Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla shows mummy ji Kalpi’s picture. She is acting weird looking at gauri behind Kalpi. Kamla says I think you don’t feel good here. Let me take you in. I have to go to home earlier. Everyone is waiting for me.

Scene 2
Vitthal prays for Kalpi and says please God always keep her happy. kalpi comes and takes the sweets, he catches her red handed. he says why you grew so fast. You were a kid a little time ago. Today you are so old that boy is coming to see you and what will I do with you in this house. Kalpi hugs him and says I won’t go anywhere. I will ask him to stay here. Pakiya says control I was thinking to get her stuff and now she is calling her husband here as well.

Scene 3
Next morning Kamla has applied mask on Kalpi’s face. Kalpi

says he is coming to meet you not me. Kamla asks Vitthal to wake pakiya up. Kamla and Vitthal are doing all the arrangements. Kamla looks at kalpi and says stay home today you look so good. kalpi says he will come by 7 pm or so. Kamla asks what he likes in food ? Kalpi says everything you make. Kamla asks do i know him ? Kalpi says he is coming today. Kamla says is he from your office ? Kalpi says he is coming this evevning you can ask him yourself.

Scene 4
Sahil comes to paki and asks what are you doing . Mummy ji is reluctant to take medicine from sahil. Pakhi says I will give her. Nettu comes and says let me give it. Nettu tries to give it but mummmy ji is even more reluctant. Pakhi says why is she reacting like this. Do you both know what she wanna say. Nettu says don’t think that much mummy ji is angry at kamla because she didn’t come. Pakhi says Kamla maa is not your servant. She didn’t come because its an important day for her. Nettu says yeah yeah she is great.

Scene 5
Everyone is getting ready. Kamla says its dream of every mom to get her daughter ready. Vitthal laughs. Kamla says I am nervous. Vitthal says is he coming to see you ? Gauri says just give them water then ask them what’d they like. Kamla says call them. Kalpi tries to call Raghav. He says how can I go. I have never been so tensed in an international meeting. Kalpi says he is busy in meeting i guess. Vitthal says Kalpi don’t be worried he will come. Kalpi calls again but he doesn’t receive. Its 9 pm. Kamla asks kalpi to call again they’re all waiting for him. Kalpi says calls. Kamla asks will he come ? Its too late. Kalpi says i know he’ll come. Its 11 pm and its getting on Kalpi’s nerves. kamla says I don’t think he will come. Kalpi says no there must be something important that’s why he couldn’t come. His phone is off. Let me go and check. Vitthal says no you won’t go. Now we will see tomorrow. Lets have the dinner. kalpi says no I am not hungry. I am going to the park. Kamla prays for kalpi.

Scene 6
Raghav is on road and lying on his car. He says I know it must have hurt yoy but I had no other choice. Kalpi thinks I know you can never hurt me but I am just worried if you’re okay or not. There is a plenty of questions in my mind.
Raghav says i am sorry kalpi I can’t says anything even when I want to. Kalpi says I never take you wrong you are so caring you could just share with me. I just pray that you are always safe.
Everyone else has slept. Kalpi recalls all the moments with Raghav.

Scene 7
Next morning Kalpi goes to Raghav’s place an rings the bell. A lady comes and says can’t you see its locked. He left earlier.kalpi wonders why it is locked. She is in tears. She takes out her diary and writes a note. She writes that I am giving love another chance. If you don’t come to meet me by tomorrow I will take it as a permanent no.

PRECAP- Pakhi asks Kamla whats wrong ? Kamla says my daughter is broken, That guy didn’t come.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ashranna

    what is wrong here….why he could not say he is unable to make it and will call her soon…all this drama

  2. can’t understand this mystery…..hope everything will b fine b/w RagNa…….plz cvs don’t do anything wrong……..OMG my heart goes…..dhak…. dhak….. What will happen 2morrow……

  3. girijashiva

    he is at home only.when she called he switched off the phone.dont know why? he was sitting on the bannet of the car- saying kalpana will b tensed but can not help it.MEIN MAJBOOR HOON? WHAT MAJBOORI HE IS TALKING?

  4. girijashiva

    why he is not at all rec her phone or call back her? why his house locked? what is his majboori?any new story????????//////AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYooooooooooooo dont want any new story /please kalpana deserve raghav.

  5. yoga efron

    omg wat the hell………wat is raghavs prob……..why cant he show up…….oh pls make the drama go much smoother……….

  6. gh

    Maybe he wants to sort out his problems with the Kapoors before anything else. Also Kalpana has to prove herself.

