Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Phone rings again. Kamla receives it. Raghav says please liten to me kalpi i love you. Kamla says don’t you know that she doesn’t wanna talk to you. You betrayed the one you married and left kalpi alone. Kalpi’s silence is the answer to everything. He says Kamla ma please. Kamla syas don’t call me maa. Kalpi comes is there in tears. Nettu comes and asks what wrong. Kamla says nothing. Kalpi is in balcony. Kamla comes and says you have start again. Nothing ends life. We can’t stop dreaming. Kalpi says I can’t understand. I can’t get him out of m life. I am trying to but i fail everytime. Kamla says I know but you say that if someone gave us tears that doesn’t mean that we will stop laughing. If someone played with our life we won’t stop living. If their life can go

with out us the our can run with out them. Kamla says you have to live for us for your baba. Life is not easy. One day kalpana Vitthal will become a madam.

Scene 2
Ragahv is on the road. He goes to the park and recalls when he came there with Kalpi and lied in his lap. He says how can I make you agree that I wanted to take my revenge not betray you. My fate has taken me away from you. Why this haoppened to us. We were so happy together we saw so many draems. An old man comes and sits besides him. He asks whats wrong ? My experience says that pain can be lessen by sharing. Raghav says I broyught this in my life myself. I broke heart of the one i loved the most. I lost everything my love my happiness. I did this to myself. The man says i loved a girl too but i made a mistake and lost her forever. I come here everyday to look for her but can’t never found her. You should go and meet her before its too late. You should end this burden and talk to her.

Scene 3
Sammy wonders where is Raghav. He calls him ragahv comes home. He aks where were you Raghav ? Listen we have a meeting today it will benefit us. Raghav is not listening to him. Raghav put some water in the vase and say i promised kalpi that this flower will be fresh like our love always. I will make her so happy that she will forget all her pain. I will go and meet her. I sent her a letter too, don’t know if she got it or not. I will go to her and meet her. Sammy says Kamla aunty and Vitthal are so angry at you and Kalpi doesn’t wanna meet you. Raghav says I will go for sure no matter what happnes. Pakhi comes there with juice, Raghav leaves.

Scene 4
kamla serves food to Nettu and Sahil and goes to bring clothes. Nettu syas I can’t eat grass. SAhil says what you mean that I am enjoying ? Nettu says arrange something. SAhil says i am trying too. Nettu says when will you arrange when i die ? Sahil leaves. Nettu says i should go out and have some fresh air.
Kalpi receives a courier of her name. Kamla comes there with clothes. kalpi takes them from her. Kamla says Kalpi is in front of me. Pakhi is alone. I she should talk to Pakhi,she will feel better. Kamla goes out to call her.

Scene 5
Pakhi is sitting alone. she says I never loved something more than you Raghav. Till when will you punish me for something i haven’t done. Kamla calls her and asks hwo is she ? sHe says how can i be ? Raghav doesn’t even wanna see my face. He doesn’ even talk to me. Kamla says sometimes best comes out of the worst. Pakhi says I don’t know what to do. Kamla says you just have to be a good wife. Wake up tomorrow and pray to God. THen make the sweet dish i told you for you mom in law and husband. Pakhi says okay I will make my first dish tomorrow.
Scene 6
Raghav recahes the chowl and get out of his car. He says where is kalpi i asked her to be here. She will come for sure. He looks everywhere. Suddenly someone comes and stands on the other side of the car. Raghav thinks its kalpi. He says I knew you will com e and thank you for it. I just wanna says what in my heart, I wanna take away your congusion. I married pakhi but ui love you and nothing can change you. SHe can’t take place of my wife, that is just for you. One i am done with my revenge then we can get married and fulfill our dreams. I just wanna know whats in your heart.
The person comes in front of him. Its kamla not kalpi. Ragahv is dazed. Kamla slaps him on the face. kamla says the corrier you sent was received by my son not kalpi. He gave it to me. He was so angry. Kamla said to pakiya that i will talk to Raghav singhnaiya. Kamla says I came here to end this Raghav Singhnaiya. If you think that sorry card will give you pardon then its your mistake. Your mistake is a sin. You will be ounished for it.

