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Scene 1
Everyone returns to the café. Kamla says Gos thanks you saved us. there is not much loss. she says now we all have to think how will we save our café. Manda says kamla tai we saved our café somehow today but we just have 15 days what will happen after that? Kamla says 15 days are enough we will find some solution to all this. Vitthal comes there and says I heard BMC people came and did all this. He says lets go pakiya. kamla sys no they ahev given us the notice. manda says I told you not to get involved in all this. a nd kamla tai you insulted them. this won’t help us anyway. kamla says to kalpi whats written in this notice. Kalpi says ajay sent it. He works with raghav. kamla says that means ragahv did all this ? no I can’t believe. Let’s go and talk to him.


go to the office and find out that Raghav and Sammy are out of India. Kalpi says to the receptionist I wanna meet ajey. ajey calls pakhi and tells her that kalpi has come there. he says please save me pakhu madam my job is endangered. kalpi and kamla listened to his conversation. Kalpi says do you even have clue what were doing to destroy. That café is the dream of so many people. You did so wrong. She leaves. kamla says kalpi I am going to meet pakhi, you should go home. kalpi says I will come with you, kamla says no I will go alone. You go and handle the café. Pakhi wonders why ajey disconnected the phone.
The door bell rings. She opens the door. its kamla. pakhi is shocked to see her. kamla slaps her. pakhi says how dare you to salp me. kmala says its the same hand that fed you, that made you sleep and that swept your tears. Why you tried to shatter out dreams. she says I don’t wanaa talk to you.

Pakhi is going in, Kamla shouts pakhi. she says you have to answer all my questions. I always asked to make a room in Raghav’e heart but you chose the wrong path. I will tell Raghav everything. Pakhi says you won’t tell him anything. Why you both mom and daughter consider him yours. He agrees or not I am his wife. you can’t change that truth kamla maa. kamla says don’t call me maa. Pakhi Kapoor, today I will tell him everything.
kamla is about to go. kamla says gauri tai is with you. pakhi says no I won he heart, I feel jealous when Ragahv thinks about kalpi. that’s why I did all this but its hurting me equally. kamla says pakhi you didn’t think for a moment that by doing this what troublesome are you creating for the people of chowl, me and kalpi. Pakhi pretends like she has not done all this deliberately. kamla says happiness I real when shared nit by taking happiness away from others. She leaves. Gauri comes downstairs and asks did someone come ? pakhi says yeah kamla maa came, she got to know who did this. garui says how? Pakhi says yeah I was about to tell her everything in nervousness. Gauri says kamal is a very smart lady. You promised that you will help and I will not let kalpi and Ragav marry. I will lose Raghav if she tells him everything. I have found him after ages. Kamla comes in and says I caught your lies that’s why I was standing out. Both pakhi and gauri are shocked.

kamla says I was always against my kalpi. I always thought she should stay awasy from Ragahv but truth is that you took his love. You wedding is not a wedding as well. marriage is not based on these tricks. kalpi’s sindur is truth. I feel ashamed that I called you my daughter. Now this is too much. gauri says kamla try to understand. pakhi says you didn’t do me any favor my bringing me up. You got money for that. kamla slaps her so hard. she says vitthal was right about you rich people. I never listened to him but you opened my eyes. Pakhi says you better not call me a daughter I am not your daughter. You just pretend like I am your daughter. You gave kalpi dream did you see any dreams for me / How you forgot that I love Ragahv and I kept asking you to talk to Ragahv. But you helped kalpi. And if I have changed my way then you are the reason. I had to do this for myself. Did you even think about me ? Gauri wanted revenge and I wanted Ragahv. I am telling you this to let you know that I can do anything to save my wedding. kamla says why should I teach her gauri tai you forgot about your son too in you revenge. You should be ashamed. Gauri says I didn’t do anything wrogn nettu and sahil had to pay. Pakhi says I wanted my love and I am not wrong. Kamla says I will not let this continue anymore. I will make kalpi and Ragahv one. Their love will win in front if your eyes Ragahv has the right to know thw truth and I will tell him the truth.

precap-kamla says to kalpi you don’t know kalpi Ragahv and pakhi’s wedding is the trick of pakhi and Gauri. we have to tell ragahv the truth. Pakhi says ragahv’s flight will land tomorrow. Gauri says we have to stop him from meeting kamla.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now team EMA is under mission Save EMA. Not one but two slap. Gauri ko kya socha tha aur voh kya nekali. Now our mother india Kamala will unite ragna. For the first time I loved Kamala. Gauri you are a very bad mother. For your not alive husband you have killed your son’s happiness. Shame on you lady.

  2. and to think Kamla was the one who nurtured Gauri back to health…shame on Gauri for turning on the ppl who helped her. Revenge can really blind a person

  3. kamla grew a brain im so proud of her today….she finally took a stand for kalpi…now all she have to do is tell vithal so the whole family cud help bring down pahki/gauri and re-unite ragna


    1. I don’t think they will take such a risk at this junction. The are clearing all the crap. The story has to move on na. . They know we will not encourage rakhi.

    2. no, you are wrong
      if something happens bad then something happens good …
      now see, pakhi and raghav got married now something good wll happen….

  5. Like the same way the cvs have made Kamala positive, the same way they will make raghav character also to regain the old charm of Intelligent

  6. Dear EMA team,

    Congratulations and celebrations

    After long time i enjoyed today’s episode. I hope you people may be having some solid reason for such story line as it raise so many questions such as
    why gauri joins hand with Pakhi ???
    How come guri rely on enemy’s daughter Pakhi for her revenage ???????
    Does she have doubt on capability of Raghav to take revenge from Kapoors???????????
    How she can forget all the good deeds of Jadhav family ????????

