Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pakhi gives Mummy ji the breakfast. She says please give these medicines to raghav. Garui says better you shouldn’t care about Raghav. She takes the medicines and says I will give it to him you can go wherever you want.Pakhi leaves.
Kamla says come Pakhi eat the sweet.Pakhi says come kamla maa I wanna talk to you. Kamla ask what happened ? Pakhi says you tried to take my husband an you are asking what happened ? You knew everything.

Pakhi says why you gave this sindur to me ?. Just to make me fool ? Or to give it back to your daughter ? How did Raghav filled kalpi’s hairline maa ? Everyone is shocked. Nettu says kamla you concealed this from poki / You broke my daughter’s trust. I knew it. You are selfish. Did you see her poki ? No one is your except your parents.

I used to say to you come back to us. Leave this kamla and Raghav. Pakhi says I am not talking to you nettu. She says speak up kamla maa. What right kalpi has to still love Raghav? What right she had to snatch my husband ? You gave this sindur to me the why kalpi can put Raghav’s name’s sindur. Why lied to me. Why you didn’t stop me. You lied me on dinner it was Raghav’s name’s sindur on her. Raghav played with me and I know that. But you played with me too ? You know why he did this ? for her mom. You are a mom too. Why you did this to me. You asked me to be with Raghav. I did all you said. I thought he will love me one day. But I know that this is not gonna happen because the kamla ma who was my strength stabbed me in the back. Kamla says you are wrong. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you. I tried a lot to make your wedding successful. Raghav deceived us. He left Kalpi but I never prayed bad for him because he is your husband. pakhi throws her hands away. Kamla says I am trying to control kalpi. She just needs a little time. I just wanted your better. There was no planning behind concealing this all. Pakhi says stop it kamla ma. Too much with your drama. My husband said in front of me that kalpi is his wife. I won’t be fooled anymore. You knew that Raghav is my life still. What could you do kalpi is your blood after all. How can you let her dream shatter. Kamla says what you said pakhi? I never differentiated between you and kalpi. You always lived in world of fairies that’s why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want to break your heart. You and kalpi are equal to me. I always wanted you to marry Raghav. Pakhi says where is kalpi I wanna talk to her. I have been sharing everything with her how she thought that I will share Raghav with her. Nettu says kalpi is lost. Pakhi says better for her she is not here. Tell her not to come in front of me. I hate her so much. She will see this friend becoming her enemy. pakhi gives the sindur back to her. Kamla says don’t get us wrong pakhi. Raghav is all yours keep. Pakhi throws the sindur on ground. She runs. Kamla asks her to stop. She cries and says God help poki. Nettu says why doesn’t pakhi divorce Raghav. I can’t stay quiet. I have to do something.

Scene 2
Kalpi comes to Raghav’s house. She is about to go up. Gauri stops her. She asks where are you going ? Kalpi says I wanna meet Raghav once. Gauri says you know he is married. Kalpi says I just wanna meet him once. She says no you can’t meet him. Kalpi says I will just look at him please let me meet him. You know how much I love him. Please just for once let me see him. Gauri nods. kalpi says thank you.

There pakhi is going to her car. Nettu stops her. Pakhi says why you stopped me ? Nettu says I am your mom. Your blood You always considered me wrong. I have been telling you that these poor people can change any time. Raghav just came to ruin our lives. Don’t forget your blood. This Raghav never loved you, he always loved Kalpi. Understand it and leave him. We will all live together. This kalpi will never leave Raghav and so won’t Raghav. There is no better relation than blood. Just for her mom, he left kalpi. What kamla did.. just for her daughter she concealed everything from you and you still hate your blood relations. Forget them all. Divorce Raghav. Pakhi says enough nettu. Raghav is just kind. He is my husband. This wedding locket and sindur is not a joke I am not going to leave Raghav no matter what happens don’t ever ask me to leave Raghav. she sits in her car.

Scene 3
Kalpi sits beside Raghav and touches his face while he is asleep.. She is about to leave. Raghav wakes up and holds her hand and stops her. Kalpi smiles. Raghav says you came here after so much effort then why are you leaving. You got the peace by seeing me. What about me ? Kalpi asks how are you ? He says I was waiting for you. You took so long to come. You are here, I will be okay. Kalpi kisses his hand and says sorry Raghav, I couldn’t come. You know how I spent these days and I know you were waiting for me. He says I knew not just the one year promise, you will come to me by breaking everything. She hugs him. Pakhi reaches the building. she is coming upstairs.

