Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal says you won’t ever go back to that home. Kamla says when you became like that ? Vitthal says for them I am like that.

Scene 2
Kalpi is trying different dresses and Raghav is directing her which one to choose. She is really shocked at the prices. She wears a red dress raghav likes it a lot. He asks to pack all the dresses she has bought ? Kalpi says you just asked me to try. Raghav says I am gonna buy for you. Kamla says come let me tell you where to buy from. She takes him to the market. She shows him different earrings and stole. He buys her one.
Kamla is in the same market she sees Kalpi with Raghav but couldn’t see Raghav’s face. Vitthal asks why have you stopped now ? She is constantly looking at them. They have gone Kamla comes forward

to look for them. Kamla tells vitthal that I saw Kalpi. He says why would she be here ? She must be in office.
Kalpi and Raghav come to a park. He says we could go to a park. Kalpi says no its relaxing her. He lies down with his head in Kalpi’s lap. He says you’re right i feel relaxed. i never thought I will lying under the sky. Its wonderful since you met me I became a new person. Kalpi says I wanna tell you something. Kalpi says lets try ice cream. He says we’ll go to ice cream parlor. She says why we’ll buy from here. He says its not hygienic here. He says buy one. Kalpi says I won’t let you eat from mine. He tastes her ice cream and says I like it all. Kalpi says I talked to Ai and baba I said that I like someone he wanna meet you. He says how can i meet them. What will I say to kamla maa. What am I gonna say to them i will be scared. Kalpi says i am the girl and you are nervous. He says you should talk. Kalpi says no you are coming over tomorrow. Kalpi says I would talk to them but daughters don’t talk about all this. My Ai doesn’t believe me because of my result so you have to talk to her. Raghav asks whats with the result what happened ? Kalpi tells him everything.

Scene 3
kalpi comes home. Kamla asks why you look so happy ? She says he is coming to meet you tomorrow. Kalpi asks whats wrong with baba ? Was there some quarrel ? Vitthal says there is about to be. He says looks she wanna go back to work at sahil’s home. Kamla says just for mummy ji she is so nice to me. She needs me today, why should i go ? Kalpi says baba is right you shouldn’t work there. Kamla says I am going there just as nurse. Kalpi says they can buy many nurses. Vitthal says that what I am saying why don’t they get anyother nurse. Gauri says because she is so soft hearted. Vitthal let her go. Whats wrong is she does something good. is she can be so nice to me then She has some relation with pakhi’s dadi. Kamla says you respect her. Vitthal says do whatever you want. You won’t listen to me. Kamla says thanks to gauri. Kamla leaves for Kapoors’.

Scene 5
Pakhi is trying to give juice to mummy ji. Kamla comes in and gives her. Pakhi says Kalpi is so lucky that she got a mom like you. Kamla says I asked you to look if kalpi is interested in someone. She said everything to me. he is coming to meet us. I guess he is sammy. nettu over hears and says wow congratulations kamla. So Kamla take some money you’d need it Kamla says no i don’t need money. Nettu says to pakhi that my pakhi will choose the prince. Pakhi says why does it matter to you. Mummy ji starts acting weird once agian. Pakhi says go away she doesn’t like you. Kamla says i think mummy ji is not feeling good let me take her to the garden.

Scene 6
Kalpi is fighting with Pakiya for the TV remote. They watch a comedy show. He says this is new show gangs of hassipur. Pakiya says I will be the happiest person in your wedding I will take your closet and will sleep on your place. Kalpi says you’re gonna cry. Vitthal says we will ask her to stay here. He says I went to buy you something. He has bought her some new clothes. He says its a sari for you. Gauri says this is so nice Vitthal. Now chnage Kalpi and show us how you look in it. kalpi wears it. Vitthal takes a photo of her. Kalpi says I have told ai how to see the photos. Vitthal calls Kamla and asks her to look the phoro of Kalpi. kamla says okay I am looking she is so happy to see Kalpi’s photo. Kamla shows it to mummy ji. Mummy ji starts acting weird looking at gauri behind Kalpi. Kamla is dazed at her reaction.

