Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 21st February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav takes Kalpo out of the water and makes her sit on the ground. He looks exhausted. Kalpi says sir.. Raghav says shut up just shut up. What do you think of your self? I have never sees a girl as stubborn as you. He falls on the ground. His entire back is bleeding. Kalpi says whats wrong sir ? Please get up. She wonders why is his back bleeding so much. She tears his shirt and finds out that the leeches that suck blood are all over his back.

Scene 2
Sammy and Maya are in station. Inspector says that the car went from one checkpost buy never reached the next one. We have alerted all out staff there we will let you know if any information reaches us. A ot of robbery incidents take place there maybe he is a victim of that. Lets see. We will convey you

all the informations.

Scene 3
Kalpi screams for help. She asks Raghav to get up. She doesn’t know what to do.
There kamla can’t eat in tension of Kalpi. Vitthal says whats wrong with you. Kamal says she knows that her phone is not working she would have informed her from other phone. Vitthal says she must be busy. Pakiya says she is okay don’t worry. Vitthal says Kalpi will call you in the morning. Now eat please.

Scene 4
A man comes with a lantern. Kalpi stops him for help. She tells him that there are leeches all over his back. He says get these leeches off his back it will kill him. Just burn these leeches. he gives her a matchbox. Kalpi says please sir try to get up,. He says leave me alone. Kalpi starts burning the match sticks but they blow because of wind.

Scene 5
Paki is watching Tv about the Zee cine awards she is excited for them. She is worried about Kalpi and Raghav. She calls Sammy and asks him. He says that they both haven’t checked in. Me and Maya are here at Ali bagh. She says why you didn’t tell me. He says we didn’t tell anyone. We are both looking for them I will let you know. Paki wonders should she tell Kamla or not. She is so worried for them.

Scene 6
Kalpi is failing in burning the matchsticks. She looks for a piece of wood. She wounds her dupatta around it and sets it one fire. SHe gets it closer to Raghav. Raghav screams with pain. She is plucking the leeches out.
Vitthal wakes up and finds out that kamla is still up. She says when children grow old they think that their parents don’t worry about them anymore. Vitthal says when a baby sparrow flies her mom is proud. You should be proud of kalpi. Kamla looks at Pinky studying. She says I will help her out Vitthal she will fly so high. I know how to make Kanta agree.
Kalpi is taking the leeches out. She asks Raghav to get up. She thinks to take him. Wind is blowing. Raghav screams.

Scene 7
Mummy ji asks Paki to rest. Nettu says I have talked to doctor shah he is asking me to take you to the clinic. We should not take it lightly. Paki says I don’t wanna go any where. Where were you when I was young. I can take care of my self. I don’t wanna listen anything. She says okay do whatever you want and leaves.
Kalpi gets Rahav up by her own. They start moving. Raghav is in so much pain. She leads him. They sit under a tree. He falls in her lap. She holds him. He holds her hand so hard. She covers his back as the rain starts.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Y no precap??Yesd also there was no precap update

  2. it is a very good episode and there is no precap but i can’t wait for next episode. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i think when the episode is coming.

    1. pakhi is only perfect for raghav

  3. raghav & kalpi is very awesome. there is no words to describe them. i think paki doesn’t interfere b/w them.

    1. pakhi only is suitable for raghav

  4. Let’s hope Paki doesn’t turn on them when she find out who really love

  5. what an episode it’s really superb ……………… i love raghav & kalpi’s acting y there is no precape i can’t wait for the next episode …

  6. was loving the fact that sir mr raghav becoming so vulnerable he could no longer hold back from needing that one to special person to hold him tightly……did he bite her hands…….but i think this is much better that asad and zoya…….regret the fact that there is no precap…….again dont find the ashish guy all that good looking but he is doing a wonderful job as raghav he is putting life into the character of raghav…….great acting from him it looks real…….one question is education in india compulsory……in trinidad it is the law…………every child has the right to an education…………….these serials enlightens be to alot of things in india………….like i did not know that there were real signs in india about the goons……also there are serious cultural differences with the trinidad indian and the indians from india……….

    1. kalpi is horrible with raghav
      i think the director is sensed enough to keep raghav and pakhi as true lovers

  7. Ashraana hush naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. hey its really awesome ….whole team congratulations. ..I like this serial very much…my mother also sees this serial .one of the best seial in this time..I have never miss any episode….its totally encourage to all for fulfilling their dream.

  9. Ashish chowdhry is really doing an excellent job as raghav……it seems this charctr is made only 4 him…..n m anxciously waiting 4 24 feb episode……

  10. I totally love raghav and kalpi, I hope raghav gets fine hate to see him in pain…paki should find her own true love

  11. why Saaas Bahu aur saazish is not showing any updates of ek mutti aasmaan serial ? they are showing every serial segments but not ek mutti aasmaan serial segment yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  12. pls make pakhi and raghav together to make this serial very popular

  13. No, I think raghav n kalpana r made for each other .paki is out of range of love story.so both raghav n kalpana must b together

  14. Raghav n kalpi r made for each other plz keep them together for ever an paki always get wat she want so y not let kalpi have her ture love for once .. Only paki paki paki. Plz

  15. I find this soap to be very inspiring to many young woman out thr n it depicts the reality in life that most woman face in this ferocious world..I do agree that raghav n kalpi complement each other very well..for those who have watched the serial fm the very start, it seems like they have destined since chilhood whr raghav was drawn towards kalpi when she was a baby..so was after the leap when he was in his teens (the pen scene etc) n nw as an adult..it wud great if they do nt mess it up bu pairing with paki..just my opinion!! No offence to rakhi fans..;)

  16. I think it should only be ragNa and not raakhi. Kalpi and Raghav make an awesome couple. For once let Kalpi get what belongs to her. Ever since she and Paakhi were kids, Kalpi always had to give up her happiness for Paakhi. Paakhi should learn to make sacrifices too.

  17. Yes kalpi deserves raghav…paki hands off

  18. For me raghav and kalpi deserves each other, cos the rich people can not continue to get all the riches and love, kalpi has suffered enough, let her get love now, please.

  19. Raghav and kalpi are super and amazing together. Plzzzzzz make them fall in love. We the fans do not want paki and raghav. I am afraid that the track will be like this where paki loves raghav and raghav love kalpi but kalpi does not love him and at the end paki and raghav will fall in love. Plz cv and ph do not do that. For once make the fans happy and let kalpi and raghav fall in love and married.

  20. Letting Paki get raghav clearly shows that rich people get what they want in life and poor people do not to avoid that please have kalpi get raghav and she deserves something in life in the end afterall.

  21. Please Ragav give Kalpi all the desired love she needs you make such a lovely Jodi please don’t hurt her she has been through enough in childhood and you know that and as Phalki stay out of their lives this time you can’t get what you want,it doesn’t mean you rich with wealth you must achieve every things that comes across the eye. I love you Ragav and Kalpi.

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