  7. Nat

    Stupid episode. Even for the exams, he could have told her something came up and he couldn’t come. He didn’t have to ignore her!! The writers are messing with our emotions!! Why can’t anything be smooth? Why does there always have to be drama??

  8. girijashiva

    he loves kalpana but want to take revenge kapoor? then why the hell he love kalpana and forced her to love him .this is another bullshit serail.if it going that way .

  9. girijashiva

    writers brain is cooling now in their freezers.what the hell he is saying- mein majboor hoon. what does it means? why he spoiled her hopes and love for him.

  10. anshu

    Guys i want to share 1 thing that before this epi i had a view that raghav loves kalpi more but today kalpi proved my view wrong becoz of the trust she showed in raghav..,

  11. gh

    There has to be some mystery. I think the last couple of weeks there has been a v good build up of trust between the two of them. It wont break so easily – there will be ups and downs but I think it will be fine in the end.

    But only problem is we have gotten so attached to Ragna that every tear of theirs has become ours

  12. Mon

    Ema is a also a tv show and writer need to do something to drag ema ,I think so this is kind is trick to pull ema.now think if raghav going kalpna’s home then he can find out about his mom and after that raghna 2gether after that ragh can find out easyli about kapoor’s and no more raghna for us the end
    Just I said before there will be many ups and down with raghna
    Raghna made for eachother
    Just remamber that twitter pic raghav is in chawl
    Thrust me raghna frnds everything will be allright

  13. Nat

    I agree about ragna that they will survive this but how long will the writers drag this new story? Why can’t sammy get involved and tell kalpi he had to go out of town for a few days on an emergency? Then he can be seen consoling her and again Kamla will get the wrong idea. Maybe that is the story?
    But what happened to the spoiler that Raghav will come home with the exam papers? I am confused and wasting too much of my time thinking about this!! Why do writers have to spoil and create misunderstandings instead of showing us a pure love?

  14. Aman

    Don’t be sad frnds I think he is so uncomfortable …bcz frnds rag has started changing…. But to talk abt marriage is so sudden…..he is very hesitant to his parents and he need ryt time to say this that he loves her…and today he was also sad thinking abt kalpi….but I think Sammy shud be there to help rag or at least he shud discuss this to Sammy….

  15. anshu

    Ema is a slow programme
    Thats y pawan man gave the spoiler on twitter so that we can cool ourselved
    & yes ofcoorse therenwill be misunderstanding..
    But it will be solved too..
    I think this musunderstanding will be cleared next week

  16. Mon

    I m thinking positive but also can’t stop thinking Negative means raghana love eachother end of the show everything will be alright
    But remamber raghav confess his love to kalpi that epi he was telling Sammy love ke liye koi jagah nahi,maybe he usko revange Lena hai kapoor’s se aur paji wala idea uske Dimag me firse a Gaya ho to??

  17. ashranna

    ok i was trying to stay away but this just dont make sense…just call her and tell her he is busy….that is more acceptable….he begged for her love and when she finally gives in he starts his games saying he wish he could tell her….he cant begin to understand what he did to her…….i really sorry thats the way the story turn…i dontt doubt their love but separation and sacrifice is the same storyline… i wass hoping for more out of this serial…..i am so disappointed after a wonderful week…..the sad part is we dont know when those romantic moments will return…..and he needs to man up….to the woman he loves…

    • ashranna

      twist and turns caused qubool hai to lose its value and actually failing to attract viewerrs….according to the facebook post i think we are in for more disappointment….so no vote and will quit because kalpi deserved better… i dont think writers have the abilty to write beyond the chase for love…when the leads finally come together the writers cant see beyond….i dont know if some of them are married….that life exist after marriage…..and nobody is asking that kalpi and raghav get married tomorrow but let them blossom together….

  18. GH

    There is also one more thing – the whole story is about Kalpi fulfilling her parent’s dreams (on her own) without being dependent on anyone. She has still not had a chance really to achieve anything on her own.

  19. AP

    Feeling so bad guys.. they could have avoided this!! I don’t see the reason for such a twist at this point !!!! i mean seriously – he would have just texted her atleast and whatever the problem is aren’t they one why hide !!!! 🙁 :(.. I have a very big presentation to finish by tomorrow in real(unlike what they show in EMA- in reality it takes months for proposals :)).. I really need to get my head straight … 🙁 my repu in stake… god help me !!!!

