Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Poki wakes up wonders why kamla is nit here to wake her up. She wonders where is kalpi. She understands that kamla is worried about kalpi and all waht happened last day. She goes to kalpi and says look kalpi i know you are not thief i know there was none of your fault in what happened. I know you are kamla maa’s daughter you can never steal. Kalpi says but prem considers me a thief. Paki says you should not worry what he thinks. Me and kamla maa trust you.

Scene 2
Vitthal is praying to God that daughter’s problem should be solved. He can’t see her sad face. Manda comes and says why are you always talking to God alone, oh i forgot that your wife goes in the morning whom will you talk to. And you keep quiet all day and at night you are so loud with

kamla that people in neighborhood hears half of the conversation. Is anything wrong? What happened last night. I just heard something so i figures that there is something really wrong. Pakiya comes and says that look tai baba is in mandir he won’t say anything i will bear the scold of ai but iw on’t leave you. Vitthal stops him. He says that i can’t tolerate that someone provoke in my family affairs i don’t care who she is. Vitthal says sometimes i look at you i am happy and both sad. I am happy that you have that spirit that i always lacked and fear it too.

Scene 3
Kamla asks raghav if he knows who is the one who put money in the bag of kalpi? He says my dad always adviced me not to blame anyone without proof. But i will do my best to find out the one. I know your and kalpi’s position. He leaves. Kamla says what will i say to vitthal now. She asks kalpi to go home. Kalpi says that baba will understand. We will tel him that we tried our best.
There vitthal is praying to get the bad guy caught.

Scene 4
Raghav asks prem how is he now? How about the game ? Are you feeling bwtter? Nettu says wow my whole family is together. Sahil asks how was your day raghav? He says i spent whole day keeping eye on prem he was feeling bad actually. Raghava asks sahil if he counted the money? dharminder won’t have counted as well and the other party will blame you for that. Sahil says yes you should have counted actually it ha 2 thousand less. Prem says listen how you know the amount was 2 two thousand short? Raghav says because i saw you taking out 2 thousand from that money prem. everyone is dazed. Prem says that i have not taken any money. Raghav says that i have the proof. Prem unintentionally says that mummy came so i didn’t get to see the money i hardly had it for a moment then i put it in the bag. Sahil slaps him on the face. Kamla hugs kalpi. She is crying and thanking raghav. He syas please don’t join your hands you are my elder. Hs phone ings and he goes out.
Mishra calls raghav. He asks if his passport is reday? Mishra tells him that sahil has you passport. He got it when the custody case was on going. Your new passport and birth certificate is with sahil. You have t get it from him any how. Kalpi comes and says thankyou to raghav. He says mention not. Nettu is fighting with sahil about slapping prem. She says this is all happening because of raghav. Nettu goes in to the room and finds raghav talking on phone she doubts that he has a girl friend.
Kamla and Kalpi go to home happily.

Mummy ji goes to raghav and says him thanks. She says that you taught my grand son that he needed a lot. You just didn’t help kamla and kalpi. She goes out and says nettu that i know you are mother and this is hurting you but if you support him this time he will cost you a lot. Nettu says everything is my fault. Sahil comes in and says that i slapped him because he steal the money not because of kalpi. He will do this onward. Nettu says isn’t it like you hit him to impress raghav ? He says maybe. Nettu says the same way prem did this to ipmress me then whats the difference between you and him> You like raghav because of your interests.

Scene 6
Kamla tells vitthal that the truth won. They are all so happy praising the lord.

Precap- Diviyah is looking for raghav in whole house she can’t find it. She tells nettu and sahil they get worruied and call all the relative but can’t get any trace of him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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