Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is going in Raghav’s room who is waiting for his passport. KAlpi asks her can they go home? Kamla says yes lets go.
Nettu asks kamla to come tomorrow early her friend is coming. she asks her to bring kalpi too, to help her out.
There Raghav s waiting for her. He thinks if kamla doesn’t come he will get it himself.
Kamla, diviyah and kamla leave. Kamla on the way asks kalpi that she just have to study you will become a madam and will never work in nettu’s house.

Scene 2
Nettu is knocking raghav’s door. Paki comes and says that nettu he won’t open he is so rude. Raghav is throwing things away and is crying he asks Nettu to leave him alone. Nettu says ho lout.

Scene 3
Vitthal asks kamla what wrong ?? she asks

who is this mishra? Vitthal says he was such a nice man. I think Raghav should have gone with mishra. Sahil got his custody for money. Kamla tells him all the scene that raghav and mishra asked her to get his passport. She sys what can i do vitthal. Vitthal says that its good to help someone you have to do this to get him out here.

Scene 4
Next morning kamla asks raghva is he done with breakfast? He says her that i know you work here just let me know where is my passport. Nettu calls him from the back. kamla starts pretending like she is asking for food. Nettu asks him why he didn’t open the door? He says i was busy. She gives Kamla a list of things to do. Raghav is listening to all what they are talking.

Scene 5
Kalpi says to kamla that you have a lot of things today. She asks kalpi to study and she will handle all.
Raghav comes in the kitchen she says i am making your favorite bread.

Scene 6
raghav says to kamla that i cant go anywhere without that passport, he leaves, kamla thinks vitthal is right but how i will help raghav, help me god.

Scene 7
paki is making kalpi learn alphabets, paki says some words are silent, kalpi says like raghav, paki says he is arrogant, kalpi says no he is good with me but when i say sorry then he becomes rude, its very difficult to understand whats running in his mind, paki agrees.
Kamla is worried for raghav, nettu ask her to put clothes in almirah, while kamla is going so she finds passport of raghav, she thinks whats its doing here, nettu comes and scold her that its not a book not passport, she takes it from kamla and leaves. Kamla thinks that nettu thought i am stealing then she brushes aside her thought and think she will not do anything wrong. Nettu is worried that what she will wear in night, she is hyper mami ji ask her to be calm then think, nettu sets that she will go to spa first then pick up the suit, nettu says party will be worst if i repeat my dress, she gives the passport to mami ji and says its important so take its care and dont lost it, mami ji thinks where should i place it, she thinks of giving it to kamla but then places it in mandir, raghav comes to kamla and ask if she found it, she ask to believe in god, raghav says who have seen god, kamla says if you are right then god is with you, she ask him to trust god for one time , kamla prays in mandis, raghav thinks what i will go in mandir, ring the bell and ask have you seen my passport? He is irritated. He sees his passport in mandir, he is stunned. He looks at it and then looks at ganpati bappa, he folds his hands and cries in front of bappa and thanks kamla. Kamla thanks bappa.

Precap- raghav says all are in home, sahil is also at home, kamla says there is party today, you have waited for long so wait lil more but be ready .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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