Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla tells everyone that Raghav’s here. Kamla wishes him holi. He says same to you. Kamla and Vitthal welcome them. Manda asks will you play holi with us? Kamla says no he doesn’t like colors no one will put colors on him. The lady comes in the balcony. kamal does the arthi of Raghav.
Manda calls Nettu and says your holi is ahppy now. Raghav is here. Nettu says okay I am coming. Mummy ji asks why are you so happy nettu ? She says yeah its holi. tell Sahil that.. Mummy ji says that you are going to the party. She says no I am going to the chowl. Pakhi is there so i wanna celebrate with her.

Scene 2
Raghav sits on a chair and sees everyone. Kamla says Sammy happy holi. Vitthal says tp everyone that sammy will play holi with us. Everyone applies color

to his face. Pakhi brings Raghav thandai. HE says no thanks. Pakiya mixes the bhang in the drinks. Kalpi stares at Raghav. Nettu arrives at the chowl. SOme people dip her in t he colors. She is so upset. Kamla wishes her happy holi. Nettu asks Manda where is Raghav ? Manda is drunk she says don’t annoy me. Nettu says whats wrong with you. Manda says madam looks like you as well and she is such an idiot. Nettu says I am that madam. Nettu asks tell me where is raghav ? Manda says let me tell you something else manda has some lady at her home.
Pakiya and Pakhi dance on a song. While Kalpi and Raghav looks at each other. SAmmy enjoys them as well. Kamla asks Kalpi to check the lady. SHe goes upstairs. Raghav follows her. When she comes out of the house she finds him there. She is about to leave but Raghav holds her hand and gets her into his front. He says you didn’t answer me. Tell me what’s that I don’t have ? I look fine, earn well. Kalpana I has never happened with me before that I can’t sleep at night. I feel weird all the times just because of you. Kalpi says sir.. He says I admit I have fallen for you and I am as shocked as you. Tell me what should be the next step. Accept this love or reject it but you have to tell me whats the problem with me or whats stops you. Kalpi says yeah something is stopping me, an unseen wall between you and me. That long gap between. We are so different that well will never be together. Its just a matter of stories. He says there is a place where earth and sky meet. Kalpi says we just feel like they do but actually they never. You are right in front of me but the gap is still the same. You came here at holi but still far apart from colors. You will never be comfortable in my world. He says I am different and from a different world ? My world is just you. He holds her closer.

Scene 3
Pakhi looks for Raghavb but he is no where. Kalpi is about to leave when Raghav applies color on her face. She can’t believe it. She turns back, he applies more color on her face and holds her hand. The song, ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background. Pakhi is coming upstairs to look for Raghav. Raghav gives Kalpi colors’ plate. He says after years you are the one who brought colors in my life and I will hold on to that. This is holi right ? Won’t you color me ?

PRECAP-Manda asks Nettu what are you her for ? She says I came here to see my Pokhi and Raghav together. Look how good they look togethre. pakiya asks pokhi to come down. Sh etakes Raghav with her.

Update Credit to:Atiba


  1. AP

    ab kalpi bhi raghav perang laga de pls!!!!…writers pls … U did a good job till now..pls keep paki out and let raghav be colored by Kalpi pls !!!

  2. ravina

    Wow can’t wait to watch omg I’m too happy thank you writters . Finally kalpi and raghav wow

  3. na

    they gonna extend the confession till paki and raghav’s marriage topic doesn’t come up..,or might something lyk till raghav realizes he came back to take revenge from kapoors..

  4. has anyone watched on Desi Tashan – There is no audio for today’s episode. There seems to be a issue. Hope Desi Tashan fixes it soon as i am very excited to hear and watch this episode.
    Let us hope they dont prolong Kalpi admitting love to raghav untill it becomes too late.

  5. Aman

    Plz keep paki out of this …now kalpi should put color on raghav nd accept love of him..plzzz….continue this beutiful love…nd keep kapoors out……only then it would ne more interesting when both of them will be together sooooo…ni e couple…..nd very gud act by them….

