Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi goes down stairs with Gauri. Raghav calls her but she disconnects. Kalpi says tai why is Ai always so angry. Gauri says every mom is like that. They are always worried fir their kids. Kalpi says you know everything. Do you have kids ? Gauri tries to remember ans sits on the stairs. Gauri says chinto, Raghav calls again. GAuri says you are confused whether to talk to him or not then you should. Gauri receives the phone and says hello. Raghav says Kamla maa ? She says not Kamla but consider me maa. I am Kalpi’s aunt. How are you son ? He says I am fine. Is Kalpi still angry ? She says yes but ask her how much ? She gives phone to Kalpi. Raghav says look Kalpana I am very sorry. I know I did hurt you but I never said sorry before I don’t know how to ask for pardon.

I don’t know how to make friends and relationships. I have been alone fro years so I feel weird when someone is with me. I thought I’d spent my whole life with loneliness but then you came in to my life and I felt like I started living. I startes hating my loneliness. I am 32 and been there for all those years alone so I got those bad habits. I wanna get rid of them. I need you to change me. I need your help to make your place in my life. I know you are so angry but just tell me will you come tomorrow ? Kalpi says yes. He says thank you so much. Kalpi smiles, Gauri is looking at her she goes and hugs her and says you are so nice. GAuri says you like him right ? Kalpi says yes I do but don’t tell Ai. SHe says no I won’t.

Scene 2
At night Kalpi asks baba where were you I was waiting. Now close your eyes she makes him wear a hat and aviators. Vitthal looks in the mirror and laughs. Kamla says you look like a boss. Vitthal dances and they all laugh. Kalpi is really happy.

Scene 3
Next morning, Raghav’s door bell rings. Its Kalpi there. He says so you are here I was waiting for you. Come in, Kalpi goes in. She is slipping off her slipper. He says no don’t. Kalpi says that’s what we do at our house. Raghav asks tea or coffee? She says water. He says there is kitchen take it out yourself and bring for me as well. Kalpi goes and takes out the water. Kalpi is cleaning the handle of fridge. He stops her and says please be comfortable. This is your house as well. In future.. They both smile. She says pizza and fast food are not good for health. He says I said I got bad habots by living alone but you’re here now everything is gonna be okay. Lets order something Indian. There in that diary we have numbers of all indian restaurants. I am going out for a while can you do that for me ? She says yes. Kalpi starts calling at different restaurants but they don’t have Indian food. She says what to do now. I should make it my self.

Scene 4
Pakhi wonders where are both Raghav and Kalpi. She asks Sammy ? He says Kalpi is working on a surprise. Kalpi calls Sammy, he says wow that’s really nice Kalpi. Pakhi says whats going on ? Is sammy that guy ? No It can’t be.
There Kalpi is busy in making lunch for Raghav. She serves it n the tabel. Doorbell rings. Its Raghav. He says is my food ready ? SHe says no one was having an indian order I have made it myself. He says what ? SHe says yeah I made ladyfinger. He says wow lets have it. He is coughing hard. SHe asks are you okay ? He say yeah I am allergic to room sprays. Kalpi says you should have stopped me. He say I can tolerate it but not your tears. Kalpi says I am really sorry are you ? He says you are here so I am gonna be all right.

PRECAP- Kalpi is in Raghav’s arms and they’re both smiling. Song ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. evelyn

    Today’s episode was ice cream ice cream and ice cream all the way my anger of yesterday totally vanished

    • girijashiva

      wait for sometime.it will happen.but now it is more important that Kalpana and Raghav should be together to protect his mother from evil kapoors.

  2. girijashiva

    After a long time since both came to know eachother .todays episode make our week end good.but one thing irritates why Pajji in today’s episode?nazar laganekeliye?i am happy for kalpana and Raghav .atlast they have their owntime.hope no one interfere.DONT WANT KAMALA LECTURE TO KALPANA.when he told that you have in my life now everything will be changed and this house also yours.nice Raghav.happy ek end for us .writters keep it up-dont ever thinking of separating them

  3. Mon

    I haven’t seen 2days epi but I read written update epi
    Love today’s ema
    Only raghna
    But I m worry if paji creat drama use kamla to make raghna separate
    Just like pen epi
    Girija I told u earlier
    U going to c paji
    Woh Shetan hai
    Shetan ka nam liya Shetan hajir
    I really don’t like her
    Shirini singh aka paji look good with pakiya

  4. girijashiva

    ya yaar! this is very bad. why they showed her when good things going on-they showed Pajji.SO MUCH IRRITATING.

    • AP

      Thanks a lot for the updates Girija..have to see it later..now I am worried about monday…hope nothing bad happen on monday.. Fingers crossed…dont wanna see paaji anytime!! Pls Sammy sir ..pls woo paaji and take her away from ragna

      • Aman raghna fan......

