Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla says to Raghav shut up don’t call me kamla mma. I am not your mom. You broke my daughter’s heart and considered it your right. You made fun of our poverty. You played with my innocent daughters. You and only you are responsible for destruction of Kalpi and Pakhi. Raghav says please pardon me Kamla maa. I am ready for the punishment iw ill make everything okay. I still love Kalpi like i used to do. Kamla sys top it don’t ever say her name. What will you fix ? People like yoyu can only break. The fire of revenge always grows never abates. kamla says for sake of your revnenge you burnt you own happiness as well. Ragahv says please Kamla maa don’t come between and Kalpi. Kamla says I guess you are forgetting that you broke her heart. If someone loves another person they leave

everything for them It was your decision to decide what to choose between love and revenge. She handover him the wedding locket and says keep it to you. You made fun of wedding. It is worn for the strength of love. You made fun of this precious relationship. I pray that you.. Kamla stops and says I can’t pray bad for your because you are associated to another daughter of me. I will pray to God that you may chnage. You lost Kalpi now I hope that you don’t hurt Pakhi. Kamla says life won’t let you settle down.

Scene 2
Kalpi is in balcony and is in tears. She sits down. Raghav is alone now at the place. Pakhi is alone and in tears as well. The ‘rabba’ plays in the background. All of them are in deep thoughts Raghav is looking at the moon.
Gauri gives a spoon of food and say eat it. She says call your parents and tell them that the food left for servant is being eaten by their daughter. Pakhi stops right there. Gauri says what you thought that i started loving you ? Finish this food all right ? It won’t be easy for you to live here.

Scene 3
At night Nettu can’t sleep she says there are so many mosquitoes. How do they sleep here. The matress is so uncomfortable. Kamla comes and asks Nettu whats wrong ? She says there are so many mosquitoes here let me go out. Nettu says this all has happened because of Raghav. I won’t forgive him I will make hi cry. Kamla says he if Pakhi’s husband don’t say like that. Nettu says ask poki to divorce Ragahv. Kamla says what are you saying its not a joke. You know how much Pakhi loves Raghav. She should strive for a new happy life with him. Kamla goes in and asks Vitthal to sleep at the floor. She says Nettu can’t sleep there on floor. Vitthal agrees. Kamla asks Nettu to sleep there. The light turns off again.

scene 4
Pakhi says whether Raghav accepts me or not i will do all a wife has to do. She goes to kitchen. Gauri stops her and says leave. I have to make Raghav breakfast. Pakhi says let me make it. Gauri says he won’t eat it. I know you are playing these games to catch my son but you will never win his heart. When Gauri is done Pakhi comes in again and makes the sweet. She takes it to the table and says i made this for you Raghav. This is my first dish. Raghav leaves the table and so does Gauri.

Scene 5
Some man has come to mee Raghav. He says I need a favor of yours, there is a girl i love her. To confess her I have arranged a t20 match, I want you to be in my team and let me get him. Sammy says i think you should help Raj. Raghav say yes i will come for your love.

Kamla calls Pakhi and asks did she make the dish ? Pakhi says yes but he didn’t even taste it. Kamla says it will take some time. I know your nature will win their heart just keep on trying. Pakhi plans on sending the dish to Raghav with dirver.
Kamla sasy to nettu that I am going to temple will you come with us ? Nettu says i haven’t even taken bath properly there was shortage of water. Kamla says let me get you more water. Pakiya says you are not there servent anymore. Let her bring it. Vitthal says he is right.
Nettu goes downstairs to get a bucket of water, its so tiring for her. On the way back she sees a paper in trashbin that says Kalpana Yadav. Its the same Raghav sent her. She takes it out and reads the letter. She is really shocked at it. She says so this is the actual scene. I got my key to get back to old life.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. EMA FAN

    why doesn’t gauri meet kalpi ?
    why is it taking so long?
    raghav isn’t gona listen to kamla coz he knows shes so full of shit
    pakhi should give up trying and divorce raghav as it is a loveless marriage and gauri doest accept her

  2. Mon

    I don’t know why pd ne paji ko itna stupid character dia hai
    Paji knows raghav doesn’t love her & merry with her just Bcoz revang than why she is making shira and runing after ragh
    Raghav loves only kalpana
    Pd ko paaji ki image achi banani hai pd is making her look more stupid

  3. Mon

    Raghna frnds never going to accept rakhi
    In real I don’t like shirina if some other actress plying paji in ema I may try

  4. heena

    Dis raghav n gauri r to much aj kamla nahi hoti toh woh raghav abhi tak sahil ke gharpe sad raha hota and woh gauri toh mar gayi hoti ahesanfaramosh

  5. ema ex-fan

    Hi Ema fan,
    You have given very valid and logical points. Unfortunately the cvs and writers are hell bent on continuing with this illogical regressive track. They think they are addressing 70’s audience while we r in 2014. All fans are hating it. Just check twitter and fb posts. So many hate posts from dans. But creatives somehow wants to force raghav-paakhi jodi. The story seems to be headed that way. I have stopped watching. But still check written updates and twitter fb comments. After a while I’ ll stop that also. Ema is losing so many viewers this way. But cvs don’t seem to be bothered.

