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Scene 1
kalpi says in heart how Ragahv said her mom and pakhi can’t be wrong. he didn’t trust us for once. I calmed ai but whata bout my heart. Kamla asks kalpi where is the stuff I am looking for? Kalpi says what are you looking for ? Kamla says my princess’s smile. I don’t know where I placed it. Vitthal puts his hand in pocket and says here it is. kalpi smiles. He asks why are you upset ? Kalpi says I am not upset I have the best parents on earth. they say we have the best daughter too. pakiya says what about me ? kalpi says I have th best brother too.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, gauri opens the door. A servant comes in with a lot of gifts. He says pakhi madam ordered it. gauri asks what is this ? Pakhi says its ragahv’s birthday tomorrow I have

planned a surprise for him. Ragahv comes and asks what kinda surprise ? Gauri says pakhi has planned a surprise birthday for you. Ragahv says don’t do all this I don’t wanna cleberate my birthday. Don’t do all this. he leaves. Pakhi says I have to make him happy anyhow. I will celebrate this birthday any how.

Scene 3
There at the chowl, Vitthal is leaving for his job. Pakiya asks where re my shoes ? Vitthal says I can hit you with mine. He gives pakiya 200 rs for slippers. He gives kamla 2000 and sasy ask kalpi to buy some clothes. Kalpi says I don’t want clothes. He says no buy some. kalpi says what is this ? I said I don’t want. Pakiya takes the money and says okay I can have it.

Pakhi orders ballons. ragahv says what is this ? Pakhi says I just wanna celebrate your birthday. Sammy and just some close people to you will be there. Ragahv says I told you I don’t want all this. He is about to leave the he stops and says okay plan the party we will invite kamla maa and kalpi too. This might remove the misunderstandings between you too. kamla maa loves you I hope you won’t hurt her and yes the food will be from kalpi’s café. He leaves. Pakhi is so angry she says in heart I will not let kalpi come in the party.

Scene 4
Kamla says to kapi pray that the business runs well in your café today. Kamla gives her the parsad. She extends her, suddenly Ragahv extends his hand too. Kalpi and kamla are shocked to see him. He says I need your prayers and parsad too. Kamla gives him the parsad and says sit in.Ragahv says pardon me for what happened last night. Forget what happened. Kamla says you are right. We better forget the past. Ragahv says its my birthday tomorrow I have planned a party. Kamla says kalpi told me about your birthday. He says I want you both to come and I want your café to prepare the food. Kamla says how is that possible ? How can we make food for such a party ? Ragahv says the foreign delegates even loves your food. What could be a better gift for me than your food on my bday ? She asks kalpi to take the order. Ragahv smiles at kalpi. Kamla says let me go and distributs the parsad.
kalpi and Ragahv are alone. Kalpi says let me get pen and paper. Ragahv says I am sorry id didn’t want to hurt you. She says let me get paper and pen, he holds kalpi’s hand. kalpi says leave my hand, Ragahv says I never will.
He holds his ears to apologize. Kalpi nods and smiles. Raghav and kalpi smile at each other and the song banjara plays in back ground. Vitthal comes and asks what are you doing here ? kalpi and Ragahv are shocked. Vitthal says leave this place. Ragahv is still, vitthal comes forward and says people like you only know how to play leave. Ragahv smiles and leaves.
Vitthal asks kalpi what was he doing here? Kamla says he didn’t come to meet kalpi. He is planning a party tomorrow he wants food from our café. Vittyhal says don’t need to do all that. Kamla says how can I say no ? Its out business and it belongs to all the people of chowl. I can’t do the loss of everyone. Give me your lunch box and go freshen up. He leaves. Kalpi says should I cancel the order ? kamla says no don’t do that. This is that last chance w have to prove that gauri and pakhi are wrong. I will make baba agree and you better cook his favorite food. kalpi says I will make his favorite cake.

