Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 14th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav and Kalpi are walking on the road. He says in his my why you never let get tell you what I want. Kalpi thinks sir I know what you wanna say but we are two different people. Suddenly his hand touches hers a little. She looks in his eyes he smiles. She has started walking towards the bus stop. He asks where are you going ? She says to the bus stop. He says I will drop you whats the problem with that. Last time Ai baba saw you car. What if someone asks me. Don’t mind but these small things matter. He says I don’t think there is any such thing. You will be home comfortably. She asks can you leave your comfort zone. He says what you mean ? She says try my transport you will know the differnce between us. She leaves and stands in the lane.

Scene 2

enters home. Vitthal says welcome. Where were you ? I asked Pakiya ? Kamla wonders should she tell the truth or not. She is about to say when Vitthal says i know. He puts flowers in her hair. He says my love and respect for you growing with age. I see you everywhere. I saw a woman and thought its you. My mate said every woman is not Kamla. if it were you, you would have turned. Kamla thinks forgive me Vitthal. What should I do I have to go nback in the evening.

Scene 3
Kalpi is in lane. She turns and sees Raghav standing in the bus line. She asks him what are you doing here ? He says my car is broken. She says you should go from auto. He says I don’t like them. Do you have any problem if I use your transport ? I used to travel from bus in Mumbai. SHe thinks travel once from Mumbai’s bus you will forget America’s. His handkerchief falls on the ground. Kalpi gives him hers. He says I will return it to you. The bus comes and people run towards it. Raghav says we should wait for the other one. Kalpi says no we can’t. Kalpi and Raghav stand in the bus. He says sorry for tripping over her a little. He protects Kalpi from other men. He says what is it. Ragahv gives credit card for the ticket. He says this is india’s bus. He gives cash but the conductor says we don’t have change for that. Kalpi gives the money. She says one andheri and one Bandra. He says no make it two andheri. Kalpi says this bus goes to Bandra as well. A seat gets free. Kalpi says sit here sir. He says how can I sit when you are standing. Sit please. She gets out on her stop. He follows her and says I will get a cab from here. How do you travel this way ? its not safe and its not hygienic. I was suffocating. She says did you see that we are different ? This thing thats inhumane for you is my life line. Anyways take care bye. Kalpi enters the chowl thinking about him, she smiles. She goes to temple and says you know everything. I don’t know if its right or not. She me some direction. She hears her name . Its Pakiya. She sees him. He says I am God. She says are you really ? I am so worried for my brother. Let me beta him with a stick. Kalpi goes to him and runs after him with a stick.

Scene 4
Kamla goes to that place again. A woman is there. She says you are here. Sit there in front of me not with me. Kamla sits there. She looks nervous. Kamla says everything will be okay. She asks who are you ? Kamla says I am Kamla Yadav. I brought you the food. She takes out the lunch box. Kama opens it up but the lady goes out.

PRECAP-Ragahv calls Kalpi and says try to understand Kalpi all that I said was true I couldn’t stop myself. DOn’t know how or when.. I love you Kalpi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. great…….that women is raghav mother……..may be she will create prob….

  2. I just loved it…….
    Want to see more affection and love between kalpi and raghav

  3. cadolena saakar

    i really like this episode

  4. wow it was too good andawsome i love it very much.lisen please make it more interesting during holi between raghav and kalpe

  5. I’m really enjoying this soapie..

  6. Yes. I agree that Raghav needs to show more expression of love for Kalpi.
    Excellent drama.

  7. it’s really superb… episode and iam waiting for the holi episode which will be more intresting….

  8. Precap was mind blowing…kalpi prayed and asked for a sign, n thr u go..rags confession over the fon ‘I love u kalpi’…awwwhhh, nw we can expect more sizzling romance..;)

  9. now this serial is being interesting n like 2 watch this show…

  10. Watch out for Sammy Backstabbing Raghav

    1. why sammy backstbsa Raghav? he is his cousin it seems?

  11. Awesome realistic episode. Raghav needs to be more expressive towards Kalpi. Watch out for selfish pakhi she is not going to give up so easily..

  12. I hate raghav and kalpi together pakhi and raghav I lov

    1. why u hate kalpi and raghav? why rich people will have right to get rich.not poor one.may sadist only think that way

  13. So happy that Raghav is accepting his feelings for Kalpi! Does this mean that he no longer wants revenge?

  14. Rags will get his revenge! Nettu wants Pakhi to marry Rags because she wants his money – so the fact that he is in love with Kalpi (daughter of the maid) is what I call sweet revenge. If he really wants to ruin the Kapoors, I’m sure he will find some other way, although I hope that revenge is not going to be the main storyline. Kalpi needs to get over her fears and accept that she loves him too. I agree that Rags needs to step up the romance a bit. They need to spend some time together – a getaway from office and people. Rags needs to get creative to make that happen. Don’t know how he is going to pull that off, but it should be interesting. Holi festival should be interesting too.

    1. yes what you said is correct.t no neccessary to take revenge through pakhi but .by using intelligents of both girls he will get what he want.-to ruin the kapoors esp neetu who is behind money bags.i hope kalpi will accept his love enjoy her happiness which she deserves..please creative team we dont want to see another sazzish story..let her go the way in really goes.

  15. Agree with u…they need to spend some quality time alone away fm office, family and people…it will be great if rags makes such arrangements to go out of the city for few days in the name of work..so far we can already see that kalpi is falling for him as well, bt the differences is what she is afraid of..cant wait for holi and monday epi..:)

  16. is there any holi special … today ??? luv their chemistry n just can’t wait for monday’s episode….

  17. Holi episode should be 1 hour.

  18. I think that Kalphav will end up together after all

  19. This Is what i cal love but i hope ragav help kalpi get her certificate that neetu have diprive her.

  20. Yes this serial is just becoming very interesting, I love it, all these romantics moments….both two actors are attractive their story too I ‘m a fan

  21. Will we see the confess of neetu what she did with kalpi school results?

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