Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi is in her room recalling when Raghav was with her in the park. She remembers Raghav telling her that his revenge is more important than wedding. That he loved her and always will. Nettu comes there and says oh she is alone its about time to enjoy all this. She takes out that letter and says this is the time to blow the fire. She is my only key now. She comes to kalpi and says how you feel ? Kalpi says i am good. Nettu says how can you be. I can feel your pain. I ma here to share your pain. Kalpi says i am okay. Nettu says yts like me saying i am good when i am not.We are all in the same boat. Your heart is broken and my house is. Raghav is the storm that raged and ruined our lives. Nettu gives her the letter and says this is your letter. kamla read it and threw it away. What else

could she do. She is so worried for poki as well. She is asking poki how to win raghav’s heart. She takes care of everyone. I haven’t read this letter. Its yours. Kalpi goes out of the room with letter. Nettu says this is the time. Let kalpi towards Raghav and Pokki will be heart,She will case Raghav to get everything back. She will go against kamla’s will.
Kalpi goes to kamla with the letter and says what is this Ai ? Kalpi is quite disappointed. kamla says Raghav sent it for you. he wanna meet you but i don’y want it so i went to meet him. Nettu is listening to them. kamla says i am your mom your pain is mine. I can’t see these tears of you. I feel gloomy when I see you like this. Kalpi says you have all rights on me but you should have told me once. Kamla says what could i tell you that the man who hurt you so bad wants to meet you again ? I fear that the same should not happen to you again. I don’t want you to be shattered again. I want you to forget him, thats better for you. The one who burns his own in the fore of vengeance should never be pardoned. The one who can cheat on you once can cheat you a million time. She puts her hand on her own head and says promise me kalpi you won’t even meet Ragahv again. Promise me please. Take a vow that you will forget him. kalpi says all right Ai I promise you i will never meet him and will try to forget him. One day i will forget him forever. Kamla hugs kalpi.

Scene 2
pakhi is waiting for Ragahv. Raghav comes in and goes to the room directly. The driver places lunch box on the table. Pakhi sees that he has eaten the sweet. She thinks Raghav is getting along. She makes coffee for him and goes to his room. she says Raghav why is your mood off ? Have coffee. Ragahv says i have asjked yopu so many time leave me alone. Just get out of here please go. his hand touches the tray and the coffee cup falls on the floor. Raghav says i am sorry but i am not in good mood so please go. Pakhi is in tears she leaves the room.
He recalls Kamla saying that you are responsible for destruction of kalpi and pakhi. He says Kamla is right. I ruined three lives. I have to rectify all my mistake. I can’t ruin kalpi and Pakhi’s lives. My life has been ruined because of my vengeance.

Scene 3
kamla wakes Kalpi up. All the house is decorated with balloons. kamla says this day is so special a fairy came to us this day. Vitthal comes there singing the birthday song for her. Vitthal says you changed our lives. Hope you get all the happiness. Pakiya wishes her too and says this is your day. Vitthal says we will go out for dinner tonight. Kalpi says thank you much but i didn’t want this all.i am not in mood to celebrate birthday. Kamla says i have made orange cake for you.
Nettu comes and asks whats so special ? Nettu says wow happy birthday kalpi. Nettu says where is the party ? kamla says we will celebrate for sure. kamla asks kalpi to wear the new clothes Vitthal bought for her.
kamla reminds Nettu that its pakhi’s birthday today. Nettu pretends like she knew it already. Nettu says you go i will talk to her. Kamla is going by the bus. Nettu plans on going by taxi. She sees kamla’s money near the sculpture. She says sorry bhagwan ji i have to take this. Sahil calls her. nettu asks does something happened ? She says i cna’t live like this sahil. i am suffocating here. its poki’s birthday i am going to her. You should call her.

Scene 4
Ragahv is talking on phone to some man. Sammy comes there and asks why you wanna meet the lawyer ? Is everthing okay ? Ragahv says i wanna divorce Pakhi. Sammy says are you serious ? Raghav says yes i am. I wanna make everything all right in lives of all three of us. kamla maa is right the fire of vengeance burs us first I ahve to release pakhi and show kalpi that i love her. Its kalpi’s birthday. Just pass her the message that meet me near the temple i will talk to her there. You know she loves me she will come. Sammy says this is good. I will giver her your message. Raghav says tell her if she doesn’t come i will jump off the cliff opposite to temple. Sammy says she will come for sure.