  20. GH

    In Today’s Epi of EMA My Character Shaped in a very Wrong Way 🙁

    – Ashish Chowdhry post in facebook

  21. anshu

    Guys conc on polling
    The way ema won that zee tv only programmes poll
    I want it to win this 1 also

  22. Raglan has always been straight forward but I hope he will make kalpi understands I can feel if raglan doesn’t want to meet kalpi parents anyway it’s very early to meet them. But don’t breal kalpi heart., first sort out raghav mother problend n kapoor

  23. I was sad after this episode was thinking if it’s going to continue like this will stop watching EMA Hope you end weekend tomm episode with raghav clearing kalpi s mind

  24. Mon

    I to watch ema just Bcoz raghna
    But i m very soft heart lady ,for even 1 epi can’t c problem or separation anything with raghna
    I thought I’ll watch raghna till ema ka the end tak Bcoz I was wrong
    I m Quiting ema from today
    No comment no ema
    I m in to much love with this show,I use to watch many tv show but never attach like this and it’s not good
    This is 1st time 4 me to comment on any show
    Don’t wont to get hurt Bcoz raghna
    I’ll try not to come back
    Bye for now
    Will miss u guys

      • Aman

        Oh no Mon don’t quit….everything will be all right…I know rag will come to chawl along wid kalpi result….at least everything will remain gud BTW ragna……And I know ab tak to writers bhi samajh gaye honge ki sab ragna ko kitna jaada like karte hai….I hope they will not spoil love story….just be cool …..keep loving ragna…..

  25. It is confirmed raghav chawl jayega…..bas itni tension hai kalpi ne jo raghav k liye letter choda hai woh kahen kho na jaye ya phir edr udr na hojaye…then it must create some tension….

      • ok….it is confirmed raghav must come chawl…..bt hv some tention…he should read that letter which kalpi has leave for him…..if cdnt see it then it must create some problem…..

  26. Nico

    Oh, please please please…..let it end on a good note for Wkend….don’t think I will be able to sleep this Wkend if does not end positive for Ragna…..was such beautiful episodes for EMA this week….cld the writers not have prolonged ragnas time together before Kamla came to know about Kalpi liking someone….writers shld have given us till Friday for Ragna love story before putting in twist…very sad today 🙁

  27. sneh

    very sad show,Raghav should have atleast answer her phone, or text her, very irresponsible, If writer wants to drag the story why did not some kind of excuse for not showing up,To day i really feel sorry for Kalpana.s family. specially Kalpana was so worried,I hope Raghav shows up tomorrow with a very good explanation.
    so sad—–in any family when future son in law come first time,it is really very emotional & important.

  28. dd

    before today’s episode i was thinkingto rember the precap that raghav must go to solve for kalpi result problem thats why was not able to come at chwal and give myself relex but today’s episod broke my heart badely. Why raghave you did this why? i always think that you are true lover you are 32 mature person why u did this teenager nonsence ……i know you are nervous and not able to think what to do how to meet with her parents. but Raghav if stil you are thinking tht yu should go or not for marriage and all and thinking again your love then i should say you do not deserve kalpi i think paaji is ok for you if you are the boy who is ready to love kalpi but not ready to give her your support and being together everytime and taking time to think. how stupid yaar i was thinking if raghave deech kalpi then i think no one need to feel this special feeling. kalpi will broke totally how raghave will face her and what should he tell her i think relation will go end and kalpi will not go on wth him and he try to convence her…..sammy also will againt raghav. i am sorry to say raghave u disapointed us….last night i did not sleep well and do fighting with my hubby because of this sadness

  29. anshu

    Guys it was justb1 episode
    Raghav intentionally created this misunderstanding..
    Plz dont leave the show..
    Mon frankly saying inthink somewhere this was necessary to show kalpi’ s trust on raghav
    But atbthe same time she maintained hef dignity
    I didnt dislike the episode

  30. dd

    i hops so….i love to see both together, i really very sad what raghave did but i cannot imgain that septate them .

  31. anshu

    Kalpi said that she’ll wait till next day’ morning but i think he’l come on next day’s evening!!!!!

    • anshu

      This is a guess becoz
      The sarre which kamla was wearing in precap was different frkm that in spoiler so i think one day gap is must
      Also time of spoiler photo looks like its noon or evening
      So its just a guess

  32. Nat

    Thanks anshu for the link. As usual after a week or so of making us all suffer, ragna will get back together. I don’t think he has commitment phobia BC he said in that one episode that in the future, the house will be hers. She should be comfortable. I think the writers should unite them and then deal with the kapoors BC then we would all be happy watching in in between their love scenes!!

  33. anshu

    Chocopie u hav watched geet na…
    I will not leave the show just 4 1 bad epi which was not bad from my view..
    Eemember when man was not ready to talk to geet when she told him that she is pregnant..
    But after 4-5 episodes with constt try she finally told him that whole truth & their relationship was even stronger..
    I think the same phase is with kalpi & raghav….