    • vashtie motilal

      kamal is so bend on gettin pookie with raghav she is an big assss i cant stand her in ema

  6. girijashiva

    COUNTRY SIZE:5 sq.miles.

  7. Leila

    I dnt blame the writers for makn kamla ma illiterate,,she deserves dt…shes the stupidest mother alive…worthless human being…

  8. i hope the new guy named raj is doesnt fall in love on kalpi.kalpi is only for taghav.they both only looked as a cute and nice couple.pls directors pls change the story trap n bring back our ragna anyhow.

    • girijashiva

      sara ,you are mistaken. this guy -Raj is from serial-Aur Pyar hogaya-ZEE TV.in that serial 2 guys for a single girl. they both fight for girl named AVNI.they both challenged each other to play cricket against each other. each team have players from all the ZEE TV serial Including RAGHAV n KALPANA. dont miss tomrow episode- you can watch them playing against other team..

  9. Crystal Singh

    Hi Friends – I agree that Gaurie should meet Kalpia and explain that she asked raghav t o avenge his fathers death and what has happen to both of them.At least she will understand that he did this for his mother,so at least Kalpi will know.And then she should meet Vithal alone and explain the whole situation,cause when Kamla is around everything always gets twisted. Writers I think you all can do better,too much hatred for Kamla.

  10. Nat

    Worst episode ever!!!! Neetu and mute sahil are the worst! Kamla doesn’t see she is being used? She doesn’t see that neetu killed Raghav dad ? She thinks that is not a crime? Why aren’t police involved? What else is Raghav going to do to them? They are living in kamla’s house so they aren’t suffering!! What is kalpi now going to listen to neetu??

    The only way I will accept this show is if kalpi will stick up for Raghav when neetu tells her what she did in the precap. She has to make neetu realize that everyone is suffering BC of what they did. It isn’t raghav’s fault!!!! She need to stick up for what is right. If she doesn’t then I will lose faith in this show forever!! Bakwas!!!!!

  11. Nat

    Also vital has to take control of his house or Kamla will give everything to neetu! So irritating!!!!

  12. AP

    Guys today is my birthday and reading ema WU screwed my day…i can’t believe this crap…jeez..thank god i am not watching it

  13. hmmm….AP……..i told u few dayz before about ur birthday bt u & mon don’t reply me…..only girija & anshu h replied…..well happy birthday :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):

    • AP

      Hey choco.. looks like i did not see that comment :(.. sorry.. tweet me yaar.. i donm’t come here as often as i used to :(… very very sorry and belated happy birthday dear 🙂

  14. StrawberryPie

    Where’s the precap? Was there even a precap? and if there was, can someone plz tell me wat it was?

  15. StrawberryPie

    Just read the episode… sheer crap .. now WTF did neetu get in tht blo*dy sheet of paper….
    I am actually bgining to pity PAkhi becouase if we think rationally, the poor girl has no fault of hers in this …. she didnot even know tht the person she and kalpi loved were on and the same (keeping aside her reaction- she might have snatche him )
    DO u guys know about tht new twist zeetv tweeted about?

  16. there is no new spoiler strawberrypie……two dayz befor zee had tweetd may b this marriage is fake….bt i thnk that wz only for publicity……..

  17. Fati Sfn

    EMA is full of crap n shit these days.just playing with our minds.So uninteresting.Im done.Im regretting the time n hope i had for d show earlier .it was my best coz of Raghna but don’t care about it anymore bcoz of the stupid twist they brought in d story.Total crap

  18. in precap: neetu is talking with kalpi…tells her she cn understand her pain……raghav h broke her(kalpi) heart and my(neetu) house……

  19. ashranna

    is that neetu will help raghav and kalpi thinking that if he divorces paki she will get back her house lol

    • ek

      hey chocopie do u think now will use kalpi against raghav to fulfil her wish an if this gona happen i must say pd deserver the best award of making puppets

  20. hi ek also don’t knw what will happen…….on twitter there is a battle war ths tym b/w pd & viewers…..pd ki baaton se aisa lag raha hai she wl nt change ths track……

    • ashranna

      well gul khan paid a high price for not changing qubool hai…..she had to create a new qubool hai that is catching hell to pull viewers so pd and dj creatives will suffer the same faith…..illogical track in the 21st century signs of no progression..pd being edcuated will not make u intelligent…