PRECAP-Kalpi is ringing the doorbell of Raghav’s home. A lady co comes and says can’t you see the lock. Sir left this morning. Kalpi is really tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. girijashiva

    when they both were in the park =kalpana mentioned about her result – her ayi dont believe her? he must have gone to know about her result?so shocking/ my BP raised

    • Aman

      I think so girija……but so soon reveal of there love…….going to put ragna in danger…..I think before doing this….rag shud ask Sammy……

  2. Nat

    When she was writing her final papers at school, neetu paid someone to lose her papers and make her fail. Then a librarian told her that he would help her if she paid him and then Kamla thought she was paying him to make her pass and got mad

  3. girijashiva

    kalpana result=neeti gave money to college person to manipulate kalpana result at university exam.

  4. Nat

    Why would their be a lock and why didn’t he call her to say he is going somewhere? I have a feeling he will miss coming to her house tomorrow and sammy will come instead!!

  5. Nat

    Why would there be a lock and why didn’t he call her to say he is going somewhere? I have a feeling he will miss coming to her house tomorrow and sammy will come instead!!

  6. Nat

    It has to be sammy who will come alone! He will talk about marriage and Kamla will think he is talking about himself. No one will mention raghav’s name because they will think it is already understood!

  7. girijashiva

    sammy should not come otherwise everything will b go again same all old serial.i wil dumb it.

  8. GH

    The spoiler pics show Raghav in the chawl with Kamala and Vitthal. I feel he will come with Sammy along and Kamala will misunderstand

  9. girijashiva

    kamala is not only foolish – if any other words in dictionary – that is all meant for her. stupid,idiotic,etc.she is not a good mother at all

    • Aman

      Really abhi baat bhi nahi hui ki paaji ko bats diya…….impatient….. Mad woman…..how stupid she is…….Does anybody do like this…….

  10. Sneh

    Pl.sammy do not make misunderstanding,No body like Kalpana’s Crying face’
    R & K are perfect ,I am sure Raghav will bring her Passing results.
    Raghav will be back sooooooon.Don’t Keep kalpana waiting.Dadi has recognized Gouri
    May be Raghav will meet gouri soon.

  11. Mon

    G p and Girija agree with your comment , kamla is going to misunderstood raghav, she is stupid ,
    Kamla and paaji is a good pair as a mother daughter ,
    Hate both of them
    And neetu is saying to kamla her daughter will have prince ,mrs kapoor that prince is kalpna u just dream about your stupid daughter paji

  12. ashranna

    i am glad the issue of the exam results will be addressed…and i am hoping that there will be no complication in raghav and kalpi relation..the writers need to keep EMA unique from all other indian serials…that highlights issues such as the wrong people getting married to eachother,sacrifice,murder and any other negative storylines….there are so many issues that they could write about they need to just focus on those issues….high voltage drama is not real life and no one can relate to it…..i personally appreciated the way kalpi handled the boyfriend situation and after reading today’s story i really like the way she told raghav that he should speak to her parents….i dont know the outcome but i hope it will not be negative….to many stories are negative these days..and in real EMA is about having everything not selling yourself short….so if she is going to be successful in life then why not have a successfull boyfriend or husband who will show you and help you along the way….raghav have never made her professional life easy she has always have to work for it…and she is doing a fine job….and that part of the story should not change….he should always push to be successful..after all she might be next incharge….and we should never forget that it was kamla who ask him to help kalpi be successful like him….as for the precap….maybe he wants to surprise her with the results…..and last kamla had no right telling paki anything…she just out of place for a mother….

  13. anshu

    waise r u sure that that was raghav’s house because the lock wad so outdated… If thats raghav’s house then some misunderstanding is waiting as she will think that raghav is not serious abt her … raghav will come to chawl with the result… Yeah i also think that sammy will come wid him & there will be misunderstanding to kamla abt sammy & kalpi…. Dont knw wat will happen just hope 4 the best… Agar waise if it was raghav’s house then it shud have automatic lock not lock & key waala lock… So hoppeless thing they’ll show….
    Last thing i just hated that kalpi’s suit… She was not looking gud in it…..

  14. Aman

    Frnds what I am feeling that they should(kalpi parents and kapoors)…..not know abt kalpi’s love bcz paaji will know it asking kamla and if they know its raghav then will try to create misunderstandings…. BTW ragna…. Aur try to harm kalpi…..So its better for ragna to be isolated….. Keep loving and make their relationship strong BC I think its too early to talk abt their marriage….. And rag should try to know abt kalpi exams….. Why she was failed…I think a real boyfriend will think like this and make Kalpi realize that how much they both are needed for each other…… Unless it will run on same old track and become boring…..

