. Kalpi says no Ai i won’t. Kamla says its a precious relation which connects you for rest o your life. Ragahv married Pakhi and this sindur belongs to pakhi.Kamla says we made God witness of our love. He doesn’t love Pakhi he loves me. He has promised that he will divorce Pakhi in a year. Kamla says I can’t let Raghav ruin your and Pajhi’s life. I will not let his name in you heart and his sindur in your head. Kalpi is trying to stp her. Kamal says leave me. If you try to stop me then you will see my dead face. kamla takes a water bucket and throws it on kalpi. Kamla says I am your mom kalpi i know your better. She takes more water in her fist and rubs all the sindur from her head. Kalpi is in tears and so is Kamla. There is more sindur in head kamla takes more water and Raghav’s sindur has been removed from your head.

Precap-Kamal and kalpi come home. Kalpi is going in. Vitthal stops her..

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. girijashiva

    no more hopes.even kalpana resist kamala to remove her sindoor she tells her if she doesnt oblige mera mara hua mooh dekhoge. then pour water and wash her head remove her sindoor.

      • girijashiva

        yes kamala remove sindoor from kalpana forehead – which mother will do that? only when woman become widow – they will do it. this story going for all wrong reasons. better stop watching EMA

      • ashranna

        i thought is the mother in law suppose to remove the sindoor..so is kamla kalpi’s mother in law. i dont know where this story leads but i dont think kalpi will give raghav up…and really kamla should kill herself….vithal will obviously support kamla i will skipp all these episode until i get back ragna…kamla thinks she is better than God…no wonder God dont listen to her.

  2. Poonam

    Within1 year, Raghav will fall in love with Pookhie Baby.. Trust me. This is gonna be another ‘Saas hu’ crap..

  3. girijashiva

    nothing much shobha.kamala drama as usual.but one thing Raghav now she is my wife, we both married whether you accept it or not

  4. EMA FAN

    so everyone thinks raghav takes his marriage to kalpi as a joke.they have been thru so much and do yourl think that after all the effort and sacrifise they make that raghav and kalpi will be separated…..every show has to have some drama if not it would be boring………..plz don’t get me wrong as im all for raghav and kalpi……their chemistry reminds me of shah rukh and kajol….its so intense and passionate so I wont give up on these 2 as I have a feeling the writer always saves the best for last

  5. yoga efron

    i love love love you raghav ………i cant believe my eyes of what u have done………..is this a dream……..i am so loving raghav right now……….and as usual there is some f**king disturbance which will be kamla as usual………and i hope aghav brings kalpi to home and this might help them to get revenge………..hope all for the best…..love you raghav

  6. Leila

    Kamla threatens to kill herslf if kalpi doesnt wipe her sindoor…oh Lord!!kamla ma ure most welcme….

  7. ek

    Hahahahahaha ek bar phir pd ne humsubko ullu banaya no raghna kamla wash out sindoor from kalpis maang idiot sindoor dhone se shadi khatam nahi hoti par phir bhi no raghna for sure

  8. Meena

    Kamla ma washed the sindoor off….y is she like fix…whether she wiped it or not..shes still his wife so back off

  9. ashranna

    yes again it is paki sindoor according kamla this woman is so sick……impure relation….is paki loveless marriage…so is this the end of ragna

  10. ashranna

    by the way i thought only ur husband can take of ur sindoor since when mothers take of sindoor and what vithal going to slap her now….how dumb…..

  11. Mon

    Hello tu frnds
    Choco,anshu Girija ji ap
    Pd or misha ne ye sab trp ke lie Kia hai ,aur Dono ko kuch spice chahie story ke lie to e raghna Saadi and dumla bhashan dala
    Stupid dumla pd hippo

  12. girijashiva

    now we all decide whether to watch EMA?no hopes yaar.till kamala is there nothing will happen

  13. yoga efron

    what the f**kkkkkkkkkkk……..kamla u blo*dy tutttttttt…….what is her problem…………..it was all great when raghav put the sindoor in her head………..why is she so ………..what if someone wipes kamlla ma sindoor away………how would she feel then……..does she even have brainssssss…………no i dont think so………just f**k offf…….

