Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpana is crying and Vitthal wears a Saari like Kamla. Pakiya laughs and says look Kalpi your Ai is here. Vitthal get her and she stops crying. Pakiya says look babab Kalpi is calm now.

Scene 2
Kamla is singing a song for Paki and the people on the table n living room over hear her. Everyone smiles except Nettu. The guests she is singing in so adorable way, your daughter is luckt that she has two mothers. Nettu thinks i will make her realize tomorrow that she is just the maid of my daughter nor mom.

Scene 3
Kamla when reaches home she runs upstairs. Dharminder asks what happened Kamla bai? She says nothing. He says wow how hasty she is being to see her children. When kamla reaches home she finds Vitthal wearing saari and Kalpana sleeping on

him. She is startled first but smiles later. Vitthal wakes up, she says actually sir’s.. Vitthal stops her by placing his hand on her mouth. He says i know you work you must have stuck there. He kisses her hands and says you know whaat i was says to Kalpi that the work line in your hands is too long there should be a rest line too. You know what she said? Kamla asks what? She said baba you should start working now the rest line will appear automatically in Ai’s hands.
Kamla says when i saw you wearing saari i was about to beat you with a broom wondering who is this woman in my house. Vitthal smiles. She says keep smiling like this you look good this way.Vitthal says lets sleep here. Here ? Asks Kamla. Vitthal says yes here we will manage. They sleep side by side to each other.

Scene 4
Nettu says Everyone has made her so proud with too much praise. I will teach her tomorrow. Sahil comes and says the guests were so happy they so impressed with Kamla. They were saying we are so lucky to have her and specially poki. Nettu says she is just a maid i can take care of my daughter better than her. Mami ji says why you get angry she is just a maid children forget them. look how prem has forgotten his maid. Sahil says if you spend time with her and give her love she will be loving you. Mami ji suggests you should cancel the appointment of parlor. Rajji says i will go instead of you. Nettu says i will cancel the birthday plan too that i was going to.

Scene 5
Poki is crying Sahil wakes up and asks Nettu to wake up. Prem wakes up as well. He says mom Poki has spoiled my slumber. Its school time make me ready. Nettu says get ready your self. He is angry and says i am not going school today.

Scene 6
Kamla is angry at Sahil why he didn’t he give meal to baba last night? He says he never eat without you. He was missing you so much. Kamla asks just he? weren’t you missing me? Pakiya says yes i was but i didn’t show because this would have made bab sad.

Scene 7
Dharminder says that school bus is here. Nettu shouts at him he is in washroom. Prem says i am not going. Sahil says i will leave her.

Scene 8
Diviyah is sad because she has lost both of her works. Kamla consoles her that she will get another one. Will you work at Nettu’s house? Diviyah says that she is so arrogant. Kamla says you have to ignore things like that. Pakiya says you have to ignore small things for bigger ones. Vitthal says even if you don’t get to work there i have another work for you. What ? Asks Diviyah. Vitthal says i am planning to sell bangles on the upcoming festival. You will sell them to the ladies. It wont be good if i wear them your sister wont like it, he smiles. Diviyah says thats an amazing idea. So what the business plan? Kamla says i am going. Vitthal holds her hand. She smiles and leaves.

Scene 9
Nettu is massaging Poki while looking at the video while she is crying. Kamla comes in. Nettu says why are you crying my daughter. Everything is impure these days. Its imported oil still she is crying. Kamla says let me do this. Nettu says i am doing okay. Kamla says not like this. Nettu says i am learning from the best doctor its not a rocket science. Mami ji and Rajji are seeing from the door. Can i massage Kalpi too? Nettu says yes. She starts with the legs and says we will massage on legs first. Now we will massage on fingers and hands. Nettu is imitating her. Now we will massage on hair so she can have beautiful hair. Nettu ignores every time she get caught. Mami ji says wow nettu you are expert in massage. Nettu is smiling. She thinks i know i can do all the things i am a good mom. Sahil has to give me diamond ring.

Precap-When Kamla gets home flowers are sparkled on her throw the fan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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