Ek Mutthi Aasman 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Gauri takes out all the pictures and surround herself with them. She sets them on fire. Raghav says please don’t so this mom. Stop it. He breaks the window and jumps in. He saves Gauri and says what were you doing mom ? I go you after such a long time I can’t lose you now.
Kalpi looks at the watch then she recalls her promise with Kamla.

Raghav says to Gauri that okay mom if you want me to take take revenge only then I will do that. Your life matters more than my life and my love. I will forget her and will remember my revenge only. Gauri says i am your mom i understnad you. We have to do this. If you have to make your future life perfect then you have to clear your past. We have to get done with that first. We have suffered a lot. We have been through a lot of pain

after your dad’s death. We will never be able to live in peace until we don’t destroy them. Raghav says if you want that then only this will happen. Don’t ever endanger your life again. Gauri says just for one year. When will be done with our vengeance I will do a pooja for your dad. That will be the biggest day of my life. Don’t distract till then
Raghav thinks what can i do. I don’t wanna lose mom and can’t lose kalpo for another time.

Scene 2
Pakhi is outside. SHe recalls Kamla telling her that this wedding locket is so powerful. She say I will be on her hopes. I will win hearts of Raghav and Gauri. I will show Kamla maa that her upbringing was done well. I will get my Raghav.

Scene 3
Sammy says to Kalpi look its almost 10. You know Raghav he will kill himself if you don’t go. Kalpi is so confused. Pakiya announces that my A baba will dance now. Vitthal says have you gone mad pakiya ? He takes them to the floor. Kalpi is so confused. She is looking at the watch again and again.
Vitthal and Kamla are enjoying the dance on ‘sari k fall’. Sammy says lets go kalpi. You know Raghav loves you so much and he can do anything for you.
Kalpi goes inside. Raghav is in car. He says I have to tell kalpi that she has to wait for 1 hour after that we will be one.
Sammy calls him. Ragahv says I am on the same spot again sammy. I thought i will meet and tell her that I will divorce her. Mom wants me to stay away from kalpi for a year. She doesn’t want me to divorce Pakhi. Mom tried to kill herself. I have to make kalpi agree. How will i meet kalpi and tell her that she has to wait for a whole year. I don’t know what to do. I am on the same place where i have to choose between my mom and kalpi. Sammy says decide something you don’t ahve time. Ragahv says thats the problem with me always.

Kalpi feels her conscience saying that you think about the promise you made to your mom b ut what about the one with Ragahv. He will kill himself if you don’t go to meet him. He will kill himself. Is a vow important than someone’s life. You have to go there. There were times when you could against whole world for Ragahv. You can make her agree. SHe will understand that her promise is not important than someone’s life. You know how stubborn he is. He will kill himself if you don’t go.
KAlpi says but how can i break the promise of my ai. Ragahv betrayed me and broke my trust. She is the one who trusted in me again and gave me new life. I won’t go to meet Raghav.

Scene 4
Pakhi comes home and looks for Raghav. She wonders where he is. SHe goes upstairs and knocks the door of Gauri ? Gauri says what are you here for ? Pakhi says I was looking for Raghav. Its my birthday.. GArui says so what can I do ? Its better that you stay in your limits. We have favored you by letting you live here. No one is interested in your birthday. Go alone and eat your cake. It will be better that you understand taht rest of your life will be like this, Alone and without any sweetness. You should be grateful that you are here and we didn’t throw you out. You would be in that chowl with your parents.
Pakhi goes running to mummy ji. SHe is crying so hard. Muumy asks whats wrong pakhi ? Pakhi says Ragahv has not accepted me dadi but i won’t give up. My fight is difficult but not impossible. I wished that i could marry Raghav and now i want Raghav to accept me as his wife. I know its not a piece of cake. I will wait till teh last day. I know Raghav and Gauri aunty will accept me. Mummy ji says this wedlock is so powerful. No one can take Ragahv from you. Pakhi hugs mummy ji.

Scene 5
Ragahv recahes the clif near the temple.
There is the chowl, Pakiya says we have a new performance here. Some dancers come and dance on the song ‘lungi dance’ Everyone is enjoying except for kalpi. She is so tensed. Someone goes and switches off the main switch of the chowl. Its dark everywhere. Kalpi says forgive me God I am breaking the promise i made to my mo but i can’t let Ragahv kill himself.

Precap- Kalpi goes to the temple and looks for Ragahv everywhere she can’t find him. She says you betrayed me again Raghav you didn’t come. I broke Ai’s promise to save but look you even didn’t bother to come.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Leila

    Both gauri n kamla ma are selfish….dnt u want the happiness of ur children??its not always about u…kalpi nids to meet raghav..styms promises are meant to b brken..