Precap- Sammy tells kalpi that raghav is waiting for her near temple. He says Raghav will divorce kalpi. he wanna meet you please meet him He will rectify everything. kamla is listening their conversation. Sammy and kalpi get shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. girijashiva

    Kalpana promised to kamala that she wont ever meet Raghav.she is follow her mother as she promised her. nothing will happen. Raghav wont divorce pakhi as she and kamala wont allow him to divorce .

  2. ashranna

    kalpi to stupid to listen to kamla…..i am sure if it was paki she would be different…this is so dumb….

  3. yoga efron

    oh my blo*dy goodness.what the f*** is kamla’s problem.what the hell is she thinking…who the hell is she…..just fish off.

  4. Shivani


    -Helps murderers
    -Is a terrible mother
    -Does not listen to her husband
    -Thinks she knows what’s best for everyone
    -Does not want her daughter’s happiness
    -Is always giving unnecessary lectures
    -Always sticking her nose into people’s business
    -Her word is final
    -Rules everyone

  5. ek

    As usual damla taking promise from kalpi to protect pakhis marriage now i don think raghav can divorce to pakhi bcs damla damla damla hai raghav ko force karne kke liye but i still want gauri shuld take care of raghav an wont allow kamla to interfare in raghavs life

  6. damla doesn’t care kalpi’s hapiness she iz worried for paji……if they(ragna) met that may ffect paji’s marriage she only cares paji’s happiness & her married lyf…..nothing at all……

    • girijashiva

      you are right! she took promise because if RAGHNA meet – it affects her pakhi marriage.i dont think it is not going to end soon.Raghav threatning to fall from the cliff – may be another twist like ekta serial

  7. EMA FAN


  8. Damla…..go to hell…….most irritative character in whole tv world who is given by The Genious Pawandeepkwatra………

  9. geeta

    boy dis f**king kamla ma should just dead and done d whole thing. everything is pakhi pakhi pakhi …………………………………..ughhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ok so let me get this straight kamala maa is willing to forgive and give shelter to néetu and sahil who commit 1st degree murder and then unable to forgive raghav for a selfish mistake? She entertaining pakhi’s parents make her an accessory to murder which is against the law and is morally wrong. Is her character bipolar? Or is taking someone life is a lesser sin than selfishness? Just asking…….

  11. ek

    Kamla is not getting that raghav did mistake after seeing his mothers pain in anger but kapoors planned to ruin singhanias for their lust of money phir bhi kamla ke liye raghav is big culprit she don hav any sense

  12. suzieb

    These writers are very stupid and the story line makes no sense! It clearly shows no value and morals, it seems like they love evil..why Kamla have to be macoing kalpi all the time..was kamla with Sahil? Cus how the ass paaki is her daughter, writers you all need to stop this bullshit and start doing what’s right, Kamla is not Jesus

  13. Naina202


    Raghav to marry Kalpana in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan!

    DJ’s Creative Units’ popular show Ek Mutthi Aasmaan is gearing up with an interesting sequence where Raghav will marry Kalpana (Rachana Parulkar) in the show.

    Yes you all heard it right! Finally the moment has come where the love birds will get married.

    As per the current track Raghav has been married to Paakhi (Shrini Singh) though he loves Kalpi. He is married to Paakhi just to take revenge as her father is responsible for his father’s death. So he is ignoring her and not even bothering her. He still loves Kalpi and even Kalpi loves him but cannot confess as her mother Kamla (Shilpa Shirodkar) is against their relation.

    Our sources inform us, “Soon there will be a sequence in the show where the entire family will be seen celebrating Kalpi’s birthday but Raghav will be seen missing in the party. He will call Kalpi to meet her as he wants to wish her personally. Kalpi will go to meet him and there Raghav will tell Kalpi that he will marry her after one year and so she has to wait for him. Listening to this Kalpi will be stunned and will not say anything. Later there will be an emotional eye contact between the duo and and Raghav will realize that he can’t wait for a year and he will immediately remove sindoor and will fill it on Kalpi’s forehead.”

    Is this a dream sequence or will they get married in real? If yes then what will happen to Paakhi and how will Kamla Maa react to this situation?