Precap-Pakhi says to kalpi you think you will take Raghav from me? he is my husband. Kalpi says mine and Raghav’s relation is of love. Pakhi says and mine is of law. Pakhi says I married Raghav. kalpi says I considered him my husband in front of God. Pakhi says I challenge you that he will accept me as his wife in this one year.
Kalpi says I accept this challenge..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bs I dont think tis is kalpis fight raghav is the one should fight for her smh hmmm

  2. Wow . First time kalpi has shown soo much of guts. What an understanding and love between these two raghav and kalpi. What to say about the pre cap… kalpi is standing for her love cum hubby, now she will not listen to anyone not even Kamala. Mere loosing raghav once for all made her realise his importance in her life. Kalpi will now settle everything right as she said in hospital. Pakhi as the villain, I think now we all got the thing why kalpi turns her face and moves forward from Kamala and pakhi. Our kalpi has moved on for RAGHAV. I am happy..

  3. pahki is such a b*t*h……..she wana challenge kalpi for love that was nvr hers…..kalpi did not lie or cheat anyone or did anything wrong she was true and pure…..pakhi always snatched everything from kalpi and pahki will cheat to win raghavs love and that’s where the prblm will be as pahki nvr plays fair and kalpi is just to innocent to see the cunning pahki for who she really is….pahk will be worse than neetu but I would assume neetu is going to push kalpi closer to raghav and it wil only make pahki more insecure…..pahki will nvr win as kalpi is a better person than her and raghav loves her for who she is and he knows shes innocent but pahki being a vindictive witch will turn raghav against kalpi and raghav will realize when its to late…..I hope Sammy helps kalpi as he always supported her than pahki andhe knows the relationship betwn raghav and kalpi

  4. Like precap
    But don’t understand gauri knows about raghna so why she said to kalpi he is merry now
    Like tom and jerry dumli dumbla
    Wow kamla tum apni beti se jyada pooki ko pyar karti ho ,there u g b*t*h u deserv all this from your pooki baby

  5. pahki is not in love with raghav shes obsessed with him…..love is what raghav and kalpi has ……they have an understanding and can feel each others pain and be willing to sacrifise their lives for each other……there love is eternal and pahki to stoop so low then she has no values and clearly kamla ma did not bring her up the right way as kalpi may be different in many ways she is far more mature than pahki and she can fight her own battles without anyones help that is what kamla ma taught her so she is a fighter and a winner….kamla ma got kick up her ass coz pahki showed her true colors andi hope vital stands by his daughter than letting her down…..raghav and kalpi has so much in common as they are equal in every way possible so clearly pakhi should realize that clearly she does not have what kalpi has coz then raghav would he fallen in love with her istead but he does not coz he himself knows the difference betwn these both girls and he will nvr let kalpi go as e ha come to far to loseher now and its thru kalpi that hes a changed person so pahki should jus give up

  6. Pakhi ur disgusting.For you love is gambling.Raghav is not a toy.Ur relation with kamla maa broken due to one issue. This shows ur defination of love.
    and Kamla maa u told for u both daughters r equal but no u always suppprted only pakhi.
    If kalpi was in pakhis place that time also u would have supported pakhi nd would have forced kalpi to divorce raghav.

  7. Till now Kalpi suffered for her own mothers LOVE where Kamla showered all her love only to That bhootni.

    And now time has changed
    Pakhi is longing for Raghav’s love but Raghav only LOVES Kalpi.

  8. as it shows in todays episode raghav is telling pahki that he married kalpi in front of god and and they have his blessings……kalpi will have gods blessings as evil nvr wins…..bappa will protect raghav and kalpi against all that are against them and they will be one as they have his support and kalpi is believes in bappa so much that he will show her the way and she would not have to do anything as pahki will be more insecure as kalpi does not have to throw herself against raghav to win him

  9. I love ragna.raghav is always of kalpi.not paakhi ,she is very selfish woman.true love of raghav and kalpana. Sorry anyone hurt by this post.

  10. I love ragna.raghav is always of kalpi.not paakhi ,she is very selfish woman.true love of raghav and kalpana.

  11. Omg!!!!! Love the update…
    Pakhi is such a b*t*h & gosh she’s ugly has the face of a horse!
    Love kalpi’s confidence & bravery & Raghav faithfulness to her..

  12. Neetu was today perfect

  13. Hai,i like that Kamala lost love of pakiss…i think she realizes the real blood relations.ok i agreed love is love but paki raghaves wife my side is paki ,kalpi ko new. Hero coming pls…

    1. your a female and you know the situation and yet u still choose obsess over real love. well when kalpi wins don’t forget to comment about how u like paki because that will be so dumb.

