Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th March 2014 Written Update

Neetu is getting restless in wait of Sahil. Sahil comes and she informs him about Tai. Kalpi is waiting at the bus stop and thinking about her Holi with Raghav. She thinks if he reaches before her then what she will say. Just then Raghav comes there in his car. He asks Kalpi to sit in it. She refuses and says will go herself, but he insists her and she sits. She keeps calling him ‘sir’ which he doesn’t like. He asks her to call him Raghav. Kalpi says how she can call him with his name. They stop at a signal. A boy comes to sell flowers. Raghav tells him to tell Kalpi to call him with his name and after that he will buy flowers from him, but the boy also calls him sir. Raghav buys the flowers regardless and then gives them to Kalpi. Kalpi smiles. Raghav then asks her

for dinner. She doesn’t say anything and smiles. Raghav takes it as a yes.

Vitthal wants to go with Kamla, but he has to go on his duty as well. Kamla tells him to go and she will manage it. Vitthal gets Kamla and Tai an auto. Sahil and Neetu are in their car outside. Sahil is shocked to see Tai. He orders the goons to shut her mouth. The goons say there is another lady with her. Sahil asks them to do same with her as Tai. Neetu asks how he can kill Kamla. Sahil says he doesn’t have any other option. The goons’ car follow the auto.

Kalpi is thinking how she alone can go to dinner with Raghav, but then thinks nothing is wrong with it. She thinks of asking Kamla and also tell her everything. She calls her and says she is in a confusion. Before she tells anything more, the goons attack on Kamla and Tai. They try to take Tai away. Kamla fights. Kalpi gets worried hearing their screams. Raghav comes and he takes the phone. He hears the screams and leaves from there with Kalpi. Sammy gives Kamla’s location to Raghav and they get in the car to go there. Raghav tells Kalpi not to worry, Kamla will be fine.

Kamla tries her best to stop the goons, but they push her. Kamla takes the soil and throws it at the goons. She runs with Tai. The goons chase them. Kamla asks Tai to go and she beats the goons with a rod. She then again runs. The goons chase her and ask about Tai. Kamla asks them why they want to kill them. Raghav’s car is coming there. They push Kamla and Raghav stops his car on the last moment. They get off and ask Kamla if she’s okay. Raghav beats the goons up and they run away from there. Raghav asks Kamla about the goons. She says they came to kill Tai. She doesn’t see Tai anywhere and searches for her. Raghav and Kalpi stop her. Kamla says they will need to go to police station. They leave.

Tai is reading a newspaper when Raghav’s car passes from there and they fail to see her. Tai is not feeling good and she is walking on heavy-trafficked street. Several cars and bikes pass by her. She bends down to adjust her slippers and just then Pakhi is driving from there. She spots Tai and stops the car on last moment. Tai sees the car very close to her and gets scared.

Precap: Kamla and Kalpi are at a police station. Kamla says the goons attacked on them and they want to kill Tai. Inspector asks for name. She says she doesn’t know it, she just calls her Tai. Inspector tells her to stop wasting his time, she doesn’t know her name, address, who attacked on her and asking to file a complaint.

Update Credit to: priya

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  1. very nice

  2. I’m so ecstatic about this episode. Raghav asked Kalpi to dinner, bought her flowers and he wants her to call him by his first name! How great is that? Finally something wonderful is going to happen again. I hope this Kamla/tai incident will not stop them from having dinner together.

  3. Two “old” women fought off and outsmarted four goons………..HILARIOUS!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing! Hope this incident does not run Kalpi & Rags’ dinner date.

    I don’s speak Hindi, can someone please give me the translation of Ek Muuthi Aasmaan?

    1. A handful of sky

  4. Nimikumar kuala lumpur

    Great show

  5. ds episod was betr dan previos episod…..

  6. Kalpi is so sweet in pink .she is glowing and raghav beside is absolutely imposing. Rest of epi was good to watch and I hope pakki takes tai to the chawl for kamla to take care

    1. imposing?? Rag and Kalpi look great together…but yes i hope pakki takes the lady to kamala than her home !!!