        Sammy is solo cute….I think a very lovely girl should match him…not pakhi….but I think Sammy likes pakhi…….

  5. girijashiva

    hope when PAJJi comes to know that Raghav likes kalpana -she herself out from their life – satifying atleast to be with kamala – marry Pakiya.good jodi

  6. Mon

    Hi my all raghna friend
    When I m here for comment I really feel like we r family
    We’re all from different citi ,country and village ,
    I m here in USA since many year
    I never had a chance to c Kerala , j& k
    But muje tum logo Jesse friend yaha mile reson only 1 &. 1 raghana
    C u friend
    Need to Cooke

  7. anshu

    I m happy that atleast one thing happened fast in ema
    The way raghav asked for forgiveness was too cute
    He is 32???? Zyaada hi age gap nhi ho gya!!!!
    When he said ye ghar tumhara bhi utna hi hai jitna mera hai was totally superb
    & lat but not least i just loved the precap……^3^3 :):):)
    Aaj inko dekhke mjhe geet ki yaad aayi(my fav programme)

  8. cutie

    Rags mom is gud part for kalpi….she loves kalpi……omg….plzzz rag know abt ur mother…..really today’s epi was greatt….I love raghna….loved rags mom……best mom 4 kalpi….far far better than kamla……do u agree??????

    • AP

      Am happy kalpi has someone to talk to now… I don t feel like kamala is kala mother! Hope Gauri stands strong with kalpi in future…hope she does not forget kalpi when she gets her memory back !!!!

  9. jeninlove

    awww…..loved reading d update……n i did get 2 c a glimpse of d preview (sigh) i agree wit u girija hop its not a dream scene….

  10. Raghav:tumhe apni zindagi mein shamil karna chahta hoon meri madat karo…mein se hum bane mein”””””issshhhhhh i never forget these words.

  11. sneh

    Love it , super show,Raghav’s unique way of asking forgiveness.
    And Klalpana was really grcefull in her understanding
    Pl. keep Paki out she is really very irritatating.
    Sammy is really good guy don’t fix him with Paki, May be Maya will come back.I hope Kalpana points out thai Gouri is getting horible medication without prescription through Nittu Who does not have a single noble bone in her body?
    I wonder what stupid idea is this,& Kamala is trusting her evil boss
    not logical
    R& K your love everlasting for ever, Kalpana’s smile is priceless….

  12. Mon

    Don’t be so much happy frinds ,coz writer is crazy
    He can change story anytime , I means to say ke jab raghna sath me hote hai uske baad ka epi acha nahi hota,
    Raghv kalpna ke lie parthy throw karna Chahta hai
    But I think so miss paaji will think that party is 4 her
    Hope so not happen that way
    Hope so raghna stays 2gether for all of us in ema
    Let’s c next week
    Good night friends
    Nice weekend

  13. Rihanna

    One of EMA’s best episodes yet………… I love love love this episode. I just hope the precap is not a dream. I hope it actually happens. I also love the future saas bahu bonding :-p

  14. AP

    Good night everyone…let us see how this goes next week..wish kalpi Also talk to raghv about her problem…they really become one and solve all issues – kalpi s result,revenge… Curing Gauri everything together

  15. jabee

    Nyc readin dis episode b4 watchim it,it sounds romantic kalpi tanx 4 acceptn ragvs luv he really need it.

  16. anshu

    guys u didn’t see the positive side of paakhi scene that Sammy didn’t tell her that kalpi is at raghav house & they both are planning 4 the party becoz if she would get to know about that then she must have said kalpana may need her help & she also want to go to raghav house…

  17. Mon

    U r right anshu
    But I m thinking , ki paaji ko pata chale aur use bhi party me bulaye to hope ki paaji wrong signal na le ki party uske liye hai
    Cross your finger
    Good night friends

    • AP

      I think slightly different guys…you see Raghav and kalpi ka relationship has not stabilized fully… Till they talk their heart out to each other ..firm uo their relationship..i dont want paaji or kamala know about rahna..coz at point of the relationship if kamala fool put pressure on kal…she might step back.. Let their relation grow strong and reach a stage where she would not give in to stupid kamala…i dont Mind dilluional paji be in her dilluions… Do I make sense or am I just rambling here

      • anshu

        No i also think the same…
        Let paakhi build her castles in the air & in themeanwhile time kalpana & raghav relation shud get stronger & they become inseparable….

      • girijashiva

        prey that kalpana will b strong that she wont give up her love for Raghav even kamala says .she should be strong enough to ask kamala why she always prefer pajji over her – whether it is apen from Raghav or whatelse.even if listen to kamala -raghav dont accept Pakhi.