PRECAP-Raghav is on road and song ‘bajara’ plays. Kalpi is sitting alone in the balcony. Pakhi is in tears as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. hate u kamla……hate u…..hate u……hate u…..hate u…..hate u……hate u…..hate u……hate u……hate u……hate u……hate u……hate u……hate u…….hate u……hate u…….hate u…….hate u…….hate u……hate u……..hate u……hate u…….hate u…….hate u…….

  2. girijashiva

    Please RAGHNA fans/ stop giving feed back. all these days we gave so much to EMA ,nothing happened. better stop giving feed back. thatz the best way to teach them .we are saying same about kamala,pakhi,etc what happened , nothing. bye bye friends! good bye EMA

  3. ashranna

    kamla is so selfish kalpi have to live for them….is that what she sent her to school for to live kamla’s dream of being rich……kamla is being god now….judging and saying who is sinner and who is not a sinner…..as for advice to paki if the damn man dont love you why u running behind him….21st century ever heard of divorce…..and what after raghav told u he dont love u he loves somebody else you still have no self respect……and kamla advising her…..kamla will be the cause of paki pain more than anything….i only hope raghav dont give up on kalpi…..i really still wantthem together

  4. still i believe that the directors wll change the story trap and make raghav and kalpi to be reunited again.

  5. noname

    S u r ri8 girijashiva,,,,,,,,,,,,, kamla always take side of pakhi not kalpi …….. N this time also……. She doesn’t think about other lifes she only thinks pakhi’s life so i hate kamla……… So much n this is ma last feedback bye…….

  6. girija aap ko lagta hai ye feedback zee tak puhnch ta hoga……i don’t think so….bcoz there r lotz of sites like this……..kitne feedbacks dekhen ge har din……

  7. maya

    A humble request to the ZEE channel..:: Stop telecasting this serial… its annoying nowadays!! Go kamla go somewhere and save yourself and hide somewhere…the entire EMA fan group is hunting u down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Nat

    I find it so disturbing that Kamla is so stupid!! Raghav’s crime is guna and neetu’s crime is what?? Icing on a cake??? She can forgive them but Raghav is at fault?? Why doesn’t Raghav tell her off?? Why doesn’t he talk to vithal or paakiya to get them on his side? Why does the writers want only Kamla to be the main character?? We all Hate her! She may be the reason ema started but so much more talent is revealed and the writers have to use everyone to get the ratings!! Even in the ema success party, they just praise ashish and shilpa but really, rachna and sammy and everyone else carry this show and make us watch!! I don’t watch for Kamla!!!!!!
    It would have been nice if the writers would develop a story where sammy comforts paaki. It isn’t her fault!!! Or kalpi. But no, they just want shilpa to get screen time. She is the reason I will stop watching!!!

  9. EMA FAN

    kamla…..theres no words to describe her…..she only thinks of pakhis benefit.
    I hope Sammy helps both raghav and kalpi and bring them together.
    kamla doesn’t realize that raghav will not accept pakhi and she should stop trying coz this will only make raghav love kalpi even more,hes not a man to accept defeat so easily and he will not let kalpi go and his next task will be to fight for kalpi…..kamla should see how much they love each other and let them be f she considers herself a mother…gauri will make it all clear and will be a better mother to kalpi……gauri will only accept kalpi as there daughter in law and wife to raghav…….can sumone please tell mehow does the cricket entwined with this series ?

  10. Nat

    I think all this negative publicity the fans are giving to ema is still attn and they think neg or positive at least people are talking of ema!!! Well, they should know that turning the story like this and not giving us key pieces of the story like where is sahil’s mom is guna to the the fans. What was the point of her storyline BC she knew what sahil did, is suffering now. By the time she gets out if this, everyone knows the story anyways so what was the use of making her suffer??? Also has the cat got sahil’s tongue?? A big tycoon and he can’t even open his mouth? He barely speaks!! Why not get prem to help???? Isn’t that his son????

  11. am

    I agree with everyone that we should boycutt this show. I don’t understand Kamla.. She is telling kalpi why is she crying? she thought should be over it..yet is pacifying Paakhi….They need to remove Kamla and Paakhi from this show and everything will fall into place. Never saw a mother who never supports her own child.

