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Scene 1
Kalpi sits beside Raghav and touches his face while he is asleep.. She is about to leave. Raghav wakes up and holds her hand and stops her. Kalpi smiles. Raghav says you came here after so much effort then why are you leaving. You got the peace by seeing me. What about me ? Kalpi asks how are you ? He says I was waiting for you. You took so long to come. You are here, I will be okay. Kalpi kisses his hand and says sorry Raghav, I couldn’t come. You know how I spent these days and I know you were waiting for me. He says I knew not just the one year promise, you will come to me by breaking everything
its all Raghav’s dream. He says don’t leave me kalpi I can’t live without you. Gauri comes there and gives him medicine. He asks did kalpi come here ? she says no take your


Scene 2
Kamla says Pakhi has talked to me like this for the first time. She is young.. her anger is right but my kalpi is not wrong. She recalls Kalpi saying her that I wanna meet Raghav once. Kamla says what if pakhi sees her. she is so angry. Kamla says please kill all misunderstandings between my daughters.

Scene 3
There Kalpi is going back. Gauri comes to her and asks where are you going ? Kalpi says I wanna meet Raghav Gauri kaki ? I will just see him once. I love him so much. Kalpi comes to his room, sees him and leaves. Raghav wakes up and comes out. Gauri asks what are you doing here ? He says someone came to my room ? Gauri says, no one came to you. Go and rest. Kalpi is hidden behind a pillar. Raghav says are you sure mom no one came ? She says yes I am sure. He goes back to his room.
Kalpi is in elevator. She says what kind of problems are these ? You are in this condition and I can’t even meet you. I just want you to be healthy soon. Pakhi is coming back. Kalpi comes out of the building. Pakhi is going in, she is inferiors. She sees kalpi and stops. Kalpi tries to leave. Pakhi says kalpi, She turns back. Pakhi says why you came here ? To meet my hubby ? Are you ashamed to tell ? Kalpi says pakhi.. Pakhi says quiet. I considered you my sister, I let you win, I shared my everything with you, so now you thought I will share my husband with you. Listen kalpi I will never share Raghav with anyone. Kalpi says I just came to meet Raghav. Pakhi says what is he to you ? Friend ? Lover or husband ? Did you think that the person filling you hairline is your husband., Kalpi says I had no other option. Pakhi says yeah by the dream of becoming rich over night. The man who married you is someone’s husband. He married me not you. Why you didn’t stop Raghav and tell him that he is married. You thought that Raghav will be yours in this one. Did you think about me for a while ? You both will be one and what will happen to me ? I loved him n married him. Have you ever thought of my future ? You were never this selfish why you cheated me like this ? Kamla maa didn’t brought you up like this.. why can you snatch my husband. Kalpi says pakhi, Raghav loved me before you. he just married you to seek his revenge. He doesn’t love you at all. Why you don’t accept that ? Pakhi says because I love Raghav. You have snatched Raghav from me. Why you did all this ? Kalpi says pakhi if I knew that you love Raghav, then I would never have come closer to him. I would never have loved him. I don’t want bad for you, not even when my ai gave my time to you, my milk to you. And even when my ai became your kamla maa. I never wanted to be between you and Raghav.. I am sorry pakhi If I hurt you but me and Raghav love each other. Raghav just married you for revenge. I know this is wrong but what happened to me was wrong as well. I was waiting for him as a bride. Pakhi says so you think I am responsible for that. You showed that you never came out of slum mentality, you blo*dy chowl people. Kalpi shouts. Pakhi says don’t shout I know why you made Raghav yours.. tell me whats the price of this love and sindur. I will give you this car, this house everything.. just give my Raghav to me. Raghav is mine for infinity. I love him.. do you understand that ?
Kalpi says sindur has no price. Pakhi says law and society doesn’t accept your marriage. Kalpi says marriage is a relation between two hearts. Kalpi says Raghav and mine relation is of love. Pakhi says and of me its legal. This sindur of cheap prices, don’t trust it. Kalpi says I made him my husband in front of God. Pakhi says I challenge you that Raghav will accept me as his wife in this one year. Kalpi says I have faith in God and this sindur. I accept this challenge.

kamla comes there. Kalpi ask ai are you okay ? Pakhi leaves. Kamla asks kalpi is everything okay ? did you both fight ? Kalpi says no there is no such thing. Lets go.
Pakhi enters the house. Garui asks where were you.
Kamla and kalpi are heading back. Kamla says I wanna talk to pakhi. Kalpi says meet Raghav as well. Kamal asks didn’t you meet him ? Kalpi says no I went to meet him but Gauri kaki stopped me so I just saw him. Kamla leaves. Kalpi says I can’t tell you what challenge Pakhi gave me. I know you must be worried for her.