  14. Shivani

    Wow Kamla. I didn’t know you were such a drama queen. Threatening to kill yourself, really? That’s low..even for you. Doesn’t matter that you cleaned off the sindur. You can’t change the fact that Kalpi is Raghav’s wife now.

  15. ek

    No mother want wrong relation for her daughter but here kamla is doing all this for paakhi not she is concern abt kalpi and poor kalpi apne haq ke liye ladna bhi nahi aata kamla ko uska darad nahi samajh aata bca she feeded pakhi not kalpi

  16. D

    God hate this dumbo kamla..Hw can she treat her kalpi like this,she thinks only paki,poor kalpi plz elope with raghav

  17. jasmine

    This is woman is really getting on my nerves now.she needs to back off…The producers of ema you really need to show people what love can do..y kamala gets her way and kalpi has no say in it. Kalpi speak up 4 your love. Kamala will always choose paaki over you.

  18. Hari

    Raghav falls in luv with pakhi n kalpi will be married to prem(sahil’s son)….well it’s a guess

  19. shoonya

    Enough it’s time to say good bye to even written updates of EMA. The most stupid & foolish & rubbish crap is thrown on us. Creatives r rather destructives. The name of show shud be changed to MULTIPLE FISTS OF DESTRUCTION. I think the whole CV & production team along with serial shud be thrown off the cliff & of course off the air.

  20. AP

    Folks… its a kind request… if the story is in real life nope.. i don’t think raghav will be able to love anyone else other than kalpi.. in EMA will CVs ka kuch bharosa nahi.. I am NOT WATCHING EMA on TV psot MAY 9th and will continue to do so thiss POO CRAP is out of Raghav’s life… till then WU and if i feel like the online epi is fine for me.. I will stick to my stand NO RAGNA NO EMA… i never compromised for anythins in life 😉

  21. ek

    May vithal understand kalpi an stand with her but jooru ka gulam bina jaban ka janwar aisa karega nahi bus yuhi kahta kalpi ko rajkumari

  22. mytwobitsworth

    The only thing consistent about Raghav Singhania’s character is that he does the exact opposite of what he says. And then comes back and apologises. By that logic, after this bhaashan about may god kill me if I even look at another woman he will end up straight in Paakhi’s arms. Of course that would be when he is drunk and so wouldn’t count and then we go again…
    Theres no hope for Ragna as far as I can see and Raakhi syage is set. I don’t think I will bother watching again..

      • mytwobitsworth

        Each time I say I wont watch I hope against hope that I am wrong and Ragna comes back. Atleast Raakhi goes away. But after Rachana’s interview and the general trend I don’t see anything positive happening.
        This is so sickening and depressing. The CVs don’t have a clue who their audience are and what they want. They will dish this out hoping that one day we will get used to it and accept it.

  23. Looooolz it doesnt make sense either kamla wipe off kalpis’ sondhur or not if they have pure love and trust between them they could have believe of getting back to gather in heart after year and if kalpi is posetive about their love she wouldnt has acceted married man’s propusel secretly and pooki is more like her sister !! ;(

  24. Natasha

    Kamla playin she stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!she stil care more for pakhi than KAPLI!! sstwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  25. I believe in raghav n kalpi so pls don’t b disheartened, n try and understand kamalama’s feeling for her daughter no mother wld like to see a married man put sinfur on her daughter forehead
    S her talk ant poki is nonsense but I am sure raghav n kalpi will show kamalama someday how wrong her judgement of them was,
    N pls watch EMS it’s a beautiful serial unlike others

  26. Sreelekha

    Kya kamaal ki acting hey aashish luv u dada pls yaar mujhe RagNa he chahiye lekin lagta hai ki aisa nahi hoga …is show me moms he villians hai

  27. Nurul ain

    Hy guys……poor kalpi i use to luv kamla very much bt the way she treat my kalpi i wish she could have fall frm the cliff where raghav wanted to commit suisd

  28. Crystal Singh

    Hi all ….. I felt so good when I saw Raghav put the sindor on Kalpi head, the amount he put, really had me laughing even if she washes it off with bleach it won’t make a difference, only the man who put it there can remove it. Still—- all Kamla can think of is pakhi. and what that would mean for pakhi and Raghav, she is not concern that Raghav truly loves Kalpi. What a shame for a mother to be like that with the person she gave birth too.I hope that they are smart and show that true love wins all the time. No matter what the obstacles are.

