Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 19th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The man asks Kalpi and Raghav to get out of the car. a man is about to touch Kalpi Raghav screams in anger and a fight starts there between them. Kalpi hides behind Raghav. She is scared. A man points knife towards Kalpi and says Raghav to stop. Raghav is feared and stops fighting. He asks him to get the money and stuff. Raghav says all right I will whatever you say just leave her. Raghav gives his wallet, jacket, watch and phone. In the end they ask for the car’s key. He asks for Kalpi’s jewelry. One of them says how about taking the girl with us she looks special to him. Raghav shouts. He marks a cut on Kalpi neck. It bleeds a little.

Scene 2
Nettu enters Paki’s room and says let me know what you want ? Paki says nothing. Nettu says I am your

mom not enemy. Just stay here you need laptop right ? She gives her the laptop and asks Manda to get her juice.

Scene 3
They leave. Kalpo is in so much pain. Raghav asks are you okay ? Kalpi says yes I am okay I am sorry sir this is all because of me. Raghav says its my responsibility to take care of my staff. Kalpi says how will we go from here ? I am extremely sorry sir. Raghav says yes everything is your mistake. You shouldn’t have been so over smart. You trust this world so much right ? Kalpi says thats why I am saying sorry. Raghav shouts look you are just sorry. I know you wanted to save a couple. You think you can do anything ? And now stop crying. Kalpi tries to the car but it leaves. Raghavs says look this is the standard of humanity now. Can we get out here now ? I should have come with Paki. It always messes up when you are there. Kalpi is disappointed.

Scene 4
Manda is applying all the makeup. She is happy to see the body sprays. Nettu calls her name and comes in. She asks what are you doing here ? Nettu says I have been calling you. Manda says I couldn’t here you. Nettu says go and make juice for Poki. Manda plans on keeping on of the perfumes.

Scene 5
Raghav is walking so fast on the road. Kalpi says you are going inside if we go from main road we can ask for some help. He says no one will help us there and in this direction we will get some village so someone can help there. Move fast not. He starts moving. Kalpi screams there is a prick in her foot. Raghav sits down and holds her foot. The song ‘khudaya vey’ plays in the background. He takes out the prick and says its not here now you have no reason to move like a turtle.

Scene 6
Sammy calls Paki and asks her if she had talked to raghav or Kalpi. He says I have been calling them since so long but they are out of reach. Kalpi says okay let me try. She calls them and wonders whats wrong with their phones.

Scene 7
Raghav and Kalpana point in different directions. Raghav says I think this is a better way i will go from here. Raghav says life is not like whats written in the books. Its easy to write 30 days on cabin’s walls. I am going there come if you want to. They start moving where Raghav asked to. There is nothing but a jungle there. Raghav says you must be so happy. Kalpi says no sir. He says yes you are always right you are superb congratulations. Kalpi says do you have any problem with me ? I have been looking since this morning. This is too much now,

PRECAP- Kamla calls Paki and says I can’t contact Kalpi. Paki says I called them but they are out of reach and Sammy tried to contact the hotel they are not there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow! I love raghav and kalpi.

  2. superb episod…..

  3. wow i like it

  4. wow superb episode…. raghav and kalpi jodi so nice ….

  5. hey anyone can tell the song ‘ khudaya vey’ is from which movie…

    1. “luck”

      1. thank you binita

  6. i like this show but raghav could be a little more sensitive to kalpi…..she is not as strong as she thinks and he should understand that hurting her feelin g wont help ….and currently she is not in love with him only he is in love with her…….yes he is pushing her away but still she is human…….as for pakhi she a a dark selfish side as was seen when they were children…….kamla need to stop focusing on pakhi and see about kalpi…………….and please kalpi should not fall in love with prem………………..

  7. This reminds me of asad n zoya luv story(version two)…the ones whom they fight the most with are the ones they will eventually fall for..as for raghav he should stop being so mean n accept that hes in love with her…

    1. agree….and they had a beautiful love story…….asad and zoya had a beautiful chemsitry to compliment the story and it is almost similar with raghav and kalpi……..and the writers should focus in building their story………..no paki and no prem for kalpi and raghav….only kalpi and raghav

  8. Ragna all the way…I just hope they dun screw it up like wat they did in QH..at least let this couple to be together n face every hurdles that comes their way..kalpi needs a man that wud luv her unconditionally..n same goes to mr.akdoo who needs someone n that is none other than kalpi..:)

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