Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says to Kalpi I wanna know about your opinion today. Kalpi says I don’t understand what is this all for ? He says this all is for your smile and to know your answer. She says this is wrong. He says what my love for you or your confession ? When you are near I forget everything ? Is this wrong ? Kalpi says what I am trying to say.. He says why are you so hesitant to says what we both can feel. Why you wanna step back when I stepped forward. She says I don’t have any answer I have to leave. She leaves. Sammy comes in and ask why she lefy ? Raghav says no. He says let me plan something. Raghav says I will talk to he in my own. He says the only way you know is of anger. I have done so much to talk to her but she left without answering. She has to answer.


Kamla gets a call and she says okay I am leaving. She packs some food. Vitthal comes in and says I am hungry. Kamla says tai wanted it a little. He wonders why she needed her purse to go to tai ?

Scene 3
Prem and Sahil are discussing to sell some property. P-rem says this is all becasue of that Raghav, I will take revenge from him. Nettu’s comes wiith a mask on her face. Sahil and mummy ji laugh. Nettu says this is for the holi party. Prem says we are talking about work here. Nettu says this is more impotant. She says in her heat that Raghav will be there too.
Manda tells Nettu that Pakhi called raghav to ask him to come the chowl. She asked Kamla to teach her how to cook.

Scene 4
Kamla goes to the lady and gives her the dish. Someone knocks at the door. Kamla is dazed whom can it be?She opens it Vitthal there. He comes in and sees the lady. He is bewildered.He says you lied to me for this woman. I asked you to stay away from her. Kamla says she doesn’t even know if any of her relative exists. She has lost her memory.

Scene 5
Kalpi is on her way. Raghav follows her and says Kalpana stop. She starts moving forward. She hits a man and all her sellings fall on the floor. Raghav pays him. Raghav holds her hand and says what is wrong with you. You have to listen. Kalpi says I have to leave I am getting late. A man comes and says whats the probelm ? Why are you annoying the girl ? So many men gather there. Kalpi says go away this is not your matter. A man says oh they are girl frieng boyfriend. Kalpi says no we are not. Raghav says i will get the answer from me. you can ignore me. He turns her towards him and all the color falls on his face. Kalpi says I am very sorry sir, she starts cleaning it. He says I hate these colors an this festival. kalpi says world won’t leave what you hate. This is the festival of life. These colors remove haterd from hearts. You have not changed and not our differences. You have a problem with everything. The biggest problem is that you only care about your orwn self. Hr says why your people of chowl invited me ? SHe syas don’t come you hate everything about us. He says yeah I won’t come/ I will never change. Kalpi says this is the only truth you said, thanks for not coming. They both start walking on their ways. Kalpi says couldn’t he say sorry. He turns and looks at her going.


Precap-Raghav says she is weird she is going away from em. Sammy says you are going on holi something will happen. He says no I am not going. .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why the video in ek muthi asmaan …..is ly shit y kalpana doesn t wanna admit her love towards raghav

    1. so that they can have more episodes and the show will not yet come to an end. 🙂

      1. worst and boring episode.i am thinking of stop watching this serial! story writers run out of imgination or what?or ideas are exhausted?why kalpi should not accept him even she loves him?better stop watching this serial.Kalpana.s character is going in a wrong way. that is not good for the serial.

  2. so that they can have more episodes and the show will not yet come to an end

  3. what happened at the end

    1. atiba write update fast

  4. update fast

  5. What happened at last can anyone tell me plz….

  6. update fast guys

  7. can u tell me what happen in precape

  8. guys what’s happening. please tell me..

  9. Kalpi is annoying me. Can someone be so indecisive or scared to face their true feelings? Get real! Rags has put his feelings out in the open. It’s time for her to reciprocate. Anyway Rags, don’t give up on her – she has lived a sheltered life and has never been in love before. Can’t wait to see where the writers are taking this show….. I hope they keep the momentum going – please no tired story lines!

  10. i hope raghav and kalpi find eachother in the holi celebration……i really need a good love story in the indian serial…….i thought this was different….i had no problem with the early confession but the admission is becoming a problem……..i think kalpi is right raghav cannot be selfish………he needs to listen to sammy….

