Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla says to Vitthal that Nettu and Sahil will live here. Kalpi, Vitthal and Pakiya are dazed. Vitthal says did you go to meet pakhi or bring this trouble for us ? Kamla syas they are in trouble. Raghav has taken everything from them. They have nothing now. How could I leave them alone there. Vitthal says we have suffered too. I don’t wanna help them. Kamla says you are a good man. Vitthal says no I am not. I have become a bad man because of these people. They are responsible for so much that happened to us. These are two snakes you brought for us. Kamla says they are not like that. Kamla says aghav is taking revenge and his mom is asking him to do that. He found his mom on wedding day. You know who she is ? Gauri tai. Oakiya says how is this possible.

Scene 2

comes to Raghav and asks where are you going ? He says to office. Will you be bored ? Gauri says who gets bored in own house ? Wait let me bring you breakfast. Pakhi comes there.
Pakhi says I came here to apologize. What my mom and dad did can be pardoned but I apologize. Raghav says I am glad you didn’t stand with them. I have no hard feelings for you. I know what your mom dad did was not your fault but I was helpless. I want you to understand my problems and that I can’t fulfill any of your dreams. We can live in the same house but not the same room.

Scene 3
Pakiya says those slefish mom and son did this to us. Vittahl says we saved GAuri’s life made her live here. and she did this to our daughter. We respected Raghava and he broke kalpi. Now you have brought them here. They will not live in my house. Kamla says its chastity to help someone. Vitthal says I am better a sinner.
Kamla says please agree to me they are not like what you think. Vitthal says let them live on pavements they will understand. Pakiya says baba is right. Kamla says don’t be loud.

Scene 4
Ragahv is on his way. He recalls when he travelled with kalpi in the bus. He says she must have joined the office. I will talk to her and explain her everything.
Raghav comes to office and sees Kalpi’s chair empty there. He goes to his cabin and takes his phone out. He is constantly starring at Kalpi’s place. He recalls all the moments with her. sammy comes in and says you didn’t do right. Ragahv says try to understand me sammy. Sammy says I feel embarrassed that you are my friend. You loved i got it you wanted revenge i got it.But you boke an innocent girl’s heart i can’t agree to it. You shattered a family. You hurt those who helped you along with your enemies. You destroyed kalpi’s life along with pakhi’s.
Raghav says I know i have hurt kalpi but i am hurt too. I have seen hatred in eyes of kalpi and kamla maa for me. The one i love the most hates me the most. What could i do ? Forget what mom said ?When she will come i will give her everything i have to make her happy. Sammy says you are still talking about your wealth she loves you n ot your money. Peon comes in and gives them a box that kalpana has sent. Sammy says check it out may be she has forgiven you. Raghav opens in and it has all the gifts Raghav sent. There is a paper too that is resignation of kalpi.

He shows the letter to Sammy. Sammy is shocked to see the resignation as well. Raghav says how can Kalpi do this. HE tears the letter apart and crumbles it. HE says i will not accept this resignation.
He calls Kalpi. Kalpi disconnects his call. He calla over and over again kalpi switched off her phone. Raghav throws away his phone.

Scene 5
There arguement os going on between Vitthal and Kamla. Kamla says if we don’t help them what will be there difference between Raghav ans us. Please agree to me. I can’t say no to them. I asked them to come here. I beg you. Vitthal says don’t beg. Tell them to leave our house as soon as possible. Kamla asks sahil and Nettu to come in.She says you will live here until you don’t find some other place. They come and sit in. kamla says let me make you tea. Nettu says its too hot here. Kamla turns on the fan. Kamla says let me bring you water you will take a bath and feel better. Kamla leave. Nettu says how will i l;ive in this cage. This all is happeneing because of that Raghav and his mom.

Scene 6
Pakhi brings Gauri some juice. SHe says kamla maa said to me that you should never take medicine without eating something. Gauri says keep your care to you. Pakhi says but maa.. Garui says I am not your mom I am just Raghav’s mom. Neither he considers you wife nor i consider you daughter in law. I know how to take care of myself. Don’t try to make a place here. Leave now. She is about to leave. Gauri says take this breakfast with you as well.