  34. u r right anshu…….& then their relationship was more stronger….yes same thing will happen with RagNa…..bcoz pawandeep was also the creative of geet…she had never separate MaNeet……hope yahan par b visa hi ho…….

  35. i also seen her other shows that are gd…… Bt Geet was my fav…….like drashti & gurmeet……madhubala was also my fav. Bt i leave it in the middle …..bt hv watched geet at the end…..

    • anshu

      Same here
      Geet is the only programme whichni hv watched from starting til the end..
      & even if u see there are some scenes which u will find similar in geet & ema..
      That scene when raghav saved kapli frkm drowning & kapli raghav hug in the rain it was similar to that behne de hug inngeet…
      Yeahbi also left madhubala in middle.. i started becoz of drashti but left becoz of revenge & only revenge in that show.. wahan pyaar ka doosra naam revenge hai

  36. SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK…….OMG OMG guyz hv u seen new spoiler……..my BP is gonna 200° …….mujse toh bola b nahi ja raha hai…. New pic is Raghav & paji in wedding suit & kamla is with them

  37. anshu

    This is really hopeless guys
    Hadd hai
    I thought ema wont go that bad
    But if it actually got that bad then i wil stol watching tv
    I will not watch any daily soap then becoz i was fed up after madhubala then inwatched ema felt it was bit diff but my hopes are crushed after this spoiler..

  38. mere paas toh words he nahi hai comment karne k liye my mind has lost & yea my hopes are also crushed……..can’t believe it…..

  39. anshu

    Seriously only we 2 wer complementing the cvs
    Only 1 song coming in my mind for cvs
    Kaisa sila diya tune mere pyaar ka
    Yaar ne hi loot liya ghar yaar ka…

  40. ashranna

    so the writers are no different from the other writers…so will not bother to watch this serial from today…i really thought the writers were different…but they want revenge,sacrifice,triangles and everything that all the other serial are made of….adios

  41. hahaaaaaa anshu ur song makes me laugh…….itni tention mein hasa diya thanx yaa & the song is perfect……1 more song is in my mind zor ka jathka hi zoron se laga cvs ban gya EMA ki sazaa….

  42. AP

    WHAT…. RAGAV marrying Paki !!!!!!!! OKAY me too done with EMA … this is soooo bad… I need to stop the recording option I have set in my settop bix for EMA … What is this.. in one epi.. raghav tells kapi you are my world… they have a 1 date with each other .. then he goes and marry Paaki … this is heights of no words……:((((((((((((((… I was thinking EMA was different but alas….

  43. anshu

    Ye toh meri bachpan ki bimaari hai
    The line of that song
    Huzoor huzoor mai hoon aadat se majboor
    I just sing song to evry sitaution
    Your song is also gud one..
    Zor ka jathka bahut zoro se laga

  44. AP

    Gosh … I don’t know .. I feel like crying hearing the news of spoiler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raghav just proved Kamala to be right through out and killed the very basis of the serial… man…

    • AP

      what promo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the pics uploaded so far has happened for real I the serial.. how is this going to be different………………..

  45. Aman

    Oh really i am going to leave the show…..it is something…..giving feeling of following same track …..they r emotionally torturing us not ragna…lost faith in Writers…

  46. anshu

    Superb episode thank god
    I watched it
    Raghav came to chawl…..
    Ofvourse misunderstanding inc…

  47. GH

    Just what was predicted Raghav and Sammy come to the chawl and Kamala and Vithal misunderstand that its Sammy that didnt come. Results come and in the paper they announce that Kalpi tops university

  48. girijashiva

    newpaper kalpana picture came as got 1st in university. then Raghav n sammy came to chawl then all are ready to go to temple.pre cap for mondat- gouri got down to see sammy n raghav

  49. dd

    guys after see your comment that marriage paaji and raghav no way pls dont tell i hope that would be again pakkhi dream that will not come true. but i really scared when raghav came to know that her mom lost her memorey 20 year back and all because of kappors so for revenge he will marry with pakkhi and dont love her and all no pls dont do this otherwise raghve lost kalpi for forever she is not ike that will be stay with him i know she loves him and do not love someother but pls dont do this writer pls dont spoil our fate in love …you shows good love its ok up and downs but do not spoil true love pls pls

  50. sham

    This is the story which is going to happen, when Raghav come kamala and ask he wants to marry her daughter she think that he is asking for Paki and accept the proposal and spread the news to Kapoors. Also she already approved sammy for kalpi she will plan to her both daughters marry one day.

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