Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Pakhi says I love you. I wanna spend my life with you. I don’t care what you think but I am crazy about you. I can’t live without you. Raghav leaves without saying anything. He goes out and is thinking about Kalpana. Pakhis goes out as well and sit in her car. She is in tears. Kalpi is on the road and sits on a bench. SHe wonders how can Raghav love her. She recalls him scolding at her. Everytime he was so rude to her. She then recalls the dance with him and she smiles. She feels good about it. She calls Kamla but she doesn’t have credit. The song ‘Kuch Khaas’ plays and she is amiling all the way. SHe gets an auto to go back home. She recalls him saving her from drowning. Every momnent she has spend with Ragahv. The way she hugged her.

Scene 2

goes home and see her toy prince and princess. She says to the doll why you always look at him and care about him. He doesn’t care about you. You must be hurt like me. I said him I love you but he never said me yes but he didn’t says yes as well. Boys are always scared of commitments.

Scene 3
Kalpana can’t sleep. She recalls what Raghav said to her earlier. She goes in the balcony and sees Raghav standing downstairs. She wonders what is he doing there? He is coming up stairs but then he looks at her again. He is coming up and Kalpi is scared. SHe goes inside the house and locks the door. Raghav thinks I didn’t know that I love you but just wanted to see you. Call it coinccident or luck that I said it in front of you. He goes back to his car. Kalpi opens the door a little. He turns back and she shuts it again.

Scene 4
Kamla is making Kalpi’s lunch ready. Pakiya says whats so special you look good and you got ready so earlier. Vitthal has given a chocolate to Kalpi. Kalpi leaves. Kamla says she looks so happy. Vitthal says she is liking her work.

Scene 5
nettu asks Pakhi you are up ? She says yes. Come on have the breakfast. nettu says have the breakfast. Prem sees that Nettu is not giving him anything. He says I am getting late mom as well mom. Nettu says so is Pkahi. Nettu sasys something good has happened yesterday.

Scene 6
Pakhi enters the office and asks Ramu is sir here? He says no. SHe says yeah must be scared how will he face me. Kalpi comes in as well. She feels uncomfortable. Pakhi says I will tell ragahv how committed I am. Kalpi thinks how will she face him.

PRECAP-Raghav says whats happening in this house. Give this file to her back and ask her that I want the green file. Ramu goes back to Kalpi and asks for another file. He says please give it to him yourself. He is so angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Barbie Dawson

    Hmmm nice episode

    1. R u real voice debut artist of barbie movies

  2. confusing episode…
    of today and yesterday also

  3. kalpi is very pretty. raghav u r awesome. finally it is a very extradinary episode and i love it………..

  4. thanqqqqq soooooo much for the written update…..

  5. when a girl came with stairs wearing pink dress with full mass and start dancing with raghav she is pakki not kalpi it is in real…. but in end of dance how pakki become kalpana wearing pink dress and same earing what pakki wears
    when kalpana came out hear earing changes…and when pakki enter in the party she wear same earing when kalpana dance with raghav…..
    magic happen in party or making fool of us…..

    1. loolz they are making fool of us 🙂 it’s always like that with tv shows ! big mistakes are missed

  6. hello ae kae ho raha ha in this seriol may.i have heard that prem fall in love with kalpe

  7. loving today’s episode…..he knows he loves her now and she now she is exploring her feelings…………but i hope he dont scold her……now nice pieces of akward office moments ……..raghav losing concentration and kalpi moving with her projects……………..i want him to take her on a date.

  8. Just dont show stupid things like Prem falling in love with Kalpi.. Afterall let kapli get Raghav and become Big mem saab which is what she deserves after a long struggle..

  9. wow superb episode…………..

  10. Even if ragav and kalpi falls in love kamla will be the bridge between them…it is very obvious kamla will surely let kalpi sacrife her love in the end for the sake of pakhi. I hate kamla character

  11. I want kalpi and raghav be in love and be together in the show ok ppl.no one else must come in between them,not prem or paki.

  12. Im quite impressed hw the story didn’t turn the typical hindi saga way, paakhi driving off, getting into accident etc u know..instead she still went back thinking he didn’t say no..n than comes the most beautiful scene..he went to meet her, n she actually shy away..awwwhh…cute moments!!!

  13. most beautiful scene ever…..he went to see kalpi……she shyed away……he will only want more of her now……

  14. Hmmmmmmmmm hi Yadhu

  15. Yadhu
    Hi hi

  16. It would be far more interesting if prem falls for kalpi and ragav and prem become love rivals then paaki teams up with prem to get ragav and kalpi to break up…. Loved this episode! Cant wait for next episode lolz!

  17. Wat kind of tin iz diz. Diz is just rubbish they shoul jst start their luvstory

  18. They should hav a wonderful and interestin luvstory

  19. Way no what is happening raghav only thinking about kalpi and not pakhi why pakhi I support u fully a person should get her love if raghav loves kalpi I protest against that ok

  20. Is not who u love,is who love u ppl.raghav love kalpi,they should be together ok…

  21. love this episode.i hope kalpi gets Raghav.dont want to see raghav hurt kalpana ,n confused her more now

  22. finally kalpi gets what she deserves

  23. No riya i guess you are confused as u didnt watch it well,im actually watching it now.It was kalpi dat entered the hall not paki and all thru he was dancing with kalpi not paki but bcuz he didnt know it was kalpi he was day dreaming about kalpi thinking or rather misunderstanding her to be paki

  24. Very true Abe.Kamla is not being understanding as a mother

  25. Kalpona and Raghab is nise,beautiful judi . pakhi ke sorie deo raghab ar kalpi majkhan theke please please please.

  26. Plz let kalpi an raghav b together always coz this love story will make this show a hit. An everyone want it so give they ppl wat they want

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