  21. suzieb

    The WRITERS in this soap truly supports evil and they are all for it..they don’t support God because they are showing that doing good gets you nowhere and evil will always win..they are too dumb because we are living in 2014 not back in 1492 during slavery..why kalpi have to suffer when kamla neetu n paaki always have to get what they want! Writers wake up stop putting down india and show that good conquers evil and let people have some hope, stop degrading Indians n making the world laugh at us for being backward

    • ashranna

      my country will be celebrating 169yrs of the indians from india coming to my country….and i was always proud to say yes we have made our make…..but where i live there is no discrimation of religion race creed or class….we stand together as one but when i see what these indian serials depict indian women to be it is really stupid without intelligence even though they educated….then i feel glad i am not living india…but EMA is not unique to the storyline..most indian serial focus of sacrificing love 21st century a girl like paki would leave raghav immediately finding out he did not love her…..and as for staying in the marriage no woman in the 21st century will put up with that behaviour…..

  22. Mon

    Hi tu frnds
    Just now I saw ema DAMLA ka bhashan and paji ki 1st rasoi and shira drama ke baad 1000% I feel
    There’ll be no more raghna only rakhi pd hippo won’t change anything
    I hate pd even I m surprise ki ema crew ka koi mem pd ko advice kyo nahi deta
    Can’t belive
    They don’t known raghna frnds ka power

  23. girijashiva

    NO.Kalpana knows whole truth about Kapoors.Neetu is trying influence kalpana against Raghav but i hope she will support Raghav.tomorrow 6PM telecast -there is cricket match – played by ZEE TV actors- do not forget to watch RAGHNA also there.

    • mytwobitsworth

      Only we viewres think logically. the way the cvs think and do our sweet Kalpana will turn negative and Phoookie will be sati savitri

  24. mytwobitsworth

    Have you guys seen Dagga Mohit’s (Vittal) tweet about fan opinion being bullshit and that if we don’t like what we see we should switch channels.. That sums up what they think about viewer opinion. He says EMA has high TRP due to great story line…
    What story line. Its the same old crap. There never was any logic in it.The only thing that brought viewers were Ashish’s Charisma, Rachana’s out of the world acting and Ishhan Manhaas. No one knew EMA before that.
    Mohit and Sidhant (Pakya) are really good actors but under utilised. Shilpas Kamla Maa is shown as some Jagat Mata who has a right to take decisions regarding everyones life. Really…She slaps Kalpi and RS around like flies..
    And they take Gods opinion and disregard it…And so the next time she asks God himself refuses to answer her.
    Just see how pathetic they have turned RS character. Being beaten around by all and sundry. Can you even imagine characters like Rudra (RangRasiya), Shlok (IPKKND), or even Zain (Beintehaa) being slapped around.
    And now Shirni is being forced on us…She just cannot act and the character is so hateful. The creative director PD says we should love Paakhi. (coz she does).but we only know what is put in front of us and we hate it.
    I think its time we exercise the power of remote and show them fans/viewers make a show successful and isshhtrong..Todays viewres wanr positivity not some morbid masochistic self destruction..

  25. girijashiva

    I copy and paste PD tweets:
    Pawandeep Kwatra @pawandeepkwatra ·
    If it doesn’t feel right anymore, leave. It’s not worth the time if you’re unhappy.

  26. Mon

    Tu frnds anybody c hum dil de chuke sanam movie
    Ash ki ajay ke sath sdi ho gai ajay ko pata chala to wo ash ko salman ki dene Italy jata hai
    Movie ke end me ash ko realiz hota hai Sadi Sadi hai koi khel nahi and than wo ajay devgan ke pass chali jati hai
    Ema me Wesa hi hoga
    Ragh ne revang ke lie paji se Sadi ki aur wo kalpna se pyar karta hai par wo saw ke end me paji ke sath rahega
    Bcoz DAMLA is pushing kalpi to becom mam

  27. Mon

    Sammy kalpi se pyar nahi karta
    Ragh paji ke sath rahe aur new entry kisi ki hogi nahi to Kya kalpi single rahegi??
    Wo bapa ke sare isharo ka Kya??
    Paaji ko pata hai ki ragahv ne revang ke lie Sadi ki aur woh kalpi se pyar karta hai to phir pd paji se shira kyo Banava Rahi hai
    Paji kyo kaheti hai raghav mane na mane par me use apna pati manti hu
    Stupid paji selfish uski jagah me hoti to raghna ko mula deti
    Pd ko cvs banne ka idea kisne dia
    Ragh ne kalpi ko fake rose dia tha to woh rose real kese bangaya
    Anybody remamber ki raghav pot me pani dal raha tha rose ko na murja ne ke lie
    Gosh unbelive able
    Pd ke pass brain nahi hai Kya??

