Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
kamla and vitthal come home after grocery. Vitthal gives kamla water. Vitthal takes out the diary and checks the list. Kamla sits with him. Kamla says the cutlery should be good. Some offices have started giving us orders so we’ve to raise our standard. Vitthal says its really good to see that kalpi’s cafe is working well. Kamla says this had to happen. Vitthal says she’s conquering the whole sky day by day. Vitthal says our cafe will be 5 star one day. We’ll give 50% discount to poor people. Vitthal says i feel good when people say its vitthal’s daughter’s cafe. Kamla says no i heard its kamla’s daughter’s cafe. They both sing the theme song.

scene 2
sammy comes to raghav’s cabin. Raghav asks have you got the file?

Sammy says yeah kalpi gave it to me. Raghav asks was she angry? Sammy says no in fact she was worried about pakhi. Raghav says she’s so good. Sammy says indeed she is. He informs raghav about the meeting status.Raghav calls kalpi but her phone is out of reach. He plans on meeting kalpi.

gauri asks pakhi are you going somewhere? Pakhi says i’ve planned a surprise for raghav. We’re going for a movie. Gauri says what If it fails? Pakhi says i’ve planned everything. Just have to do something important before we go. She leaves. Gauri wonder what could that important thing be.

Pakhi comes to kalpi’s cafe. Kalpi asks how are you Pakhi? Ai was so worried for you. Pakhi says wow you’re so happy to see me here. Kalpi says yes i am. Pakhi says wow such a good actress you’re. Why don’t you work in a serial. Well i’m straight forward. I’m here to warn you. Stay away from raghav he’s my husband don’t ask him to take care of me. Don’t try to be so pious. Kalpi says i’m not pretending to be anything. Just for sake of humanity i asked raghav to take care of you. Pakhi takes our some cash and throws it on kalpi. She says this is the cost of your humanity. You’re doing this all for money. You topped the university to get a good salary job. You worked with raghav for the same reason. You made him fall for you so you can enjoy with his money. Is this money enough? You know you don’t worth any more. This is the reason why you didn’t get raghav and i did.raghav is on his way. He says i just wanna meet kalpi for once. She has suffered a lot because of me. I just want this year to pass by. kalpi says pakhi you should leave. Dont create this drama on road. Pakhi says you’ve to talk on the road to people who live there. Kalpi says your world must be dependant on money but not mine. I earn enough with my cafe. Pakhi says cafe belongs to whole chowl and you call it yours. Raghav is my husband and you call him yours. Stay away from raghav.Kalpi says i’m away and just for one year. Raghav is my husband and we can’t get out of each others heart. Pakhi says you think you can live my life. You’re and ordinary girl of this chowl. You wore my clothes but you’re never going to get raghav. Kalpi says the thing that’s not yours, how can you give it to me. He was mine and will always be. And about clothes i shared my mom and her milk and her love and time everything with you. I didn’t say a word but i’m not going to give you raghav. You might have signed the papers he filled my hairline. Pakhi slaps kalpi american shut up. Kamla comes there and says pakhi. Kamla says you slapped kalpi who considers you her sister. You slapped on me. When did you start acting like heartless rich people. You broke my heart today

you proved that I am not your mom. I gave you kalpi’s share of milk. You were both my eyes but why have you become enemies. Thank you for showing me the truth. You showed that you rich people can never respect us. Go from here. Kamla is in tears. Pakhi says you are the who differentiated. It hurts you when I slapped kalp what when she was trying to get my husband. Why didn’t you stop her when Ragahv was filling sindur in her hairline. You know what it feels when its about your husband. One more thing you can’t blackmail me on this milk and your time anymore. Kalpi says stop it pakhi. Its too much. I know fate did so bad to you. I can stop my self but I have no control over Ragahv’s love. Pakhi says I loved him too. I will create love in him for me. I challenge you that I will scratch out your name from his heart.

Precap- Raghav comes to the chowl. He is dazed to see pakhi there with kamla and kalpi. They are shocked to see him as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very late update…………b*t*h pakhi……finally kamla says something right……finally she has opened her eyes to support her daughter……but pakhi has pulled a wool over raghavs eye and I’m sure he will fall for her lies…..poor kalpi what pain she has to go thru……I hope her mother realized what she has done by puttin pakhi first……I have a good feeling raghav will leave kalpi coz Pakhi is gonA go to any extent to hurt kalpi….and to save her the pain he will sacrifice himself for her….. He loves her to much to hurt her…… Pahki b*t*h needs to go dig a hole and bury herself coz she is worse than neetu and by the end no one will accept her…….

