Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla gives Vitthal lunch. He laughs and says its my holiday today. Vitthal says are you worried about her? She will nail it today. Kamla says I pray for my both daughters.
Kamla and Vitthal are outside the building and they wanna meet Kalpi. Vitthal says let them fight theirselves. Vitthal says let go there are see whats going on. Nettu calls her and says are you okay ? Your dream has ended ? Prem told me that Raghav has fired kalpi. You know why ? He thought Kalpi has cheated him. What was wrong if you shook hand with us.

Scene 2
There is so much tension between Raghav and sammy. Paki wonders why you did this Kalpi.
The presentations are on going. Raghav says the day I lose from Kapoor will be last day of my life. Maya says now the last

presentation from someone so special someone so young and made a name in the industry. She says I would like to call Raghav here. Raghav is not responding. Sammy says let me talk to Maya. Raghav points him to sit down.
Vitthal and Kamla see the conference room.
Kalpi enters the room and says I would like to present on behalf of Raghav Singhaniya. Sorry for the delay., Sammy sasy you have no right to be here. Kalpi says asked you for 30 days but now I just need 3 minutes. Sammy says stop it Kalpana you are not our employee. Paki says there is still a lot of tension why are you doing this. Sammy asks Kalpi to go out. Raghav stops Sammy and points Kalpi to start.
Kalpi starts the presentation. She says we are talking about the low cost housing society, For a middle class man who has to work 17 hours a day. When he comes home he want rest and that is the result of Singhaniya’s project. We have named it after mother. The presentation goes on and Paki and Maya are smiling. Sammy smiles as well. It ends and everyone claps for her. Vitthal and Kamla are so proud. Kamla says lets go home we will meet her there.
Maya comes up and says the judry has decided that this project goes to Singhaniyas’ Evand company. Everyone congratulates and clap for Raghav. Sammy says I am feeling bad that I said all that about kalpana. She proved her loyalty and dedication. Paki goes to Kalpi and says wow you dazed everyone Kalpi. Kalpi says I did what i had to. Paki yes I will do what I should. Can’t believe my brother could do this to me. This is all my fault.

Scene 3
Sahil and Prem come in the house. Nettu asks what happened ? Sahil says we lost it. Neetu says how is this possible ? Sahil sasy Kalpana came there and took it away from us. Nettu says what I did was all useless. How i took that file from Paki’s room and all. Paki listens to all this and shouts out Nettu’s name.

PRECAP-kamla says Kalpi I am so proud of you and I won’t be worried about you anymore. You will choose your own ways. Paki has locked herself in the room. Nettu and everyone knocks the door and say keep professional and personal life apart Paki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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