    • ek

      hi mon gud morning i think pd is showing that kitne bhi bapa ka blessing ho, ya phir true lv ho etc. par pd is there to spoil eveything——————–

  28. sneh

    Hi My Raghna friends First i want to wish AP …..VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALL THE BEST enjoy with friend & famly quality time Don’t waste your time on EMA its full of garbage Now kamla is giving lecture to raghav
    She is contradicting herself what ever rule she has for kalpana just the opposite for PAKHI, as per her own words RAGHAV is criminal not good for Kalpana BUT He should be every thing for Pakhi.
    If pakhi really LOVE raghav she should let him go to kalpana,anyway no logical twist will take place in this show so i suggest few point by which this show can comeback on track
    WE NEED SAMMY OUR GURU Pl.sammy sir talk to your BEST friend & help him so that he does not end up miserable rest of his life…..
    (1) go to POLICE, As Police commisioner is raghav’s friend (remember when police insulted Kalpi Raghav was talking to commisioner)explain every thing ,what kapoors did to him & his mother.Law is on Raghav side as Sahil has mudered raghav ‘s DAD &took all money,Kapoor should suffer in JAIL.
    (2+ Kamala is doubleface,she should also be in Jail as she is supporting % sheltering criminals. ACC,to criminal law its CONSPIRANCY & she is disturbing law by helping MURDERS
    (3)Sammy sir raghav& pakhi’s wedding was done as a revenge which has no place moraly or sochially
    so ANNULMENT OF MARRIAGE IS NECESSARY it will save pakhi, kalpana. . Raghav & gouri every body,
    In 21 centuary this type of loveless marriage has no place,Pakhi can’t win RAGHAV love, A compremize life will be hell h=for raghav & Pakhi they will suffer….
    (4) Talk to KALPANA she NEEDED to solve this problem she is super smart , I hope she listn to your brilliant advice No body will love Raghav & take care of all his small & big needs like her,Remember how much she did for Raghav when they got lost in ALIBAGH
    (5)Raghav & Kalpana belong together, they can live happily with Gouri…….
    What all my friends think Our SAMMY will help his friend RAGHAV & KALPANA

    • ek

      hi sneh may be pakhi and sammy will get closer bcs pakhi is sending shira to office surely raghav wont eat it an i am only guessing that sammy would eat it pakhi ka dil rakhne ke liye an when pakhi will come to know this …………………………………………..it is only my imagination

    • girijashiva

      good mornng ! don’t forget to watch ZEE TV at 6pm today .we can them watch RaghNA together . our eyes eager watch them together.

  29. dd

    Hello mon, nat, girajji, cocopai and Ap and all other tu friends, first Many Many Happy Returuns of the Day AP!!!! its bleated now sorry i am late! May god fulfill your all wishesh and its comes true very soon!!! God Bless you!!!!.
    i cant understand what pd is trying to show this if you see everything was clear to all but still all are predecting like they dont know anything bad people still bad and cant change like neetu and sahil and mr india prem. paakhi she s also bad in good maaner like kamla anyone noticed from starting she is doing good to show that she is good but her intention of the work was always selfishness she never think and do work to give happinss to others she watever do only for herself. 1) kalpi told to kamla and vitthal that rahave doesnt love paakhi and he did this for revenge as neetu and sahl killed his dad and raghave met with his mom on our wedding day’s morning then when kamls went to meet paakhi there she predict like she doesnt know anything and ask to raghav why u did? and tell everything there how he loves kalpi and conveinced her for marriage and told her that he will not marry to paakhi ad that time neetu and sahil was there and after that scene kamla told to pakkhi everything. but now again neetu is beaving like she doesnt know about raghav and kapi love and now she got turmp card which she will use against raghave. i hope kalpi is so good and intelligent girl she knew neetu very well and she is not stupid like kamla she will not consider anything of neetu and wil not work according her i hope pd wish not come ture to make kalpi villan and paakhi heroien no way kalp is heroioen. then paakhi know eveything that ragave loves kalpi and she is not thinking about kalpi’s love eve though raghave happiness she is stil thinking about herself where is my mistke i love him so much and i am wife of him so will do my wok and will get his heart one day looks like to show we all that she is innocenet and bechari pahas gaye revenge ke chaakker main to get soft corner form our heart but liten we are not kamla the dumbo we know who is right andwrong we can analyss that who is realy good hearted. pakkhi is selfish whatever she will do to win heart of raghav all would be selfishness if she really love him she will give all happiness to raghave to give him his love happily and went away fromhis life rather than to try keep her marriage long way if she is good person she should think about kalpi’s pain when she know that she was waiting for raghave and he also love her and because of pakkhi’s parnts he marry with paakhi but she did not even ask about kalpi pain……pakkhi is not good if pd make pakhi to live in raghave heart an life ten pd should know first what is real and true love its bull shit nothing else.