  6. Aman

    Plzzz writers I think kalpi should accept him unless it becomes too late….plz let this story as pure love btw raghav nd kalpi only not any one else …unless whole story would be spoiled as the other indian serials…and my suggestion for puki is pakiya as perfect bcz its very need for greed kapooors ……

  7. srujana dsouza

    wow its nice to see raghav and kalpi together i wish and request writters to make them closer and break the silince between them

  8. vna

    Today was the best epi of ema so far…the scenes were simply mind-blowing…based on precap im guessing that just before kalpi can reciprocate, pakhi will interupt n drag rags away..probably after that kalpi might go to him n put rang..she was so mesmerised with he’s sudden gesture n that subtle touch..n to a certain extend rags knows that she loves him too bt its the differences btw them wic is stopping her..soon she will accept. Stay optimistic guys 😉

  9. Hmmmm u can say kalpi must accept her luv for rags n abt coloring kalpi had already put colour on rags in last episode… so they hav played holi wid each odr. ..

    • Shut the f**k up none u r only writing nonsense pakhi is a b*t*h who doesn’t I repeat DOESN’T deserve Raghav so just shut up if you r a kalphav hater

      • girijashiva

        Actually Pakhi is good hearted girl! Kamala bai love for Pakhi morethan her daughteR KALPANA THAT r irrites.ME.ZEE CREATIVE TEAM HAVE NO HEAD -BRAIN.They wanted to show and drag for 4 years n more .they can do it more than 5 yrsby using their brain..simple story which happened every day life and raise from scratch to rich.there is no neccessary for negative charchters

  10. girijashiva

    Mann bargayaaaaa!!!!!!!good to see Raghav and Kalpana. together and also raghav changed attitude.very good dialogues
    keep it up

    • girijashiva

      to whom you are saying those words? to me ? what made to say those words to me? if this reply is to me i am sorry ,i dont expect this .

  11. jabee

    Woww luv dis kalpi N raghav episode,kapli say yes b4 smtin come up I knw dis writers are not confident in dem selves dey might turn ddd whole luv lyn

  12. ravina

    Tonight show was super I just love it plz writter don’t let paki stop them plz let kalpi put colour on raghav first and tell him how much she love him plz plz plz

  13. Fay

    Best episode so far. The writers are on fire! I love this new side of Rags. Can someone please introduce Kalpi to the concept of “love conquers all”. She needs to take that leap of faith. I hope she gets a chance to apply the colours to Rags before Pakhi comes upstairs. I want this love story to begin asap. Forget about using Pakhi to get Kalpi jealous. It’s a juvenile and cowardly. Rags is better than that – he is neither jjuvenile nor cowardly. I wish Kalpi and Rags declare their love in front of Neetu. I can’t stand her.- can’t wait to burst her bubble and dash her hopes of “son in law Raghav”

  14. Love this episode. I’m watching this from all the way in south America and I’m feeling the love. Pls let kalpi confess her feelings to rags.

  15. sanjana sri

    Ayyoooooo kalpana say yes and apply colors to raghav don’t take too much time yaar that stupid pakhi is coming upstairs …….
    What a precap pakhi is taking raghav away from kalpana . i just hope kalpana applied colors to raghav before pakhi don’t let pakhi between raghav and kalpana ..
    pls writers don’t let this serial like other stupid serials i love this show sooo much because it’s different from other show’s …. Pls keep rags and kalpi together till the end of the show … and their love must be soooooo strong

  16. Jigs

    For those who haven’t been able to see this part… You really are missing something. I am so addicted to this serial because of raghav and kalpi that I keep watching the repeated shows again and again. Raghav looks so so so good and his character so intense with love that please keep this love for kalpi. Directors please don’t disappoint your viewers/fans.

  17. Jigs

    Let pookhi get hooked on with Sammy sir or pakiya. Pookie don’t even try to come between raghav and kalpi.