Precap-kalpi gets a call from Raghav. She accepts it. She hears Pakhi saying what are you doing ? She giggles and says leave me Raghav. kalpi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So sad raghav saw kalpi not 🙁

  2. Pakhi i hate u
    You r a b*t*h u showed ur real face

  3. Gosh there was dream , gauri I hate her so much ,now raghv will think kalpi never came to c him,I m sure pookni will creat misunderstanding btw raghna

  4. Pakhi wat da hell u tink of u?? Ur a beauty queen tat raghav must love.. Jst buzz off man an get a life .. Y arn’t u understdng tat raghav can neva b yurs.. Jst b*t*h ur blooddy cheap girl .. Yuckss hate u to da core..
    I hope Kalpi dosnt get Raghav wrong an cumz to kno wat Pakhi is trying to do it

  5. I m right pookie b*t*h will creat misunderstanding ,in precap ragahv haven’t call kalpi that pookni use raghav cell n making this drama so kalpi feels something is cooking btw pakhi n ragh
    Hate b*t*h she so cheap

  6. u gotta be shittin me it as jus a dream….bravo ema u caught us ragna fans once again…and where does pakhi gets off she shared everything wit her and made her win…..plzzzzz pakhi dont be full of urself kalpi beat u at everything the only time u win is when neetu helped u….i dont know if its jus me but i dont like how raghav is bein protrayed now hes actin like vithal balls-less….tis is one time i only agree that kalpi needs someone stronger cuz like pakhi stupidty rubbed off on him…hes fogettin shes a kapoor and they are capable of anything…..hes jus actin lame ….get off ur ass and fight for ur luv gosh u have become so weak….did enjoy the banter between kalpi and pakhi doh….and sadly i must agree when pahki was walkin she did look like she was galloping sorry pakhi not…

  7. pakhi is ah jackass!!! she is obsessed with raghav and raghav aint even have time to fart on she..retard pakhi…

  8. Wake up EMA creative team what happen to your creativity ? what the hell are u showing struggle between magalsutra (pakhi) and sindur (Kalpi) ?????????????? for this nonsense u r going to give them period of one year ??????
    With such depict what r u going to prove????????? The girl (Kalpi) whose trust was broken by her lover (Raghav) has to suffer so much why?????
    What about Raghav instead of taking revenge from Kapoors what the hell he is doing ?????/ enjoying friendship with his enemy’s daughter Pakhi.
    Now he has nothing to do for revenge or give suffer and pain to Kapoors ?????????? so called during this period of one year but Kalpi has to fight with stupid Pakhi for her true love???????
    This is rubbish.
    Poor social message, insult to culture of marriage, friendship and sister hood

    1. It was my mistake, I saw today’s episode . Next time I won’t repeat this .

  9. Foolish Pahki,everytime she says”I love Raghav” but think did he ever tell you once that he loves you?He always mentions that we are friends.Everyone knows that Raghav married you for revenge,you should listen to your mother she is right when she said, don’t waste your time with Raghav,he only loves Kalpi.Learn to accept failure and move on with your life.Gauri is also another selfish person,you are so scared that,if Raghav sees Kalpi,he will consecrate on love and forget about revenge.Kamala looks so disappointed,you should have listened to Vitthal,he was always right,judging these people(the Kapoors).Kalpi don’t give up on Raghav,Pakhi is up to her tricks.She will have her downfall one day.

  10. I am so mad for what pooknie is saying to Kal please walk away from that low life pooknie how she can call your home a dump, have a talk with your dad and put out her low life mother. Kal you have better sense and morals than pooknie if this the way Gauri is going to treat you just leave that trouble FAMILY alone, do not run behind Rags if he real love you he is a big boy he itdon’t have to listen to mama and he don’t have wait 1yr Girl friend open your restaurant with your dad help and by God Grace you will, make it with your believe in God in your heart, you will make it I have faith in YOU. Vithal put nutte out off your home,By the way who is pookie to talk to Kal in that manner when her parents are Murders and Theives ,and staying in the Same Dumps.
    Vithal when putting out nettu also don’t forget dabballa I have a feeling that pooknie will do something to trap Rags, so he have a choice stay there or move out and make you happy, but start your business where there is will there is away.

  11. When two women fight for love, it has to be an aggressive one. Being soul sisters and all lovey dovey, the relationship between Kalpi (Rachna Parulkar) and Pakhi (Shirina Singh) will go all sour in Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasman (DJ’s A Creative Unit).

    As viewers have already seen, Pakhi has found out about her husband Raghav (Ashish Chowdhary) being in love with Kalpi. She kept quiet all this while as Raghav was recuperating from an accident. But now she will finally break her silence.

    Pakhi will confront Kalpi about her affair with Raghav and ask her to stay away from their lives. Kalpi on the other hand will tell Pakhi that she shares a close bond with Raghav and that they had accepted each other as husband-wife in front of God.

    Informs a source, “The usual docile Pakhi will then decide to challenge Kalpi and tell her that she will achieve her status as a wife in Raghav’s life in a month. She will also tell Kalpi that she will make sure that she will throw her out of Raghav’s life.”

    Kalpi would then counter and tell Pakhi that she has complete confidence in her love and she knows that no power can separate them ever.

    Who will Pakhi manage to separate Raghav and Kalpi? What’s in store for viewers next in the show?

    We tried reaching Rachna and Shirina but they remained unavailable to comment.