    • ek

      dd pd is not at all creative aur we can say she does not have sense to potray her characters jisko innocent dikhana chati hai use foolish bana deti hai pehle kamla aur ab pakhi both are soundind and acting like dumb,wthout brain idiot jo saach se pare hai to pd mam kisi aur ki help le lo………………………………nahi to hamare comments hi padh lo i am sure u will get gud story line

  30. ek

    frn what a irony it is kapoors only lost their property to raghav not their contacts is there no one who can give shelter to them or criminal people like them must have blck money or undeclared property too they can live their why kamla jo khud singhania ki chawl me rahti hai giving them shelter it is so illogical lagt hai pd forget that ema airs in 21st century viewers are no so fool and inspite of all this they have a son where was he lost he does not have contact his parents yaar mobile ka jamana hai even labours have the mobile these days …………hahahahahahahahahaha

  31. dd

    so thos think that pakkhi is good its bad for them she is nothing good for anyone. she always do good think for herself only and this is not called good one kalpi always think about others pain even though she is more in pain lke she told kamla go and she is also feeling bad that pakhi is in pain. i hope now kalpi wll help raghav to take his revenge as nothing is working as raghave doing neetu and sahil still not reaizing their mistake by heart i think kalpi will realize them and guilt then what they did with plan becasue raghave can destroy things but realy revenge to felt tham that what they did and feel that and apolozised for that by heart i think raghaeand kapli should be together forever even thought not with each other. if pakhi and raghav togeher due to any circumstances and rahgve get soft feeling for him then no love was there and nothing if there.in this serial thy make fun on real love. i know kamla as good indian trying to makr marriage life happiness becasue paakhi is her daughter and she cnnt ignore that now she is wife of raghave and its marriage not fun she trying to understand and trying to convince other that now what he did and stay with it to give happiness to any one but other should think and ralize it

  32. dd

    this is true being good parents all will do same even though its not pakkhi becasue no one wan to hurt anyoter feelings there is no mitake of that girl then how kamla told to give divoce and let raghav and kalpi togher its not sign of good human being i am agree with it but pakhi should do something more good to show her true love true love to give happiness to one whom we loved doest matter how much we burn on it. tur love always want scrifises

  33. dd

    i think raghave must have hide his trum card i dont beleive raghav did this mistake marriag no way there must be some plan or should be otherwise this serial never get back to right track. sammy do something to get togethr raghav kalpi and wake up to pakkhi even i don want sammy with pakkhi he deserv someone good andgood hearted person like kalpi not pakhi

  34. dd

    guys anyone noticed in this match all who will be good hearted and should win are in raghave’s side and who needs to get down after some time and good but situation makes them to rude for their love are in other side samarth so but the result of match will show who will win so its match between raghav and kalpi now we need to see who will win raghave to get his love or kalpi who tying to leave raghava as he is maried now and kamla maa

  35. also thought that may b usne kalpi ko such kahne k leye bulaya tha bt kamla reach there hoskta hai raghav had already sw her aur usne apna plan change karleya……..bcoz as v sw raghav ne toh shaadi k din he kalpi ko saari baatein batai thi ab naya kya tha kehne ko…….hoskta hai m wrong bt hv no trust on cvs she even doesn’t know wht is she doing…..which message is she gvn to viewers ……

  36. gd morning guyz………well m so xcited for today’s zee #2020………u guyz must watch it………….there wl b so fun…………

  37. Nat

    Hi guys! I don’t think it is paaki’s fault. She is supporting Raghav in his revenge. It will be interesting if kalpi supports Raghav in this. She can really make neetu’s life miserable. They have already admitted their crime. So now what is left in this revenge? They got shelter and basically have everything Kamla since she is being a maid to neetu still! It is paaki and kalpi who is suffering. And Raghav. I don’t know how Raghav will damage the kapoors. And where is prem to support his parents. So many holes!! All we wanted was ragna, none of this other bullshit drama!
    As for all the ridiculous and rude tweets, I am shocked they can treat us viewers with such disrespect- I think the prior success of ema has gone to their head!!! But watch, now the trp will be so low that it will bring them back to reality! We do have better things to do than be insulted like this!!!

  38. itna sanaatta kyun hai bai….koi toh aajav muje company dene k leye…….it feelz me so weird…..akele he comment kar rahe hoon……

  39. so sad raghav doesn’t play propely……bt yeah! Kalpi ne catchout kar leya…..damla & paji r also there…..sucks me…..

  40. i checkout mon bt cn’t found anywhere….u may watch it later…..raghav is lukng so handsum…..meri toh nazr he nahi hatt rahi hai usse……

  41. Mon

    Hi litt sis choco and ek
    Choco now I m at home i m also looking for z20 but cnt find,
    India me abhi Jo dikha rahe hai wo sab us me meri night means aap ki morning me ayega and can’t wait to c raghna
    Btw DAMLA and paji kar Kya rahe hai waha?