Kamla goes downstairs and says I have a good news for all of you. We have got a really big order. its of some 300 to 400 people. Look this will be such a profit for us. They are all so happy. Kamla says we will get more orders from this party. Lets start the order. Kamla asks kalpi what is the order ? Kalpi says I didn’t take the written order. Manda says you are starting it without order. Kamla sasy don’t worry about that. Kamla asks kalpi to call Ragahv and get the order.

Therek, pakhis trying to call agahv but his phone is not reachable. She is so angry. Gauri comes and says you have planned a part what if kalpi and kamla come here and ruin everything. pakhi asy this time my plan won’t fail ? Gauri asks what are you going to do ? Pakhi says watch the live telecast today. From now Ragahv will be mine forever.

Precap-Vitthal says whenever I see Ragahv I see kalpi in the bridal dress waiting for him. the humiliation we face. He doesn’t deserve a pardon kamla.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hatepakhigauri

    Pakhi and Gauri are really very sick and irritating. …It’s a sincere request to the writer please expose them at the earliest as the current story line is creating negativity amongst audiences

  2. Hi EMA Team,

    Please Raghav ka birthday Ragana a special memorable moment banao . Pakhi ka asli chehra raghav ke samne aajaye.

    End pakhi ka chapter with this Raghav ka birthday.

  3. so sweet ateast raghav want to keep the peace..but he had to pay the price for pahki an his mother…..im sure pahki will do something to ruin the night for raghav and kalpi as usual.

  4. hope vitthal will pardon raghav after knowing the truth

  5. kalpi knows so much about raghav and yet pahki knows nothing about raghavs likes and dislikes……….kalpi has really changd raghav so much……I wonder what surprise is going to happen at the party

  6. evil paki wins …..thats the story of EMA evil always wins…..

  7. Hi guys, i don’t know what pakhi gonna telecast. she was saying raghav will be mine forever. let her do all the evil things. ragna’s love is true and accepted from god. pakhi’s tricks can’t separate true lovers and she gonna suffer more all the bad things so far done to separating the love. she thinks can by everything with money. i think in the party ajay must be drunk and will tell the truth. i hope this will happen and raghav will finds the truth. because kamalama saying we have a lat chance to proof the truth!!!! EMA PLEASE DO SOMETHING GOOD TO UNITE RAGNA ON THIS PARTY.THANKS!!

    1. May be she put some thing in drink.may be they.have sr where raghavthinks she is kalpi as he was holding her hand and telling about kalpu

  8. Plz for God’s sake let Raghna be together writers!End this ignorance with this b*t*h Paakhi!

  9. Brainless EMA Non-Creative Team’s thought process is so smudged, they make the character look so foolish and unrealistic. Based on Raghav’s response yesterday, wondered if there was any change to scene after he know the truth like kicking Pest Poo out of the house . That did not happen, Instead it looks like he has officially has appointed the 2 nuts cases at Singhania Construction company in the “Revenge Department” :-).
    • Grumpy, Manipulative mother Gauri’s title is : “Sr.Project Manager” for “Revenge” Project, but she has no project Plan.
    • Psychopath no talent Poo as “Assistant project Manager” for the same “Revenge” department
    • The above 2 nuts have decided to hire Neetu and no acting skills Sahil to take “revenge” on themselves ;-), however they think it fits them. :-o. So they are getting free boarding and food and running their mouth and planning who to kill next.
    EMA NC Team, please use some common sense, you portrayed Raghav as a business Tycoon, has been planning for this revenge for the last 20 years and came to India just to do that. Also he is a guy who loves his Kalpi more than life and wants to marry her legally ASAP and can’t live without her, has no clue how his manipulative mother is going to take revenge in 1 year. Looks like he has never asked her how she is planning to do that.
    The other unrealistic mess the EMA created when Raghav hears Kamalaa (the woman he adores) says he has been taken for ride by his own mother and Psychopath Poo and tried to damage the café (that is pretty big accusation), instead of investigating, he decides to go with the flow of having a party to resolve the difference between Kamalaa and Pest (as if 2 kids fought over ice cream or something). Again where is pest poo getting money to bribe Ajay employee who lied for her. A business tycoon with not help in the financial department.
    All Raghav has to do is seek Sammy’s help and ask him to extract the truth. They are making Raghav look weak and and looks like he is walking around like a chicken without a head. Also it is just matter of time (which seems to be getting closer quickly), when pest Poo will turn against Raghav himself. Speculation – desperate damage control will be needed as Gauri will not be able to keep leash on Pest Poo any longer and might turn against her too and try to kick her out, then Kalpi might stand up to the occasion and save her love and others too .
    Can anybody tell me why Pest poo walks around with so called Sari that is so transparent, She can as well just wear just the blouse and under skirt  just an observation.
    Now it looks like pest is on to her next big dumb mission, By the way EMA team you tried this so many times, it can’t work all time about the same people & same situation, note that you are not leaving viewers with the curiosity, or eagerness anymore, instead with an exasperated mind set to end this saga and move on to the next phase of the serial if there is another.