Scene 7
Kamla is bringing watre. Vitthal asks whom is it for ? Kamla says for madam. Vitthal says so now you will become her servent here. Nettu is in balcony and says there is no bath tub here how will i take a bath. She comes to Kamla and says I will carry the bucket. She hardly takes the bucket in.
Raghav says the landline must be working. He calls, Kalpi receives. He says Kapi this is me Raghav. I wanna talk to you. I know you are hurt. Please listen to me once. I have something to say. Kamla asks who is it Kalpi ? Kalpi says its a wrong no. she leaves. He calls again. Kamla receives this time.

Precap- Someone comes and is on the other side of the car. Raghav thinks its kalpi. Raghav says I know you wikl come. Once i get my revenge we can get married. I just wanna know what in your mind. The person on the other side come in fron of Raghav.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. i really hate this kamla……m 100% sure she must try to close them(raghav pakhi)eachother……. Wo seedi nahi dambo hai vithal baba……she really sucks my blood…….

    • ek

      Ha ya chocopoe she is realy a b*t*h saying kaoopr aise nahi hai n forgot sighanias done everything gud for them n look sari story galat batai vithal ko ki gauri ne yeh sab bura kiya i hate that……..

    • ek

      Ha ya chocopie she is realy a b*t*h saying kaoopr aise nahi hai n forgot sighanias done everything gud for them n look sari story galat batai vithal ko ki gauri ne yeh sab bura kiya i hate that……..

  2. Leila

    I hate kamla ma…u dnt ve to b nice eveytime…vithal shud f**k sme sense into her…n if for any reason vithal allows them to say…dey will do sme nasty thing n hurt u guys…i pray dey kill kamla ma…stupid woman

  3. Shivani

    Raghav is stupid if he thinks Kalpi will forgive him. Or give him another chance. He had already chosen revenge over love. And everyday Kamla gets more stupid.

  4. ashranna

    well well the precap…how dumb non other than kamla ofcourse…they could have shown the face..no suspense there….oh i am so surprise…i could not have guess…..wow pd

  5. jabee

    I hope Vital wont let dos fools stay wit dem,dunno wat kamla is up too again down………..Kalpi don’t cool so easily.Hello Guys

      • naina202

        they said that raghav will give a rendez-vous to Kalpi but instead Kamla maa will go there and confronts Raghav !!!


        Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (DJ’s – A Creative Unit) has seen some high-voltage drama with Raghav (Aashish Chaudhary) ending up marrying Pakhi (Shirina Singh), instead of Kalpi (Rachna Parulkar).

        Well, this development has really enraged the loyal fans of the show.

        With Pakhi realizing that Raghav loves Kalpi, but got married to her only to seek revenge on her parents, the girl is crestfallen. However, Kamla (Shilpa Shirodkar) is still in the dark, unaware of Raghav’s real motive.

        However, in the episodes to come, Kamla will get to know of it, and will decide to confront Raghav.

        A source states, “Raghav will write a letter to Kalpi, addressing her about everything that has happened in his life and about his intentions of marrying Pakhi. However, the letter would be spotted by Kamla, instead of Kalpi. In the letter, Raghav would have requested Kalpi to come and meet him in a certain place. And Kamla would go to the same place to confront Raghav. She will question him on his dirty act, and will tell him that he has ruined the lives of three people (Raghav, Kalpi and Pakhi) by marrying a girl he does not love.”

        Will Kamla be able to find a solution to this major problem in which her two daughters are in?

        We tried contacting Aashish to know more about the intense track, but could not reach him.

        This particular confrontation sequence will be on air this Friday (23 May).””

