Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pakhi says good work doctor keep telling Ragahv that I need care. She says I will doa s your direct. Kamla over hears them and drops the glass on floor. Pakhi is shocked to see her. The doctor leaves. kamla says I went to bring water the glass fell on floor. Pakhi says its okay. I think you should leave. its too late. kamla says for whom will go ? When I have seen that you have played with me. I want you to have raghav as well but I never wanted you to get with lies. Its not right. in love there are no lies. You know we looked everywhere for you. My heart stopped beating I thought I will lose you. I said you are to get ragahv but why you seek help from lies. You don’t need to do all this. Pakhi says stop it kamla maa its too much I these were going to bring happiness the you would

have been the happiest. We can do anything to get what I love. You know who taught me this, your daughter kalpi. I need to make my room in Raghav’s heart and I have to do all this. He is my demand more that love. I will get him no matter what. And you know when I decide something I get him anyway. Kamla smiles and sits on the bed with her. She says there is a difference between right and wrong Pakhi says all I know is that I am his wife and I deserve his love and care and whoever comes in between I won’t leave her. Kamla says I know you are angry at kalpi but she is your friend. she will never want your bad. AS a mom that all I can say, don’t get him by faking all this. She leaves. Pakhi says its better that you left or I would have insulted you. I just want Ragahv not those words and why should I spoil my mood. Ragahv didn’t meet kalpi and I won.

Scene 2
There kalpi is waiting for Ragahv in the rain. vitthal is waiting for her at the house. He tries to call her. Nettu comes out and says its too hot it.he says why don’t you sleep here. She says I won’t disturb you I am going down.

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Raghav comes in and asks where is kamla maa ? pakhi says she had some work so she left. SHe asked to me tell to take care of me. I said it doesn’t need to be said. you already do. He says I have brought the medicines. She say doctor gave me injection will take medicines tomorrow. he asks are you feeling better ? Pakhi says yeah just a little headache. He says I can do your massage. She says no I am fine. He says no I can. He sees kalpi’s missed calls and says in heart kalpi must be waiting for me. I forgot in all this. He calls kalpi and says I am sorry I couldn’t come. Kalpi says its okay. I thought you are in some trouble thank God you are fine. he says I am fine pakhi is not well. She met and accident with my car. Kalpi says is she okay ? Ragahv says yes she is fine now. He asks where are you ? Kalpi says on the bus stand. He says I am so sorry kalpi. Kalpi says don’t be I will give this file to Sammy.

nettu walks on kamla’s mattress. Vitthal says I palced here for kamla why you walked over it. Nettu says my feet are cleaner than this. Vitthal asks kamla what happened ? kamla says palhi met a small accident. nettu asks is she okay ? kamla says she is fine. nettu says let me tell pakhi. Vitthal ask kamla where is my sleeping pill ? Kamla says did you sleep well yesterday ? He says yes. kamla says let me bring your medicine. She gives him something else. Kamla says you have been eating this for two days. Nettu laughs at him and so does kamla. Kalpi come home. Vitthal says is the work done ? She says yes. Kalpi comes to kamla. Kamla is in tears and she hugs kalpi. Kalpi asks what happened ? Kamla says nothing. Go and change. Kamla says in ehart pakhi is not doing right. Show her the right path God.

Scene 3
next morning, kalpi asks kamla what should be the special item ? she tells the ladies what to do. Kamla recalls what pakhi did. She syas why has she changed like this. kalpi wonders why is kamla so worried since she came back from pakhi’s place. She goes to kamla and asks is there something why are you so worried? Kamla says no I am fine. kamla says in hneart how can I tell you that pakhi has become a deceiver. She ahs no love or respect for me. Kalpi says in heart how can I tell you about her challenge.

Nettu sees kalpi’s café diary. She says oh she is making profit. Kalpi comes up to take her diary. Nettu says I was coming to give it to you. Kalpi aysa thanks. Nettu says did you meet Ragahv yesterday. I thought you would go to give him the file. Kalpi says I gave that file to Sammy. Ragahv had to take care of pakhi.

