Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says to Kalpi please give me a chnace to talk. I know what happened today did hurt you but don’t blame me. You say there are two types of people. Everyone is different, so am I. So will be the world of our love and it will have nothing to do with rest of the world. Look into my eyes don’t you see my love and respect you. Love doesn’t care about world. Whats my fault if I am Raghav and I live in a banglow and you live in a chowl. Does these things change the thoughts ? Kalpi says yes they do sir. You don’t know that a daughter who is pride of her mom what happens to her when her mom is insulted in front of her. The cop said I have a lot of warmth in me, should I end this. You came and it was all like magic. Suddenly we got respect. Why ? When the differences

can cahnge his thoughts then why can’t ours. Love is just a dream. World speaks and listen on the power of money and I don’t have it. We are so different nothing can bridge it. Please leave me alone. I will solve my problems. Thanks for what you did. She turns on the other side. Raghav comes closer to her and says this maybe truth that I haven’t suffered like you but your pain hurts me more. There is a bridge that transfers all the pain and happiness. I wish you could understand me. He leaves the chowl and Kapi turns towards home.
pakiya asks is everything okay ? Kalpi nods.

Scene 2
Doctor dresses the lady’s bruise. SHe says she is okayy now. Pakhi asks do you remember any number or address. She says no. Pakhi asks where are you going / She says where can I ? Where will you take me. Pakhi says there is a place.

scene 3
Pakiya comes up and asks kamla is she okay ? SHe says yeah but we have to find the layd and the people who attacked her. Pakiya says you never take care of your self. Kalpi says yeha I wonder why they wanna kill her. Tell me how you know her? Kamla says its about 20 years ago. We were in mandir and saw a lady chased by some thugs. They wanted to kill her.
When we came closer she holded Kamla’s hand. Kamla says I held it forever. She seems to be from a well off family. No one knows where she belongs to. SHe has lost her memory. Vitthal says I didn’t want Kamla to take care of her. Then we sent her to a institution. They sent her out two weeks ago that’s why I too her here. Kalpi says what will happen if someone will kill her now.

Scene 4
Pakhi stops her car and the lady rests in it. Sahil calls someone and says I want her dead body. Nettu says what will we do now. Sahil says its because of you. SHe says i told you about her. Pakhi enters the house. Nettu says you are angry at me. Mummy ji says don’t know whya re they fighting since morning. Pakhi says I will check it out. Sahil is about to slap nettu. SHe says this was left. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have told you about her. Sahil goes out but Pakhi hides behind the door. Pakhi wonders how will they help her. I shouldn’t keep her here. Mummy ji stops Pakhi and asks where are you going ? SHe says I am coming in a few minutes.
Sahil goes in his car. The driver stops the car. Sahil comes out and goes towards Pakhi. He asks where are you going ? SHe says to meet a friend.

Scene 5
Raghav recalls what Kapi said to him. He is drinking. He says she is nt inderstanding me. What should I do that makes her think that I care about her. Kalpi is also recalling raghav’s words. Door knocks Pakhi is there. Kamla asks what are you doing here. She turns aside and the lady is there. Kamla smiles.

PRECAP- A man comes at kamla’s home. He is the same cop. He says i am so sorry I didn’t know that you were supported by such a man. Please ask him not to get me fired.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate what kalpi is doing to raghav…he should just leave her n go ahead n date pakhi…

    1. no raghav must not liv kalpi n must not date pakhi….insted of dat he must giv some tym to kalpi n mst try to gt more closer n more loveabl person to kalpi …
      so dat she can easily get to knw dat they both r fr each othr….

  2. Kalpi will sorry….. Her tears won’t be enough for Raghav ……. That’s when he starts dating Miss Koopoor

    1. The main intention of this serial going wary away from the -what they want to convey-that maid servants children also have rights to dream big.till a week back everything went well,dialogues are also good.but once the love bloosom between Kalpana and Raghav even though she love him but not express her love for him-serail going the way as all other serails away from the messege what they want to tell.they showed Kalpana always go and stand infront of kapoor’s building dreaming one day she will provide a home in that building for her mother.in otherway she dont want to come out from her chawl. .even if she fullfil her mother’s dream and become a head of a company she want to stay in chawl ??????????????or she wont enjoy the the benifits as happening in real life

  3. why kalpi is hurting raghav… ? i hate kalpi .. raghav’s acting is soooooooo superb

  4. I think raghav should keep loving her….veryy soon she will understand the importance of him in her life….but rags taking a wrong decision by using police man..let see what happens…..but plzz dont apply old funda by taking ur attention to paaki…its indicate how fragile is his love…..i am sure she will accept him soonand fall deeply in his love…

  5. when u dont know wht is love ? better do not comment & it is part love.

    1. too much is too bad!!!!!!!! kalpana’s stubbroness

  6. Oh but really cant see raghav soo sad….really he is very gud actor ….i am impressed wid him he acts soo smoothly…i can understand kalpi situation ..she is in lobe wid him but scared of this world….but plzz let give her some time to understand raghav importance nd not be to hurry…i know der se aaye per durust aaye ..should be something like this and there should be no place of fear of anything in their love…neither kapoor nor his family ..soo I hope she will be right and confident of her decision……

  7. Really dont know anymore where this serial is heading..if Kalpi keeps hiding/denying her feelings for Raghav.
    Afterall Raghav is also human being, he can only have so much patience to handle/convince Kalpi.. if kalpi does not mend her ways she will be at a utter loss that she possibly cannot fulfill in her life..

    1. Same thoughts here ….. not sure where writers are taking this!!! why sre they changing what they showed kalpi initially as -confident go getter !!! Really really wish writers bring Raghav and Kalpi together and that too soon … if they extent it like a rubber band .. the show will lose its charm !!!!