    • Aman

      Also kalpi can help raghav ..if she try to find abt rags mom….u don’t think this is the true care and love 4 each other…..do u frnds…???????

  15. irene

    It is Pakhi who has put this idea of Sammy in Kalpi’s life into Kalma’s mind. She has seen Raghav and Kalpi together a few times recently but she does’nt want to accept that there’s something going on between them.Pakhi wants Raghav for herself which will never happen,unless Kamla does something stupid.I too think Raghav has gone to the college to check Kalpi’s result.

  16. sennurita

    Plz dont tell me dis is anada QH wen paakhi finds out about kalpi and raghav love, she will want to seperate them like tanveer and sahil and neetu will be like razia and siddique who killed zoyas mother but here they killed raghavs father eish…… i hope im wrong and then cause of kamla kalpi will push ragav to marry paakhi… you see sahilss mother fell down just like rashid when he found out the truth and he couldnt speak

  17. girijashiva

    Raghav name should be mentioned tomorow.otherwise it is one more bhakwas serial .in real life nobody confused about boy’s name guessing or imagine that he is the one -as someone told to confuse.

    • girijashiva

      how can parents didnt ask guy’s name who is oging marry her daughter? so many guessing? Everything like whatever Pajji says – everyone believe it is sammy, but we can understand kalpana -as she told that he will come n meet you tomorow.kamala and Pajjji
      decidec themselves that is sammy.even if sammy comes with raghav – he tell it is raghav or on behalf of Raghav he came.IF THE
      Writers – going to mess up again like all serials.CAn any one tell me if it happens in real life??????????????

  18. girijashiva

    hi! friends!!i want to ask all RAGNA fans here.we watched 100’s of serials in alll. channels.why this serial affecting us so much? i want to know whether iam the only one so much addicted EMA ?and worried abt Ragna?is it story or Actors?

    • AP

      Same story here yaar… I have not felt so addicted to a serial…this is the first time I am talking in an anonymous forum about a serial!!!!

  19. AP

    For that matter I have not once talked to total strangers online !!!serial nor serial and this serial has made me do that :)… not that I regret talking to you guys okay :)…

  20. AP

    I feel it has all to do with the positive approach of the serial unlike other soaps along with the perfect actors that has got us hooked up here…Touch wood hope this remains like this – I mean positive…Ashish is a revelation …I had written him off back in 2004 in Qyamat movie.. I had felt he overacts … but in EMA he just blew me off… Kalpi has a terrific chemistry with Raghav.. the USP of the show 🙂

  21. Khuna

    Am also having the same scenario over here guys…… I am never interested in serials but the moment I started seeing Ragna I became an addict so bad that am commenting at a forum which I have never done before. For all of us who have never done this all I want to say is we definitely must have seen something in this that others did not have.

    Kamla please don’t make us suffer by misinterpreting Sammy as the guy Kalpi is in love wwith………

    Why is Raghav leaving town without telling her? Even if it is for her result , he still should have?

    I have been having problems watching from where I am so am saying a big thank you to the updates they really make me feel like I watched the episode…… Hope tomorrow’s episode will be much better and revealing…..

    It is high time Raghav meet his mum

  22. Mon

    Oh !my gosh don’t ask
    I m crazy about ema just Bcoz raghna
    Use to like weekend now not anymore can’t wait for Monday
    I was watching confessn epi , and I was keep saying yes yes so my son was asking ne if everything is ok with me
    That was funny
    Girija don’t worry all raghna frnd feeling same way

  23. Majesty

    Am unable to trace this episode on Youtube and on Zee TV- anyone can send me the link, please? Thanks

  24. TriniD!v@

    Nothing is wrong with Raghav……. That’s another surprise 4 a kalpi…………. Hi to Mon and Chocopie…. And all EMA fans…….

  25. yesterdylay epi so good luv it soooooo much……ya i also notice lock was outdated………donno what wil next but don’t worry enjoy RagNa scenes…chill…. be happy…..& guyz here is voting day today…..

  26. yesterday epi so good luv it soooooo much……ya i also notice lock was outdated………donno what wil next but don’t worry enjoy RagNa scenes…chill…. be happy…..& guyz here is voting day today…..

