Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

28 Responses

  1. usha says:

    i am saying that episodes are nice, because it is always an extradinary serial. i love this serial. raghav and kalpana are looking very cute and pretty………………………………

  2. TriniDiva says:

    Nice and lovin them

  3. ashranna says:

    i am glad sammy told him to take his time with kalpi

  4. Anamika says:

    Finally glad that Raghav accepted his love for kalpi and he has started behaving nicely with her. Pookhi should get a hint and back-off..

  5. ravina says:

    Aaawww can’t wait to watch this tonight.. I just love this show becoz of raghav an kalpi. They look so good together wow.

  6. Nellie says:

    I am so pleased that there is something decent to watch on zee tv after punar vivaah 1 ended I stopped watching zee but thanks to ek mutthi aasman i have started watching zee again. I love the chemistry between kalpi and raghav. I hope nothing changes and their love for each other blossoms into something beautiful that no other series have ever shown. Its the best show on zee tv for me right now.

  7. O my gosh!I m lovin it.how cool.let’s spice up raghav and kalpi love story a little more.

  8. TriniDiva says:

    Hey guys watch it on you tube yaar

  9. Sheetal says:

    Excuse me and my crazy ideas, I’d really like perm to fall for kalpi too then this show would be on fire! I really love shows with intense love triangles. Anyways I like how things in this show are getting straight to the point, you know no beating about the bushes like most Hindi serials….

  10. ashranna says:

    i dont think at this point this needs anymore fire…..i like the way it has progress…..raghav knows what he wants and is going after her……..is not a major character in the show……….and the jealousy track will only reduce the show to being like an ekta kapoor……..which is kind of boring…….it is refreshing to see ema…..i always thought it to be a sad show but it is taking a turn for the best…….two love triangle in the same show is an over kill…..i want there love to bloom ………..because its pure love with no motive………

  11. TriniDiva says:

    Prem…….. Never…….. Then Nettu would treat her like a Fucking maid

  12. sanjana sri says:

    todays episode is really superb …………………. its getting more intresting now . i hope raghav will find out the truth about kalpana exam result , then the story becomes more intresting yaar

  13. Sheetal says:

    Exactly why I said me and my crazy ideas! but I’d still like the love triangle and there would be three not two because pakya has a crush on paakhi. And it’s so darn cute! But not that serious so I think paakhi won’t even realise it….. Peace!

  14. Sheetal says:

    Exactly why I said “my crazy ideas”!!! but I’d still like the love triangle though, and there would be three not two because pakya has a crush on paakhi. And it’s so darn cute! But not that serious so I think paakhi won’t even realise it….. Peace!

    • girijashiva says:

      love traiangle and qurater angle wont happen in reallty.and revenge due love failiur happened somewhere.not in real much.this show -i feel it happens in real not like saas bahu saazish which wont happen much in real like-ekta kapoors -bubblegum-serials.can not swallow but only throw out.the producers of this serial show- what happens in reality but somehwhere making kamala bai – a negative character.no mother on earth will do such things leaving her daughter in distress running to pakhi to just see her to be happy.i hope this will go this right direction -even maid servants children are also deserve their best in like-like Kalpana get her love -Raghav.best wishes those producers n directers and also Rachana (kalpana] and Ashish.hope they do justice what they started as social justice.

  15. vna says:

    Awwhhh…im so loving this show..cant wait their hugg!!! I hope that kamla maa will hurt kalpi n she will run out n breakdown while raghav watches all this n goes straight to her..kalpi turns arnd n unable to control her tears hugs raghav really tight n so does raghav..that wud be an absolute treat!! :)

  16. TriniDiva says:

    Hey sheetal all look like u wanna have a threesome yard

  17. D says:

    I think one love triangle is good because if you get more… people with get confused and trust me you don’t want that to happen and its time show kapil Happiness its not nice for paki to always have the best n good in her life…

  18. Anamika says:

    Totally agree with D. If paki gets all happiness in life and kalpi gets all hardships repatedly just because she hails from poor family, it defeats the purpose of Ek Muthi Aasman and its very title and theme. Then the show should be called Ameer ki aasman.

  19. sharmila says:

    I want a hot, good looking guy to come into the show for Paki…I still she is cute. Kalpi always seem to be a damsel in distress…she needs to be more self reliant.

  20. none says:

    What d hell y only raghav and kalpi and not raghav and pakhi

  21. le974 says:

    very emotional and romantic scènes today love or need to be together is so strong…,who is this beauty man ?

  22. Mhizz Barbie doll says:

    I so love the show. Am not a hindu person but watching the advert captivated me and now its getting more intresting. If Prem falls for Kalpana it will be good as Ragav will win Kalpana’s heart there by making the Kapoors loose over and over. i hope Kamla wont ask Kalpi to sacrifice her love for Pahki. it will make the serial boring. pls a hindu person should tell me the meaning of the movie name and theme.

  23. Shreya says:

    I love the chemistry of raghav & kalpi. Bt plz get a boy for pakhi coz she is cute & kind.

  24. D says:

    Kapil loss her kamal mother love and paki always get it… I think if kapil is winner for the triangle love with ragav… Wow it will be a big change in her life and her dreams will come through and so will ragav to make the kapoors loss everything they have

  25. Rihanna says:

    Cool episode…. Very nice

  26. Fay says:

    Kudos to the writers for keeping the storyline interesting and not as predictable as the other Indian serials (soap operas). Rags and Kalpi are so good together – excellent chemistry. Kudos also to the casting director – great choice. Kalpi is still in a daze because this is so unexpected. Rags has to reassure and romance her and sweep her off her feet. This relationship is going to kill Nettu. Good going!!! Hope she gets a heart attack! Find a boyfriend for Pakhi!.

  27. Sneha says:

    I just love kalpi and raghav chemistry they are awesome but i want paki to see this chemistry so that little jealous will be masala for the show