  18. u r right AP jab tak un dono ki relationship strong nahi ho jati at least tabtak…..they would never know^^^^^& plzz don’t think u r rambling her v luv ur comments always…..every person has differnt thoughts that does’nt mean one is good or other is bad everyone….i mean every comment has its own values…

    • AP

      Chocopie.. i want raghav and Kalpi to just sit together leaning on each other ..keeping their heads together and just talk and talk about all their fears, dreams… past .. and their love for each other.. that is when the relationship will get deeper and they will be connected in a bond which no one will be able to break(well in real life that is- in serial Cvs can make them do anything !!!!)….

      • girijashiva

        kalpana now understood why Raghav is behaving like that and insecure .And when he told that she should help him to comeout from loneliness- she never protested whatever he told her in this episode.she agreed him as her love of her life.now it is time to get strong enough.

  19. girijashiva

    both of them come to office for work and after that they both go Raghav’s home and spend time toghether without telling anyone.so no one will come to know till they decide to tell.or Raghav may ask her to marry in a temple -not want her to go away from him.

      • AP

        Agree on time spending part…disagree onthe secret marrige…that would be so against who they are…they should maary with everyone knowing..they approve or not doesnt matter

      • girijashiva

        want to them get married -Pajji can not do anything between them and also kamala.otherwise writers will go oooooonnnnnnnnnn draging it too much n our BP will go up.so i told that. Raghav also dont want to loose her at any cost knowing Pakhi well.

  20. jeninlove

    its time theyy changed the song “tum hi ho”……as much as i like the song…..hearing it all d tym makes it boring….i hope dey change it 2 another track…..

  21. Nat

    I’m wondering about the 12 year age gap?! Kalpi is 20 and I wonder why the writers made rags 32! Big age gap! Feels like kalpi is too young and he has to tell her what to do like there is the kitchen and get me a drink.
    Also, I hope Kamila doesn’t find out she goes to rags house BC she would disapprove! What if someone sees her?

  22. girijashiva

    ya yaar!!!!!!!!!now all including wrrtes forgotton bussiness trip.now it should happen again.Nice Alibhag trip again please -bussiness trip to jungleand Jungle me mangal!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mon

    Good morning my friends I just wokeup I m still in my bed don’t feel to getup
    Sorry friends i had a dream paji find out about raghna and paji ne chawl ki sidio se kalpi ko push kiya, vithal ne kalpna ko save Kia but paji wait karti hai ki kab kalpana ekeli ho and woh use mardale
    I know its only a dream but was scrary

  24. Mon

    U r 100% right Ap,
    Ragh can’t c tear in kalpna’s eyes so think if paaji try to harm kalpana then
    Thank friend
    U made my day

  25. Hiiii everyone……
    I only watch ds show foe raghav & kalpi love sceces,,,,,, huh which r shown very rare nd i jus hate that lady drakula pakhi…….

  26. Hiiii everyone……
    I only watch ds show for raghav & kalpi love scenes,,,,,, huh which r shown very rare nd i jus hate that lady drakula pakhi…….

  27. Aman raghna fan......

    Oh interesting to see a gud experienced (32)yrsRaghav loves kalpna(20) sooo much…….anyways he is sooo cute when he say sorry…..love that…and second can’t see tear in her eyes…..soo lovely was that…..love raghna…hope so in future…

  28. Mon

    Ragh 32 kalpna 21
    Very 1st time ragh ne kalpi ko dekha to woh baby kalpi thi and that time ragh look like 10y Jesa lag raha tha
    It’s ok friends
    Age doesn’t matter
    Love us great
    I don’t care about there age difference I just like raghna 2gether

  29. girijashiva

    when love happens it happens.they dont ask what is your age and what is caste or religion.they dont mind the age dif whether one of them older or younger.i can give ex: for that.Dilip kumar and saira banu- age dif -22yrs.sachin and anjali tendulkar – she is 7 yrs older than sachin.that is love and always says Love is blind

  30. AP

    GM guys .. forum seems rather quiet today.. seems everyone is anxious about tomorrow.. me too.. i hope they don’t give us any unhappy twist now… i just want a positive romantic epi tomorrow…really really looking forward to the bonding of Ragav and Kalpi …. !!!

  31. girijashiva

    how can we forget this forum? this is like one among us .constantly ouch with eachother.i also want to see them happy in mydream.just like prem ,pakhi also vanished from this serial.

    • AP

      Prem and paakhi won’t go off i guess… as long as they don’t come in between Rag and Kal.. am fine… :)… now it time we see some really nice romantic bonding happening between Ragna and they become inseparable and start working on all the open issues together.. Kalpi’s results.. raghav’s revenge… there is so much potential in this serial… once they settle as a couple… the romance should be a parallel side track along with Ragna togther deal with other issues :).. what say guys

      • girijashiva

        your suggestion is good AP! if the writer’s follow it ,then it will be the one of the best serial we ever watch.

