Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 20th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1

Kalp says whats the problem with me sir. This is too much i asked for one month but you know I was wrong sir. I can’t spend time with a guy to whom I have yo show my capability. I am okay the problem is with you I guess. I have decided sir, I quit. I will give you my resignation soon. Raghav claps and says what a speech miss Raghav. Resignation accepted. She leaves.

Scene 2
Paki is trying to call Kalpi or Raghav. Nettu says why are you still up ? Sleep you will get better. Paki says I am okay just leave I am busy.
Kalpi looks for a way. She sees a light and starts moving. She climbs all those rocks and sees behind them from where the light is coming. Its a house there she smiles and says thank you God.
Kamla calls Kalpi and wonders where

they are. She asks paki to call Raghav. Kamla calls Paki and asks her to check out if they reached. Paki says I am trying their number but I couldn’t contact them. Sammy called hotel but they haven’t arrived there.

Scene 3
Raghav sees Kalpi climbing the rocks. He gets on those rocks and shouts her name. She turns back and finds Raghav standing on a rock. He says what are you doing ? She says are you ordering me ? I asked about my resignation and you accepted. I am not your employee any more. I am going to that village by crossing that lake. Raghav says I am telling you the water is not safe there are other ways to reach the village. Kalpi says can you tell me some way that leads to the village? She turns and start moving towards the water. Raghav gets down.

Scene 4
Kamla says i should be used to all this now. i am so proud of you Kalpi. Pinky comes in and hugs Kamla. Kanta comes in and says come and make the bread. Pinky says I will finish the homework and then do this. kamla says whats wrong with you kanta ? You will make her work like this ? You wanted her to be like Kalpi. Kanta says that’s what I thought. but in the end she has to get married and she will make us earn something if she knows how to work. Kamla says but its her age to study. Kanta says I know what to do with my daughter. Lakshman comes in and says its easy to dream for a day but in the end she has to work for us. Manda comes in and says look Kamla everyone won’t think like you at least her daughter would return on time. Kamla gets angry at this. Vitthal says you can leave.

Scene 5
Sammy says to Maya there is some problem. Raghav is always in touch with the office.
Kamla calls kalpi again. she says she will contact me. I worry about Pinky how Kanta said that she will let her daughter to work in the house. Vitthal says its their own problem. Kamla says its our responsibility to stop whats wrong. If we let this go then everyone will start acting like Kanta and Lakshman. We have to do something and specially when its related to girls. You know teaching a girl is like teaching a whole family. Vitthal says you remembre how you used to bring sweets for kalpi and those candies. You had just one thing on your lips for her, study study and study.

Scene 6
Kalpi moves and tries to jump in the water. She starts screaming for help. Raghav gets up one the rocks and sees Kalpi drowning. He jumps in the water and reaches her. He holds her and says don’t worry i am here. They start moving out of water. He takes her out, holding her.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it had a precap wherein raghav fall infrnt of kalpi..

  2. why no preacap

  3. i love this serial

  4. Jaldi karo

  5. Yeah y s there no update for precap?? And there s no live update fr dis serial..

  6. Wow…both of them are all set to rock the screen…cant wait for the upcoming episodes 🙂

  7. I cnt wait T☺ watch this episodes Its gonna b an epic Moments. I sƠ̴̴̴͡ ℓ♥√ع when they 2 r Together. I hope they fall inlove soon

  8. I sooooooooo love them both

  9. Anwesha biswas

    From 14 feb its going awsome…..and the song “khudaya ve..” is superb.raghav n kalpi looking very cool together ……..but i think raghav falls down infrnt of kalpi coz there are some leech on raghav’s back….waiting 4 2days episode..

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