Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
A car stops by and Kamla comes out from it, smiling. Manda is looking at her with devilish smile. Then from the back seat Nettu and Prem comes out.
Look haven’t she come in car? She know to only work for the people who are giving work to you. Kamla introduces Pakiya to Nettu and Prem. Pakiya jumps to see Paki Prem says don’t dare to disturb my friend.
Manda says welcome Nettu madam. Kamla asks Nettu and Prem to sit at a place.
Sahil there is giving sweets to Dharminder that are to be distributed among workers and for pooja. Sahil steps in and Vitthal is giving him harsh look. He smile and says hello to all. He says i felt good when Kamla invited us. I congratulate you all Ganpati. Maybe God is going to make us relatives this time here at

Ganpati. that place of mill i bought is all yours before me. I will give you work whatever i will build there. He says to Vitthal that you should do the pooja because Singhanya is not coming i called his house, his servant said he is not feeling good. You should have this honor. Manda intrudes, Sahil sir is here you can do this when he is here. Sahil denies saying no Vitthal is your leader here he fights for rights of all of you, he should have this honor.

Scene 2
Vitthal does all the starting rituals and the pooja starts. Kamla and Pakiya are standing behind him and Nettu and Sahil along with prem are beside her. Sahil is smiling and Nettu is looking exhausted of all this. Pakiya seems to enjoy the Pooja. when Vitthal is done he gives the pooja plate to Kamla who passes it to Sahil. Vitthal is angry to see this.

Scene 3
After the Pooja sahil is busy in engaging the workers with his lusty talks and smiles. While Nettu on the other side is standing with Kamla. Vitthal is not happy at all. Pakiya is standing near sweets. Diviyah stops him and says Pandit ji will distribute it before that don’t dare touching it and take care of it. You have to look after it that nobody takes it.
Prem goes to the sweets Pakiya asks him to stay away. When he doesn’t consent, Pakiya throws him away. Prem starts crying. when Nettu and Kamla asks him he says that boy has hit him. Nettu says stop crying my son we’ll go home they are all bad. Kamla is shouting Pakiya and asks him to apologize. Ask for his pardon. Nettu says we have seen your hospitality.Kamla says you will come right now out and will ask for his pardon Pakiya. Vitthal jumps in and says my son won’t ask for pardon from anyone. Not at any cost. Sahil i am leaving, i can’t bear anymore insult, says Nettu to Sahil. Kamla runs after them asking for pardon and says my son is a good boy please don’t go without parshad but they leave.

Scene 4
Pandit ji distributes the parshad. Manda stops Pakiya and announces that entertainment should start now. Everybody gives a nod. She says to Pakiya that you mom and dad will perform the item first. Go now.

Scene 5
Diviyah says to Patil that Manda has flamed the fire between them. Pkaiya comes and says to Vitthal that will you dance with ai? Patil says yes Pakiya registered yesterday. No i won’t. Why? Because your Sir and madam are not here ? It would be so good that if they had applauded for you? Kamla says Vitthal get down to the brass tack all what happened today was not good. Diviyah asks both of them to stop and agree. Manda says yes you have to do it Vitthal because you have doen pooja so now you are officially the boss here. Pakiya says please ai. She asks him to stop this. Vitthal says don’t be angry at him its okay if you don’t wanna dance.
Kamla starts the dance and Vitthal follows her. Everybody is dancing. Kamla goes back to the house Vitthal goes too.

Scene 6
Kamla says that all that happened was not good and i didn’t invite them Prem asked me that he wants to comes. How could i reject? Whats bad that they spent some good moments here with us. If Pakiya has done a mistake and he has to apologize. My son won’t apologize in front of anyone. He is my son too but i won’t ignore his mistakes.
What about that you favored them in front of everyone instead of me,. Okay i am you culprit give me whatever punishment you want but i will go and apologize to them on Pakiya’s behalf and i will give them Parshad.

Precap-Kamla gives Parshad to Nettu. Sahil informs them that Singhaniya is dead and Vitthal has killed him

Update Credit to: Atiba

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