    Raghaav….I still don’t understand why they had Raaghav marry Paakhi to get revenge. Could he have not married Kalpi and gotten their revenge? Paakhi can’t always get what she wants… If he had married Kalpi it would have hurt Paakhi and I am sure Raaghav would have found some other way to take revenge on the Kapoors……Like do the same to Neetu as they did to Gauri…….

    This show is just ridiculous now!.

    • newnew

      @[email protected] agreed with you. I am watching this show coz i like Kalpi’s character a lot. If the show keep going to the direction of Kalpi losing her lover I will stop watch it!
      I could not believed that Raghav married to Pakhi for revenge?? come on man this is 21st plus century. and Raghav is an educated person and successful business man! unbelievable that he decided only to get marry to the enemy’s daughter for the Revenge??? this is how A SUCCESSFUL MAN with brain and educated make a decision??? how come???? by watching today episode i felt like later on Raghav will fell in love with Pakhi coz Kamla mom is supporting her to be a good wife and Kalpi to forget Raghav. Kalpi DREAM will never COME TRUE unless there is another Prince Charming come into her life or the writer turn Sammy to that Prince Charming ??? My Guess!!!! Which i DONOT like AT ALL!!!

      • am

        @newnew I totally agree with you as well. I have a feeling that Sammy may be Kalpi’s prince charming and as for Raghav his loss and the day Raghav falls in love with Paakhi..that will be the end of this show…..After today’s episode I am 99.9999% close to not watching this again. Another good show they killed. THANKS EMA PRODUCERS!! AND ZEE TV!!

      • Sam

        I so agree I jus see that they are headin to let raghav fall in love wit pakhi….but my question dont the poor deserve love too or they can only associate wit there kind…cuz thats all I see ema doin

  12. Crystal Singh

    I think Kamla is beyond stupid,all she thinks about is Pakhi,and to help Sahil and Neetu.She is talking about forgiving,doesn’t that apply to Raghav and Gaurie as well?Or is it just the people who commit the worst crimes are worth forgiving? I really wish that Raghav and Kalpi can find their way back to each other.

  13. Zaytoun

    It’s ridiculous that a progressive society is portrayed as backwards,orthodox n jst plain stupid..c’mon Zee..stop doin such disservice to ur culture n country..we as foreigners will hav no choice but to view indian mothers as walkovers n victims of their own sabotage.

  14. yepi!! Party time guyz EMA’s trp fell down……current trp is 1.5 ……lol……PD ki band bajj rahi hai ……m so happy…….so no need to giveup…..

    • Abi tak party ki thakaan b nahi utri hogi ke itna bada sadma……..well zayda kuch nhi howa last week’s trp waz 5.1…..ab toh ulta howa hai…current is 1.5…..next weeks will b …0.1……well desrved …..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

      • ek

        Aur ab pd pakhi se shira banva kar khud bhi khai aur damla ko bhi khilaye jab ema hi nahi hoga to dono yahi karengi idiots

  15. Nat

    This is typical if paaki and Raghav get together in the end. All this show showed us was similar to all the other shows. One get married for other reasons and slowly they fall in love. It doesn’t show what they were meaning to portray how a lower class women can excel in her life and become rich BC of love. Again, it shows women are helpless and have to work hard to get love and they get ditched!! Really???? Is this what we need to portray in this age and time? Those who murder are fine and let’s give them shelter and neetu is not even appreciative and let the ones who take revenge be the ones to suffer?? Haven’t they suffered all their lives? Why is Kamla a god in this show???

  16. ek

    Kamla become servant of kapoors in her own house an cant able to see that they even dont care for what shee is doing for them

  17. Nat

    What exactly is TRP and what is a good high number that says fans like the show? Does it mean that 1.5 is a low number so they are going to bust soon?
    I’m thinking that all is publicity is what they want! They want us to feel bad and keep coming back to give them chances!! Remember in celebrities, any publicity-positive or negative, is a good thing!
    Look at us, we keep coming back and spending our day worrying about ema- they have succeeded!!