  2. Leila

    Oh lord.no!!Raghav dnt u dare brk our kalpis heart again…we wud hate u for dat…ur mum doesnt care..ol shes after is revenge…selfish mother…u all are on the same track wit kamla

  3. Pakhi u r mad!
    U know raghav loves kalpi(sister) and u want to.win raghav’s heart ?
    Stupid u hurting kalpi do uunderstand

  4. neen

    Again raghav hurt kalpi…i hate u raghav.u hav no rite to hurt kalpi for ur blo*dy hell revenge.

  5. Avee

    One year???is gauri stupid??uhmm im sure dat during dat one yr either gauri or Raghav will develop feelings for her…oh God!!i hate d writerssss

  6. geeta

    I sure raghav is there some where in the temple she probably just did not look well enough but he will find her I have hope

  7. EMA’s tvt….trp is nt less than 3 bt other zee shows hv high trp than EMA xpt PR…….tht’s y EMA s 2nd lowst trp in zee…

  8. suzieb

    Gauri n raghuv shouldve go to meet Kalpli n explain everything to her, she needs closure on why this has happened..kamla n paaki are desperate n they want raghuv badly..hooray writers we know the kapoors isn’t going to suffer that raghuv will end up falling for paaki again you all are constantly showing that evil rules, which was never suppose to be..in the end the kapoor’s are still going to get away with all their evil deeds because paaki will remain raghuv’s wife n that’s what they wanted badly all along..kalpi should marry sammy and live happily n let kamla neetu raghuv n paaki live happy and end this show

  9. Rihanna

    I don’t understand Raghav at all…. How many times will he breal Kalpi’s heart? 🙁

  10. m sure sammy ne he metre trp kiya hoga…..well aagye jo hoga i don’t care……jitna bura hona tha hochuka ab isse zayada bura kya hoga…….only wish trp further fel down & v shld teach them a lesson…….

  11. i hope to see that raghav is at the temple.ang raghav have to make kalpi undesrstand about his feelings.kalpi pls understand raghav love and his feelings.raghav is always only for u.

  12. Melissa

    OK REALLY KAMLA AI NEEDS TO STAY OUT OFF EVERYONE S LIFE SHE IS SO SELF FISH all she thinks about is that stupid paki!!!! For once think about your daughter. Really the writers of this show are really mesing up the story line we need new writers for the show. It is obvious tha Ragav and Kalpi belong together. Change the story before u start losing you fans from watching this show!!!!!!!!!

    • mayashetty


  13. irene

    Pakhi is in her dreamland again.Why did Pakhi tell Kalpi yesterday that she didn’t know Raghav loves her and now she wants Raghav for herself.

  14. maureen

    I don’t know why saile and neetu diidnt kill gauri she wicked n kamala not far is only promises they want they children to make for them let them live their lives

  15. I love pooki from the begining til now raghav first met with pooki and made her fall in love with him kalpi was the one who came in between and she never knew kalpi and raghav ‘s relationship so why are u puting blame on pooki

    • kanie

      lol, I had to answer this because you are so wrong. if you haven’t nottice when younger raghav was talking to older raghav he explained his feelings towards kalpi. and when they were younger he was always nicer to her and gave her his dad pen that was special to him.

      paki that time hated raghav, so her love for older raghav became from crushing on him to obsess. its not really love. sure his plan at first was to make paki fall for him, but that didn’t mean he was going to fall for her because kalpi had always been in his heart. and kalpi never interfere between their relationship that was never their. he was the one that gave her these challenges and focu hi attention on kalpi.

      his love for her is genuine, it has always been. he never lead paki on or show any signs that he wants to marry her. she was just being a spoiled brat and a dumbass like kamla. lastly, she did know that something was going on when he caught kalpi hugging raghav in the office, but she didn’t want to acknowledge it. she didn’t think that a smart girl like kalpi could get a rich guy like raghav. and when she did find out about it, she did not divorce him instead wants to make the marriage work for her benefit. she’s a spoiled, selfish, dumb rich girl. he doesn’t care about raghav feelings or kalpi who he consider a sister.

      she is definitely kamla daughter. If they didn’t show neetu giving birth to paki, i would have though she was kamla daughter.

  16. girijashiva


  17. jasmine

    These two mothers need to back of….This show is pissing me of now. How long will kalpi and raghav have to suffer. Gauri is all about revenge but can’t see that her son is suffering from all this. Let him divorce paaki and get back with kalpi better chemistry with those 2. ..