  14. lin

    Kamala rules everyone, i think even the writers have to listen to her. Where is this story leading to. They have to go round the bush to create a long long story. Do not disappoint we viewers who loves only Raghav n Kalpi. If you do not put Raghav n Kalpi together pleeeeseee do not let Raghav feel sorry or fall in love with Pakhi

  15. AP

    Choco.Girija maam,Anshu, Mom, i have not watched ema on TV. I just watched online in Desi tashan after reading the WU.. Folks everything is TRP stunt.. nothing will happen,. Kamala dumla will not let kalpi meet Raghav…. FOLKS PLS DO NOT WATCH EMA ON TV.. TILL THEY GIVE US BACK RAGNA PROPERLY .. DON’T WATCH… DON’T FALL FOR THIS CARROT… KAMALA WILL SEND PAAKI TO TEMPLE ON THURSDAY… BY THEN TRP WILL GET CALCULATED FOR LAST WEEK.. AND THEY WILL GIVE US THULLU… so folks “pls don’t watch ema till ragna is together for good “…

  16. Crystal Singh

    I don’t know what these writers are trying to do show that evil, wickedness and, selfishness are good morale values? Cause Kamla is suppose to be a good person, one who will stand up for what is right and stand up for those who have have been wronged.But she completely ignores what Raghav have been through and continues to go through,and does not even consider what Gaurie was going through,all because of the kapoors.And now they are the best people for her? Gaurie should meet Vithal and explain to him and Kalpi,so at least would have her father to stand up with her.Once he knows the truth from gaurie he would stand up fo kamla..Please writers let Rahhav and Kalpi find their way back to each other.

    • suzieb

      Its true! Kamla is the most wicked person in this cus all she thinks of is paaki and how she needs to please the kapoor’s..I want them to kick her good and proper after..Vitthal like he does wear panties cus he always listening to this fool KAMLA!

  17. m agree with AP….. Guyz plz don’t fall in their trap……. It is jst their strategy to increase trp…….well if it is true then it must b some1’s dream bt whose?? No no i don’t thnk kalpi’s bcoz she don’t thnk that type of thngs after all that happend…..may b damla’s shockng & scary dream!!meanz for her……

  18. Angela

    The writers shouldn’t allow kamla to come between kapli and raghav. Raghav should proceed with the divorce and show kalpi he regret hurting her so he I’d doing the right thing. Kapli will understand raghav love for her. Writers pls bring them together soon.

  19. irene

    Kamala felt pity and gave Neetu shelter,she took her 1st task today stealing money(don’t know who is going to be blamed ) and now poisoning Kalpi’s mind.Neetu has started her master plan,just hope Kalpi won’t fall for it.Kamala do you need these kind of people in your house?You can forgive Shail, Neetu but you cannot forgive poor Raghav?Kamala you are just like Pakhi and Neetu very selfish.

  20. TriniD!v@

    Can’t u all see wat Dumbo Kamla is doing..
    She just wants Pakhi to stay married to Raghav….
    She’s supporting Pakhi all the way….
    Pakhi happiness comes befor her own daughter Kalpi….
    To hell with you Kamla…………

    • newnew

      Totally agreed with you! What kinds of mother she is! I stopped watch this but do read the update! Will watch it again when Kalpi reunite with Raghav!

  21. Hate Raghav

    i cannot believe this! being a women u guys r saying this. Kamla maa is right. The person wrong here is Raghav and raghav’s mother. Kamla maa is right the person who decieves u once might do it another million times! In fact everyone should be happy for Kalpi that her life got saved. Raghav is the jerk. He thinks apoligising and emotional blackmailing and also his wealth will make Kalpi fall for him again. Well then I am sorry sweetheart Kalpi is a 21st century woman not a orthodox and 20th century sati savitri u r expecting a**hole!

  22. Mon

    Hi to ap choco(litt sis) anshu (angel) dd Girija ji
    And other tu frnds
    Where have u been Tatiana??
    Choco best luck 4 your exam
    Ap is 101% right they are doing this all drama just Bcoz of TRP
    Don’t fall 4 what pd doing this is there trick
    Attach to raghna but stay away from there paji and dumla drama
    Jab se mene ema dekhna suru Kia tabse lekar today tak I never watch ema on tv I always watch online
    Reson for tv I have to wait long online I can watch anytime so plz frnds don’t follows pd on twitter and stop watching ema online

    • girijashiva

      mon! go to Ashish chowdhry facebook page. there you will read his message. but i doubt about – last line of his message.

