Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla and Vitthal are going. Tai has lost them and she goes near a cliff. Nettu follows her. She is looking downwards. Nettu tries to shove her but stops suddenly out of some fear. Gauri turns backwards. Kamla is praying for her. Suddenlt the cloth slips off nettu’s face. Gauri looks at her and asks what are you trying to do here ? Nettu says I just.. Do you know me ? Gauri says why ? Are you some queen ? You are wasting my time. She leaves. Gauri goes to kamla. Kamla asks where did you go ? Kamla sees Nettu. Neetu says you told me she is your friend. Kamal says but what are you doing in temple ? Nettu says why can’t i be here ? Gauri says I don’t like this woman. You shouldn’t talk to her. Kamla says its not like that.

scene 2
Raghav is in court playin

g squash with sammy. He is a b it angry recalling the recent events. Pakhi comes there and thinks raghav is there for. She says how about a game with me ? He says sure. They both play well suddenly pakhi falls and Raghav saves her. She smiles. Pakhi kisses his cheeks and he kisses her too. They hug each other. Suddenly a mate wakes pakhi from her dream. She says I was drowned in thoughts. She sees Raghav playing. Raghav gets a call from Kalpana. He says I should talk to her. Sammy says no you should give it a break. Raghav places phone on a side. They both get up to leave. Pakhi goei goes ruuning to him. She syas I come here daily. Sammy says lets go for breakfast raghav. Pakhi says can i join you guys ? Raghav says yeah sure.

Scene 3
Manda comes to Kamla and asks which party gave you this oil ? Kamla says i will decide whom will I vote ? She says we have to learn who listens to us. We should vote the people who actually deserve it. We should talk about our matters. We should call and learn about the work the candidates have done. In th up coming elections we have to open our eyes.

Scene 4
Nettu says Gauri will make me mad. I could have shoved her but she just turned. I think she has recognized me. Sahil says why you went there without telling me ? Nettu says I went there to solve your problem. He says okay I am sorry but this is not the we should handle things just relax. Stop being so worried. We are gonna make a plan that works.

Scene 5
Sammy, Raghav and Pakhi are out for breakfast. Kalpi calls Raghav again he wanna receive but he can’t. Kalpi is so worried. She says why is he so angry whats my mistake. Is he that busy ? i would tell him how it feels to ignore ? Pakiya syas what are you talking about ? Kalpi says I will tell Ai that you are not letting me prepare the meal. She throws some flour at him but he lowers down and it goes to Manda’s face. She says I just came here to ask for some flour and what yo did.

PRECAP-Kalpi says to kamla you always scold at me.What if someone else do hurt me. Kamla asks who did that ? Raghav says to sammy she must not be focused. She would be looking at phone and being angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. AP

    chocopie- i had watched todays epi .. just because of your words that it would be good !!! sob sob sob… it was heart breaking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mon

    Hope fully tomorrow ema is raghana epi,can’t wait to c them together ,
    There is a 1 ema crew member her name is paramdeep kaur I saw her twitter she has a some comment and pic raghav is on floor and he have flower in his hand and 2nd pic pakhi have that flower on her hair omg
    Don’t know what’s in writers mind

    • girijashiva

      that must be Pakhi’s dream like todays’ episode.she putting herself too much into Raghav.as she is so confident that Raghav never love poor girl like kalpana.this is too much.

  3. girijashiva

    worst ever episode.why they are draging it too much.kamala bai lecture to vote is so much irritating.i thought it is very good serial to watch as i never watch any serials since long time but its idea to spread awareness about education – have everyone’s right.it went on well till they started dragging it.it is one more in the lot.just for the sake of saying n doing something.it is diverted from the main intention of rights of maid servants children.

  4. xyz

    i hate todays episode………….paaki is sooo mad 4 rags………….uff i dont want to see her………..hate paaki……….hate u writers 4 ur bakwaas cocept of love triangle…………………….i am loosing my patience………..it was soo bad to see their romance scene although she was dreaming…………..

  5. Mon

    Sorry guys it’s not paramdeep kaur
    Her name is pawandeepkaurkwathra twitter
    Today’s epi spoil my holiday

    • girijashiva

      dont waste your time Mon by watching it .you better spend your hoilday with more useful things other than EMA..for me it is easy to say but iam also feeling bad about todays episode.

  6. girijashiva

    writers knows we hate her but want to sell their product by hurting us too much.they will finally end up their own line.but if so who is going to watch.only themselves in recording studio.

