Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal says tell me one thing Kalpi do you like some guy ?Don’t be scared. Say whatever is in your heart. We trust you so much. We saw a dream for you. We just hope that you’ll never conceal anything. Everyone deserves to love but we just wanna know that guy you love is good or not. Kalpi says ai couldn’t you ask yourself. Kamla says I wanted. What do you think U can’t see that you’re acting different these days. A guy came to drop you yesterday but you lied that it was pakhi. Tell me is there anyone in your life. Kalpi says yeah there is. Kamla says have you gone mad? You are so young for all that. Vitthal stops Kamla. Kamla says who is he kalpi ? Kalpi says i wanted to tell you but I wanted to assure myself if I love him or not. I didn’t says a lie to conceal

something last night. i won’t do anything that would hurt you. You both will always be proud. I will introduce him to you and I know that you won’t be disappointed. Pakiya says Ai and baba will have to agree. Gauri says the guy must be good. Kalpi says my mom dad will decide it. You have all rights on me but you should always share things with me. Vitthal says I said my daughter can’t do anything wrong. Kamla hugs her.

Scene 2
There mummy ji opens her eyes. Paki calls Nettu and sahil. Mummy ji is trying to say something. She recalls how nettu and sahil were discussing their sins. Pakhi says dadi talk to me. Sahil calls doctor. kamla comes in as well. Pakhi says look she wanna say something but she can’t. Kamla says why nettu madam she is pointing at you. Can you comprehend what she is trying to say. Doctor comes and says she is paralyzed. She won’t be able to say anything. Nettu asks is there any treatment ? He says first we need there bruises to be cured. Nettu says why God does it to good people. We are with you mummy ji. She makes her drink juice but mummy ji not drinking from her hand.
Nettu says looks like she doesn’t want it. Kamla says madam give me the glass. Kamla makes her drink it. Pakhi says dadi doesn’t like nettu. Until she doesn’t get well can you.. Nettu says she has a lot to do her friend is not well. We don’t know how long is mummy jo gonna take. Sahil says pakhi is right. Pakhi says I know you don’t like working here. Kamla says I have to ask Vitthal. Pakhi says okay let me know what he says. Kamla says good bye to everyone.
Nettu says to sahil have you gone mad ? Sahil says she won’y allow you to touch her and she is my mom I want her to get well soon. And look kamla will be here and Vitthal on his work. Gauri will be alone.

Scene 3
Kalpi thinks its better that I told Ai. I feel free now. i will ask Raghav to talk to ai soon. Kalpi says good morning to Raghav. He says you are coming at this time. He asks sammy to attend all the meetings and I have an important meeting to attend with kalpi. Kalpi asks what meeting ? He says how can you forget the work lets go.
They both go down to the car. Kamla says what meeting is this sir ? he says Raghav not sir and I am taking my girlfriend on a date. Kalpi says a lot of work is left. He says yeah I have always given time to work its time for heart now. He sings ‘tum hi ho’. Kalpi says the lyrics are wrong. He says correct me now. He holds her hand. Kalpi says please drive slow sir. He says you think this is fast drive ? He drives even faster. Kalpi enjoys it. She says I never thought you’d be like this. You have changed a lot. You act like a teenager now. He says i am loving it. You came and mad me young. They go to a mall. He says you have to buy some dresses. Kalpi says they are so expensive. He says this is just an ordinary shop. You should try something. Raghav says to the manager pack whatever she likes.

Kamla is out with Vitthal as well. Vitthal says I have bought everything. Why are we going to market then ? She says I have eaten pani puri with you since so long. The order the pani puri. Kamla tells vitthal about mummy ji. She says mummy ji doesn’t like nettu at all. She likes me. Pakhi says can I look after her for few days. Vitthal is shocked.

PRECAP- Raghav lies with his head in kalpi’s lap. Kalpi is bit scared if anyone sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ashranna

    will kamla tell her to leave raghav..i feel she might just do that….vitthal might share kalpi’s feeling but not kamla

  2. Mon

    Love u raghna
    Can’t wait for 2morrow epi
    Hope so tomorrow ema about just RAGHNA
    Not any body else (paji’s kamla ma and kapoor’s )

      • AP

        i found the car seen a bit childish ….but overall it was a good epi and kapli called him raghav yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

        about accident… it looks like mohit dagga aka vital tweeted in his page that uska accident hone wala hi !!!:(

  3. anshu

    wow yaar..
    Awesome episodes… kalpi & raghav scenes are just awesome…. Now wat will happen ????
    One more if u all dont mind me asking
    We all r watching & loving a cute romantic love story….
    I want u share ur love story without giving any personal information if u dont mind… Plz forgive me if u dont like the idea…
    Hope u guys dont mind