  42. yeah! Again ragna scene…..kalpi & samrat r openrs…kalpi is playing raghav bowling kar raha hai…..lol! Pehley he bowl mei raghav ne kalpi ko bold kar diya……

  43. Mon

    Kalpi ragh kki opposite me hai aur stupid paji ragh ki team ki cheer leader huumm
    Kuch Samaj me Aya?
    Again rakhi
    Oh no

  44. hate this mon…..bt ya yahan har couple ek dosre k opposite he khel rahe hai…..last half hr mei avni ne realise kya & nw she is on raj’s side….well its nw last moment 2 runs 1 bowl….kya hoga six or out…..suspense……

  45. bhooo.!!! Raj challengers win…raghav ne jeeta diya…well runz na kiye toh kiya howa 3 catches toh pakde…suche pyar ko jeeta toh diya…..happy……

  46. preethi

    The result of the match shows that AUR PYAAR HO GAYA is a better show with positive ending that satisfies the viewers

  47. girijashiva

    Hi! Chocopie,mon,AP,Anshu,DD, and All RAGHNA Fans : i copy and Paste
    Ashish interview:
    Ashish chowdhry: My wife and my son are the biggest fan of Ek Mutthi Asmaan” –
    The very talented and down to earth Ashish Chowdhry, who made his comeback to acting after 3 years, gets into a candid talk with on his role as Raghav in Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan and how hard it has been for him to select the right step for his comeback,
    How has the transition been from movies to television?
    It was a calculated decision actually. I was away from movies for 3-4 years, I was away from any kind of acting because of personal matters. I also loved the family business. Now I had to re-instructure ever tying, as we went through bankruptcy that time and being a movie actor, it was not like that I had reached the position I wanted to, I was not a very big actor. Money is never enough even for secure, because of how the profession is. I did step out, as I wanted to concentrate on my business. I did start a business of security service, also did step into advertising agency, because my dad also had an advertising agency before that. I tried technology, but it didn’t work out, as every business don’t work out. But I still have my security company and my agency is doing pretty well. When I was ready to comeback, even my partners and my co-actors kept telling me “Ashish, you have to do, what you are best at”. Somehow being a celebrity, whether it’s in TV or movies, it always helps business. So I knew I had to comeback in this line, because first of all I love it and I missed acting. When I had a comeback, I choose to do television for a couple of reasons, because in films I don’t get anything other then multi-starrer comedy. I said why not try TV, I then announced that I am ready to do serials, and the kind of offers I received was unbelievable. I choosed to play Raghav Singhaniya for various reasons. I also choose the show as Tony and Diya have been friends. ashishI knew I wanted to work with life minded people and I had the option to work with whoever I wanted to, because I was coming after a hit movie Double Dhamaal’. Normally when people come into television they come after a flop, so people know they are entering TV, as they don’t have work in movies. But in my case, it was different. Today I don’t regret it at all, because I feel the kind of recognition this character and this show has got and the satisfaction I get as an actor doing the show, is incredible. So I have no complaints at all.
    How different is Raghav from Ashish?
    I think they the once who interact with me on Twitter knows, in fact the most exciting thing for me has been Twitter. I see that my followers increase with 100-200 followers each day, which means there is a very good reach for this character with the people, some kind of likability. I was a person who was completely opposite than Raghav, more fun loving and not at as successfull as Raghav. Over a period time, specially when you are doing a daily show, you start living the character. I started as Raghav when I was someone who was completely opposite of Raghav, but sometimes today I feel that I have got a little bit of Raghav in me. But those who interact with me on Twitter, definitely knows that I am nothing close like Raghav. I have done a lot of homework on the character and I do everything I can to make character look like, because it was a very demanding character. When they build up Raghav Singhaniya, there was huge expectations from this character and I had to live up to it, which was the most difficult. Now it is pretty much set, now I have Raghav in me, so I know when I can switch on and switch off Raghav.
    Ek Mutthi Aasmaan did in a very short time top the charts and was liked by the fans, how did that feel?
