Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
The lady is running on the road and Kamla runs after her. She says God I hope no one sees her. Suddenly she stops at a place. She asks when did you come and why are you so tired ? Kamla says just now. I was running. She says have you brought something to eat ? She says why aren’t you giving me ? Kamla says its at home. They both leave.

Scene 2
Vitthal brought colors for Kamla. Kalpi and Pakiya come in and all the colors go up in air. He says I brought it for you mom. Kamla comes in. Vitthal asks where did you go ? She says just near. Who did this all ? This must be you Pakiya. Kalpi says no baba did this all. Kamla says its no holi today Vitthal. He says ita about heart you can celebrate it whenever you want. Vitthal sweeps away all the colors. Kalpi’s

phone rings. She smiles, its Raghav. She goes out to receive the call. Raghav is not saying anything. She says why aren’t you speaking ? He says I called to listen your voice. What are you up to ? She says presentation file is on your table. He says I don’t wanna talk about worl. Kamla is there. She says I just came from office yeah Ai baba are here too. He says so can’t we talk ? She says how can I come to office right now ? He says try to understand whatever I said that night was truth, I couldn’t stop my self. Don’t know how or when.. Kalpi dosconnects the call. He says this is not done. I will tell her the truth tomorrow. Kalpi remembers her time with Raghav. She says I can understand but I fear the differences and my fate. happiness never came to me like this,

Scene 3
Ragahv says Kalpi should come with me today. I won’t go from the bus. Sammy says I heard love makes you useless but you are working extra. Raghav says I go to office daily. He says yeah but its holiday today for holi. He says as you don’t like colors you won’t go out for 2 days. Raghav says tell me how should I meet Kalpi. Its important to talk to her. Sammy says I couldn’t lunch to give you time. Raghav says she always denies. Sammy says give her a little time. Raghav says I don’t wait for anyone I have to talk to her today.

Scene 4
Kamla makes the colorful designs called rangoli outside the house. Kalpi takes a picture of both of them. She calls Pakiya up to take her picture with Vitthal and kamla. Sammy calls her and asks for a file. She says yeah its in my locker. S she has to go to the office. Pakhi comes to the chowl. She says Kamla maa what should one do when he is alone at holi. Kamla says whom are you talking about ? She says Raghav. He is alone. He will come if you ask him to. Pakhi calls him, He is on his way. Pakhi says i am here with Kamla maa at the chowl. Everyone wants you to be here. Raghav says I don’t play Holi, I hate colors. Pakhi says please sir come for a while. We can call sammy sir here. Raghav says okay but no one will color me. kamal says I will make his favorite vegetable. Pakhi asks Kamla to tell her how to make it. Kamla says yeah sure.

Scene 5
When Kalpi enters the office its all decorated with flowers. She wonders what is it? Raghav says are you dazed what is it ? This is all for you. To make you understand what you already know. I am changing I don’t know what happens to me. You don’t understand my feelings. I love you Kalpi. I want to ask your truth today.

PRECAP- Kamla is with the same woman. She has brought her lunch. The door knocks. Kamla is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It seems that the new entry in the serial is raghav ‘s mother!!!

  2. Must be.. nothing else make sense on that front. But I hope the serial does not take the usual turn of misunderstandings between Kalpi and Raghav… People hiding their true feelings for stupid reasons … etc etc… Hope they don’t split them up again now !!! The expression I Kalpi in the last shot shows she is ging to say no !!! crap… it is going to be disappointing

    1. right! if the story turns like all other hundreds of serials- we will leave it half way.atleast one serial should be in good terms -like in real life

  3. i hope kalpi says yes to raghav but tells him to move a little slower because she needs time to adjust……i understand her insecurities but how long will she live her life being insecure……..i hope this is not like the ususal soap……after the mess of qubool hai i really need a good and different serial….i thought this would be different…

  4. Yeah!!She will play the character of Raghav’s mother who had been blamed for killing her husband and had been put into an asylum.

  5. A gd twist in the story

  6. oh director change the story line k cuz pakhi aND RAGHAV ARE BEST TOGETHER not kalpi k

  7. it is nice episodes going to happen happy holi guys

  8. Pakhi & Raghav? NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! He doesn’t love her so she’ll end up getting hurt. Just leave her in her little bubble and find a boyfriend for her. Better chemistry between Kalpi and Raghav. I hope that Kalpi expresses her true feelings and they decide to take things slow – let romance and love grow without any pressure. I would be so disappointed if the writers use the tired story lines of the other serials.

  9. i just wish this holi will fill colors in raghav’s life and not snatch colors from kalpi’s life
    waise kalpi sirf raghav auruske differences dekh rhi hai
    lekin differences se zyaada inn dono mein similarities hain
    i wish she’ll say yes but i think she’ll say no

  10. pls kalpi say yes to raghav………pls dn’t say no

  11. Raghav make sure that he will her protect from allthe odds of life & he should make her feel that he will stand strong with her.

  12. I very much hope kalpi will accept raghav love n the holi fest will b more interesting where she will color raghav

  13. Interesting

  14. kalpi and raghav love with each other

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