Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 28th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla opens the door and asks Pakhi what is she doing at thata time ? pakhi turns aside its the lady here. She says I found her in the ways she has no home. She doesn’t remember anything. Kamla makes her sit and asks do you need something. She says thabk God you are fine. Pakhi asks do you know her ? She says yes its old I will tell you later. Kamla asks Kalpi to call Raghav and ask him to cancel the report. Raghav is sleeping, the phone rings. He sees Kalpana’s name. He says Hi Kalpana I can’t sleep as well. Kamla has taken the phone fro, kalpi. She asks why can’t you sleep ? Because of tai ? Pakhi found her. Please cancel the complain. Kamla asks Pakho to go back home. SHe says can I sleep here ? Kamla says Nettu madam will be worried. SHe thinks Nettu doesn’t

have time for me.

Scene 2
Next morning tai sees Kamla filling her hairline with sindur. She does the same. She says Kamla I am not used to of bathing with cold water. She asks Vitthal to bring one english newspaper. Door knocks its the same cop there who fired the report. He begs Kamla to stop Raghav from getting him fired. He has complained about him. Kalpi is leaving. Kamla says why are you leaving ? She goes to Raghav’s cabin. He says I have got him suspended. Are you happy now ? She says whats his families fault ? You are wrong once again. He says he was rude to you. Do you think I am wrong ? Kalpi says how will he feed his family ? Raghav says what he did to you and your mom still you are favoring him ? SHe says I have problem with this system not with that man. Raghav says what you want Kalpana ? Everything I do annoys you ? What should I do ? You get me closer to colors and then make my life colorless. How can I make you believe that I care about you ? I love you. Kalpi says this is theing that we are so different that you never understand me. He says what that rich people don’t have right to love. I have earned this all with my hardwor. You do it to for money. Who are you to classify when God doesn’t classify us ? The same air that blows in your chowl is the same that blows in my house. We have a heart too. Kalpi says I didn’t mean this. He says I get what you mean. He calls someone and says please take the suspension orders back and give him a box of sweets. Ask for his pardon from my sid.e Otherwise I will be labelled as the heartless person. He says are you happy now ? Or should I go and touch his feet or give him a medal for his behavior ? Go to your work. She goes out, Raghav is angry at peon for not giving his coffee.
Kalpi is working. Kamla calls her, she says he is still here and he is hungry. Kalpi says it was his fault why are you so generous? Kamla says what are you talking about ? Kamla says he has a wife and children too. She says you are someone’s wife too and I am someone’s child. His complaint has been canceled. He thanks Kamla and says your daughter is my daughter from now and you are my sister. Pakiya comes up and says i told you keeping her here is not safe. pakiya takes them down. Tai is angry at people for washing the clothes in that way. She says they dry their clothes anywhere. Cops fine them in foreign if they do this. They were dripping on me so I threw them on the ground. Manda is really angry and so is tai.

PRECAP-Pakhi asks Raghav to check a file. He asks where is Kalpana ? Sammy says she left for home she wasn’t feeling well. Raghav says whom did she inform ? Pakhi says this file. He says I will check it later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I want Pakhi and Pakiya to land up together soo I can watch neetu burn :))

    1. yes .i also want to see them together to give sleepless nights to neetu n kapoors.

  2. Always keep caring for kalpi….and ignore paki. Kamala don’t do so much social service just see only about u & ur family. Kalpi pls understand love of raghav for u only. Paki don’t interfere in raghav & kalpi’s love story

    1. Kamala character shows how a mother should not be.no mother in this world will b like her neglecting her own daughter n caring n loving pakhi.

  3. Pakhi puts her nose every where I don’t like her at all she too much of a spoilt brat. Kalpi will hopefully open her heart to raghav I hope

  4. I really hate that long face b*t*h they call PAKHI………………….

    1. PHAKHI,S- her stubborns n too much interfering nature ,calling kamala in odd hrs for her selfish attitude -dint even bother what they rgoing through.Raghave gave nice n stubborn reply to kalpana -i am very happy.ASHISH CHOUDRY AS RAGHVA LIVE HIS ROLE. AND ALSO RACHANA AS KALPANA. ASHISH IS VERY GOOD ACTOR.WE LOVE YOU ASHISH N KALPANA

      1. Really he is the first television male actor that has made sooo much impressive image in my and I think our heart…love u rag …sooo nice acting…..world class acting nd I think this role as.raghav is suiting on him sooo beutifully…nd love u Rachna urf kalpi too….nice acting …lovely look and sweet voice……

      2. you can watch Ashish facebook account witht the following link:

    2. mytwobitsworth

      😀 my apologies to the actress who plays Paakhi. But the moment she comes on screen and opens her mouth ughhhhhh..