    Well I feel very happy and I give a lot of credit to the people who are looking for something other then just saas bahu and regular TV shows. That was among the main things I also had in the mind, that I don’t want to do regular kind of TV shows. So when you see the show, you will know that it is not an everyday or always kind of releasing TV show. AshisshThere are everyday or always kind of releasing TV show. AshisshThere are bunch of people experimenting with stories on TV and movies, but nevertheless, it was my judgement of what I felt was the best for my comeback, and when fans like the show, I feel my judgement was right. That makes me most happy, that I did not make a wrong decision taking up this show as my comeback to TV. Like I told you, I handpicked this particular character, I handpicked this particular kind of show, as I felt there was something in it.
    Fans has really liked Raghav and Kalpana’s chemistry. So what’s next in store in the show for Ek Mutthi Aasman fans? Anything interesting going to happen between Raghav and Kalpana?
    I know on Twitter, people has gone crazy that I got married to Pakhi and this whole RaghNa thing has become quite a huge thing all over the social platform. Sometimes I don’t understand what makes them reach that level of liking or that kind of craze, but it is something I look at as success of the show and the two characters. What fans can look forward to is the fact, that what people eventually like, is what the creatives are going to give them, irrespective of where the storyline is going right now. It is very simple, unless you don’t build drama, there is no show, if they show Raghav and Kalpana in love all the time, then there is no drama. Like in serials I know what’s happening in the next 15 days, more than that I am not aware of it. But all I have noticed till now, by my experience of the small time in the TV industry, is that the creatives will eventually give the fans what they want.
    AshsihWhat do your wife has to say about your role and performance in the show?My wife and my son are the biggest fan of Ek Mutthi Asmaan. I am surprised, my son is 5 years old and he is glued into the TV 7clock in the evening everyday. In fact even if they are out somewhere, he always tells me “Dada, I will be going home, we have to watch Ek Mutthi Aasmaan”. Also the show is very child friendly looking on the story. I don’t see anything in it, which can not be seen by a child. I have done some movies in the past like Girlfriend, which was a wrong movie and I decided that I will never do anything that my child can’t be able to watch. Today I feel happy, that my wife and son enjoys what I am doing. In television when you go to shoot, the next day it airs on TV. My son goes to shoot sometimes, he catch the episode the day after of me wearing the clothes of yesterday, he tells me what to do and sometimes he calls for action, the next day he is watching the episode on TV and says “I directed the shot, I decided your clothes, etc”. That is what I like about Television, in films you have to wait for 1 year before it comes out. In TV my family knows where I am and what I am doing and the next day my work is on air. Sometimes my wife tells me that you are looking tired, don’t be like that, it shows on TV, or do something about your hair, this way they can contribute to me. It’s all so immediate, it is a different high from movies.
    AshisAfter portraying the role as Raghav, have you ever had any encounter with fans?After portraying the role as Raghav, have you ever had any encounter with fans?
    Of course, TV by it self as a medium has a big reach. I know till know I have done over 30 films, but every time anyone had to remember me from a character they called me Boman from Dhamaal, if they don’t wanted to call me Ashish. I always remember the stories how Gabbar Singh and Samba, just became the character as they were so popular as that character and they never had another name. So I used to think, Oh My God! Boman is stuck to me. But now everything has changed, and suddenly people who don’t call me by my name, has started calling me Raghav. So if Raghav has taken the place of Boman, I think then for me it’s an achievement. Because Boman was quite popular from Dhamaal, so if Raghav has outdone Boman, then it is quite speculator.
    A message for all the fans who love you?
    The message is 2 big words called, Thank You! I am surprised and honoured. In films I know I do have 4 or 5 hit films and I have tasted success, but I have never tasted the kind of liking for a character, and like I told, Raghav has today outdone Boman, and I have never tasted this kind of liking for a character in my career. It is only because of them I’m happy on my decision of a come back in to TV. Today I thank the fact that there is a social platform, today I thank the fact that there are fans, today I thank the fact that we have interaction with them. So that’s why I am feeling secured that I picked up Television, if it wasn’t for them, today I would had been thinking in my mind, did I do a right thing or did I do wrong. But it is only because of my fans, specially on Twitter, the once who follows me I call them Twamily’. Twamily’ is a place where there is lot of love spread, if you see the people who follow me, there is no bad comments and they all have become each others friends. So it is this gang of people who made me happy to be part of the television industry.