  18. I love tbis episode! Oh my…we see a different side of Raghav…intoxicating..now the show is going great..lets get more episodes like this one plz….pookie…chill girl…pakiya seems interested in you

  19. cind

    Kalpi grow up gal!!!!…rags is not that selfish than you.why ru forcing rags to fit in in your world when ur suppose to understand his way of leaving…and when he has excepted the way you are y are you having problems excepting his love…plzzzzz have faith in your love n go n tell him how much u love rags…plzzzz writers dont mess up with the story line as uptill now this is the best show!!

  20. TriniDiva

    Hi girijaishiva…….. So sorry ,,,,,,,,, that was meant for none…….. He or she is really pissing me off…..

  21. jeninlove

    d oly way kalpi can apply color on raghav wud b by “accident” (by dumpin d color on him 4m d top floor!!!!!)….hop u guys got d pic 😉

  22. Aman

    Pakiya is interested in puki…it would be interesting 2 see them as couple….kalpi nd rags r best couple….sooo….lovely to see them together….

  23. Aman

    Plz writers let the story going in right way…plz keep this onscreen love btw them..and not let the story to be go in wrong way of representing love as the other show based on western culture..keep it up the lovely romance really gud show in the indian cine history..

  24. Aman

    I think raghav sbould take revenge fm kapoor but by his intelligence nd should not use paaki bcz its a very old concept…by doing hardwork as businessman he can do this and I think kalpi will make him to go in rkght way as soon I expect she will accept him as her lifepartner……

  25. cind

    Yeah we did jeni :-)…but i doubt kalpi wud do it as she is too stubborn to accept her destiny….hope usse jaldi akal ajai 😉

  26. For once I see a serial where the love is do true, so original raghav n kalpi doing great, this serial always beats my expectation, the writters r being extremely sensitive abt thier feeelings. Looking forward to making raghav happy, even in recap I see paki taking away raghav, I hv full faith in him n he wont mess it up as he is level headed. Love you sammy u r a great friend.

  27. AP

    I really hope the writers keep this serial realistic and positive like now and keep out the melodramatic sacrifice fundas and plotting themes ! I really want to see rags and kalpi coming together defying all the plots and wish this serial remain positive! I would hate to see kamala emotionally blackmailing kalpi line of story!

  28. AP

    Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho… Zindagi ab tum ho.. Mera chaine bhi mera dard bhi..meri ashiquie ab tum ho… Tera mera rista hai kaisa ek pal door gavara nahi… Terelie har rooz hai jeete hai tuch ko diya mera waqt sabhi..

  29. Aman

    This is the only show I have seen in my life….describing love as soo lovely feelings not bsaed on obenscity as the other show r based on…a very realistic familuy show…my whole family is liking it…and very heart touching acting done by rabgs and kalpi…i wish writer will continue this unique story…hats off to e.m.a….nd thanlks to writter 4 this……pl!!z continue this lovely love story nd dont get spoiled y anyone..rags nd his love nd determination is the crux of story.

  30. jeninlove

    i wish zee wud also start showing their shows on saturday also 😀

    im impressed abt d fact tat d other top shows dnt hv dis much responses wen compared 2 EMA’s responses forum… 2 bad dis show isnt among d top 5 TRPs.. hmm

    i wonder wat “none’s” problem s……he/she keeps insisting on havin ragav n paki 2gthr wen d rest of us prefer ragav n kalpi 2gthr….hmmm……

    nyways lookin 4ward 2 c 2moros episod..as wel as all u lovable peoples responses..good nyt guys

    • girijashiva

      because this show is not prime time,zeetv should change the timings if they want to show concern about those EWS people.

  31. TriniDiva

    Hey guys it’s still Sunday 23rd nine pm…… At my country…… Good nite sweetdreamzzzzzzz

  32. Aman

    Cant waiit…soooo..excited 4 todays show will kalpi accept the love of raghav..hope so..nd that she put color on hiim…accept him….

  33. AP

    If kalpi does not accept Raghav today and not put colour on him… Or paaji beats her to put Raghav color…. It is going to be a huge let down! It would be like taking expectations sky high and dropping it! Writers pls don’t mess it now!!!

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