Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi gets an auto and Raghav sits in a car. Kalpi says he has never changed. Raghav says this is too much. I said what I had to. Kalpi says who has problem with colors. Its good that he is not coming to chowl. She says I feel like drowning you in a color tub.

Scene 2
Kamla gives the lady a sheet. She says I am not used to of sleeping like this. Vitthal says we sent her to the orphanage. Kamla says yeah her room went short circuit. So they called me to save her. He says we will all be in trouble becasue of her. Kamla says what will be the difference between humans and animals if we don’t help eachother. He says that’s all right but 20 years ago Kapi could have been dead because of this lady. Look Kamla i don’t want things to be reapeated. I won’t

tolerate if she harms my children. Kamla says we can’t change the past. We will make arrangements for her some where else. He says okay just because of you. She says its holi tomorrow I want to take her there. I will tell everyone that she is my friend. The lady gets up and says I have seen you somewhere. Vitthal and Kamla are bewildered. She says where is my husband. I wanted to tell him something important. Kamla asks Vitthal to give her medicine. She asks why did she say she knows you ? Vitthal says i don’t know.

Scene 3
Sammy says wow love has changed you. You got these colors you hated the most. He says yeah some people were about to hit me. Kalpi is weird she is going away from me. Sge doesn’t tell me what she feels. Sammy says that’s what you like about her. You like trouble and difficult tasks. You are going on holi there. Raghav says no I am not going.

Scene 4
Kamla looks upset. Vitthal holds her hand and sings for her. He says what are you thinking about ? Kalpi sees them. He says I brought you something. He shows his fist. Kamla opens it and smiles. He says there was fisful smile in it. Kalpi says this is love this is what a life partner should be like. Raghav is always the angry guy. Vitthal says what are you thinking kalpi ? She syas was looking how my baba was flirting with ai. A lady comes to Kamla. SHe says i wanted to meet you since I talked to you. She says I am worried for my daughter. Kamla says nirmala our future is in our hands. Million of women have submitted their complains. We will see their solutions and will get out rights.
Kalpi is in sleep. She says you have to come fight doesn’t mean you won’t come. She gets up and looks for kamla and vitthal. She sees them coming with a lady. They go in the house. Manda sees them as well. Kalpi says its good that you brought her here. She says I wanna rest. Kamla asks her to lie.

Scene 2
The function of holi starts. Manddda says why isn’t the holi starting. Kamla and Vitthal come down as well. Kamla applies color on Vitthal. Manda asks is there any guest at your home ? Kamla says did you taste the sweet? Manda says there is something wrong for sure. Kalpi stands up at the balcony and sees everyone celebrating the festival. Everyone dances. Kalpi is looking at the entrance. She says he won’t come and i should not think about him.

Precap- Vitthal and Kamla dance on the song ‘Holi ai’.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. very well narrated. Thanks.

  2. This is the first time I read something so neatly put. Thanks attiba

  3. Nimikumar kuala lumpur

    Thanks atiba i was waiting for your post as we are 2 1/2 hours ahead got it only now

  4. i think the lady would creat too much problem on raghav and kalpe life

  5. Plz tell me that’s raghav will go to d chowl plz someone tell me

  6. I hope Raghav goes to the Chowl and Kalpi puts tika for him and they bothplay holi..but we never know since pakhi will also be there…

  7. Thanks for updates atiba

  8. yes anamika i glad pakhi will b there cuz raghav and PAKHI will play not kalpi ok AND kalpi and raghav stop thinking bout each other pleazzz raghav pleazzzz think bout pakhi alone ok

    1. Oh shut up none . Kalpi deserves to be with Raghav not Pakhi cuz pakhi always taking everything away from kalpi whether its her mother or taking all the attention from Kalpi on their birthday. SO HUSH IT CUZ RAGHAV WILL COME TO CHAWL BUT FOR KALPI. U HEAR?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who agrees with me say “BOO YAH ” (y) (y) 🙂

      1. ‘BOO YAH'(Y)(Y)

    2. seriously y do want pakhi and raghav then the story of the show wud be pointless

    3. shut up none …….. raghav loves kalpana and she loves him toooooo………… so whr is pakhi comming from

    4. sadist! must he dont want kalpi and Raghav together in serial .what about in real life! he is”none”so dont bother

    5. i will b glad if none loses his love to someone!!1

    6. shut the f**k up none.Don’t be a Kalphav (Kalpi+Raghav) hater!!!!!!!!

  9. Why kalpi not accepi raghav

  10. Raghav should walking in the holi celebration,and kalpi just tel him she love him.

  11. I can’t wait to c raghav and kalpi together in d chowl and kalpi tell him how much she love him. And none listen raghav will belong only to kalpi u got it

  12. ashrana aapne kaha tha love is a two way road
    iska matlab kya hai

  13. Must agree,that was a good update.

  14. Could u al tell none to shut the f**k up

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