  8. the one who hate kalpi r proudy .raghav just lovs kalpi it is pakiz cnfuzn that raghv lvz her.how can u ppl say kalpi bad plzz watch the show carefully

    1. rght sara kalpi s nt wrng but she is disturbd by dis wrld n soon she ill cm to knw d imprtnc og raghv in her life

  9. Kalpi do something and accept raghav love plz,everything about the story rite now is boring.we the viewers need u and raghav as a couple to spice up the show a little.forget about people like rag said ok.writer plz,I no u can do much better.

    1. They are not seeing this forum nor going to hear us !!:(

  10. Wow……… Apart from Raghav, and Kalpi….. I’m seeing a closeness coming between The LADY and Ms Kapoor…… So viewers BEWARE……. Raghav mom is going to accept Ms Kapoor as her Bahu……”……… God forbid….

  11. wel…1 gud thing hapend in 2dys episode…n tat was paki’s decision 2 tak d mystery lady 2 kamlas hous…

    bt sadly…………jst wen romance was abt 2 bloom btw ragav n kalpi….”splash!!!!!!!”…d writers spoiled it wt d scene of d policeman insultin kalpi n kamlas bakgrd status….. wich was enough 4 kalpi 2 b reminded of y she cant pursue her relationship wt ragav………othrwys v wud hav a chance again 2 c a nyc romance scene of ragav n kalpi on a date 🙁

    bad writers.bad writers…hrrruummphh!!!!

  12. I think we should post our comment at indiaforum ek mutthi aasmaan..i hope our message may reach to the writer..everyone is bored nd writet is trying to drag there love story nd we know she loves rags then I dont understand they are unnecessarily dragging again the same thing……soo plzz frnds try…

  13. we can give the feed back hereitself and also in facebook

    1. Did our reply is read by writer or update moderator play some role…!!i dont know…facebook of ema is just static nobody is moderator then..no posts done by ema..just dissappointing then how we came to know….

  14. Oh god wat kalpi problem now raghav did so much for her he love her so much an still she being a hard to get

  15. Are you all from India…” If yes…… I’m happy to reading the comments cause I’m from the island of hot hot sun……

    1. singapore rite

  16. I really hope kalpi go and shout at raghav in the next episode for making the hawaldar pay coz he come and tell kalpi pls spare me… I did not think you had the backing of such a big man! That would be so lame and typical of hindi serial! I so wish the writers do something different alas i know i can’t expect anything better from them! 🙁

    1. I meabt kalpi don’t shout at raghav

  17. I am getting disappointed with the way the drama is going, what are they trying to say, that the rich should always get what they want, money and love while the poor should continue to be poor,i don’t understand this drama anymore.

  18. Folks.. i really hope the writers don’t screw up this show as well..with all the normal masala…pls keep raghav and Kalp together… you could even show the positive side of Paaki -she giving up on raghav on finding Raghav and Kalpi loves each other and work on getting Rag/Kal together – highlighting rich girls with a good upbringing can stand above selfishness and can think beyond themselves!- in fact that can be the high point of this serial … crowing glory for Kamala’s efforts !!! Hope to See Ragv/Kal together

    1. ditto here…. it wud b really nyc 2 c paki as a sensible gal n a gud frnd 2 bth kalpi n ragav n does her best 2 bring dem 2gthr…

  19. yes i also love Raghav. he is so good full of true love emotiona and good guy. i also wish to see Raghav and kalpi together but i think due to circumstances Raghav and Pakhi will tie together and Kalpi with shammy and things will go as we see in serial…but i wish kapli and Raghav will be together with love.

    1. If the creative team behind EMA has a little bit of brains (zoda sa bi akal hai tho) – they would not take this serial throught typical., boring ,irritating paath you have just mentioned in your comment dd!!! Hope they don’t do that :(… and i really don’t want Rag/ Kalpi to be separated like all other serials where the main protagonist are never brought together and even if they do- writers will find someway to split them again !! sigh!!

      1. lets wait n watch..of cours d day d writers decide 2 marry paki n ragav off 4 gud…tats gudby 4m me 2 dis serial…. cos im oly watchin dis show jst 2 c “ragna” duo n not “rakhi” duo….

  20. I am also agreed wid AP veiw……plzzz we cant see soo much negative emotions of kalpo towards raghav…whats going on ..everything was ryt till holi eve..then kalpi is continue wid same drama….i dont know what the writer mind..but I hpoe our ,omment will reach to him or her and they will not make the story so borinv .irritating…unless we have to change our mind…cant watch so much nefati e…ye to khud me lad rahe hai then how they will take revenge frm kapoors…


  22. I think Raghav should explain his love story to Kamla Maa- As a mother who wants the best for her daughter, she will help Kalpi overcome the feelings of insecurity and accept Raghav.

    1. haa haa haa .. till now. how the serial has portrayed Kamala is she chose paaki over kalpi.. kamala knws paaki loves Raghav… in the above scenario.. she will advice raghav to accept paaki in place of Kalpi – my thought based on what we have seen so far the way writers forEMA think… i know it sound stupid… but then that is how the writers think i suppose!! though i do wish that they do as you suggested!!! 🙂

      1. I actually wish Raghav emotionally blackmail Kamala – she always says to raghav ..mein appki chehere pe muskan dekhna chatha houn raghav baba – Raghav can say – mere chehera ka muskan aapki beti Kalpi hai… aap useee muche dede ;)… howz that 🙂

  23. You can’t blame kalpi for acting that way she just a plain girl that lives in a chowl that hardly had any love and then you have Raghav where he is rich and everyone respects him

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