  7. ashranna

    i am giving up this serial…..way to out of wack…..raghav is encouraging paki…..very dangerous

    • jeninlove

      so sadly true….if ragav doesnt realize wat he is doing……sigh……i m gng EMA til u guys decide 2 bring ragna 2gthr 4 gud…..in d meantym i think i wil watch d prev episodes wer v had ragna fightin n silently romancin…hmmm

  8. girijashiva

    we are all here watching just because of Ashish choudry -Raghav and Rachana-Kalpana.some kind of AURA around them.otherwise it is one more just a serail.

  9. anshu

    today’s epi was not interesting…..and in evry program nowdays becoz of elections , to spread awareness dere are promotions going on
    but dont worry paakhi’s dream will alys be a dream and the scenes wud be wid kalpana and raghav…………just hope for the best in todays epi i just liked how pakiya made fun of manda

  10. I think RagNa’s stroyline will not be ended……i mean not yet it is just begining i think cv is just pulling this stituation

  11. naina201

    Oh God…i really don’t like this show…i don’t know why, At the begginning, it was really ggod and then …i don’t know i think it’s because i hate Pakhi’s character and raghav too….
    I only appreciate Kamla and Vitthal ! A good jodi

    • girijashiva

      now our time to say oh my god! because kamala and Vittal romanance so much irritaing and her lecture to vote and giving sms message number oh! my god ! doubt whether we are watching serial or some political platform .so disgussting.left the young pari this jodi romancing.

  12. AP

    folks, we keep writing all this here but what is the use… the love triangle is getting build solid and i actually feel like kicking the writers !!!! there isn’t a single serial without a love triangle !!! i just don’t get it … are they keeping their head in freezers!!! and i hated the g dream scene – i actually changed the channel!!! i just don’t get it.. Kal could go to Rag house for Paaki but not for herself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • girijashiva

      well said!!!! iam happy and laughing about your comments.i used to say writers keep their head behind their car seat.Actually all Tv channels taken viewers for granted.i dont watch ZEE TV at all but for this show i used run back home..now i dont feel like watching it anymore.if kalpana n Raghav come toghether.

      • AP

        Same her Girija … reaching back home at 7 is a fight in itself… and I have been doing that to reach home atleast by 7:05 to watch this.. anyways not anymore… can take a deep breath and relax and come home peacefully… if required will think of watching at 11:30 but anyways as I said I will take a call on this by Friday’s episode.

  13. This show is getting completely confusing on the direction it is going and it is boring to see all the extra scenes only each day without any excitement. Viewers will definitely decrease for this show if it goes the same way..they better understand it now and correct it.

  14. mytwobitsworth

    EMA is the only show I have followed regularly, that too after RagNa happened. Someone mentioned Pavitra Rishta and I read up the story line. Its almost incestuous…ewww…The current track also is such a creepy triagle .Then again there is Qubool Hai, brother marrying and another brother’s lover…double ewww…Zee serials seems to run only in that line. So before I start hating Raghav, and to protect myself from a huge disappointment, I have decided to quit watching. The serial leaves me frustrated, and I don’t want to waste my evenings..

  15. ashranna

    i think kalpi will find out that paki had breakfast with raghav and she will back down…..his plan will backfire…and i think writers dont really know how to progress with a show…….again so much to build on but they decide on a triangle….triangles are boring…..and almost predictable…

  16. anshu

    i also changed the at that time
    But i think in hindi we say insaan jitna hawa mein udta hai utni hi zor se niche gita hai ie more the person try to fly high away from real world more badly will hurt herself/himself on faving reality….. and i think this will happen wid paakhi…. Raghav doesnt knw dat she likes him till now he is behaving wid her normally but she is misinterpreting the things… If raghav comes to knw dat she thinks he likes him he will tell him clearly dat he doesnt love her but as we know dis is an indian daily soap which cannot proceed its story widout complication

  17. AP

    Folks suggesting you to watch Beinthehaa on Colors…. no creepy trainagles.. a very level headed hero and a smart heorine… i love the practicality and logical thinking of the character… the serials has vamps but the good ones are always a step ahead which actually leaves a good feeling !!!

    • AP

      chocopie.. if it was in zee- even if they are married .. they will bring up all sorts of plot and vamps will ensure that Zian and alliya get divorced in sometime for the silliest reason .. then they will marry somebody else while they still love each other and again divorce and marry each other again… ROFL.. think of the audacity of the plot …Hence I normally don’t see it but EMA I accidently saw once and got hooked because it was quite straight, clean and sensible to a great extend at that point… alas that too is going to bins….