    Please don’t underestimate your viewer and have good work on stroy line.

    All the best to ema team for good script

    All the best and best wishes to ema fans with hope we will soon get our ragna back

  7. how is gauri taking revenge…I don’t understand…..how is sahil and neetu paying in gauri’s plan…because they seem fine to me….and paki seem fine too until now…..the only way to show gauri revenge plan working was to tell paki now u have no one not even kamla other than that gauri took revenge on kalpi and her family not neetu and sahil….the writers still have this in a mess

  8. aree waahhh!!! kamla is supporting kalpi?? amazing…kahin main sapna toh nahi dekhrahi hooon??

  9. THis was what I expected from kamla in 2day’s episode. First time she has done something good a piece of advice 2 EMA team a story just doesn’t move on just on twists now its time 2 unite ragna n move the story forward .atleast if ragna r 2gether then they cn handle any. Problem

  10. I’m sure there will be a twist! There is no way that ragna will unite so quickly. September is one year of the show so it has to drag on until then at least!! Paaki will get pregnant or something will happen to vithal or something. There is no way Raghav will find out before some disaster will happen-his plane will be lost or something!!!

  11. Rosheena Singh

    My opinion puki will become pregnant as we know raghav is always looking for kalpi in his dreamland. pwukee will go thru with her plans to keep raghav,she becomes kalpi for the moment.

  12. Rosheena Singh

    Guys do u agree ?

  13. Why guri is friend of pakhi they are talking reveng kamla family thank god kalpi and raghav wil nt each other

  14. God will always support through. What he has joined, let no man put asunder.

    I am really happy today, for once kamla ma spoke for her blood. Sweet-mother!

    ..what ever revenge one wants to take, he should leave it to God to take for him.

  15. guys i hope who ever read yesterday my comment i said 100% sure pakhi sent the people to destroy the cafe. i am extremely happy kamalama finally found the truth and first time gonna support her own daughter. she must be realized you can’t feed the snake think won’t bite and your own. the blood come from kapoor not kamala’s. this story will teach everyone in real life you can’t trust everyone 100%. i believed honesty always win but who’s really honest and sincere we have to suffer a lot. i don’t know why god play games like this in our real life.

    i hope kamala amd kalpi see raghav before they stop him to see them. i don’t want to see any seen like this anymore. everything has a limit i hope producers stop playing our emotions and unite ragna and want to see their love grow each day. pakhi needs to live in slum and suffer. pakhi never respected her own mother. how will she respect anyone. even raghav playing game with him good friend. i hope everything goes well and pakhi will grow on her business and own many restaurants or showing her field as a civil engineer buying kapoor building and many more with her own money and hard working.!!!!

  16. no i am not agree i don’t want to see the scene pakhi get pregnant with raghav child. doesn’t make any sense to rag the story. there’s another way to rag. Raghav will find out gauri and pakhi’s game and he leave for good his mother and pakhi and won’t wait one year to get divorced. he will marry kalpi and they both will help the poor and teach lesson to kapoor family.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee producer don’t twist anymore. let RAGNA UNITE SOON.

  17. Crystal Singh

    Reading today’s episode was refreshing for me, I have to wait until 7:pm to see it. But having read all that’s going on, I can’t wait to see the show tonight. Kamla has finally seen through Pakhi.I hope that nothing gets in the way of them telling Raghav the truth.And I hope that Kalpi and Raghav is united soon. It’s been a long time that I have been so happy with the show,I pray and hope that pakhi don’t trick Raghav into being pregnant. I would just die if that happens.Please let Kalpi get her love back she deserves it.

  18. gauri’s revenge plan is a little far fetched and weak. she wants revenge against the kapoors yet encourages and plots with paakhi to forge a relationship with raghav?? nope, makes no sense at all. if raghav falls in love with paakhi and have a child, he will eventually allow the kapoors back in….where is the revenge in that? that would only assure the kapoors including paakhi a double win….getting away with a murder, stealing gauri’s property and their daughter marrying into yet more money….stupid if anyone believes this is revenge….and raghav is as thick as a brick if he cant see what paakhi and gauri are up to.

  19. Hi Crystal you and I are on the both scale, we cannot wait for 7pm I give my comment on what I read, I think if Kal get in touch with Rags by phone and ask him to meet her before he goes to this office or to his home he might show up to see her, and Kamala will be here with her, and let him know what is going on, so he can play along with pooknie and gaurie and he can see what they are up to, Rags say before he leave he was going to see Kal.

  20. I don’t think raghav and kalpi will unite……I think gauri and pahki is going to get to him before kamla does……and I have a very good feeling that raghav is going to change and he will support pahki and his mother….this turning kalpi against him…..this is what pahki wants…….kalpi believes in god and truth and doing things the right way……she will need to succeed in her life to prove everyone a point that poor people should not b taken for granted and used…. I would think there would be a new character for kalpi and who will spport her and make her dreams come true…..kalpi I going to lose faith in raghav for letting her down one again and ask him to remove the sindur so she can move ahead in life without these rich people……

  21. nalini i think am on the same page with u,why shld another guy come for kalpi?it means there is no continueity for heavens sake pahki shld not be pregnant even looking at her irritates me pls whoever brings that idea shld just swallow it

  22. HI Bettty, Nalini please spear me pooknie having a baby, do you girls know what bad BLOOD that baby will have. Look at the kapoo side a family, and then the grand mother on the father side, the kapoos are murders and blood sucking people, then gaurie on the other hand so darn ungrateful, if pooknie have so much $ as she say, why don’t she and gaurie put $ where their mouth is, and move out nutte from Kamala and family apt. Gaurie forget where she live before moving up to the highrise, thanks to vithal and his family.

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