  48. Mon

    Hello tu frnds
    After I watch z20 cri and Monday ke precap se muje ESA feel hota hai ki
    Paji raghav ko support karegi or kalpna ragh ke khilaf hogi
    Aur no more raghna
    I hate pd hippo

  49. AP

    This is a request be sent to zee please vote… Also guys. There is poll in telly chukka for best show.. Plus vote for jodha and YHM to bring down ema. CVS won’t learn other wise… I am saying jodha and YHM coz they are right behind ema and can overtake ema easily if we vote.. NO RAGNA ema should bite dust

  50. anshu

    Hi tonall tu frnds
    Sry not read all cmnts
    Hey girija m also on india forums
    But wih a fake name
    I want to ask u
    Wat is useof that buddy
    In ur post i m making a cmnt
    U hav to check out which 1 is anshu
    & if u get that plz dont tell me there on india forums..

  51. kuch dino se chatting nahi ki tumse…..missing ur chatting……also happy to c u back…..hv u sw yesterday’s zee20LC bohut entertaining tha ya…..

  52. pams

    Hello girija ji
    viewers keep giving thr opinion on ragna seperate andalso showing their frustration. But for ema team all our comments are bullshit. If the trp goes down drastically they ll come to know the power of audience. I am still reading the updates to know only abt ragna scence.

  53. girijashiva

    Dear pams ! do you think they read our comments? Not at all.ZEE TV already closed -Comments section appeared below updates videos of all serials. i used to give feed back there also. there also same comments like here. ZEE TV- must scared of our feed back – they closed that too. i don’t know =when they will do it here.Better we all opened Tweeter Account and give our feed back there.Yes we have to teach them a lesson by tweeting about EMA.

  54. girijashiva

    i have made so many friends here. we decided to dumb here and go to tweeter which is most appreciated site. fans of RAGHNA can do that . if not EMA atleast we can touch with each other.the way story line going – i doubt it wont go for long- SHILPA – said – i saw in facebook- EMA will 1000 episodes- there they reacted saying-Bullshit

  55. pams

    Girija ji even I have replied in twitter
    for vitahal recent comment on ragna bullshit.but pd thrugh twitter sje is justifyin her storyline amd definately she is trying to promote paaki. And if she is going to promote rakhi definately no raghna fans will support.and slowly trp willngo dwn nd serial will lso close as like pds previous serial. sry I dont remember the serial ne

  56. Mon

    Tu frnds plz try to vote jodha akbar each an every single website try to make look ema down so pd hippo will know power of raghna frnds
    Only us can help eachother
    Don’t hope anything from pd writer

    • girijashiva

      Hi!how was your week end with family?Regarding EMA no hopes. now they reduced showing Kalpana and Raghav, giving more importance to Kamala and Pakhi.Ayoooooo. don’t want Kamala lecture or neetu brain wash to kalpana. atleast they must show – RAGHNA -meet each other once again.if they both meet- everything will be fine- may be kalpana stand up with Raghav- not bothering about KAMALA- because as she know about kapoors criminal activity.it will be interetsing between mother and daughter to stand against eachother – kamala supporting criminals- kalpana supporting affected one with help of SAMMY GURU

  57. vry gd noon guys girija AP anshu ek dd……gd nyt to u mon…trini……..today wl b nothng special in EMA…again PD’s bullshit track………every1 is angry & irritated with this track….they brustout their feelings….in different forums sites fb twitter…..its trp also fel down…..cn’t understand what is wrong with ths cvs…….hw long wil continue ths nonsense track……y cn’t she change is damla’s character….that iz gvn wrng message to viewrz….i understnd marriage is not a joke it may not end soon bt she has mny options to change ths track……she cn put in there new twist that this marriage wz fake…….raghav had made ths strategy to destroy kapoors….for me that is the bst option for her……to get back its trp & audiunces…..& our interst wl also cmback…..

  58. anshu

    Leave it chocopie
    These things dont bother pd
    So y 2 waste our energy & frankly saying i dont care abt ragna now
    I just want story to focus on kalpana
    Her dreams, her carier not raghav’s revdnge
    Hey sry that i dont reply on twitter
    Actually my tab gets mad ehenever i open twitter page
    So first i hv to format my tab & then wil start using it…

    • girijashiva

      you can see only KAMALA LECTURE MORE OFTEN.KALPANA shoulf join company.as she got 1st position – she will get a top post.she should not listen to her now. if she want to stand up against criminals.

  59. ek

    HI chocopie mon dd girja ap anshu an all tu frns anshu how was ur exams frns i think pd is going to give kalpi a -ve shade bcs she wants to fix pakhi in o ur heart but she donot know that this will not going to work

  60. girijashiva

    woow. friends! Saraswathichandra crossed over EMA. it was behind EMA. all voted for Saraswathichandra. now next online is Yeh hai mohabatain. just 100 votes less than EMA. WE WILL PUSH IT NOW. VOTE MAXIMUM- YEH HAI MOHABATTEIN.- THEN WE WILL VOTE FOR jODHA AKBAR JUST BEHIND – YEH HAI MAHABATTEIN

  61. hahaha! PD well deserved…..this is jst a trailer picture abi baaki hai ya that she watch on nxt weak. It mst decrease further nxt week….

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    hello tu frnds

    check the below link

    i cannot beleive

    India-Forums.com [email protected] 59m
    Raghav to marry Kalpana in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan!

  64. girijashiva

    =All the EMA viewrs voting aggressviley in thaat site. within a hr 500 votes. so we have to make sure it should not go with in top 3.

  65. AP

    Folks the article is fake trick to increase trp… Don’t fall for it..boycott EMA till ragna is back..
    Also pls tweet to zee to their below tweet.. No ragna no EMA

    ‘RT’ if you are waiting for Raghav on #EMA at 7 PM.

    See ZeeTV latest twt

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    @AP… usually articles on INDIA FORUMS are not fake… infact never..
    half knowledge kills…really

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