  6. Meena

    I can predict wat will happen nxt….oh no!!pakhi will start taking care of gauri n some how gauri will end up liking n pity her…uhmmm n she will make raghav accept her or may b ragahav will start to like her cox of his mum…either way this is wat will happen….stupid stupid writersss

  7. Nat

    Kamla’s character is so righteous! Is she god?? Neetu killed someone but she is willing to forgive that and Raghav is taking revenge but that is bad! Kamla will tell Raghav that he has to stay with paaki! Kalpi will want that too!! This is the most disgusting storyline! Neetu being prissy in kamla’s house! Can’t she see that?? She is soooo stupid and so is this show! And I really really don’t like where this is going!!! Kamla is no god she is illiterate for a reason BC she is damla!!! Writer’s do something with this show BC your ratings are going down. Sammy needs more screen time BC he is the only good one now!

  8. Crystal Singh

    I tell you they are really making people hate Kamla .I don’t believe one human being can be so stupid .I know you have to forgive people when they hurt and do you wrong. But that’s taking it a bit too far.This mother Theresa role is over doing it. It’s like she is concerned more about everyone else than her own family.I think they all should find out all that these people did,so they can really understand what Gaurie family went through .If kamla cares so much, why didn’t she take in Raghav young when he lost his family? He was very young then.

  9. ek

    Hi cystal don use mother tersa for that stupid damla bcs mother tersa helped people but does not lost her sense but this lady even dont care for her husband who lov her so much

  10. noname

    I hate kamla she told that gouri is raghavs mom n she is the reason for this……. But gouri didn’t know about raghav n kalpi’s relation when she met raghav……….

  11. ashranna

    anyone remember in that episode where raghav left for USA kamla brought back neetu and sahil to take him to the kapoor mansion but fortunately pakya got him to the airport before kamla could get to raghav…….that woman has redefine stupidity……
    and really what success the producers celebrating the only reason that TRP went up was because of one of 2 things the loving intimate moments of ragna or sslk…..they will never know…but i am going with the ragna moments…..and now they choose to show the retard scenes with raghav and paki…..but if we remember earlier paki said on the day raghav confess to kalpi that she loves him and it didnt matter if he loved her or not she will always treat him good and love him so paki will never hand raghav over to kalpi….so for paki she has no self respect ….she is willing to do anything for ragahv knowing he does not love her…and for the writers to show this kind of desperation is really sad….paki has choice she dont have to stay with raghav…..but kamla told her to so she is obeying….and as for the precap….kamla is disgusting she is not protecting kalpi….she has indeed forgotten all the good things raghav did for them and he did not know his mother is with them but she is willing to protect sahil and neetu…and vithal your are a poor excuse for a husband……allowing kamla to get her way…..vithal should also remember who give him a job…..because if they can forgive neetu and sahil then raghav and guri should be forgiven as well…so kamla take ur self righteous self and stuff it…because you failed as a mother wife and u inspire no one……because all women dont want to be like u even my 9 yr old says she wish kalpi had a nicer mom………

    • naina202

      i totally agree with you ! kamla is so stupid ! when they will have low trps they will change the character of kamla ! i hope…

  12. agree with u guyz…..kamla concerned every1 else than those who luv & respect her most……what kind of iz she? What iz gauri’s fault? Why she told vithal: agr hum b badla lene kele ye sb karen ge toh hum mei aur raghav mei kya fark reh jayega…… Kapoor’s ka naam kyun nahi liya? Wo ye b toh kehsakti thi : agr hum b badla lene k leye ye sb kren ge toh hum mei aur inn mei jya fark reh jaye ga………. Meanz usse hamesha kapoors he sahi dekhte hai……..lol!

  13. irene

    You are absolutely right, how can we foget all the silly things this Kamala has been doing.I still remember Vitthal told her not to tell the Kapoors that Raghav is their home and she brought them to the chawl.The best thing now is,the chawl too belongs to the Singhanias.

