Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi tells Vitthal that its campus placement in our college today. Companies come to hire us. Kamla says you didn’t tell me. She does her arti. Pakiya says do mine too. Kamla says get ready first. Kamla gives the lunch box to Vitthal. Kamla says its a big day today. Vitthal says come on I will leave you to the college. Kalpi says why baba I will go by my own. He says that Is special today I will love to come and wish you best of luck. Vitthal sees people of neighborhood fighting with a lawyer over a notice. He goes the lawyer says that this place belongs to Sahil Kapoor not Singhaniya. You have to leave this place in 7 days. Its illegal to live here. People are resented over this. Manda asks Kamla that you must knew this was Shail’s place. You were hiding form

us. Kamla says I will talk to Kappor sir. Vitthal says we have been living here for ages how can we leave this place. Kamla says don’t worry I will talk to him. Vitthal says make him understabd that we won’t leave this place.
Kalpi thinks this is the life of poor people a moment of happiness is just gone with blink of an eye.

Scene 2
Raghav’s friend Sammy tells him that Sahil Kappor has got the papers of the chowl by illegal means. He has used the power of attorney to make the fake papers and has asked them them to leave the place. You can teach them its your fathers’ property and Kamla bai lives there too. Won’t you do anything for her ? Raghav says I am not police to help people and as far as the property is concerned it was my dad’s and will always be.

Scene 3
Nettu says to kamla that she has to clean the hall. Kamla says I am looking for Prem or Sahil I have to talk to them about something. Nettu says they have gone to office. Don’t annoy them they are so busy we have so many properties they don’t get the news of every place. Kamla says its about our lives. We won’t leave this place and I will go to the office to meet him.
Kamla leaves and paki asks nettu did kamla maa come ? Nettu says no. She says no I felt like she was here. Nettu says no she wasn’t.

Scene 4
Manda says to Vitthal didn’t you know about the property. Vitthal says kamla works there she doesn’t live there. Kalpi says baba I am getting late. Vitthal says I sorry i can’t go with you. She says its okay baba she wishes she could stay with him.

Scene 5
Kamla goes to the office and asks the secretary that she is kamla bai she wanna meet Kapoor sir. She connects the call the Prem he says he is busy ask her to wait. Kamla is waiting for him. Sahil and prem crosses her back and get in the lift. Kamla tries to stop them. she comes to the secretary again who is telling someone on phone that they have lefty they will be arriving in a few momebts.

Scene 6
In the college Paki stops Kalpi and wishes her luck. Kalpi ignores her an leaves.
Prem and Sahil arrive in some hotel. Kamla gets there too. They are waiting for the meeting. kamla says to Sahil that I am sorry here I have to talk to you. Your lawyer sent us the notice that we have to leave the chowl. We have been living there for so many years. Prem says you have been living there illegal. Sahil says I bought that place years ago. Kamla says we can give you the rent. Prem says I have a solution you have to pay rent for 10 years in 48 hours. Its 5 lac per room. Sahil is about to leave. Kamla says plese do something Sir. Sahil says i respect you for what you have done for us but i can’t bare loss in business. Raghav is there too looking at kamla from upstairs.

Scene 7
Kalpi os thinking of a solution that can get rid of Kapoors for the people of chowl. Paki comes to her. Kalpi says please leave me alone. This job doesn’t mean anything to you but to me its the world. Paki says yes I don’t know what i am gonna do in my life but all I know is that I wanna win this bet.
People in chowl asks Vitthal what did kamla say? Vitthal says she must be coming wait for her here. She will come up with a good news. Kamla enters the chowl and everyone starts asking her questions. What did they say ? Manda says tell kamla people are asking you something. Kamla says yes I talked to Kapoor sir she tells the whole story to everyone. They have said that they have to pay rent of 10 years. Vitthal says Singhaniya Sir gave this place to us. We will raise voice against this injustice.

PRECAP- Sahil says to Raghav in a cafe that I am thankful that you saved life of my daughter. Raghav says so you remember the people who do you a favor Kapoor. Sahil says how do you know my name ? Raghav says look like you asks a lot of questions but I am not used to answer. Sahil says at least tell me your name. Raghav says why you wanna marry your daughter to me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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