Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav opens the door and Kalpi is there. She is wearing a pink sari. Pakhi gets ready. Nettu comes and says why you smile when you think about Raghav. Pahi says there is no such thing.
The party has started, Raghav is with sammy and looking at Kalpi. Pakhi wonders where Raghav is.Kalpi comes in front of Raghav bu Pakhi comes in between. Raghav says beautiful. Pakhi says oh thank you. He realizes that she is between him and Kalpana. Raghav asks Sammy to handle everything while he wants to spend time with Kalpi. Raghav asks Kalpi to come with him. He holds her hand and takes her with him. He has covered her eyes and takes her to poolside. He says this is all for you. I want to make everything special. The poolside is decorated with lanterns. He says before you there

was nothing in life but today I wanna open my heart in front of you. I love you Kalpi. Its written with some lights as well. Pakhi is looking everywhere fro Raghav and Kalpi. He says everytime you hold back your feelings. Doesn your heart feel the same way mine does. Kalpi holds his hands and says sir.. He says Raghav not sir. She says someone will come, He says no one will come until you don’t answer Raghav. I see love in your eyes but I wanna hear from you. The whole sky will be in my fist once you confess your love to me. Kalpi recalls every moment they have spent together. Raghav asks do you ? Kalpi says yes I do. The fireworks start in the sky. Raghav hugs her and lifts her up. He says I have everything in my fist today. I love you kalpi. He holds her closer and kisses her cheek. Pakhi comes at the pool side looking for Raghav. Kapi goes a little far from Raghav. Pakhi sees him and says Raghav sir I have been looking for you all guests are there. She sees JKalpi too and asks what are you doing here ? Sammy says I saw it already we can’t party here. Its against the society rules. Kalpi is talking to Sammy and Pakhi says wow my guess was so right. Raghav and Kalp are smiling at each other. Sammy asks did Kalpi like your surprise. He says yes. They both go fro drinks. Raghav gets a call, Kalpi comes and drinks from his juice.

Scene 2
Kamla is waiting for Kalpi. She thinks about the way she talked to sammy. Vitthal asks what are you thinking? Kamla goes in. He says why don’t you take the food. Kamla says its something to worry about. I think Kalpi loves someone. He laughs and says she is a kid she doesn’t even know the meaning of love. Kamla says sammy is the guy. Vitthal says there is no such thing. Kamla says he is rich and we live in this chowl. Vitthal says trust your daughter a little. Kamla says I do but I still fear.

Scene 3
Raghav is drunk he holds Kalpi’s hand in front of everyone for dance. Pakhia asks sammy what is he doing. Sammy says he is drunk I guess, let us dance. They go fro dance as well but pakhi is looking at them with jealousy.

PRECAP-Raghav says to Kalpi I always lost the people i ever loved. My dad left me and my mom left both of us when we needed her the most. Mummy ji says to sahil that I will reveal your crime to police i am going right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Jenny

    Hmmmmm….butterflies in my sto…….please someone, complete this word for me.Very interesting episode.Those two love birds are right on track.Kamala….please stay out.Not invited.

    • i hate kamla maa fo this.. and i thnk whn she wl come to knw about all ths, she wl tell kalpi to sacrifice raghav for her “pakhi babie” !!

  2. girijashiva

    But Pajji saw Raghav draginbg kalpana to dance with her .Pajji asked sammy what Raghav is doing ,Sammy replied he is so happy today ,so he is dancing.u have to see PAJJI’s Face.dekna layak hai.

    • anshu

      i just loved that expression on her face… But kalpi was bit uncomfortable with dancing with him in front of all the peaple… & i also like sammy dialogue ”tumhein toh apne boss ko khushdekhke khush hona chahiye” maza aaya ye sunke

  3. anshu

    today’s epi was just mindblowing…
    When kalpi recalls evry moment of their relation & she says i do was just breath taking…. Let kamla & paakhi think whatever they want to think… today was the best episode of ema…. Thanks to writers that they didnot make paakhi interfere with kalpi & paakhi confession… I liked kalpi drinking frm rahgav’s juice glass & also cute moment of signaling him not to drink…. waise parties are gud for ragna…
    First party raghav unknowninglyconfessed his love..
    Second holi party he confessed his love from heart & also bring colours to his life by putting colours on kalpi…
    Now the thirs party kalpi also confessed her love, her feeligs…
    I want to watch it again & again….
    Love ragna… 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  4. girijashiva

    when Raghav having glass of drink kalpana signled him -no- so he ordered a glass of juice,told sammy idont need drink any more.kalpana came have a sip od juice from the glass

  5. GH

    I dont know how many times I am going to watch the replay of the episode!!! Dont know if I will sleep tonight – or go to sleep and only dream about Raghav – sigh

    • girijashiva

      not only you,all in this forum will watch it again and again so many time.so happy after a long struggle – what we want happen atlast.