Scene 4
Pakhi comes out. Ragahv says good morning. He asks her how are you feeling now ? She says better now. Ragahv asks her to sit down. he gives her the juice. She says I don’t like juice in the morning. Raghav says no excuses. he makes her drink. Raghav says take the medicines and let me know if there is some problem. I have asked the cock to make something light for you. Pakhi says in heart this is all I wanted Ragahv.
Nettu calls pakhi and asks how are you now ? Pakhi wonders has kamla told about the doctor thing as well. SHe asks did kamla maa told you ? Nettu says she doesn’t tell me anything. I am coming to meet you. Pakhi says you don’t need to . Ragahv is here to take care of me. He was with me all night. Nettu says he was just obeying what kalpi said. Kalpi asked him to take care of you. Pakhi says who said this ? Nettu says kalpi told me all this. You don’t get anything leave this Raghav he only cares about kalpi. Pakhi disconnects the call. pakhi is so angry. She says you are pretending to care for me. You will never get Ragahv by all this kalpi.

precap-Vitthal says to kamla our kalpi is conquering the whole sky slowly slowly. gauri asks pakhi whats going on in your mind ? Pakhi says me and Raghav are going for a movie. Gauri says nice plan but I should not happen like last time. Pakhi says nothing will happen. just have to do something important.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. has the trp dropped………….this story is the height of stupidity…..as for raghav i am really disappointed in his behaviour towards paki……and guri is just another sad case of a mother damaging her son’s life…..so the question is did raghav really crave for paki when she was missing? and was she drinking if she was why no one smelt it on her………….this is really to much now….was hoping that we would read about some ragna moments but poor kalpi was left in the rain….so sad….so so so sad

  2. atleast kamla has come to know pahkis true intentions….I wonder what kamla is going to do now……she knws kalpi is true to her word but also knows that raghav and kalpi loves each other a lot…….neetu is giving pahki more reason to hate kalpi and this way it pushes raghav and kalpi closer……kalpi and raghav has very good understanding and that’s good…its based on trust and honesty…..that is smething that pahki and raghav does not have……..pahki is just making things worse for herself and should not try so hard as this was a challenge she was nvr going to win anyway……kalpi is a darling and to sweet she will nvr let b*t*h pahki win……..

  3. hope that kalpi will also come there to see a movie
    so that she can meet raghav

  4. Raghav being such a big businessman, cant he see pahki true colours or is it he too blind. as for kamla she got what she deserve, she always favour pahki over kalpi. and for gauri really dont understand her motive. kalpi helped her so much and now she turn her back on her.

    1. He is now not man now:-$

  5. we can’t take this current track more than week. Please try to end it asap

  6. I think kamla will now stop supporting pakhi…I just hate pakhi and gauri so cheap people

  7. Gauri my foot,she doesnt even remember how kamla n her family helped her,she is a snake

  8. Are u sure they are going for a movie?? it’s pakhi wants to go see movie not raghav. she may push him as a friend please take me to movie. i hope raghav’s reply is no and tell her busy with meeting. i won’t raghav find the true color of gauri and pakhi. this is not love shows spoiled brat whatever she won’t she will get it like a her child hood. i hope everyone remembered the scene when they were child raghav gave pen to kalpi and pakhi was frustrated why raghav gave pen to kalpi and not me. i still remembered the scene how pakhi was screaming and fussing to got the pen. she didn’t get it she can’t buy or get the love from her tricks. I DIDN’T SEE ANY SCENE FOR A WHILE SHOWING GETTING REVENGE AND FEEDING AND GIVING LUXURY LIFE TO KAPOOR’S DAUGHTER. SAHIL WANT HIS DAUGHTER IS HAPPY!!!. THE REVENGE MATTER IS SO STUPID AND THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO RAG THIS STORY. SEPARATING 2 LOVERS THE STORY WON’T BE GOES ANYWHERE. I HOPE THEY WILL CHANGED ASAP RAGNA TOGETHER!


  10. I think today rag massage head and tomorrow they go for movie and when they come back as guri and paki plan they play with rag and next day she will tell that rag slept with her. But as per rag promise which never fulfilled by any one ema he will tell kalpi i slept with paki and it is my MAJBORI. All the best Mr. Majboori as there is no gentelman in this serial

  11. No words

  12. Don’t understand what kind of revange gauri kapoor’s se Leti hai??
    Killers ki beti ko apni bahu banakar apne hi bête ko Saaja deti hai
    Kon si ma ESA karti hai apne kids ko

  13. where are the updates of 11 july ??
    of this seriel ?

  14. any updates

  15. this site is getting useless! fed up of waiting for the updates for freaking hours! wer is the admin!!

  16. I watch online epi ,pookni gauri se kaheti hai ki woh raghs ke sath movie dekhne ja Rahi hai
    Par pahele use ek kam pura karna hai
    Dayan sidhi kalpi ke cafe par kalpi se jagda Karne jati hai
    Aur wahi dumla ati hai
    Aur lambs choda bhashan pookni dumla ka
    Aur precap me ragh chowl me ata hai

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