  32. girijashiva

    For RaGna Fans:i cut and paste it from tellichakkar.com

    Buddies Rachana Parulkar and Ashish Chaudhary ‘just can’t stop laughing’
    12 Apr 2014 11:53 AM | TellychakkarTeam

    Laughter is contagious and one just can’t stop laughing when around Rachana Parulkar (Kalpana) and Ashish Chaudhary (Raghav). Both are seen in Zee TV’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (DJ’s A Creative Unit).
    Buddies Rachana Parulkar and Ashish Chaudhary ‘just can’t stop laughing’ Rachana Parulkar, Ashish Chaudhary,

    This on-screen couple hit off well from the very first day and there have only been laugh riots since. The moment the duo meets on the sets the only thing that spreads around are giggles.
    We hear that both Rachana and Ashish can’t help it but laugh on seeing each other.
    We contacted Rachana to know what this unknown tickle factor was and she said, “We don’t know but it’s just that we can’t stop laughing in each other’s company. We do have common jokes to laugh on but other than that we just keep laughing.”
    Their laughing spree does agitate their Director at times. “There are times when we have to shoot for certain serious scenes and we end up laughing that’s when our Director actually has to ask us to stop laughing,” shared the actress.Now that’s exactly what happens when friends meet.

  33. GH

    I read somewhere that Paakhi will connive against Kalpi and Prem will connive against both Raghav (already did so) and now against Kalpi – kahaani me twist – hope this is not true!

    • girijashiva

      AYyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NNNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.where you read? give me the link.

    • AP

      Crap…all I want is all these twist come after kal confess and rahna become a tight couple. After that they will be able to face any adversity and come over it

  34. GH

    anshu – Its the same news about Kalpana confessing to Raghav – copy the URL and remove the https to view it
    the negative character bit – saw it on the Facebook page – Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi

  35. girijashiva

    Ek Mutthi Aasman – Zee TV Raghav & Kalpi
    negative characters
    paki conniving against kalpi Angryand prem convinning against raghav Shockedn now kalpi too

  36. girijashiva

    only this much news is there.nothing much about negative.but full of Ragna episodes nice one

  37. Mon

    My raghna friend I was reading your comment when I was in gym
    We’re really in love with raghna
    Anshu twist is part of our serial
    Twist will happen so don’t worry about that but ya I have good news
    I show tele buzz ema
    Kalpna is going to confess in party that’s 4 sure
    And friend precap is not dream
    That’s 100 % tru in ema
    C y tomorrow

    • anshu

      Actually i dont want paakhi to become a vampnso soon becoz then it wud be an insult to kamla’s upbringing

  38. Mon

    We all know that how much raghna love each other,I just hope ke kalpna confess Kare she loves ragh, not only paji & prem but kapoor’s will trouble raghna they’ll try to make them separate ,if u remember 1 ema epi guruji say paji and kalpna ki life ekdusre se Judi hui hai, hope ki paji raghav ko chiin na le

    • AP

      I seriously believe EMA will be different from other bullshit serials of so much negativity… i am hopeful that Cvs will not separate Ragna… Yes Kalpi’s and Pakki’s life is related … that is addressed with Kamala’s partiality to Paaki… now its Kalpi’s time to have Raghav to herself :)…

  39. Mon

    1 of kalpana’s friend ne request ki hai ki kalpana ko bindi lago
    Think so from next week we’ll c kalpi with bindi

  40. girijashiva

    sad news:( it seems EMA repeat telecast in the afternoon at 12.30pm wont be there from wednesday. instead KumKum Bhagya will b there .facebook news.they telecast all those BHAKWAS serials repeatadly but now they are going to reduce it EMA infavour of EKTA KAPOOR.already one serial is -Pavitra rishata is going for long time. want to know it is ZEE TV or EKTA’s monopoly over ZEE TV.wish to EWA change from this channel to colors ,lifeok or star plus.they will do justice

    • sanjana sri

      whattttttttttttttttttttt repeat telecast won’t come from wednessday . what’s going on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMA is coming only once in daytime . O MY GOD

  41. girijashiva

    Hi!! just watched todya’s episode.Raghav started sneezing and kalpana called her mom what she can do when someone get allergy due to spray? at the same time pakiya spraying himself -gouri gets same kind allergic reaction.when kalpana ask kamala – she asks gouri what can be done in that kind of situation -gouri told nimbu and onion -then kamala going out for some work at that time gouri switched on Tv saw sahil kapoor and she started shouting – he is the one who spoiled her life -when kamala came inside the prog was over.kamala called neetu told abt gouri’s reaction. neetu told her to bring gouri to city hospital there same dr.give electric shock to gouri.kamala called kalpana n told abt gouri ,Raghav n kalpana are going to hospital.this is short story. may be many mistakes

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