  6. Mon

    Anshu , ap and chocopie and of course Girija
    I m so happy today
    My gosh!!!
    Very nice epi
    But raghna frnd there will be many twist and turn ready 4 that, kapoor will creat prob between raghna ,
    Muje Maloom hai mom hamari worry karti hai Bcoz w’re girls but kamla is tooooooooooooooo much , kamla need some vacation
    She is dumbo
    Just love raghna

    • anshu

      hello mon..
      I will not ask whatsup??
      Becoz i knw it is nothing else then ragna & ragna
      So am I right or am I right

      • AP

        Hey guys.. what an epi……….. mind blowing… 🙂 wow wow wow…I reached home only at 7:45 but i saw it as i had given for recording yipeeeeeeee… Raghv an kalp man.. they were so goood

  7. Nat

    Wow! This is the best episode!!! Raghav and kalpi look amazing and I love her shyness when she says I do!! And raghav’s voice is so s*xy!! Sizzling episode!!!!

  8. Aman raghna fan......

    Best episode of EMA till now after holi and raining moments…….I love raghna….hope this love become inseparable …..so that no one can spoil there beautiful love…any one like kapoor or kamla…oh kamla and Pataki soo irritating……but today it was nice to see her face…and kamla just can’t say about her….just irritating nonsense…….I think only 4 people’s can be gud 4 raghna…..vitthall…Sammy…gaur I and pakiya…….they all r positive one……..

  9. hi every one…..hi mon luv guys today’s epi. OMG i cn’t belive it…..it was unexpected…i knw confession was confirmed bt aise OMG OMG…. Epi. Was full of romance….

  10. Omg! The best episode of EMA… so cute u r ragna. Thnx writers for dis non disturbing confession frm kalpana… luv u kalpana for 2day episode . N raghav luv u alwz… as u knw…. n r8 best episode aftr holiii.

  11. Hey! The vn who wrote that he/she hate kalpi…. I jst wanna say dat we al here r ragna fans…..n we cant evn listen anythng bout dem …..I hope evry1 is agree wid me ….. paki fans mst make a separate site I thnk

  12. I don say I hate paki I knw dats only a character n EMA is jst a show … bt can’t imagine her wid rags ….luv ragna a lot n jst wanna see dem in happy married life . Odrwise quit EMA… n yes kamla mst go for a long leave

  13. N ya agree smvn plz go n get paki up frm a long day dreamin….r u mad writers stop her imagination …. this is toooooooo much yaar…

  14. TriniD!v@

    Well well ……. Ha ah ha Pakhi ……. Burn with jealousy …….. And for u Kamla ma……… U r just DUMB…… Love this episode….. Hi Mon and all of EMA fans….

  15. ashranna

    my god saw this episode during my lunch hour…i must say this was a well written romance script…i think this tops all story ….raghav lines were so sweet and passionate i think kalpi melted in his arms….i hope kamla dont interfer in their love story…i do wish he takes her away from the chawl as seen today kamla aspires big but cant live that life………u dont have to be poor and humble.u can be rich and humble…

  16. Mon

    Tatiana h r u sweetie?
    Love 2days epi
    U r right
    Kamla is 2 much and paji (paki) is 3 much
    Poor raghna have to face dumbo people
    Plz director give some vacation to paki and pakis kamla ma
    It’s been more than 3 times I saw today’s epi
    Can’t stop laugh when in c pakis burn face

      • girijashiva

        it seems someone dont like lovers should not end up in marriage.sadist these people.even though kapoors spoiled Raghav and his parents – today Raghav father no more ,mother is mentally distrubed-because of Kapoors, then what the hell you ANILAH -how can anyone marry their daughter leave alone love-if it is happened to your near n dear ones -do you say the same thing.?if you say even then – you must be sadist or mentally distrubed

  17. Mon

    U r very besaram,1 of my frnd tell u yesterday not to visit this website still u came back,
    If up don’t like kalpi who cares
    Ema story is not going to change coz what u r thinking

  18. Rihanna

    Finally Kalpi admitted………….. Nice episode…. Loved it 🙂
    @Anilah I’m really sorry but I think that you’re the only one who wants RAKHI. Everyone else here wants RAGHNA! And WE’RE ALL PROUD RAGHNA FANS 🙂