    2. Kavita i think you do not understand what real LOVE is……Thatswhy you fail to see strong BOND between Raghav & Kalpana……
      Pakhi is fake, selfish, cunning thatswhy she is cheater doing double face action She has no RESPECT OF SINDHOOR WHICH IS THREW IN FRONT OF KAMLA MAA…
      Did you see her in Bedroom throwing TANTRUM Because she knows she is LOOSER
      Where Kalpi took the challenge very gracefully& calmly She is so STRONG BECAUSE SHE KNOWS SHE HAS REAL DEEP MUTUAL LOVE SHE IS already a WINNER BRAVO KALPI….

  14. Kavitha kalpis hero is raghav
    Pookie need to leave him

  15. Rosheena Singh

    Pakhi is obsessed-she has become evil…

  16. I can’t believe pakhi she’s such a b*t*h I mean seriously? She knows raghav loves kalpi and yet she’s fighing for him she think he’s a toy that she can win but she’s very wrong and I know kalpi and raghav will be together

  17. To All, My Kal don’t have to fight for LOVE that comes from the heart and she is well taken care by the eyes of God, don’t look sad, you know if Rags real love you as he says then both of you should be living together in his apartment every one knows the true now, no 1yr thing, your father Vithal is on your side that is what counts Rags if you real Love Kal you should make her Happy from your heart, and have her happy,dont fall in pooknie trap she is only playing YOU as a puppet on a string are playing Blind that you cannot See what Pooknie is doing to you.

  18. hello all, i am afraid that paakhi will do very bad to raghave and kalpi as she challenged to kalpi that in this one year raghave will accept her as his wife this is only happen when she will do some trap like will mix something in his drink or food and in his unconstiouness will laid down with him and say tha she and he intermidate and now she is his responsbility how can he do with her bla bla than raghave cant stand and will be with her and accept her his wife but doesnt love it will happen defenetely. but i wish as kamala know paakhi’s irade but still she will be with pakhi she will get strong cike from pakhi then she realize what she lost till now that day come very soon. but as kalpi knew everything about pakhi then she has to be with ragahve side and fail to her all efforts and let him know pakhi’s real face. and what pakhi said bachpan se sab cheej kalpi ke sath share karti aayi houn usne kaise soch liya apna pati bhi share karunge…Pakhi wake up u b*t*h bachapan se cheenti aayi hai saari khushi and cheeje kalpi ke or aaj kalpi ke payar pati ko bhi cheenne jaa rahe hai but believe me its love and god grace yo will be with him for sometime and feel happy but ragahve always love to kalpi chahe kitne bhi gandi circumstances kiyu naa hou he always love only kalpi u can imaing and sanch his love forcefully but u never get true blessing of love never you b*t*h pakhi.

  19. pakhi aise situation create karege ke raghave ko lagega ye usse kiya ho gaya how can he do this but paakhi is innocent and kaise main kalpi samajhe kar aisa kar diay he will feel guilti and pakhi ke innocent then after one year he cannot divorce her and be with her as his husband this will happen defentely but he always love kalpi one day truth will come and i wanna see that day when pakhi get slap from raghave and kalpi hand b*t*h pakhi

  20. Pakhi is such a witch. She’s always wanted everything for herself ever since she was small. She always took frm poor kalpi. Well now she cnt have everythng. Raghav belongs to kalpi n pakhi needs to get used to dat fact. Plz make der 1year go by fast and let kalpi have her love

  21. In in Toronto we see it at 7.pm and after that we can see the rerun the next day, if I go to my computer I can get it early but I don’t understand Indie I am agreeing with DD that is what I am afraid off what will happen with his Drink or Food, that is why I keep on saying for the Rags to move to his apartment,I love Kal she is so collective and calm, I feel sorry Daballa she get what she was looking for where Vithal, please put nutte out off your house as she say BLOOD is thicker than water put the DARN nutte OUT Vithal your home is your Palace and she is getting the best of your Palace , Say what I always say I am Poor but I am HAPPY.

  22. Hi DD I agree with you about the drinking and food that is why I keeping on saying for Rags to move to his apartment so Kal can move in with him and they can be happy forget about this 1yr Rags go to apartment you wil get well fast where is Vithal please put nutte out off your home your home is your Palace she says Blood is thicker than water we all knows that but her Blood don’t want her, sorry daballa girl you get insulted by your pooknie she blow the fire on you, nutte is sleeping on the bed while your family are on the floor put her out let her go to Gauri Hyatt home where the blood is thicker, Vithal say it like me I am Poor but I am Happy,

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