  10. i am not going to watch this serial anymore ….as per spoile there is love in air in ema where kalpi and raghave scene but as per pakhi live telecast idea she is going to plan big thing i think she will mix some in his drin and come close to his and he think its kalpi and get intimate or rahave will not but she will create situation like that in the morning so that raghave get feel guility that he has distoryed her life and cant leave her now. this is what going to happen next this sure as i read somehere kalpi interview where she said to their fan that she cannot give assurance to their fan that she and raghave will be unite again but there is lots of intresting thing in ema so pls watch. its really a stupididty and shame of true love how crule people always win. after this incident if ragahve get to know truth no worth for anyone.i hope raghave knew everything and ruined pkhi life and take revenge that she seprate raghave and klpi but seems like rahave character is making by writer as dumb after love with kalpi why become dump rahage dimag chala its ok to believe everyone but not blind even kalpi also doesnt do that.

  11. I Love you Raghave and Kalpana and appriciate your love for each other but writer spoiled it socant watch to hurt and break love that much. Bye gold bless both of you

  12. GOD Bless both of you(Raghave and Kalpi) Love you so much

  13. I watch the show early evening why is pooknie acting the way she looks, this show is getting me so sick, all I care to see is Rags and Kal they are such beautiful couple, like 2 love birds, Rags please keep your eyes on that pooknie if she offers you a drink please don’t take it .Enjoy Your Birthday with Kal..

  14. Please writers change the story already and unite Raghav and Kalpi. Let Raghav learn the truth and remove both Pakhi and Gauri from his life. He then have Kalpi’s parents live with him and have a successful restaurant. Let the story then continues with Gauri / Pakhi/ Neetu/ sahil suffering. Pakhi finding someone that teaches her a lesson in life in order for her to realize her mistakes

  15. Anamika i loved your statement and laughed. you are absolutely right i felt the same way raghav looks lost and spineless walking around chicken without a head . seems like not using his brain. i hope something will happened in his birthday party. i want pakhi’s all evil plan get ruined. kamalama praying to the god to show the truth to raghav. Ema make sure this happened at the party. we can’t take it anymore.

  16. Hi dd,

    If pakhi mixed something and make raghav guilty or she can make up story i am pregnant with ur child. IF ANY SCENE EMA SHOW LIKE THIS THERE’S NO VALUE OF KALPI’S LOVE AND HER SINDOOR. IF THEY MAKE THE EVIL WIN THIS STORY WON’T BE MAKE ANY SENSE. PAKHI IS NOT THE MAIN HEROIN. KALPI,KAMALAMA AND RAGHAV’S ARE THE MAIN PART OF THE SHOW. if they show pakhi win what about kalpi’s wait for raghav and their inspirable love.I HOPE THE WRITER WON’T DO ANY STUPIDITY.

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