    2. mytwobitsworth

      Imposing as in absolutelty in control, oozing power, Macho and confident….Raghav Singhania as he should be…not a pushover..

  7. mytwobitsworth

    After yesterdays emotional outpour, I owe it to the creative guys behind the show…absolutely loved the episode. RagNa chemistry and body language..awesome..

  8. Soooo……nice episode I hope paaki atleast help tai…plzzz not take her to own home..unless there would be great danger to her…plzz her to take her to kamla….

  9. I wish Raghav and Kalpi become inseparable… i don’t want kalpi to tell kamala about her and raghav and kamala ma stop her using emotional blackmail… hopefully when she finds about it… sense prevails on her and she will make paaki understand that it does not make sense for paaki to love raghav as he loves only Kalpi… I always failed tounderstand the standard hindi serial formulae of forcefully marriage to two people where only 1 one loves the other while the other is in love with someone else… it is so damn irritating and am clueless on the funda of “unki khushi keliye sacrifice karo” types… it is like sacrificing 3 people in place of 1 .. nonsense

    1. mytwobitsworth

      I know…its absurd how two people so in love gets separated for the silliest of reasons. But after that holi thing I am bracing myself for Raghav getting engaged/married to Paakhi for the most far fetched reasons at some point in the future.
      Please prove me wrong. RagNa, Do fight, throw tantrums, rage at each other and then make up. Thats what lovers do. Anyone who walks into the arms of a third person just because his partner blinked is not worth the effort and quite stupid.

      1. forget about fighting… i may still somehow digest it but what about people pressurizing on the lines of give up for someone else !!! like kamala asking Kalpi to give up Raghav for Paaki… That would be a disaster !!!!

    2. hope it wont happen in this serial.=then the name of the seial- EK MUTTHI AASMAN – HAVE NO MEANING AT ALL.when initial stages it was nice.except kamala character -in real life no mother will do to herown daughter.better show real mother in kamala.

  10. i am curious abt d character “maya”….where does she fit in all dis? i mean was she aware of ragavs plans 2 use pakhi as a weapon 2 destroy d kapoors?also s she aware abt “ragnas” feelings? me thinks she cud eithr b a catalyst 2 spoil der relationship…or mayb bring dem closer??

    1. actualy. nw i recal maya wasnt seen aftr d party….hmmm….so dos tat mean her role s ovr??

      1. mytwobitsworth

        Maya seems to have disappeared. But when the writers feel that we are too happy with RaGNa, they would bring her back. she will decide she want Raghav, tell Kalpi what Raghav’s original plan was and Kalpi, like every other senseless heroine in serials would break up with him.

        🙂 but if she behaves like a normal human being who values her relationship, then she should confront Raghav. Raghav should tell her, Yes that was my original plan,and also why it was so. But you changed it all…You blew me away, swept me off my feet, took over my head and heart etc etc… and then Maya can go to hell…(No harm in wistful thinking…right?)

  11. Just remember that Pakhi is there to come between rag and Kalpi ………. That will happen guys…… And we all will have to accept it…..Kamla will accept Pakhi wit Raghav and not her own daughter…… But remember that troubl comes in Raghav gets to know about his mom……..so don’t only focus on Kalpi and Raghav ……. The other characters have roles to play….. Please don’t hate me 4 saying this but I love both tho super duo Raghav and Kalpi…..have a bless day everyone

    1. Very bad…like other show offf….what is its importance of its title always poor have to be loser…tilll now everything has gone bad wid kalpi except the love of raghav nd his.family esp his father…i will leave to see this show not me but other people if writer is interested in old funda..

  12. We all only want to see strong relationship between kalpi and raghav…..keep paaki way’. …..plz writers make story interesting..kamla plz dont come in between..kalpi seserves this love.

  13. Mr Aman…….who you calling show off…..

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