Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Sahil is asking someone on phone that can he control Raghav’s property even when he is gone. Raghav comes in she goes to him and says where were you? Sahil says where were you ? You know i was so scared.
Raghav says why ? You don’t even remember the death anniversary of your brother like friend? He says i met Kamla and her husband there. Nettu sys we were getting ready to be there. Sahil was looking up for you. Sahil says yes we do a lot of donations this day. Nettu tries to touch him he says that i am fine and leaves.
Nettu says to kamla you are always ready to be great. I tell you if you are playing some games with raghav or trying to get his money i will not leave you. Kamla says i go there every year. Nettu says so you couldn’t remind


Scene 2
Pakiya is playing cricket when he sees Manda on her balcony. He hits the ball there and break her pot. She shouts. Pakiya asks his mate to get another ball.

Scene 3
Sahil and nettu go to mummy ji and tell her that raghav has come home.
Paki hugs kamla and says i missed you a lot i did all i you wrote in the letter. She asks where were you raghav, he is quiet. Sahil says to Nettu to start a drive donation drive for singhaniya. Raghav leaves. Nettu says that he has gone stop this drama. he over hears this.

Scene 4
Manda starts fighting with pakiya and asks for her money. He gives her fake money. Manda says look at your mom who is working in the house of Sahil and goes every year to singhaniya’s house. pakiya says that you are not even like slipper of my mom.

Scene 5
Raghav gives his phone to kamla. Its Mishra on phone. He syas to her that he is not comfortable there with sahil kapoor. I promised to nurture raghav. I need your help to get raghav out of there. Sahil have his password you have to get it and make him reach airport. He disconnects the call. Raghav sasy you yhave to help me kamla bai. Kamla says why would you go. Sahil sir considers you a lot.If nettu didn’t want then sahil won’t have asked you to stay here. Raghav says that sahil and nettu kapoor are just interested in my property. Kamla says he has a lot of money. Raghav says that i have to go from here i wanna be like my dad. Kamla says why will court give your custody to sahil. Raghav says that i wanna go away from this city. It just have the memories of my. Just give me my passport just why would he keep my passport , he fears. Please get me my passport. kamla says i will contemplate but just promise me that you won’t do anything without telling me. She leaves.

Paki comes in and saysa that you teach evveryone now teach me how to play monopoly. He says i am not in mood to play go out now.
Paki comes out and nags in front of that why is raghav so rude. You told me that kids should not lock their rooms. Kamla says that he is not a kid.Go and play in your room i will make peanut sauce for you.

Scene 6
Netu sees paki playing on her phone. She asks are you done with your homework? Nettu thinks that kalpi is always crying she thinks she will be a madam by this. She asks kalpi o bring the magazine. Diviyah says no i will big it. Nettu asks what is your favorite color paki? Kamla says that orange is her favorite color. She asks kalpi the dresses from magzine. Diviyah says that i will do this.

Scene 7
Nettu tells her friend that she is taking care of three children. Singhaniya was business partner of sahil so he has taken custody of his son. Kamla is listening to her. Nettu says that he is so rude. I am just tolereating because of his property. He has a lot of property in this city. Kamla thinks that she is so selfish raghhav was right about this.

Precap- Raghav is crying in his room. He says that kamla bai you have to get me my passport anyhow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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