Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav calls Kalpi and says i need coffee. She says should I send it ? He says no lets meet in cafeteria. Come there with the file we need to talk.

Scene 2
Kamla is on her way in the auto. She says I can’t tell this to Vitthal. She stops at a place and starts walking on the road. Vitthal sees her and calls her name. She is feared what will she say to Vitthal. She turns back but his truck has left. She says he must have seen me.

Scene 3
Pakhi says I can know all Raghav; dislikes and like from sammy. She asks him what does Raghav likes about girls ? he says why are you asking ? She says you should know about your boss. he says Raghav likes desi dresses sari all those indian dresses. She says he doens’t look like the. Sammy says but opposite

attracts you. She thinks oh I know now.

Scene 4
Raghav is waiting for Kalpi in the cafeteria. He says she is still not here I should go and talk to her. He is about to open the door when Kalpi opens it and it hits his forehead. Kalpi says oh my God are you okay sir. She takes him in and does icing on his forehead. He smiles and says i am okay.
They sit together. Kalpi says I wanna talk about the mehta project. He says we will talk about that later can we go out on lunch. If you have no problem ? She says I have to get the presentation ready. He says okay then we can go on the dinner. She says I have to go home. He says then breakfast tomorrow She says I makes it for me. he says lunch tomorrow ? She says Ai gives me lunch box. He says okay we can talk here. She says I have to get the presentation ready and she leaves. Raghav smiles. Kalpi goes and sits on her desk. Raghav comes upstairs. He stands near Kalpi’s desk.
Sammy comes to Kalpi and says take the documents we are going out for the meeting. Raghav wants to have lunch with entire team.

Scene 5
Kalpi presents the project. The clients are so impressed. They go out for lunch. He serves Mehta everything. Raghav wonders did Kalpi like the food or not. He orders something Indian vegetarian so Kalpi can enjoy the lunch. He smiles at her. Mr Mehta says he has to leave. Sammy goes out to see him off. Kalpi and Raghav are alone now. Kalpi wonders can she take her lunch box out here. He says do you like it ? She says it should have been more spicy. He says no this is spicy enough. What can be more ? She says wait a minute. She serves him from her lunch box and says try this sir. He smiles and then starts coughing. He says its too good. She says do you need more ? He says yeah why not. She says i don’t think this suits you. He says no I like it a lot. Kalpi gives him chocolate and says this is the desert in the end. She says I don’t think you will eat it. He takes the chocolate and says we aren’t that different. She says can we go back? He says yeah lets go. The waiter gives holi gift to them. Its a heart shaped box with colors in it. He says this heart belongs to you. I mean I don’t like colors. She takes the box.

Scene 6
Kamla comes out of a house. She locks it and says I will control everything. She goes back. She comes out of the street and looks back at the locked door.

PRECAP-Kalpi is going upstairs. Vitthal says welcome. She looks tensed. She asks you are home so early ? he asks where were you ?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. selena

    also in red heart shaped box it is filled with red colors . atiba please update correct things

  2. very interested to find out what kamla is hiding from the family. Pakhi should get a hint and back-off, Kalpi is already shy/scared and hesitant to share her feelings and open up with Raghav, so they both dont need any more hurdles along the way..

  3. sanjana sri

    wow raghav and kalpana looking sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee together i love dis show…..:)

  4. vna

    Omg…omg..omg!!! A total transformation in raghav..n both rags n kalpi are looking ssooooo adorable…would like to see more affection n love blossom btw both of em..

  5. It’s sooooooooooo nice I luv raghav he iz soooooooo cute and pleas nothin should go rong between and she should tell him she loves him back

  6. girijashiva

    love to see them together n kalpana open up little with ragav.ragav sholud forget abt taking revenge on kappor ,anyway with brilliant kalpans he will get whatever he wants.

  7. girijashiva

    love traiangle and qurater angle wont happen in reallty.and revenge due love failiur happened somewhere.not in real much.this show -i feel it happens in real not like saas bahu saazish which wont happen much in real like-ekta kapoors -bubblegum-serials.can not swallow but only throw out.the producers of this serial show- what happens in reality but somehwhere making kamala bai – a negative character.no mother on earth will do such things leaving her daughter in distress running to pakhi to just see her to be happy.i hope this will go this right direction -even maid servants children are also deserve their best in like-like Kalpana get her love -Raghav.best wishes those producers n directers and also Rachana (kalpana] and Ashish.hope they do justice what they started as social justice.


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..