  27. TriniD!v@

    Hey Mon it’s morning already at ur end…. I’m now going to bed….. 10pm…. Good night

  28. dd

    I am also scared guys i really tensed to see precap i think kalpi think that raghav is not serious for her and she told her parents to meet them and now he is not in town and again she become looser in front of kamla maa. yes i think sammy will come to give news but they misunderstood. i dont kow i think raghav will not come at chawl beasue gaur is there…dont know what happen now…

  29. dd

    as per twitter pics its seems like raghave will come in chwal and meet to kamla and vittal with news of kalpi result that she passed. i saw paper in vithal hand …i think no worry about anything wrong but ys misunderstanding will take place from kamla side may be sammy also com with raghava and kamla think raghav come with sammy to talk about that

  30. Aman

    Hiii ragna frnds….its voting day here….so holiday……I hope rag will search for the kalpi result…..I also hope writers dont spoil love of ragna…….

  31. sennurita

    I was a real crazy fan of IPKND on star plus but after that nothin now only EMA n everyone here think i mad cause i read the update before t episode get aired because we are one day behind India with the EMA

  32. anshu

    I alys become a die hard fan of 1 programme at 1 tym & nowadays its ema
    But it isvfirst time that i hav started commenting on any forum & also hav now become addicted to it…
    Waise just tell me 1 thing kalpana ne paakhi ko best frnd kab kaha??????

    • gh

      Same here Anshu and Sennurita – I have become sooooo addicted to this show – I do nothing else – every free minute I am watching the repeat telecasts over and over again. When I am not doing that, I am dreaming about Ragna – wow such awesome chemistry.

      Just a look, a touch – small subtle gestures say such a lot. In fact there is no dialogue needed just looking at each other they communicate so much

  33. Aman

    I fell in in love did show when I see ragna a together for first time…and rag started loving her……I felt that romancing scene of ragna is soo realistic…just feel love is coming from heart…..And finally I deeply fell in love did ragna and the show…..One thing I really like is Sammy how he tries to help rag every time to overcome bad situation…..soo he is a very gud guy and his role seems interesting…..Only I think 2 reason why I so much like this show want that positive shed happen for ragna…..

  34. Mon

    Angel kalpna ne paji ko kabhi bestfrnd nahi kaha
    That’s I was wondering , paji is selfish gilt and till I know kalpna always keep distances with paji

    • anshu

      It was a kindnof sarcasm fornpaaji
      Bin baat ke chep hote hai kuchh log
      Kalpi is nyc to her just becoz she is a gud human & her aai likes paaji a lot

  35. anshu

    Girls , we are leading
    We need to vote more & more
    & plz send this stats to zeetv
    Ask again for repeat telecast

  36. AP

    Folks .. pls do update live comments for today’s eoi pls… am in office .. will take another 1 hr to start back home !!:(

  37. Mon

    I m not able to vot for India Bcoz not there , but ya I vot for fav prog ema
    Rang rasiya and ema is same level for for we need more

  38. Mon

    Some time I m watching
    Use to watch jodha akbar and rangrasiya everyday but since I fall in love with raghna ,
    Just raghna raghna

  39. girijashiva

    sooooooo bad episode. Raghav not come to kalpana’s house,not rec her phone.he switched off the phone/he was standing on rd with his car saying he know kalpana will be tensed but he can not do anything – majboor hoom????????????next day kalpana go n see his home locked.she left a letter for him. precap= kamala was telling Pajji abt the boy not came and kalpana was tensed whole night. DONT KNOW WHAT IS RAGHAV MING? WHATT MAJBOORI HE IS TALKING???????//

  40. dd

    i dont know why kamla tell verything to paaji…why she told her that boy not came and all…now if paaji get to know from somewhere that raghvkalpan together she again start dremaing that no its not posible i think kalp love raghave bt he did not otherwise he must came to meet kamla maa…relly bullshit. i hate kmala when she doing this all…but yaa parents are alwasy so good heared they know their kid in trouble and very sab they support them like kamla and vitthal did…….i reality same think happen most of the time i saw and reaize all boy want to love but not commitment this is my experience thats why it hurt me lot and cried last night badly becaue raghav did it with kalpi i can feel kalpi heart pain. I am sorry kalpi but beleive me raghav is yours only

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