    • AP

      No minding anshu :)… I keep my identity hidden because it is not safe in cybernet… and yes I had a love marriage … that too inter-religion with blessings from both sets of parents… and reason I felt it was possible was because I had created a identity of my own and they respected my decision…remember my lecture ;)…. He was my college mate… not same class.. different branches but cupid strikes wthout warning… no no not love at first sight(I don’t believe i love at first sight – its is not possible to love someone just by the look of him).. we were friends very good friends for about 2 years before it blossomed into love… We graduated 2 years later(4 year course).,joined work (both of us had got campus placement) . Then after working for around 2 years(we still work hee hee) and convincing our parents 🙂 ,we got married… tada… now we are happily married to each other :).. That is my story…

  4. no anshu i never mind but yaar m nonsense in these matters!!!!!!!!!!!! I hv never feel that type of special feelings…..i like luv marriage than arrange m bt muje nahi lagta meri life mein iasa moment kabi aye ga

    • AP

      Hey Choco….don’t worry yaar… it will happen… mark my words…:).. and it will happen when you least expect it… i never thought it would happen with me but it did :).. Just be sure of the guy 🙂 that’s all … Even though i never saw anyone.. i was aware and knew about each and every member of his family.. coz he used to talk to me about them so much … what i meant to say is.. if the ma really loves you… he will talk to you about him , his family everything … one reason i felt raghav so real!!!!

  5. Aman

    Oh guys nice topic here….but am just completing my graduation…..nothing has happened except keep studying……but ragna ki real feeling ham Sab ko hone lagi hai…..love u ragna and all frnds……

  6. Aman

    Best wishes AP and Mon 4 your married life……I wish ham sabki life itti pyari aur acchi ho….so lovely and romantic in future……

  7. anshu

    nice guys…
    I didnt think that it wud be this much interesting to ask this ques to u …. best wishes 4 lovely married life to AP & Mon… & dont worry chocopie & aman love will definitly cum to ur life… & AP u said love cannot happen at first… I also believe that infact my sir told me one thing that never judge any person on first meeting… Thats y i dont believe in that first impression is the last impression…

  8. Mon

    Chocopie if don’t mind plz can u tell me your name
    If u don’t like to give pura name than it’s ok but give me hint

  9. hey mon my name is urmi….actually yaar yahan sab ko pata hai mein EMA ki crazy fan hoon so they can easily catch me here……which i don’t like…… that is why i hv hidden my name

  10. Mon

    It’s ok litt sis
    I know same with all raghna frnds
    Thank u it’s nice of u tell me your name
    1’s again thank u
    Good night

  11. dd

    wow raghavkalpana love is awosome. gyusy i always wanted to feel like this but my life did not give this chance to me. i am married but its arrange marriage and never feel like tht special for someoe but that wish is in my heart. My hubby is so loving but that crazy ness that feeling is awosome when someone loves you but u dont know and he is trying to say youand care you i love raghav love toward kalpi but in real life its true we cannot judge who is tru or not… this is big Q as well dont know he will give full support and will fullfill his promise and not but it doest matter for that people who has mind set to ditch.

  12. i think this wil be like the film Dil Hai Tumhaara two women related as sisters but love the same man one sister found out her sister feelings for him and give up her love that they have forsake of her sis to b happy but yhe problem wa he didnt want that sis he wanted his tru love i thik kalpi’s b stupid to give up her love for paaki

  13. sham

    episode was nice. but Kamala Maa just stupid. she is not thinking about her responsibility in her own house and she is thinking to leave gauri alone at home and stay in paki house. Whenever paki say something she is ready to do at any cost. As when kalpi said she is in love kamala telling she is small. When Paki said same thing she is very happy.

    • Aman

      Me too anshu….study 1st then family ,frnds…. And entertainment….. Oh no time 4 Anything else……love u all frnds……. Like to read ur comments…..

  14. anshu

    Yeah i can tell u one thing abt myself
    Thodi ajeeb hun
    Jab gussa aata hai tab ronpadti hun
    Aur jab rone ka mann krta hai tab gussa krne lagti hun har chhoti baat pe…

  15. AP

    Hey guys…back in office today after 2 days off…hell lot of work..would be missing EMA tonight…

    • Aman

      Oh so bored of work chocopie ‘chill………I hope today we all be happy seeing ragna together…..

    • actually anshu m elder…..hv single bro younger than me & i hv no sis. My bro is just like u choti choti bataon par irritate ho jata hai….that why i understand……… u must b younger…… bt i miss him vry badly bcoz he is studying out of city lives in hostel ghar pe akli hoti hon yaar….

  16. Star

    Im totally in love with raghav!! He’s so damn hot…..but has anyoe noticed tht his eyebrows are always up

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.