Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem asks Sahil to check kalpi’s bag who is begging that she has not stolen anything. Prem appologizes and throws kalpi’s bag. Money o take the come out. Kalpana is crying that ai i have to stolen this i don’t how this came in my bag. I swear to God, Kamla is crying she hugs kalpi and kisses her. Sahil asks Dharminder the take money and get the car ready. sahil says its okay daughter i know very well that kalpi can’t do this. Don’t be afraid. He leaves. Prem says look mom i saved 25 thousand of dad. Nettu says you are my real son.

Scene 2
Prem goes to room and says yes. Raghav asks him how do you know money was in bag? You went to that room too. Prem says why would i steal my dad’s money? i will get whatever amount i want. They steal who don’t

have anything.

Scene 3
Kalpana is saying to kamla that she went to the room and nettu followed her. She has not taken that money. Kamla says i know you are not a thief. I believe in you.

Scene 4
Nettu says look mummy ji these people will always be like that. We just respect kamla because she is my daughter’s maid. I will ask her not to bring her here again.

Scene 5
Pakiya shouts that i will not leave him. Vitthal says we don’t have to be like them, look kamla you die for their daughter and what they did to yours. He holds kalpi in his lap. He says kamla, kalpi won’t go there onward.

Scene 6
Nettu is roaming in the room. Sahil says speak up nettu. She says i am very angry with you, you left kalpi. He i mean. says i won’t even doubt my children but not kamla’s. Nettu says that you mean that my nuturing is not better than kamla. He says yes that’s what i mean one of our children have done this to hurt kalpi. Nettu slepps in anger.

Scene 7
Vitthal is telling kapi religious stories. Kamla and Pakiya smiles.
Kalpi wakes from mid of sleep shouting that i am not a thief. Vitthal and kamla hug her. Vitthal says yes we all know that my princess is not a thief she can never be. Kamla sings a song for her. She sleeps in kamla’s lap.
Manda is wondering whats wrong with kamla’s family. She plan to tell all the people. vitthal prays God to save his daughter.

Scene 8
Next morning kamla tells kaloi that she won’t go on work with her. Kalpis says but i am fine. Kamla says but baba asked you not to go. Pakiya says we will go to zoo. Kamla says yes but take care of Kalpi. Vitthal says no take her along with you she will always be called a thief. But come with justice back, and find out who did this to her. You have to fix the hurt heart of my daughter. He asks kalpi to get ready. Kamla and kalpi leave. Kamla thinks how will i prove this everyone will look at kalpi like.. She hears kalpi crying and vitthal telling her that its her responsibility to prove her right. She says yes its my duty and i will do thi for sake of respect of my daughter.

When they reach there kalpi says she doesn’t wanna go in. kamla sayss that that fear who do something not you. When they enter prem says video game hide, other wise someone wil steal you. Nettu comes in and says go and get your things right in the room otherwise people will think that you don’t need that so take it. Paki says i will study outside. Diviyah asks kamla that she will look after her. Kalpi remembers prem’s voice calling her thief. She is unable to study. Diviyah is looking at her and thinking whats her fault?

Diviyah asks kamla to look carefully she is about to cut her finger. kamla says that what can i do vitthal has asked me to know who put money in her bag. Diviyha says anyone can do this even nettu or paki. Kamla says that paki is stubborn but she is innocent. Raghav listens to all this kamla tells him that she was just joking raghav leaves.

Kamla gos to nettu and says that my daughter is so worried. please find out who did this to her she couldn’t sleep. Nettu says don’t i have anything i have to do? I have so many things. Find out yourself. Nobody has said anything to kalpi just don’t bring your daughter here from tomorrow. She leaves

Precap- kamla asks sahil to find out who took they money. Sahil says i know she can’t do this but now leave this topic it will spoil her mind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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