  12. Please please somebody bust paki bubble she getting frigging mad

  13. Rosheena Singh

    Kalpi let go of your pain and move on.If Ragdoll (mama”s boy) is sincere in his love for u he wud have proved himself worthy of u.Whatever to happen in a year would have progressed .Mrs Singhania is enjoying walking around in a new sari daily.

  14. It was a bad omen when pakhi dropped the Sindhur that was blessed coz it was not her blessings but kalpis instead.kalpi believes In god and he will support her thru this challenge……she’s an obsessed freak that does not see she’s not wanted bey raghav .i admire kalpi for being so mature and calm and tho pakhi has classed her she’s stil stands her ground coz she knows and believes that her love is true and god will nvr let her dwn……she wil have the strength to fight this battle and emerge as the stronger woman

  15. I hate pakhi,it good raghav tel her the truth abot kalpi n he marriage.she alway taking kalpi place,I want kamal n guari accept the marriage of kalpi n raghav now,n let pakhi suffer along wit her family.that wil be a revenge to talk about.we hate the kapoor !!!

  16. Stupid episode

  17. EMA writers shldnt have gotten raghav married to pahki,he shld have married kalpi as planned then learn the truth about his dad then starts flirting with pahki without anyone knowing but us the viewers and only kalpi faces the consequences without reasons for while untill she finds out and tackles it her own way by then pahki must have taken the whole issue of raghav loving her to be true and starts fighting or rather claiming her rights

  18. paakhi you little b*t*h, don’t come between ragna, you little kuthi jath

  19. I am so piss off what is the matter with this LONG neck pooknie when you are pointing your finger at Kal there is always 3 more pointng back at you I was watching this show on TV here in Teo Canada it start 7 pm to7.30pm who she think she is I am darn mad I know it is a story but I cannot help it I like Rags and Kal, Kal you do the best walk away.

  20. Nonsense

  21. the more I read about this story the more I hate it…….really guri what is ur revenge other than screwing up ur face………..I really hate paki and her physco behaviour……..but don’t talk about rags stupid behaviour…this story is getting worse by the day….and these dam people thing they could act……I think the challenge was stupid….I think the writers don’t care what the fans want and they keep pushing paki down our throat……….I have not watc in 2wks and I am not watching I have lost all interest………I just wanted raghav and kalpi to be together and take their revenge together………..raghav has no idea what kalpi has done for him and I think he needs to be byher side now………don’t just say he is her husband prove it to kalpi forget about the 1yr………..anyway I need to further give this show up……I wasted to much time and it is almost 2 months and no signs of ragna so I am done………..

  22. hatekamlapakhi

    Hate Pakhi. ….Just show her place to her Kalpi And Raghav

  23. Wow. I just cum onto this sight to read all your reviews. It is sooo lovely reading how u all feel for the characters of this serial and I find it quite entertaining. Good work keep it up girls.

  24. Disappointed in this show now. I don’t even want to watch it. Raghav has become a puppet to his mom and paaki. Gauri’s should be nicer to Raghav and even encourage his relationship with kalpi so she can get revenge from the kapoors. Even now paaki will be strong with gauri. Paaki is showing that she isn’t scared of gauri. Who is giving revenge?? Paaki is getting revenge while Raghav is getting played. Poor kalpi! How much can she take?? I have this show! It is unrealistic! Bakwas!

  25. The best part as when pahki as getting all hyper about the fact that raghav loves kalpi…..kalpi was so calm and collective…..pahki said so much but everything was a lie and yet kalpi spoke to the truth…pahki has classed kalpi and yet kalpi did not say anything bad about pahki ……….it jst shows what kind of heart kalpi has that she will nvr hurt anyone for her own happiness and pahki the selfish b*t*h wana destroy kalpis life…..pahki will pay very dearly at the end and I am waitin to see that coz it will be kalpi to bring her back to her own senses and there will be nothing tht paki can do coz she will lose everyone that loves her…kalpi will nvr forgiv her this time coz kalpi knows wht she had to sacrifise for pahkis happiness and has always thought of her but pahki does not and she tinks money will buy love and the sindhr but it wil not nd raghav is not going to let pahki get away with hurting kalpi this time

  26. . I feel so sorry for phaki no parents love no brothers love no inlaws love and no husbands love only kamla truly loves her and now the misunderstanding & her granny .so no peace of mind and happiness for phaki definitely she will become wicked. Too bad. I hate raghav for revenge he forgot his true love he is playing with marriage

  27. Till to date they stuck in 1 year only. When their one year will finish

  28. Someone commented about RACHANA.& also abusing that she is paying to vote against other one
    this is i copy and paste it:

    !.I ever heard of Rachana!! We are killing it. Watch this.

    2.Bharti Pathak (@brkd5)
    June 30, 2014 at 8:21 PM
    Sanaya is the best .This girl must be paying someone to vote for her 24hrs /day As soon as you start voting for SANAYA the votes for this girl go up like someone is sitting and watching .I have tried at mid night and diiff times




    Hope you vote for them- even NO hope for EMA but for ASHISH -RACHANA- RAGHAV- KALPI

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