  18. girijashiva

    whatever you all say -we all saying since more than 3 months.nothing is changed/kamala character DABBA hai -aisi hi hai. creative dont read our feed backs -here , facebook and also lots in tweeter- but nothing has changed till now . DJ Creations- Diya and Tony singh-&their creative heads- Pawandeep Kwatra and shipra Priyamvada – HITLERS- .we are hitting our head into wall. only our head will bleed n we have to suffer, because of us – FANS of EMA – suffering they are partying. they dont care about us or our feelings -as we are more attached to RAGHNA- always thinking RAGHAV n KALPANA- as if they are our own.i want to know whether we deserve this kind of treatment – neglecting viewers feed back –from ZEE TV. and DJ creations and their head.

  19. hi mon…..yes guyz it is true trp fell down…..NAT yes it means it is vry low…… trp starts from 0 …..hey ek ye sheera b ab unn k gale se nahi utrne wala……isse acha toh ye hume de hum party kar lete….

  20. pd has tweetd: “if v cn’t write the story u cn’t get ragna” some1 ha replied her:”that doesn’t mean it bcomz nw ur property…..heheeee……

    • ek

      Chocopie pakhi ka banaya sheera hum log enjoy nahi kar sakenge let us make our own n than party cool na

  21. Mon

    Ek I don’t have any comment 4 ema
    Missing raghna and chocopie anshu and tu frnds that’s why I m here
    Pd ne paji ke lie ema raghav and raghna ka band Baja dia
    Bcoz she likes pookie pd hippo is not going to change her story or whatever
    She is doing so there no point to comment

  22. girijashiva

    User Actions

    Mohit Dagga- Vittal tweeted
    [email protected]
    Stop giving this bullshit of ragna n rakhii….team work nd good story line gets the d trp….u have the option to change d channel

  23. Nat

    Not only are the writers arrogant when tweeting to the fans but now vittal is also telling is to switch the channel?? Is this how you talk to your fans!!! Trp of minus 1000000 is what I give them! Arrogance gets you unemployment!!!

  24. We all hate kamal.she a play mother giver for everything.I wish if she was raghav mother to no n feel his pain.neetu is a better mother than her,atleast neetu is show ur daughter some love,while miss think she is god kamal think she is doing justice to the kopoor family.kopoor should turn back on she.paaki should do it first.I hate kamal

  25. sneh

    Vittal ( MOHIT DAGGA) is on show Joru ka GULLAAM He does whatever Kamla says & Kamla is sooooo
    stupid she says one thing to her own daughter …….forget Raghav But completely opposite advice to her so called with no relation encouraging her to make …….SHIRA for Raghav,, PDK tell me why so contradiction if RAGHAV is not GOOD for KALPANA ,he should’t be good for PAKHI……..
    NOW MOHIT DAGGA is so arrogent beside stupid he is asking audience eo CHANGE THE CHANNEL.
    WHICH is against show biz RULE, AUDIENCE & FAN makes the show success,,,,
    This show has lost its charm & grace thanks to PDK instead of EK MUTHI AASMAN it should have new name …PAGLA BADLA………..which was done on cost of KALPANA Raghav took harsh step without thinking
    of KALPANA he deleated her when she was waiting whole day in MANDAP
    NEETU & SAHIL are so selfish & moneyminded they have no tears for their daughter or MOTHER
    They dod not called them at all,

  26. Nandranie Brijmohan

    Kamla is very stupid she only cares for paakhi not Kalpi. Ever since they were babies, grew up when Paakhi too the pen that Raghav gave to Kalpi she told Kalpi to ket Paakhi have it. From little Raghav loved Kalpi not Paakhi. Kamla needs to allow Kalpi and Raghav to worknout thier differences. Because kamla could get tarnish why us she so partical to Paakhi and the Kapoors was or does she love Sahil.

  27. Oh well Kamla cannot actually read, her son did the reading, and please Pakiya … no violence ……. I will do all the whamming of slaps across people’s face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you are bipolar Kamla, but better yet u need to be flushed down the toilet, you are perfect material for the cesspit.