  11. yes i too hope the story dosent get bored like any other drama.

  12. Yeah this is heights that anyone can tolerate that kapli is going.. She is putting up a false fight with him when her heart truely wants Raghav. I just hope she does not do more stupidity and end up loosing Raghav for good.

  13. Pointless talk here … the writers are not seeing this !!! I had hopes in this one but looks like this is also going to tank in the same old serial line – both love each other but won’t tell each other , then they will say something which can be interpretted in 100 ways …so they can twist the story ..!!! Keeping things simple makes it sweet…something writers don’t understand i guess !!!
    If at all anyone of the writers are reading this … pls don’t drag and bore us … really thought this would be different when Rags actually told love you to Kalpi… now are you out of ideas to get kalpi tell that too!! anyways am done for the week… no more running home from office to watch this!!

  14. Kalpi need to tel raghav how she feels before it too late.rag should jealous kalpi by being with paaki.

  15. i was expecting the fight between raghav & kapli because both are in love.That why she want change Raghav way think about life.

  16. Why kalpi playing so hard to get come on raghav had done so much to get her an still

  17. O MY GOD ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The story is now going like the other serials .. why kalpana is doing like this . its too much

  18. Kalpi will feel very jealous when she distance herself from Rag………. That’s when Pooooookkkkkkkiiiiiieeeeeeee comes in …..jealousy will kill Kalpi ……

  19. Yes hes gona go after phaki now after being rejected by kalpi. He will go back to his original plan of revenging the kapoors. Thats when kalpi will start feeling jealous. But raghav will cintue to love her in his heart. I hope the love between them does not end…….

  20. i dont think she rejected him…she just never answered him…..and he has to realise that what she said is true…he cannot be selfish…..love is not being selfish………i really would not want him to make her jealous then it becaome the typical indian drama….and thats where things get messed up…..the cv should continue the chase and special moments and should actually bring the valentine promo to life….so she can also appreciate him…..after all love is a two way street…

    1. mytwobitsworth

      Right on! and when will Indian serial writers realise that jealousy kills love and trust; it cannot be a catalyst for a loving relationship.

  21. Ashraanna………. Rag will always b rag……… He will not change…..but as Nellie said he will keep on loving her till he gets her love….and Yes they both will express there love 4eachother

    1. Yes its true. i like it..

  22. Ara yar y rThey draging the show

  23. I think that the women to which kamla meet is raghav’s mom ya i know that she would be highfy anything can happen in the serial

  24. mytwobitsworth

    I think I hope what writers are trying to show is that although Kalpi is from a poor back ground, she is in no hurry to get hitched with a rich man. and kalpi is insecure and yes Raghav at this moment is only thinking of himself.
    Again, Paakhi has already stolen her mothers affection, if Raghav goes the same way, that defeats the entire purpose of the theme.
    If Kalpi manages to put colour on Raghav on Holi, and he starts enjoying it..we are going in the right direction. It would be lovely to see a couple who fight as well as support each other. Not look for excuses to dump each other.

    1. i agree with you

  25. come on people. kalpi has suffered all her life becoz of pakhi, she has to get Raghav now.. She should love Raghav first and then try to change him..

  26. oh y kalpi and raghav it is supposed to b pakhi and raghav ughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anamika u r wrong ok

  27. Kalpana looks like a bachi infront of Ragav.Please change the girl,And Ragav has no expressions on his face.teach him something please. he is better off in movies.

  28. otherwise the drama is good.

  29. Eventually Ragav will marry Pakhi And Kalpana Someone else and screw the whole drama like uttran

    1. Patience should be there in love. Raghav does not have patience, Kalpi has come from middle class family . How can any middle class family girl take decision with out thinking her future. Kalpi is doing good job teaching the middle class family problem to Raghav. If Raghav really loves Kalpi he will definitely wait and tries to win the heart of Kalpi.

  30. Seriously… I hate the fact they fought… Can’t wait to see again. I want kalpi raghav to be together. ….. This serial makes me nervous. Can’t have paakhi and raghav together.

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