  14. Mon

    Hello chocopie litt sis anshu angel ap Girija ji dd Sneh Angie ashrana ek
    We lost ema and raghna
    They won’t be 2gether just Bcoz that pd hippo

  15. Mon

    Kamla is DAMLA
    Pakhi is stupid
    Neetu and sahil is greedy selfish
    Vithal is joruka gulam

    All confusson problem raghna separation everything happening just Bcoz hippo PD

    • naina202

      Yes you are right !
      IN FACT, the only person in this serial who got a BRAIN IS KALPI !!!!
      Kamla and Pakhi are stupid !
      Raghav is turning bad and is becoming hated…
      NEtthu and Sahil are devilish !
      Pakhya is useless in the show…
      And Vitthal has no balls !!!!!!!!!

      Kalpi the only one person with cleverness !

  16. anshu

    I just liked sammy today
    He was superb
    But that rags dialogue
    Kalpi cant do this to me
    I was like seriously raghav she cant do this to u
    Waise raghav kitne phone rakhta hai apne paas

    • hahaaaaa…..anshu when raghav throw away his phone i thought ab kahan se phone karoge……. jst then dosra nekala……oh dosra b hai……ok phir theek kya…..well aur ek toh nahi hai na….hmmm…..

      • sneh

        May be some phone co.is one of the sponsor of EMA
        NOTHING in life is FREE……,KAMLA is crazy SHE is trying to be more holy then POPE
        Raghav has chosen revenge & He think he can get Kalpi love back by his SWEET TALK
        Mr Singhania don;t hold your breath for that you should pay for horrible deal price

      • anshu

        Jo phine usne thodte hue dikhaya woh wahi phone tha jisse woh paajhi ko girst party ke time pe msg kr rha tha
        Ab phone toh nhi toda hoga
        Baad mein exchange kar diya hoga

  17. joy

    Kamala should meet with an accident n go into coma for at least 5 years… Just like priya in balh

  18. sneh

    Now the show is changed from Ek MUTHI AASMAN TO BADLA ADLA……DURING THAT OUR DARLING KALPANA GOT BADLY HURT FOR NO GOOD REASON………hemBECAUSE RAGHAV WAS THINKING LIKE AN IDIOT.kAMLA was never a good mom, but now she is supporting criminals & becoming part of themè
    Pl , Sammy call police & do right things in right way,KAPOORS belomg in PRISON not in Kalpi :s home
    I am glad she has resigned & not answering raghsv;s phone,…..He does not deserve smart beautifull honest girl……..He has to suffer & pay for his horrible mistake…….He has broken Kalpanaès heart which cannot fix instantly by quickfix……..

  19. now i have a feeling this story will turn out like sydney seldon’s Rage of Angels . where kalpi will be love but no legal status n whereas as paki will enjoy the being wife.
    very sad.

  20. naina

    Hey frnds…. i guess ds serial deserves an award….. d best stupid serial of d year…. coz always sum shit hapens n d grt kamla maa, d mothr of d world cums in pics n mak d devil her god

  21. chocopie

    I looove this show its too gud yaar y all know what I’m talking about ..peace out signing off sayonnara

  22. gd morning guyz hey another chocopie if u r normally here then change ur name bcoz it createz confusion or if u r pranking with us then it is vry cheap way to distract otherz & seek attention…….

    • anshu

      Hey chocopie its vry easy to recognise which chocooie is real ehich is not
      So dont take tension

  23. baba alok nath

    ek beta… me tumara kanyadan krunga… ye serial mat dko bht hi stupid serial h hahaha

  24. meri b naiya paar ho jaye……oh no no shaadi k leye nhi mera banking test hai wo qaulify krpavon……….hahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  25. baba alok nath

    han han..zaroor…tumara kanyadaan bi krunga
    pehle ye serial dkhna band kro
    bht hi zyada napak h

  26. ek

    guys i wonder damla never tries to find out truth she always agree whatever neetu say to her and koi batoa writers ko ki is type ki women ko no one likes in real life or i shuld say these type of women character is not realistic bcs every lady first thinks of her family and thando gud to others

  27. ek

    poor vithal ki to kismat hi foot gai hai aisi wife pa kar jo uski sunti hi nahi bechara………i pity on him jo na use aur na hi uske bachoo ko samajhti hai bas apni hi hakti rahti hai