    Such a plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. mario

    Lol chill some of u this is just a show not real life stop being do attached. I’m Spanish I love Indian serials its funny to think ppl take it so seriously…chill

  29. gd morning guyz …..only mohit’s tweet wz rude…….ashish & rachna r so sweet……..here r their tweets……..@ashishchowdhry : “my team & i cn’t do anythnig without vikas kambli,akhilesh, ramu’s missing”…….another tweet of ashish:”Aahhhhhh i feel u twamily!! Rather i waz the first to feel ‘kamlaaaa ka hamlaaa’lol”………rachna’s tweet……..@rparulkar: “thank u all my lovely adorable fans, you guyz make mee soo happy..hatsoff”

  30. dumb serial

    stupid dumb…dumb stupid serial….
    hema…rekha…jaya aur sushma…sabki pasand dumb serial..serial!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ek

    hi gudmorning chocopie mon ap dd anshu and all tu frns guys i think writers are not getting what we all want we are criticizing the serial bcs of non realistic characters pd is showing in old type of story line we all want some new thoughts not just married for revenge an all vithal frustration is right bcs he is a good actor but not getting much attention but mr.vithal this is the fault of ema cv they have made u only the puppet of damla

  32. dd

    Hello, ek, chocoai, mon, net, girjagi and all other tu fans. guys i loved to see again raghav in love with kalpi. but as kamla told to pakhi to do ur work like good wife and one day everything will be in ur favour (raghave starts loves u) its looks like if its happen then no mean of whatever happend between raghav kalpi this love story would be fake and culprit funny and i dont think writer do it …..if its then its bull shit……i love sammy but he is also in favour of kamla he doesn want to see kalpi and paakhi in pain….even though when ragha was saying about love and kalpi sammy face reation like he was trying o avoid that and want to say stop raghav now there is nothing in between u and kalpi and accept the truth and when paakhi come with tea and raghav went from there then sammy looks at her with innocent way like felt bad for her why she got pain what raghav did. butyaar kamla is also right raghav has married now and he is trying to say kalpi he loves her and be with her do u know now if its happen their love becomes extra marrital affair and all will blam them its true love not betryed one true love consisting sacrificing, live happy for each other family’s need and love to each other becasuse they cant forget love. i dont know what goona haappen but kamla to support kapoors its not good. i saw past episode when they both girls born pandit jee told that kalpi will b queen n paakhi will help her tomake her life better. i think pakhi realize that raghave loves only kalpi. just worried its not too late i ws thinking like raghave drunk and thinking only kalpi and came to home and he start see kalpi in paakhi and get close then paakhi ralize he was predecting tat she is kalpi and they closed then she live him and get pregnent that story line goes to that way and then no kalpi raghav…:)

  33. sham

    Mohit Dagga-playing Kalpana’s father tweets -Vittal
    Stop giving this bullshit of ragna n rakhii….team work nd good story line gets the d trp….u have the option to change d channel
    If the actor of ema tweeting like this still which no respect to the viewers

    Why do we have to comment or view this.show

  34. bye mon………v r watching this show only bcoz of ashish & rachna also like ishaan……mohit is playing only supportive role…..why should v give up only bcoz of him??ashish & rachna even ishaan are sweet with their fanz………. respect our opinions infact they reply their fanz on fb & twitter…….so why should v leave bcoz of a single member??

  35. betty

    hey guys I think we all have had enough of pain from this EMA group,i totally agree with girijashiva we shld stop comments on it to helllllll with kamla and her stupid act

  36. ashranna

    i think i will leave the show because i did not look at it on television…i just read the updates and comments…..on other forums…you see they celebrated without being consistant….i am in a production environment and acheiving targets must be consistant or else u will disappoint customers and when that happens u make no money and u have failed….i think the same applies to movies and tv shows and serials etc….EMA audience was enjoying all the wonderful stories until they decided to do revenge…..their audience tolerated the so call misunderstanding but then they took it a step futher….no one wanted raghav and paki yet they force it down our throat…all the signs were there for no raghav and paki…after paki kiss raghav in her imagination but i guess they think they know better…but after this week they will have nothing to celebrate….sorry for ashish i really enjoyed his and rachana acting……but i think i will use my 7pm wisely..

  37. EMA FAN

    what gets me baffled is that kamla thinks what raghav has done is a sin and yet the kapoors murdered a man and destroyed a family an she thinks that is right.they used kalpi as a pawn in this series to get to raghav and he protected her.does kamla not know what they have done or is she blinded by pakhis love that she cannot see what her own daughter is going thru…she supports pakhi and does not see that her marriage is based on a lie..when raghav only sees kalpi has his wife…if they know wats best they would step away and let raghav and kalpi be together

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