  18. Come on guys,it is great so far,kalpi will realise that she love raghav now.wow hat off to the the writers.but I hope no one come between kalpi n raghav ok.I think sammy will backstab raghav,it look likes sammy like kalpi too.plz don’t do that.

  19. TriniD!v@

    I agree with you Yasodraama………. That is y he told Raghav not to answer his phone,,,,,,,

  20. anshu

    no i dont think sammy wud backstab raghav not at all in most of the programs hero frnd is more understanding than hero he understands the feelings of both hero & heroine i think sammy will treat kalpi as his sis & i also want dere shud be a new , sweet & nice girl for sammy who wud be just only made for him she shud nt hav her crush on raghav he deserves a true love in his life

  21. TriniD!v@

    Hey….. Just watched today’s episode ….. Why the. F@@@ is pakki touching so damn much……hate it writers……

  22. AP

    Good night not staying awake to see the re-telecast at 11:30 and hopefully not a good bye to this forum.. i guess by friday i think i will make up my mind on whether to dump this serial!!!

  23. Yaar sammy is nt interested in kalpi as a gud frnd he z jst tryin to bring dem close wen u luv smvn n she z nt replyin u mst b distant so dat he/she cid realiz ur luv..d problm is kalpi herself she mist say sorry to raghav..ya she must go his hom n clear al misunderstandings ……atleast she can do it for her luvv..if I wod b der I surely hav don dis…. all d episodes durin dese days r gettin boarin …. same concept of previous episodes..no new track……

  24. Ya beintehaa is quite gud n also rangrasiya same on colours both rr interesting… I actually cant get tim to watch d daily soaps regularly but wenever I see I lik both dese shows at least nt a triangle I hateeeee luv triangles………lik EMA ……..

  25. Bbyeee alll of u gudn8 we don knw each odr bt I regularly read ur comments on EMA….. its gud to b in touch wid u al through dis showww

  26. girijashiva

    yes .beintehaa is nice.serial.and also Rangrasya in colors.other channels Tumhari Pakhi is Life.ok is also good.

  27. Mon

    Pakhi have misunderstanding ki raghav like her ,and this misunderstanding is created by writer
    Bcoz they need some spice in ema ,who is a writer for ema can’t wait for raghana going back home tomorrow

  28. Aman

    I hate yesterday episode….i dont know frnds what is going in the mind of foolish writers…..love triangle love triangle…..soooo stupid writers dont know why they r doing this…its not making show spicy but they r playing wid our feelings…i will stop watching show ..if it continue to be same…..it was very irritating to see paaki nd rags…a very irritating scene…just like pavitra rishta nd other shows….hate u paaki…hate u writers…

  29. girijashiva

    Better we all stop the feed back we dont know whether they -writers and producers n also directors-care about our feed back.why wasting our time and energy just because we like to watch kalpana and Raghav -which wont happen in near future.even those ——- go through our feed back they drag the story – like the way they want -playing with our emotions -SADIST- they are all.better give them a slap on their face by stop watching this serial.we used to watch Pavitra Rishtaa -Ekta kapoor.s but what happend- as since i stopped watching ZEE Tv at all

    • Aman

      ya very true…..i will not waste time in giving feedback….thinking to stop watching this….

  30. Hi there, I must add to this forum
    I’m from S Africa, following this serial very avidly. The acting is superb and I love the Raghav- Kalpana combo. And yes, I hate love triangles too.

    • girijashiva

      welcome!!!!!!!!hope your feed back will show the writers -what we want.you are away from india n watching this serial.

  31. jeninlove

    i cant help but imagine that d writers wil “definitly” marry ragav n pakhi off….so tat kalpi wil b pissed off wit both of dem n SHE “decides 2 take revenge on dem by accomplishing her dream of becoming a successful woman n buying tat building…..”

    After all isnt tat wat d whole concept of EMA show is really about “Little people dreaming and making it BIG”… ???

  32. girijashiva

    AYOOOOOOOOOO! touchwood!!!!Raghav at any cost dont marry Kapoor’s daughter.even a little later he will come to know about his mothers’ plight because of kapoors.how can Raghav marry pakhi ya pookkhi.?if writers do that as say -they will be the one to watch this show.no one will like it.as aready TRP is low.it will be the end .

  33. anshu

    On 1st april epi sum1 askedvto write comments in english telling that s/he doesnt understand hindi then how does s/he watch serial it comes in hindi
    Plz clear this doubt

  34. girijashiva

    it is no way getting closure to our way of thniking that this serail should be.so better off from this serial. Good night and good bye guys..

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