  5. Soo nice acting by raghav …..what a response very writely told by him…cant see him in soo much anger and depressed..but well done rags I am happy wid hos answer…kalpi has to understand ..the love..how much he love her…plzzz kalpana accept ur love I cant see my fav rags in soo bad situation…

  6. i actually loved raghav today………..as for kalpi she is to immature………for the last episode it was not the system it has always been the people who work in the system…………no government in any part of the world discriminate by wealth religion class colour ect that was done and over since mandela so kalpi u have it wrong it was the individual who treated u badly not the system……..so wake up and smell the coffee….as for kamla he is a police officer what i she doing with his pay cheque and why kalpi has to leave to attend to him….kamla is out of place to get kalpi involve……….but i love raghav today………….he still loves her….he is just upset….

    1. mytwobitsworth

      Right on…and Kalpi is immature, but fresh full of trust and enthusiasm.Emotionally stable and level headed usually..A breath of fresh air for Raghav.
      As against Raghav who is experienced, but world weary and cynical. Confident and aggressive. He will provide the emotional stability Kalpi needs. Someone who sticks with her no matter what..yin and yang..

    2. friends! do you all watch in this serial! they show so much love n intimate scenes between kamala bai and Vittal.which is more disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. ya very time taking nd boring it should be 4 ragna……….

    3. good to see him angry with kalpana, atelat she feel what he want to convey.hope kalpana understnd his love for her and accept him.

  7. Kalpi is like walking forward with her back facing the front. She always miss out on what’s in front of her. Kalpi love Raghav he loves you and you missing him

  8. Plzz dont make love triangle wid paaki…i think instead she should help them to come together….and plzzz writers I think sammy is gud 4 paaki,bcz till now his love is not revealed soo think he should tell the truth of kalpi …nd rag to puki….plzzz dont come in btw them …i want to see ragna defeating kapoor in business aspect it will be interesting to see ….ragna should take revenge of their past…

  9. I love act sooo much I see this show bcz of rags nd kalpi..i know kalpna has misunderstanding but soon she will feel her behavior towards rags..he played holy omly bcz of her love nd now again she is talking of differences but very gud answer given by him..keep it up rags nd also keep loving kalpna..bechari bacchi hai..soon she will understand….nd again nd again plzzzz writers dont make love triangle unless most of people will stop watching this show….

  10. So true raghav’s words… hope kalpi gets some sense atleast now.Hope she accpet Raghav’s love whole hearted and they come together.. Pls writers…pls pls don’t separate Rag and Kalpi and pls get them together fast…

  11. stop this love tringle writters. I think paki is perfect either sammay or pakiya so writters choose any1 of them and settle paki


      1. Ya ryt..very true..my feeling also same 4 paaki..

  12. i like raghav gave such faceoff to kalpi? what thinks herself.always contraction in her dialoques but today gave piece of mind to kalpi.his anger wil give kalpi sleepless night.hope Raghav dont neglect kalpana because of her attitude.if ever in real life in this kind of situation he will leave her n go.

    1. I don’t think so…if you really love you would persist especially when you know about the other person’s insecurities..i do agree kalpi is contradicting her self !!

  13. Plz writer let them be together fast fast.it must be only raghav and kalpi,love u guys.

  14. mytwobitsworth

    I liked todays episode..fr many reasons.
    Raghav was brilliant. He is beginning to sound convincing. He was upset and angry with Kalpi..But he did not give up. That’s a cute mian biwi jhagdaa..we are outsiders. lets not judge. 🙂 they will make up. And this is the only way to take story forward.