  19. girijashiva


  20. girijashiva

    dear Ragna fans – you please ignore such a sadist who dont like kalpana and Raghav. i request you dont answer them any more. better we can keep away from sadists

  21. sneh

    Finally great party,very handsome couple R &K hosting it,i am soooo happy kalpana ‘s golden words confessing ” J DO ” ,Stupid Pakhi is really irritatating.
    Horrible Neetu who is trying to kill Gouri Raghav’s MOM also what to mach her daughter
    Pakhi wtih Raghav she is really mad.Kalpana looks very beautifull & gracefull.she also has Gouril’s blessing. Sammy is really cool guy, the BEST show

  22. anshu

    Guys this is a public forum any1 can comment
    But i think anilah is watching wrong show
    Becoz in ema jodi is ragna only
    But if s/hebwants to see such shows where paakhi & raghav kind of jodis are found then you shud watch ekta kapoor’s programme

    • girijashiva

      she or he is not watching wrong show but purposely doing to irritate us.i was so upset when she repeated writing since 3days .i know i use the strong words but iam not sorry for that.knowing well we are for RAGNA why that one writes. whether it PaJJI ????????/

  23. Rihanna

    It’s ok Girijashiva I know what you meant………. That Anilah better watch what she is saying about Raghna. She has to get her facts straight. It’s only Raghna here!

  24. Ya we shud nt answer these kind of stupid cmnts of ragna haters. ….. bt we al luv them its enugh….show is of ragna nt 4 rakhi n dis wodn change. ….okkkkk luv u ragna ….n ragna fansss

  25. karmina

    Kamala ma needs to understand u d someoneo not have have to be rich to marry some rich and her daughter needs to come out of poverty

  26. anshu

    guys please dont join raghav & paakhi’s name together… It just feels irritating… & also one waise bhi rakhi sun ke do cheezein aati hai impossile thing that nautanki rakhi sawant & 2nd rakhi symbolises brother sister relationship….
    Waise remember jab raghav ki custody kapoors ko mili thi aur woh ghar aaya tha …sahil ne paakhi ko use raghav bhaiya kehne ke liye bola tha…. I wish chhote hote hi raghav rakshabandhan manane ke baad bhaag jaata 😛 😛 😛 😛

  27. Mon

    Always like your comment dear ,
    I remamber neetu was telling paji to call raghav bhaiya

    Atlest finally kalpana confess her love to ragh,so raghna friends don’t worry everything will be alright, there will be some twist & some prob

  28. dd

    i love today’s episod its tooooo awosome. thank you writer…..i love your kalpi and raghav but scared when i saw pakhi comes between raghav and kalpana again and again i hop writer not giving indication to us that this will be going to happen in future and sammy will be with kalpi NO NO pls dont do this. if any problem u want to create i just want to stay love as its and some farness its ok but they love to each other no one can end their love for each other and no one can take that place in their heart eaither misunderstanding, scrificy anythin.

    And yes who want to see pakhi and raghav i think eiather he is misundersood on name i think he want to kapi but taking her name as pakhi….if not pls keep away from here dont talk like bull shit pakhi is one who always sneach happiness from kalpana i know this will be going to happen again and kamla again ask to kalpi to secrifies but hope raghav give her streth and her saath. I love you very much raghav and kalpi god bless you.

  29. Gh

    Good Morning all Raghna fans. How many dreamt about Raghna and woke up with a smile remembering yesterday’s episode. Does anyone know where to ask them to restart the 1230 telecast? Kumkum Bhagya is such a flop show just following all Ekta kapoors dramas

  30. girijashiva

    dont know.we can write in facebook also& Zee TV episodes – video site we can write there also.

  31. girijashiva

    why can not Ekta start her own channel instead of replacing EMA to her boring serial.her domination is so irritaing. Even Ashish wrote in his face book account about this.

    • AP

      Seriously Girija.. I have not watched even a single episode of Kumkum Bhagya… not planning to as well and doli armano ki is horrible.. I have seen some epi hear and there while channel swapping… I hate it !!!! I really really hope EMA gets the importance it deserves !!! I have left a note in Zee tv site requesting to give more air time for EMA.. pls everyone do it pls… I have never been to ashish’ FB page —

      • girijashiva

        ya yaarAP! Ekta is so boring. or Ekta must be ZEETV ‘s favourate.incase EMA is going off air we will demand to switch EMA to other channel-like life ok,star plus or colors.we will request producers and directors as well Rachana & ashish – to be in the serial even they shift to someother channel .EKTA is using her dad influence jitendra.i heard she have bad temper and bad master.you all know Rajeev kandelwal left her show -Kahin to hoga – because of her.Pulkit samrat drag her to court.