  18. lin

    Raghav is not worth of Kalpi’s love. Let him stay with Pooki. I hope Kalpi loves Sammy n only then Raghav will be jealous n it’s too late for him to regret 4 listening 2 his mum and their burning revenge which has ruined Kalpi’s love for him. Raghav had not confessed his love for Pooki so how can you say that Kalpi has come in between Pooki. I love you Kalpi

  19. ashranna

    well the writers and producers will now pay a high price for raki….we always wanted ragna….havent these two heard about elope….come one…they to goody goody…..as for paki she deserves more heart ache she knows raghav loves kalpi and still want this loveless marriage to work…..it means she was never sorry that she married raghav so i have no problem in her suffering……because she has a choice…and that is to get out of that relationship

    • mytwobitsworth

      By the looks of it,after tomorrow Raakhi track is going to gain steam and Raghav will fall for the “sweet loving Phthooey”..That’s what the build up is all about. They have no intention of bringing Ragna back. One there seems no easy way and two if Ragna gets back all others go to oblivion…So I have given up the last shred of hope.
      Kalpi has no right to get the love of her life, she should only become memsaab…Phthooey will cry and cry and melt Raghavs confused stupid brain…Lets see… Raghav suffers some accident tomorrow and the dutiful wife will nurse him back to health and they will live happily ever after…????

    • mytwobitsworth

      Be prepared for that too..and [email protected] will nurse him back to health. That gives a reason for already dumb and pathetic Raghav to fall totally in love with her and for our Kalpi to plan revenge with maybe Prem??? and this will give rise to the first pentgonal love story ..Sammy –[email protected]—Raghav—Kalpana___Prem (read Prem to Kalpana)

  20. Mon

    Hello ap Girija ji anshu choco dd and other tu frnds
    Forget about raghna
    Pahele sirf dumbo dumla raghna khilaf thi yesterday se gauri or aaj dadi bhi bolne lagi paji ke lie to Samaj jao ki no more raghna

  21. Love is not about first meeting Love is the true feelings n conection of two hearts n that’s how raghav n kalpi feel about each other so mr Raghav Singhania shoud listen tohis heart n not his blackmailing mother because there is no third chances

  22. AP

    Folks PLS don’t watch EMA on TV at 7… there is no RAGNA .. more horrible RAAKHI things coming… we need to get the TRP below 1.. cooperate guys… IF NO EMA>.., we should get the show closed down

    • mytwobitsworth

      Look at the way the cast and crew are insulting and mocking viewers on twitter…I really don’t care any more about tracks and story… Guys lets get back our respect. Do not watch EMA… Its actually good for your health too.

  23. Mon

    Just like I said before I m not watching ema on tv
    Me Online ema dekhati hu raghav kalpi ko dekhne ke lie agar woh Dono nahi hote to me fast forward karti hu
    I hate everyone else in ema
    Just love raghna

  24. gd morning every1…AP anshu girija ek dd mayaji…hi mon read ur tweet………thank u MAYAJI it has been many dayz actually long tym i wz confused……thank u so much..,……..

  25. To

    I’ve started watching the show only due to the tract with sapna suhane but fell in love with raghav and kalpi. I strongly believe the writers need to fix the mess they have created. They need both kamla and Gauri to come to the realization that raghav and kalpi belong together Shouldn’t have to sacrifice their love in order for them to achieve their selfish deeds. Revenge can be handled by handing over both Neetu and sahil to the police and divorcing Paaki. How can Paaki be so selfish to remain in the marriage knowing that Raghav heart belongs to another and Kalpi still longs to be with him.

  26. ek

    hi mon chocopie dd ap anshu an all tu frns gudmorning frns pd is perfect in creating worse things dekhna for sure jabki ab sab raghna ke against vo dono ko illegal tarike se saath rakhegi may be josh mai aakar raghav will put sindoor in kalpis wife bcs they are meeting in mandir an then everybody will say that kalpi is illegal wife of raghav an may viewers start to hate them an all and start loving pakhi ( it is my imagination as per pds past concept) yaar pd knows how we like the duo so may be…………………………………………

  27. ek

    so tell me chocopie like when login my twitter account i get many news related to people i am following but how can i see the news of particular person for example if i want to see your tweets or some of my frns than how can i

  28. firstly ek u r nt the single 1 who r nt active there or hv any problem there whn i wz there firstly i also don’t knw hw to deal it…….well (@) this mention tab u cn c there those tweets which ur frndz or any1 send u……(#) ths is discover means u cn find there any1 whom u want to follow……..if u need any type of help plz tel me

  29. at ‘home’ tab u cn also c all tweets whom u r following…..or not following…..sry cn’t show u home tab symbol it luks lyk a home…..

  30. Ad

    sab k sab serial dekhne wale pagal log hai……sadeli serials k liye sab apna l future barbad kr rahe hai….1/2 hour k serial dekhte hai baki k 23hours next episode me kya hoga ye sochne me lagate hai……..2 or 3 saal me ye serials band ho jate hai tab tak ye idiots apni life aur career ka imp time waste kr chuke hote hai….stop watching these pakao boring serials

  31. dumb serial

    @Ad… i didn’t understand half of what u said..(sorry dts my problem)…. but half of what i understood totally means that u are too refraining the indians from watchin stupid serials and wasting time… i heartily thank u bro… for i have been too trying my best to save my indians from all this crap!! thanks!!

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