  2. Crystal Singh

    Don’t know why the good people always have to suffer. I’m glad that Kamla has finally taken a stand for her daughter, but why does it seem that the wicked wins and get what they want? Raghav is a successful business man, he has to have some brains to get where he is in life. Why can’t he see through Pakhi? Why don’t the writers let him hear and see for himself what his great mother and pakhi are up too? Com on you people need to cut Kalpi some slack, let the girl be happy and get some romance. She deserves it she has been through a lot, from everyone. Please writers turn this story around for Kalpi

  3. Why is kamala and Vithal keeping nettu in their house Please kamala were is Vithal, Vithal don’t let that b*t*h pooknie get away ,kamala is cause of everything what happen today she is the one who push pooknie on to Rags when she knows that Rags is in love Kal, If pooknie think she smart let her think so pooknie show her real colours a street woman (whore) to carry on so in the street. I am so darn PISS OFF. Of what I read,

  4. Hi Crystal I don’t now why EMA turn the story like that I don’t like the hitting it hurt me so much Kal is so soft and sweet Kal did not ask Rags for the Sindur it was given to her with love from deep down and if Rags listen to pooknie he will be a Darn Fool then he real did not love Kal , EMA showing us some nice episole with Rags And Kal , you can do it. By the way money pooknie throw for Kal she Rags Gauri should rent an apartment for nutte and grand ma to live the same chowl she is running down, is the place she use to go so don’t damp the river you cross one day you will have to go back to that same river for water.

  5. That is because pest Poo’s character is gutless to ask Raghav why he put sindhoor on Kalpi

  6. Wonder if EMA Non-creative team will ever watch the episodes after it is shot, see the senseless job they have been doing. How can anybody do such a bad job!!!!. They have been dragging this Pest poo’s chaos drama too long. Even Raghav & Kalpi look bored in the episodes . Raghav has this forced gentle but bored smile most of the time these days except when he is with Kalpi. Too many loose ends, no value for promises they make & God’s blessing.
    Ashish and Rachna and some of the others like Vittal, Sammy, neetu make up for all the hopeless acting by Pest poo, Gowri, Kamlaa, Sahil. EMA creative team and director please don’t make Pest Poo cry, can’t see her opening her mouth like a tunnel as if she is ready to swallow Raghav or Kalpi. These useless actors need some help or send them to basic acting school. The difference between then and good actors like Ashish and Kalpi and others is, they make it seem so real & bring the character to life and viewers feel embraced by it. Prem is smart guy, he must have smelt the trouble run from the show as far as he could.
    Ashish, Rachna, Director saab and the crew, here is a suggestion start your own show called RAGNAA, show about the life after RAGNAA’s marriage daily challenges and with kids etc. etc., you will have much better rating . As I have commented before EMA has no storyline anymore and they are killing the chemistry between RAGNAA as well.
    As for Kamlaa’s character, she is so dumb and self-centered, it does not seem to affect her until it hits her directly. It does not matter what Kalpi and Vittal went through in the hands of Kapoor’s and she asks them to be kind bla, bla. She still shows her anger on poor Raghav who adores her for saving his life once as a child and knelt down and apologized to her and as for Kalpi, instead of kicking the rear end of Paaki and show more love and support to Kalpi, she is busy preaching to Pest Poo

  7. So fed up of this crap

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YYYYYYYYYY is Paki allowed to get away with everything????? She and her horse face need to be put into a coma in the show and let Raghav and Kalpi live …………………for once dammit…..and Neetu could join her in that coma LOL

  8. Where is story going??
    Cvs writer r stupid
    Pookni b*t*h
    Dumbla ko abhi Samaj me Aya ki usne kalpi ke sath acha nahi Kia

  9. worst site
    very late….

  10. you pak pak. tum chahe jitne Bhi thappad maarlo kalpi ko par tum raghav ko kabhi nahi pa sakti

  11. and mai to suna tha pakhi get slapped by raghav..

  12. Hello pakhi(pooknie) why don’t you ask Rags why he did not give you the Sindur, you should slap Him if you think you are so bad, you should make your play with HIM But pooknie Rags did let you know that he LOVE Kal and not YOU do think you can make a man love you, that was long time days we are in 20s now when last did you see at a nice LOVE story Indian movie where you cannot make a man love you that comes Natural, YOU DARN STREET WOMAN. So when Rags show up YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM A DARN BACK SLAP for your love.

  13. Pahki is f**king ZEBRA FACE not horse face! disgusting b*t*h she is……………………im certain she’ll get her way but after putting kalpi and raghav tru alot she will end up all alone and a looser ……………….zebraface b*t*h

  14. Please no (swearing) of bad words it don’t look nice or read I myself get upset and I think it over it is a just a love story and I cry because I love Kal and Rags and then I laugh at myself, what a joke.

  15. I give my comment on what I read on the written up date 11th July I miss out Friday episole so I stay up to see the show at 11pm tonight boy Kal should have spit in hand and slap pooknie what is gaurie up too with pookine that is no revenge .

  16. Plz sort dat b*t*h pahki out. She must lose everything n every1 for her evil ways. Let poor kalpi get her love soon

  17. well just read an interview with rachana and she says that she cannot assure if kalpi and raghav will be together again but there will be a surprise………so after reading this i refuse to watch or read this story….all we ever wanted was ragna and now they not sure how sad

  18. How stupid coz now evil wins over good….raghav will end up with stupid pahki and she wil win the challenge against kalpi……so raghav marrying kalpi in the temple was just an act and not considered as real…..so if kalpi marries some one else then she will be married twice and so will raghav……….if he removes the sindor then it will mean she is a widow….what is this produces doing with this show……I assumed raghav and kalpi is the lead couple and now they wil not end up together……no point watching this stupid show if they don’t give the audiences something to look forward to….

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