  32. AP

    Folks also in the india forum .. someone was saying .. hope EMA don’t go in the “Mujse dosti karoge” direction with Sahil killing daadi and sympathy track play in… I SERIOUSLY DON’T WANT THAT…GOSH I REALLY HOPE CVS COME up with something more refreshing and new .. like RAGNA together destroying Kapoor…. Would love to see a planning scene between Raghav, Kalpi and Sammy on the next business move to topple the Kapoors.. Give us some business drama hand in hand with Ragna romance ..

  33. Hiiii everyone,,,,
    I am new to ds forum…
    Hope i will make many friends here soon,,,,
    U blo*dy ANILAH shut ur dirty mouth,,,,
    If u can’t say +ve dn don’t say -ve… >_<

    • AP

      who hold on … don’t get worked up …chill 🙂 …its okay anilah can have his/her opi… let her/him live in her/his own world like Paaji… almost all others here are ragna supports… I hope today’s epi is also good… hope Cvs don’t put us down now… after yesterday’s epi… all of us are in Aasmaan.. so worried about a fall.. it is gonna hurt if it does !!!!

  34. Aman raghna fan......

    Hii frnds…..hope today’s epi will be gud also…..anyway I am happy BC confession has occurred…loved rags word…..whole of sky in my fist…….that’s the real core of serial…how they achieve EMA….they mean raghna……..

  35. sennurita

    Im proudly a raghna fan…… paakhi must end up with sammy… but as usual kamla the creep will want pakhi to be with raghav but its good that gauri knows kalpi likes raghav…… cant wait to see this episode tonight

  36. Nat

    Ema fans!! This show rocks! Hope they don’t cut it short or make too many wrong twists and separate the two lovebird! Kamla is so annoying that I fast forward her!!!

  37. jeninlove

    wow….i was catching up wit d last few days episodes cos i missed dem n i was quite impressed abt som things…
    (1) d episodes r gng in d track tat v al had been waiting n hoping 4….
    (2) d discussion forum in telly updates 4 EMA is increasing day by day 😉
    (3) dey finally changed d song track aftr kalpi’s confession 😀

    too bad d TRP’S r not increasing..last tym i chekd trps 4 ema s oly 2.9 somthing….hmmm
    got ny ideas hw dey can increase d trps???

    i also agree wit som of u tat d othr programs on zeetv r eithr bcomin 2 boring or its a repeat serial of all d previos serials dey hav shown 4m time immemorial…i wish dey cud bring bac d repeat telecast of EMA asap along wit change of timings…even d saas bahu aur saazish gives importance 2 al dos serials..but not 2 Ek Muthi Asmaan…not fair…hmmm!!!

    nyway hopin along wit d rest of u tat 2days episod wil b gud…cant wait 2 c it… :D:D:D

  38. Mon

    Morning raghnas
    Paaaaaaji (pakhi) is not good for Sammy and pakia
    So raghav is to faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
    Love raghna they’re best couple
    Anilah sound like women name, only she is the 1 like paaji
    Where is chocopie my lit sis,
    Time to go 4 gym
    C u later girls

  39. anshu

    Guys i think gauri just knows that kalpana likes hernsir but which sir she doesnt know
    So she can also misinterpret

  40. girijashiva

    ya.after party everyone left.Pajji told that her car ir repair thinking Raghav may drop her.instead raghav told sammy to drop her

  41. girijashiva

    neetu and sahil were talking abt how they killed Raghav’s father and how they create misunderstanding between Gouri and singhania.how they beat Raghav without knowing him who hit him.,gouri saw her husband killed by kapoors, she ran away from the place to escape from gundas who were following. Sahil mother heard each and every word and confront neetu and sahil,& threaten she will expose them and tell the police what happened.other side raghav told everyhting abt him and parents to kalpana . kalpana huggs him with tears in her eyes/while arguing dadi slipped and fallen from stairs – same time Pakhi came home to see her dadhi fallen/

  42. Hey…guys this is aayat….I just wanted to say that raghav…o my goodnees… raghav how can u looking always sooo dash….raghav u sooo cute in serial… whenever I c ur romantic episode… soo much blash on my face…u r just fab…n really missed you in weekends….kapli n raghav u guys look like just..make for each other…perfect chemistry… in both of u guys….I just want to see more romance in upcoming episode…really love u guys….make sure raghav u will be more more cute n dash…as always…u r..in serial.. raghav u just kill me…in 5 days on a week..m big cute crash on urs…sooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh love uuuuuu……n bless you… in ur whole life…n success…

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