Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Vitthal comes to home. Kamla says asks Kalpi to go to the party. Vitthal gives her a dish he has brought for her. Kamla says ask her to go. He says its up to her.

Scene 2
Nettu says my daughter has to look stunning. What shoes are you going to wear ? She says there are so many eligible bachelors in the parties. Everyone should be looking my girl. Raghav texts her please be on time Pakhi. She asks Nettu and the hair stylist to go out of the room. She plans on writing I wish I could come before time but she writes okay sir.
Manda says Kamla’s daughter is scared of going to the party. When I was coming to your house I heard Kamla trying to convince Kalpi to go to the party.

Scene 3
Kamla says to Vitthal that raghva and pakhi are in party

they will take care of her. You are scared that there will be rich people and Kalpi will feel lost in them. He says is that wrong ? She says why you dreamed of making her a successful lady ? You should make her think on a bigger platform. Kalpi is listening to them Kalpi comes to them. Vitthal says this is the difference between your mom and me. She comes up with a long planning. Kalpi hugs Vitthal.

Scene 4
Pakhi says he won’t say it I have to. I will tell him casually that i love him. Or should I say on hindi ? Of course he loves me. Raghav texts her don’t be late. She asks so you are at the party ? She is glad to know that he is impatient for her.

Scene 5
Sammy asks Raghav why are you so serious for this party ? He says I will disclose my decision. I am going to take the major step towards my mission. Sammy says why are you in such a hurry. He says Pakhi is my target ? Sammy says what about love ? He says I don’t ahve time for that. He asks SAmmy why aren’t you happy. Sammy says will you be happy with decision ? He says ask me when I will see the man who destroyed my dad destroy himself.

Scene 6
The party has started. Raghav is waiting for Pakhi. He says where are you miss Kapoor I can’t wait anymore. He sees a girl in pink with complete mask on her face. He thinks it Pakhi. She is coming downstairs. He asks her for a dance. He says I a so happy today. Happy that you came in my life. I wanna confess a truth. They start dancing on song ‘zehen sy’. He suddenly feels like its Kalpi. He sees her in a yellow gown. He can’t stop seeing Kalpi while she is actually not there. He says I wanna tell you that I love Kalpana. Sammy, Maya and Pakhi the girl everyone is dazed. She takes her mask off its Kalpana not Pakhi. They both can’t believe it. She is in tears and she runs away. She goes out of the hall. Pakhi comes there. Ragahv wonders what has he done. He says I have to take revenge. Why I forget it everytime.He is about to leave Pakhi says hi sir ? Are you angry with me becasue I am late ? Tell me how do I look ? He says I have to go. She says I just came. He says I just wanna be alone please let me go. He is about to leave she grasps his hand and says I know you don’t like me and don’t wanna spend time with, What you feel for me I can see that. I will says what you can’t see in my eyes. I wanna spend my whole life with you. I love you sir.
Kalpi is on the road not know where is heading to.

PRECAP-Pakhi comes running out of the hall in tears and she goes in her car. Raghav come out and sees Kalpi on a bench along the roadside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nice episode realy like this show

  2. will raghav be angry with kalpi or will he hug her…….will kalpi sacrifice her love for pakhi because of her mother….

  3. This Episode is The Best

  4. Now its going to be interesting

  5. O MY GOD What an episode

  6. kalpana and raghav will be together after this party

  7. Barbie Dawson

    Ha ha it good 4. Raghav

  8. Wow!speechless.hope kalpi feel the same way about raghav.love the episode.

  9. At last Raghav told Kalpi his true feelings

  10. todays’s episode is little confusing.when the girl in pink dress enters the party ;it clearly shows that she is pakhi -with pink dress.-comparing her height in the serial.when Raghav dreaming -about kalpi we can findout the differance between the 2girls..when raghav want to say to pakhi as he love her -why he took the name of kalpana’s name infront of pakhi?anyone clarifies it?

  11. raghav pleazzzzzz forget kalpi and know who is pakhi ok and u hav to love pakhi must

  12. i love this episode…i think kalpana is already in love with raghav

  13. kalpi and raghav belong together…I think she is already in love with raghav but is shocked that he loves her to.

  14. love it sooo much

  15. Unexpected! Intriguing! It’s a good thing that Rags actually confessed his true feelings to Kalpi. If he continued on his path of revenge, he would foolishly ruin his chance of love and happiness and he would be no better than the heartless Kapoors, who he wants to avenge. He actually made a mess of things, because he hurt Pakhi who really does not deserve that treatment . She is naïve and clueless, but that’s not a crime. He also hurt Kalpi’s feelings with the way he was treating her. Is she going to believe him now? Not sure where the story line is going next but it should be interesting if Rags and Kalpi become a couple. However, The Kapoors are not going to like this turn of events. Somehow, in her twisted mind, Nettu will make this Kalpi’s fault and she would do everything to destroy her and the relationship with Rags. I guess Rags’ challenge would be in trying to protect Kalpi from the evil Kapoors. Can’t wait to see if Rags and Kalpi will stay together or if he would go back to Pakhi.

  16. Zindagi ko badalna asaan nahi.this moment is an example for raghav.

  17. I wish to be see raghav&kalpi as couple.it wil b great success for serial

  18. Barbie Dawson

    Wonderfully done Raghav. It’s about time u confess ur love 4 Kalpi
    Hope u don’t continue to I’ll treat her

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