Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th February 2014 Written Update

Sammy, Maya, Raghva and Kalpi are on their way back to home. Raghav recalls how Kalpi helped him out and he woke up in his lap. Sammy calls Paki and tells her that they have found them. Paki stops Kamla and Vitthal from going to Ali Bagh. Sammy gives phone to Kalpana and she talks to Kamla. She is in tears. She says we went through a lot ai but I am fine now. I will be back once we get done with our project. Raghav asks for the phone. He says Kamla bai this is Raghav. Your daughter is perfectly fine and I promise you that she will be back to home till night. Do you trust me ? Kamla says yes more than anyone. Thank you baba. I talked to you that;s enough for me. Tell Kalpi that I am fine. He says you should tell her your self. Kamla talks to Kalpi and says just take care. We love

you so much. Paki comes down stairs. She says maybe I should go they need me. Kamla says no you should go home and rest. Kalpi will be back by tonight. I will let you know once she comes back. Mummy ji takes her home.
Kamal thanks her God for saving Kalpi. Some kids come to Pinki and asks her aren’t you coming with us today ? Its the result day. We have got a lot of marks. My dad said he will get me a bicycle. Pinki says let me go my madam is so strict. This breaks Kamla’s heart. She goes to Kanta asks did you hear what they say ? Kanta says I know what’s better for her.

Scene 2
Kanta is in her house. She says I can’t be weak. Pinki comes in and says my slipper is broken I need another one. Kamla comes in and says Pinki is just like my Kalpi. Her thirst for education shows me that she will be successful one day. Kanta says I know I love her but how can we send her school. Where will i bring the fess from ? Kamla says Pinki will give it herself. You know whats in my hand Pinki’s report card. Today your daughter has topped the exams. Teacher has said that she will get a scholarship. School will pay for her expenditures. Kanta says but sending a girl alone is another tension. Kamla says a bus from government now picks kid. Look in her eyes they hold dreams. Kanta and Lakshman thanks her for letting them know.

Scene 3
Raghav is in his room. Maya gives him coffee. She says Raghav are you sure you can discuss about project in this condition ? Raghav says time is money I can’t waste it anymore. Tell me what are your plans ? She says the plot you have bought is surrounded by marshy land and the villagers are not interested in negotiating. Raghav is busy in thinking about how Kalpana saved him from leeches and covered him whole night. Held him when he tripped. Maya sits behind him holding his shoulders. He holds her hands. Maya asks why are you so distracted ? Did Kalpana say something ? Suddenly Kalpana opens the door and shuts it immediately looking at them in this condition. Raghav goes out and stops her. He says are these your manner entering without knocking ? Kalpana says you fixed the meeting. He said so won’t you knock ? She says I am sorry sir. He says you should be. Kalpi says i have apologized already. Raghav turns his back towards her and says don’t know why I brought you here. What else you got me other than problems. The project is delayed. Sammy comes and says relax Raghav. He asks Kalpi to go in his room. Kalpi says wait Sammy sir. Kalpi says if I bother you then I will resign I said that last night. I asked for 30 days I challenged you that I will get the promotion letter. How will you promote me when you hate me. Whatever I do you will keep hating me, I won’t bother you anymore. I resign right here right now. Raghav leaves. He turns back and looks at her then enters his room. Sammy asks Kalpi what happened ? Kalpi says I just don’t want this job. Sammy says we can sort it out. Don’t get Raghav wrong. Opportunities like thesen don’t come every day. Can you agree to coming to Mumbai with us ? We will solve all your issues there ? Kalpi says what should I tell him. I am able to accept the challenge only if Raghav challenges me.

PRECAP-Paki says Kamla maa is the only one who can get me out of here. Paki calls Kamla and says I wanna meet you I am in your garden area. She says okay I am coming. SHe leaves, Kalpi is h

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hii.the seriol is going nice and interesting now days.miss u lot

  2. Raghav is too much rude yaar!!! But still raghav n kalpi is so nice…..luv them both…..n nw raghav is thinking about kalpi….its a good sign…

  3. Raghav is rude bt only coz he dnt want to give someone the chance to hurt him… I like the role of raghav..
    & thanx ‘ek muthi asman’ 4 taking ashish chaudhary as the role of raghav. He is my fav. Actor

  4. i think the show is goin interested and more love senes with raghav and kalpi are needed. the serial finally starts going intetrested

  5. This serial is actually going interesting but Raghav must stop being so grumpy.

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