    Next he cancelled the suspension to please Kalpi. He wold do anything for her approval…Loooved it. Soon Kalpi will/should feel the love. I like the direction the serial is taking. And yes…No triangle please.

    1. when we say we are insiders?i think we all forget that it is a serial but for the actors like Ashish and Rachana lives in their role which made us forget that .one more story.actually this serial distrub me n my husband so much gives sleepless nights.till we see them togheter.

  15. yeah, i am quite sure the lady is raghav’s mom..
    and yeah something shuld happen and pakhi should help kalpi and raghav

  16. Raghav n kalpana…..eager to see u together….awesome jodi….luv u two….

  17. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    hav 2 wait 2 days 4m nw 2 c next episode…..wen o wen will zee decide 2 start showin der shows on saturdays also????
    🙁 🙁 🙁
    overal d episode was gud…at least d scenes of ragav arguin wt kalpi… (sigh)…. hate havin 2 wait til monday
    🙁 🙁
    n yes i hop dy dnt proceed wt d triangle lov story…pleas dear writers change pakis feelings 4 ragav as a gud friend who helps ragna unite 4ever…prettty plesssssssssss

    1. sigh…soo boriiiiiiinnnnggggg……not getin 2 c “ragna” moments….. sigh…hv 2 wait til monday……..sigh….

  18. if they dont do that who is going to watch this serial???????????no one.atleast we are here because of kalpana n Raghav.otherwise there are more channels to watch .no monopoly will do here if the ZEE TV thinks that they can fool us .ifyou remember -2 years ago in star plus -ISS Pyar kaa kya naam doon- it stopped in mid way now it again started – same name with different cast and story.LIFE OK-DO Dil EK Jaan which started with different story ended within 7 months.hope this wont happen for this serial .ZEE TV CREATIVE WRITERS TEAM EXHAUSTED IT SEEMS.OR THEY KEEP THEIR BRAIN IN THE BACK SEAT OF THE CAR.

  19. Loved this episode. Time to get Rags & Kalpi together so they can destroy the Kapoors

    1. Exactly… Hope the writers won’t delay kalpi accepting raghav any further! Hope they will not disappoint us now! But if you look at the pattern so far-they give us a rocking episode on Friday, take our hopes sky high and then dash it on Monday with some horrible twist – just like last week. That is my worry:(

  20. i’m really in luv wth Ragav n kalpana.no1 can potray rags charecter other than Ashish

  21. omg he’s attitude me toh pagal hi hogae kal ka epi dekhke n o pakhi hamesa drool karti rhetehe rags ko koe esko kisi office ki kisi room me baand kardo……..

  22. pls writers make kalpi and raghav together and forever we are waiting to see their jodi..

  23. Making myself ready for the twist and disappointment on Monday sigh!!! as per telebuzz paaki gets in danger from sahil kapoor during his effort to kill Tai!!! Gosh !!! what a pain and standard masala …feels very disappointed .. i believe writers are hell bend on bringing Paaki between Raghav and Kalpi 🙁 🙁

    1. hopfully dey make d scenes of monday episod intresting (rolling eyes)

  24. waiting for that happen!!!! fingers crossed!!!!!!1

  25. Very well said guys. I woukd very much like to see parki and pakya get marry, just so to make neetu fealize it is not good to undestimate anyone. Inalso want neetu to realize that everyone is one regardless of status.

    1. Pakiya is shown as buddhu and irresponsible… may be they can change that a bit !!!

  26. I hope upcoming episodes will be interesting and want to see ragna together and no love triangle….unless it will not take mu,h time to flop like most other sbows of zee tv and star plus….they r making sooo boring episode..i have stopped wTching …i o.ly see this show bcz I,hope it will be interesting to see ragna nd pakiya paaki….nd steps of ragna to,take revenge frm kapoors its too much frm kapoor side …its ragna turn…

  27. Plzz dont want to see much romance of kamla nd vitthal…..had kar di hai….i am of bored of kamla praised by vitthal soo often ….its frm much longer times…its rurn of ragna……

  28. i started a facebook page in the name of Ragna-Ek mutthi aasman.i dont know whether i can do it or not but just want to convey our messeges through facebook.can anyone tell me can i do it without any trouble?

    1. I think there is no problem….many of people do the same….

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