Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla tells everyone that Raghav’s here. Kamla wishes him holi. He says same to you. Kamla and Vitthal welcome them. Manda asks will you play holi with us? Kamla says no he doesn’t like colors no one will put colors on him. The lady comes in the balcony. kamal does the arthi of Raghav.
Manda calls Nettu and says your holi is ahppy now. Raghav is here. Nettu says okay I am coming. Mummy ji asks why are you so happy nettu ? She says yeah its holi. tell Sahil that.. Mummy ji says that you are going to the party. She says no I am going to the chowl. Pakhi is there so i wanna celebrate with her.

Scene 2
Raghav sits on a chair and sees everyone. Kamla says Sammy happy holi. Vitthal says tp everyone that sammy will play holi with us. Everyone applies color

to his face. Pakhi brings Raghav thandai. HE says no thanks. Pakiya mixes the bhang in the drinks. Kalpi stares at Raghav. Nettu arrives at the chowl. SOme people dip her in t he colors. She is so upset. Kamla wishes her happy holi. Nettu asks Manda where is Raghav ? Manda is drunk she says don’t annoy me. Nettu says whats wrong with you. Manda says madam looks like you as well and she is such an idiot. Nettu says I am that madam. Nettu asks tell me where is raghav ? Manda says let me tell you something else manda has some lady at her home.
Pakiya and Pakhi dance on a song. While Kalpi and Raghav looks at each other. SAmmy enjoys them as well. Kamla asks Kalpi to check the lady. SHe goes upstairs. Raghav follows her. When she comes out of the house she finds him there. She is about to leave but Raghav holds her hand and gets her into his front. He says you didn’t answer me. Tell me what’s that I don’t have ? I look fine, earn well. Kalpana I has never happened with me before that I can’t sleep at night. I feel weird all the times just because of you. Kalpi says sir.. He says I admit I have fallen for you and I am as shocked as you. Tell me what should be the next step. Accept this love or reject it but you have to tell me whats the problem with me or whats stops you. Kalpi says yeah something is stopping me, an unseen wall between you and me. That long gap between. We are so different that well will never be together. Its just a matter of stories. He says there is a place where earth and sky meet. Kalpi says we just feel like they do but actually they never. You are right in front of me but the gap is still the same. You came here at holi but still far apart from colors. You will never be comfortable in my world. He says I am different and from a different world ? My world is just you. He holds her closer.

Scene 3
Pakhi looks for Raghavb but he is no where. Kalpi is about to leave when Raghav applies color on her face. She can’t believe it. She turns back, he applies more color on her face and holds her hand. The song, ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background. Pakhi is coming upstairs to look for Raghav. Raghav gives Kalpi colors’ plate. He says after years you are the one who brought colors in my life and I will hold on to that. This is holi right ? Won’t you color me ?

PRECAP-Manda asks Nettu what are you her for ? She says I came here to see my Pokhi and Raghav together. Look how good they look togethre. pakiya asks pokhi to come down. Sh etakes Raghav with her.

Update Credit to:Atiba

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  1. Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho… Zindagi ab tum ho.. Mera chaine bhi mera dard bhi..meri ashiquie ab tum ho… Tera mera rista hai kaisa ek pal door gavara nahi… Terelie har rooz hai jeete hai tuch ko diya mera waqt sabhi..

  2. This is the only show I have seen in my life….describing love as soo lovely feelings not bsaed on obenscity as the other show r based on…a very realistic familuy show…my whole family is liking it…and very heart touching acting done by rabgs and kalpi…i wish writer will continue this unique story…hats off to e.m.a….nd thanlks to writter 4 this……pl!!z continue this lovely love story nd dont get spoiled y anyone..rags nd his love nd determination is the crux of story.

  3. i wish zee wud also start showing their shows on saturday also 😀

    im impressed abt d fact tat d other top shows dnt hv dis much responses wen compared 2 EMA’s responses forum… 2 bad dis show isnt among d top 5 TRPs.. hmm

    i wonder wat “none’s” problem s……he/she keeps insisting on havin ragav n paki 2gthr wen d rest of us prefer ragav n kalpi 2gthr….hmmm……

    nyways lookin 4ward 2 c 2moros episod..as wel as all u lovable peoples responses..good nyt guys

  4. Actually even i am surprised this is not high on TRP! Strange….

    1. because this show is not prime time,zeetv should change the timings if they want to show concern about those EWS people.

  5. Hey guys it’s still Sunday 23rd nine pm…… At my country…… Good nite sweetdreamzzzzzzz

  6. Cant waiit…soooo..excited 4 todays show will kalpi accept the love of raghav..hope so..nd that she put color on hiim…accept him….

  7. hay anyone know’s the timings of this show i mean morning timings

    1. 12.30 pm aftrnoon(indian timings)….den der s at nyt 11.30 pm

      1. thank you jeninlove

  8. If kalpi does not accept Raghav today and not put colour on him… Or paaji beats her to put Raghav color…. It is going to be a huge let down! It would be like taking expectations sky high and dropping it! Writers pls don’t mess it now!!!

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