Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal comes with a scooter and asks her to ride along. She asks whose scooter is this? He says patel has given it to me for 2 days he has left. Kamla says won’t he mind if we use it? Vitthal says he had said that keep this scooter for 2 days and make your kamla ride over here. Kamla sits he asks her to hold him from his back she says are you my boy friend? Vitthal says no your husband.
When they come back kalpi and pakiya see them. Kalpi says look they are looking so amazing. Pakiya says i will buy baba a scooter when i will earn. Kalpi goes to help them.

Scene 2
Vitthal had made the vegetable. Kamla says why you do the household things vitthal i don’t like it, vitthal says you work out and i don’t like it. Kamla places some money in the

box. Vitthal asks what for? Kamla says for Paki’s new doll. Vittyhal says she is not your daughter you are giving your daughter’s right to her. Kalpi comes and says no baba this is love she is sharing it grows by so. Vitthal says you are really kamla’s daughter. You are princess of God not only me.

Scene 3
Sahil gives paki a pen from switzerland, nettu says i have trying to go there but you never take me. Mummy ji says yes nettu no one loves you. mummy ji says yes someone promised an ring nettu adds, and a necklace before. She goes in. Sahil follows her to make her happy. He goes in and says that i am flat on this childish looks of you. But i don’t like you when you scold at paki and kamla. She says that’s why you take kamla’s side. He says you look as cute as paki in this mood. She says paki looks like me.

Scene 4
Nettu asks kalpi to bring her water and take the plate in kitchen. Kamla says you can ask me to work i am here go to study kalpi. Diviyah comes in and asks the chef is asking what to make? Nettu says ask kmala she knows all. Kamla tells the choices of everyone. Kamla goes to ask raghav. He is making something. Nettu comes in and says you always annoy her what you want raghav in lunch? He says i am not so choosy about food nettu leave he tell kamla that he wants his favorite lady finger that was mine and dad’s favorite. Kamla says okay i will make . Your smile is so beautiful but you are so miser in it. He smiles. Kamla says this smile makes the face blossom. He smiles again.

Scene 5
Sahil gives nettu dahrminder’s pay. She places it in the closet. Prem is seeing her from the corner of door. he goes in and takes the money. He says look how i kick the person who annoys you, out. Prem is in living room planning to put the money in kalpi’s. Nettu comes shring the balm from her room. She asks prem what is he doing he says nothing. Nettu asks kalpi to bring balm from her room. She asks her to apply as well. Mummy ji asks prem what he wants he says nothing.
Prem is placing the money in kalpi’s bag. Kamla looks at kalpi massaging nettu. She says you should have asked me for this. Nettu says your daughters know this from there birth. Kamla says no my daughter just knows how to study. Sahil asks for the money. Nettu says she has placed in the drawer. Sahil sayss who went to the room? Prem says yes kalpi went to the room. Kamla says my daughter is not a thief. Prem says lets check the bag, nettu says yes on why will she do that. prem says sorry kalpi i felt like you went in so you did this. Takes your bag he throws and money comes out of the bag. Everyone is dazed.

PRECAP – Vitthal asks kamla to take kalpi along with her but bring her back with justice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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