  29. Afsana

    This soapie is now getting really stupid.LOL.Kapi and Raghav are playing such idiotic characters..its laughable! raghav is such a whimp/spineless idiot who cannot stand up for a woman he loves..and Kalpi is such a silly mindless little girl who cant tell Raghav that it’s ridiculous to expect her to put her life on hold for a whole year,,while he avenges his dads death by emotionally abusing an innocent young woman(Pakhi)…

    If a man is capable of abusing one woman, in this case Pakhi..he is sure to abuse another,,what makes silly Kalpi think Raghav wont abuse her…the writer of this story needs to write intelligently!!

  30. bola

    Let kamala leave kalpi and Raghav alone, it is their private life. She don’t need to dictate for Kalpi

  31. mona

    Kalma is so darn stupid you treat your own daughter like crap pakhi is not your child open your dam eyes you always gave what Is kalpi to pakhi

  32. anshu

    Hiiiii to all tu frnds
    Hi ap, mon , ek, ashrana, trinidiv,mimmy, sumathy, girija ji and all others
    Kaise ho
    Wat a bulshit programme
    Yesterday i realised there is no programme on tv that is worth eatchonh
    After so many day
    I sat in front of tv to watch with so muchh of enthusiasum then i kept on shuffling channels and just kuchh toh mil jaaye dekhne ko…..
    Kuchh bhi nhi tha
    Mai pagal ho gyi channel change kar kar ke
    At the end i started watchimg eng movie as not even yud hindi k8vies wer there….

    • mytwobitsworth

      I know what you feel.I have switched to Beintehaa, Rangrasiya and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Though not watching continuously.
      The reason are,
      There is a logic in whatever happens. Things don’t happen just because Dumla said so or [email protected] wants it so.
      Even in the bleakest scenario there is hope and the leads don’t let go of their integrity.
      Overall there is a positive feeling..

      • mytwobitsworth

        Seems like people are really fed up and given up on EMA. Even twitter is silent..

      • girijashiva

        watch -Ek Hasina thi-star Plus-8.00pm- nice story line wow brainy writers .
        yeh hai mohabbatein-starplus-11.00pm but repeatation comes at 5.30pm next day

        i recommand- life ok-tumari pakhi – 9.30pm
        ek bhoond ishq-8.30pm

        watch to relax
        no mental tension just to watch – not to addict
        Actually we are watching EMA – just because of ASHISH ,RACHANA, ISHAAAN.
        if any other actors were they –may be we wont bother much. something is there which made us fall for them.

    • ek

      hi anshu before ema i used to watch only ten- eleven epi of any serial bcs after that all serial went on same idiot tacks an family make my fun by saying that “ise to kuch pasand nahi aata” but when ema started i stick to it as it seems something new but now i am beating my head aur ab halat yeh ema ko chodna mushkil ho raha hai so we all become mad for ema aur ema team showing us all the worse things…………

  33. anshu

    Hey u knw
    Mai kal se nhi padi
    Aur bada achha lag rha hai
    Aisa lag rha hai wow kya lyf lag rhi hai

  34. EMA FAN


  35. betty

    I just hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel, if kamla truly believes in God she should know that her plea for justice was rejected even by God that is to show that if God is going to give justice to anyone it will be kalpi . moreover she kamla cannot decide for God cos kalpi asked for permission from God before going to meet ragav she should give herself a chance and love her daughter. besides all the comments the writer too should pls change her xter for better

  36. girijashiva

    After watching yesterday episode – it will continue till friday -only Dumbla(KAMALA) lecture, abusing kalpana. HOW CAN ANY ONE PLAY WITH RITUALS – WHETHER IT MAY BE IN TV SERIAL -NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SHOW THIS KIND OF ABUSING TRADITIONAL VALUES BY REMOVING SINDOOR .HURTING VIEWERS. Insulting GANAPATHI BABBA-for mahashtrians GANAPATHI BABBA is their life.how kamala do that in that temple by removing?what dumbla (kamala) talking about pakhi sindoor- they never showed RAGHAV marriage with Pakhi.better stop giving feed backs and also stop watching EMA.it is going from bad to worst .
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