  28. sneh

    PL. give arshivad to KAMLA so uski BHUDDI shud ho…she gets some wisdom……
    Kamla needs your jadhoo so that she realizes how lucky she is to have a daughter….
    I hope she value her daughter KALPNA

  29. ek

    frns i hope in today epi damla will say to raghav that “ki agar tumne meri pakhi ko dhoka dia ya use choda to mujse bura koi nahi hoga now” she is ur wife par damla tumse bura already koi nahi hai bcs in your views kapoors are innocent and raghav an gauri are a big ciminal bullshit

  30. dd

    chocopai, girajajee, mon, ek, ne, anshu, ap, asha and all tu fans, good morning to all of you. guys i loved yesterday’s episode only specially for sammy i dont know but now i am mad for him. raghave is married now but i cant stop my self to imagin kalpi with sammy now i cannot imagin raghav with kalpi because he is married and this truth is stoping me to not consider his love for kalpi but yes otherside i am also dont want to accept that he should start feel feelings for paakhi no way he should always love kalpi and kalpi only. but our raghav kalpana alwyas best this indeed. have u guys noticed sammy yesterday he was so dashing and uska gussa ooffff jaaanleva tha i really like it specially when reaghav tell that one whom he loves most she is hating him most that time sammy expression was awosome he was trying to say himu loves her and u did this to her this is looks like all bull shit from ur mouth now. guys kamla maa she is really duffer she only think and act according what she saw and hear, i dont know why raghav loves her and belived on her she never helped her only talk politely thats it he never tried to help raghav only his luck kalpi and vitthal helped her and got all importance to kamla she always with kapoors if kapoors are the one who hurts raghave then i must say kamla is also one who hurts raghavand his family most to belive and support to kapoors always. now again she will supoort only kapoors and paakhi she will take vachan from raghav that he will not come in kalpi life for all her gudness for him and accept paakhi as his wife becasue there is no fault of her daughter paakhi she is never understand what raghave has she only thin what kapoors lost and with them. i want vittal meet to raghavand gauri and listen all story then he can protect them and be with them otherwise kamla destroy all things. guys u know in every serial one person lead it and that show goes most of the time that character is bad but in thei ema serial leading is kamla she is good character but beside foolish and doing bad thing under good character and we all can realize it but pd trying to predict that she is very gud no sh is not she is destoryed image of good person and mom and lady she is dumb and bad woment who support bad peopls alwyas and give hurts to good and hurt goo people specially their own who loves and respect her.

  31. dd

    pd should show kamla clever and predictable so that she can recognise who is good and who is bad. kamla looks like a peson who always did worng in his r her low madness mind an neve try to use her mind. she is just link kid but todays kids are very smart but she is not. she id dumbo usse to paagal khaane main daal dena chahiye logo ki life maine o kuch bhi problem huwe dumbo ne usko or complicated bana diaya bus and credit ache hone ka khud le gaye. duffer baad maien maafi maang kar khud ko mahan bana lete hai. i know she always things for othersbut pd pls show some cleverness and gud sence to predict who is wrng and whois good after all she is leading serial audieance and theirown children this is what they learn from her that belive in everyone and destroy yourself and let give chance to other to come and bit you. what bullshift pls do some creativness in kamla character with clearv and gudsence so that she will stand with raghav and can give right thing to their daughter and punish bad peopls.

    • ek

      pd mafi galti ki hoti hai befkooki ki nahi aur vo bhi bar bar no way i think she and pd needs a treatment so vithal must send her to mental hosp.