  23. girijashiva

    Ashish chowdhry facebook message :
    guys plz don’t get disappoint
    i had read ur postds n cmts
    don’t worry
    i’ll assure u ragna will be together
    see its not my decision
    see now d has decided to show ragna together
    but may be he can change his mood

    • sham

      What is meaning of this “he change his mood””
      may be he run behind paki

      No more good story

      • plz is kamla aur pauji ko mar do what a hill is this kyon viewers ke dil ke sath khail rahe ho show 1no se 8pe aagaya hai aghar ab no sahi kia to is shoe ko band karna parega

  24. sham

    If raghav is not right person to believe as per kamala then why she is forcing paki to be in this marriage.
    Now i think kamal will send kalpi to raghav to tell him to not to divorce paki as she will not accept him any more.

    If they will go against god wish what is value of promise

    I read some where raghav goes bankrupt may be paki will take all his property including of her parents as divorce alamoney

  25. Could someone please say what type of “Big Snake” this freaking kamla character is????????

    The sorry case for a woman is detestable!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i hate writer and dircter kamla and pakhi plz in ko change karo in ko jo kuch marze kaho kuch asaar nahin hota gadhe iss show ko dakhna band kar do

  27. anshu

    Hey gud mrng tu frnds
    Chocopie, mon, ap, dd, ek , girijaji, ashrana & all others
    Hey i liked 2 things abt the yesterdays epi
    First raghav’s diaoogue ‘mai iss biwi ko apne aur kalpi ke beech mein nahi aane dunga’
    For all thosebwho dint jnow hindi this line line means
    He wont allow this wife(paaji) to come b/w him & kalpi
    2nd is sammy
    He was luking so cute
    And his emotion anger, love & care fir his best frnd in the line
    Raghav, kalpana zarur aayegi….

    • ek

      hi anshu these lines does not have any meaning bcs in past also raghav said many thing abt kalpi like “i will not marry pakhi in any way etc etc but pd ne kuch pura nahi hone diya so these are the only words to confuse all the viewers

  28. aur jab raghav ne kaha kalpi se kehna agr ho nahi aayi toh mei wahi Mandir k paas jo khaayi hai waha…….sammy: raghav! Yeah! Caring frnd……aagye bolne he nhi diya…….hmmm…….gd job sammy sir…….jaldi se saari complication sortout kardo……..u r the only 1 jis par saare hopz hai…..lets go ahead..

  29. i

    Hi there can anyone please answer a query that’s been bugging me for two weeks now . I’m not from India, and I’ve seen Paakhi wearing sindoor although she’s had a court marriage.Is this how it’s done there, in my country a court marriage just gives us a certificate. Only a traditional Hindi wedding allows ys the use of sindoor. Will appreciate a response. Thanks.

    • ek


  30. dear i…..it is tv world especially indian hinditv serials so nothing is impossiable there…… they cn show everythng with lot of spices……

  31. AP

    Friends pls remember our resolve no watching on TV till they give us back RAGNA with respect and end the RAAKI crapfest -kick that paaki out…

  32. ek

    ya phir for now pd can do ki kick out pakhi from life of raghav (by giving divorce) and keep raghna togeter means aas pas in eachother luv chahe to unki marage abhi na karvaye due ragav to complete his revenge aur kalpi ko manane mai waqt lage ya phir kalpi pehle apne success ki taraf bade etc etc……………………………….but pd shuld keep raghna together and for pakhi some other man can fulfil her dreams like sammy ya phir koi aur for sure she will get high trp for ema bcs viewers kush to trp goes up……………………..

  33. anonymous

    Dumbla……..dumbell……/thinks ….she is Miss know it all….they say empty vessels makes the biggest noise…….she overhears everybody besides the kapoors…..how convenient….

  34. AP

    FOLKS .. mission RAGNA .. END raaki CRAPFEST.. No watching EMA on TV till we get RAGNA back..

  35. betty

    guys am sorry to ask this is there a real life character like kamla in india? who loves someones daughter more than her own child,who feels her family should always be in pain to make others happy,and in this century always want to direct the part of her children? pls let me know so that the director will tell us and give us her house address.

  36. betty

    although the beginning of the serial showed a priest telling the kind of persons each of the girls are (parki & kalpi) that parki will always take thing that doesn’t belong to her & she will always get it forcefully this happened when ragav gave pen to parki if any one can remember so I think its what is coming to play again but as for kamla I pray no one have her character as a mother

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