Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla asks Kalpi to wake up and says something in her ear. They both smile and are writing something. Kamla asks kalpi to give that to diviyah. Vitthal asks kalpi will she take kalpi there too? She says that she will take her to show what they have been through. Vitthal says that you take me all the time and now kalpi. She says you can’t go if you don’t want. Vitthal says no i feel like going i think the one who gives you roof in a big city is no way less tha god. Kamla says look you have become intelligent, living with me. He smiles.

Scene 2
Kalpi gives diviyah a letter and asks her to read it out in front of paki as she never wakes up with kamla.

Scene 3
Sahil’s file is missing he is looking for it here and there. Nettu looks up

to she finds raghav’s passport. She says what is it doing here? Sahil says that i made it when his school took him singapore. It is so important for me. Mishra wants to take his custody and i have to stop that. Nettu says oh its not about girl friend, you know sahil raghav is always talking on phone in a low volume. I thought it must be his girl friend but now i figure that its mishra he is always talking to. But don’t worry Sahil. She stands up and gives him a file and says that is it tyhe one you are looking for? He says yes.

Scene 4
Vitthal sees mon ey in pakiya’s hand. Vitthal aks where does he get it from? He says that we are collecting money to buy a TV for chowl. A new show is starting from Zee TV. He says you have to ask ai baba. By just the way you look at her.

Scene 5
Diviyah tells mummy ji and nettu that kamla has sent a letter for paki. Nettu says your kamla has gone mad day by day.
Mummy ji goes to wake up paki she sys i won’t wake up until kamla maa doesn’t come. Mummy ji says that she has sent you a letter. SHe reads it out that my mom used to wake me up aand i used to work with her. One day she didn’t wake me up and i cried when it was late. When she came back home she said me that your mom won’t always be there to wake you up. Now you ahve to wake up my dear paki. In the end she has written love, kamla maa. Paki wakes up and says that i am her good daughter i will wake up and get ready by myself. Mummy ji gives diviyah a file to give it to raghav.

Scene 6
Nettu says to sahil that you never care for me. Sahil says that you are so caring these days why? She says i am always like that.
Diviyah is looking for raghav. she can’t find him she tells nettu that she can’t find raghav in the whole house. Nettu and sahil get worried they are calling all of their contacts but can’t trace him. Sahil is really mad at nettu.

Scene 7
Raghav is at his home cleaning the name plate which says his fathers name. Watch man looks at him and smiles saying that you have grown up. He akss raghav to come in. Raghav roam around the house.
There sahil and nettu are busy asking for him on phones.
Raghav goes in the room which looks older and his dad’s picture is the on the wall. Kamla is already standing there with kalpi. Kamla is in tears and so in raghav
Sahil is so worried. Nettu says will we be poor now?
raghav thanks kamla for remembering his dad. do the pooj in front of jis dad’s picture. He is crying. He asks kamla you come every year?
Scene 8
vitthal comes, kamla make him meet raghav, vitthal says just old memories came in my mind, vitthal sorry him, raghav says i know you didnt kill baba, kamla ask him that we shall go, raghav says i want to spend some time here, kamla says one should not go behind who is dead, raghav says i am not going behind baba but want cheerish his memories, i want to memorize the past so that i can never forget it, vitthal comes forward and says god dont do bad with good people thats why given a son like you, see everything will be good in your life, you will get success day by day, vitthal get emotional, episode end on raghav’s face.

precap- raghav comes home with kamla, nettu ask where did you go, how you can go without telling, sahil says i was worried, dont go like this again, raghav answers him rudely

Update Credit to: Atiba

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