  32. ek

    hi dd in some way u r right now it is the timefor writters to give some gud rol to vithal n pakiya till now they are the puppets of damla now they have to meet raghav and gauri and reveal the truth of their life n help them or atleast understand them also vithal can protect his family from kapoors and let that damla be with kapoors the criminal but vithal must support raghav after knowing all truth

  33. ek

    pd you shuld make your character intelligent with gud heart so people can lvu them not like kamla who earn the haitred of the viewers she is main lead so make her smart instead of foolish who is ready to destroy the happiness of their own every time

  34. dd

    guys one good news: i saw tweeter comment in pawandeep kwata : To all the fans of #EMA don’t be disappointed, there will be an interesting twist very soon. Stay tuned!…may be thiw wil gona happen that thi marriae is fake and paakhi an rahave playing game to teach leasson to kapoors….i dont know but whish this to happen. no pakhi raghav together or some new entry for kalpi no way….


    i want kalpi and raghav dead!!! crap people of the serial!! sammy should marry kamla!! and paki is a fool!!

    • mayashetty

      you must be creative head ! what kind of story? here we are all not only here all RAGHNA fans requesting them to reunite – you wanted to see them dead!!!!!!! what a great idea? more over you wanted SAMMY SHOULD MARRY KAMALA. WHAT GREAT IDEA? NOT ONLY IN THE STORY CREATOR ARE FOOLS HERE ALSO SO MANY FOOL.

  36. hg

    I am tired of watching this show.i feel bad why i stopped watching jodhaakbar,and started wating thz show,no logic,no reality.i wasted my time in watching and commentg on it.it was good bcz of ragna but not now.

  37. girijashiva

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    [email protected]
    To all the fans of #EMA don’t be disappointed, there will be an interesting twist very soon. Stay tuned!

    • sneh

      Dear girija ji, Just ignore Junglee as i think JUNGLEE just came from JUNGAL not trained at all,sounds that Junglee is wild alley cat who is
      frustated & screaming meaw meaw….
      Girija ji just smile because we are smiling with YOU

  38. hg

    This show is getting worse day by day.2 me its bettes 2 watch ja based on history atleast the story cannt be changed with unacceptable and unrealistic twists. ashish,pls quit this show like karansingh grover qubool hai.ths story mainly about maids life,the lady must be confident and independent.sorry 2 say-i didnt see such qualities in kalpana.i didnt see smile on her face.pd should change the actor rachana, its only my opinion.she should change her bodylanguage,lack of confidence in her.she can act better than what she does now.bcz from the story revolves ard her.from 2 day i amnt watching this show.atleast i came 2 know this show has somny fans.bye ema fans,esplly chocopie and dd,i like u both.

  39. girijashiva

    oye JUNGLEE! i dont need explain to anyone whether iam jobless or not?For your kind information i am here because i made so many friends here.otherwise no need to be here. why iam explaining to you ?why r u so irritating when i just copy and paste the message here which i am doing since very long.

  40. girijashiva


  41. Mid-day joke: munna bhai: ae circuit! Agar bina daant wala kutta kate toh kya karne ka re!! Circuit: simple hai bhai…..bina sui wala injection lagane ka!!!!!!!

  42. girijashiva

    lame joke @chocopie!! improve the standards of joke please!!
    and ya this @junglee is mad..and antisocial!so i don’t have to care..thanks!

  43. ek

    hey girjaji we like ur comments so don care about the people with -ve thoughts just enjoy and chill

  44. sneh

    I think Ashish & Rachna both should quit this crazy show which has lost the meaning of EK MUTHI AASMAN
    They both are great acting skills & super chemistry,Sammy is also doing perfect job,They should all creat a new show in which they dance&act with old ,New ,hindi & english romantic songs & bring great moments of RAGHNA back to us
    RAGHNA has friend internationally old & young i am sure every body will enjoy & have POSITIVE attitude……

  45. sham

    if all RAGANA fans go on comment on this show the TRP never goes down and writer / director will not change the track and they will unite RAKHI

    • betty

      hi guys I think all ragna fans should quit seeing this sereal cos of kamla or the writer n director do something about her role am becoming sick of her appearance plsss

    • sneh

      I agree also, BUT i will miss you all my brilliant friends inside out
      who stood by KALPANA & cares for LOVE,FAITH ,HUMANITY emoional feeling
      love you all so leaving you all wll be hard also

  46. betty

    we shld concentrate more on ja or buddah that have historical back grounds and are educating or wats ur opinion

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